Supreme Uprising Chapter 390

Chapter 390 A Crazy Execution

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Quite a number of Crown Prince Nanshan’s subordinates shuddered when they heard the words ‘Sky Fire Insect Queen’.

They knew all too well what a Sky Fire Insect Queen was.

It was an insect queen from some faraway areas of space that ate flames and produced many larvae.

These larvae didn’t have much offensive strength, yet if they were sealed in a container, they would little by little cleanly devour everything within the container.

However, this process was really slow. Even a chicken would need a year to be completely devoured by the Sky Fire Larvae.

Completely devouring a person would take at least 10 years.

In the Blue Rain Empire, only someone who wanted to take revenge out of deep hatred would use such a cruel method. Crown Prince Nanshan had used this torturing method on the captive Flame Emperor, the Eagle King and the others.

The Flame Emperor and the Eagle King were both very clear-headed. As they stared daggers at Crown Prince Nanshan Nanshan, their eyes were filled with animosity.

This man had given them many reasons to hate him.

“Someday, you are going to die a gruesome death!” the Flame Emperor cursed angrily. His tone was indignant and filled with fury.

“Who, me? Who could kill me?” Crown Prince Nanshan shouted with a conceited, arrogant expression. “Do you think you people could even touch me? Ha ha ha! If you think the people who fled to Base One can kill me, you are just too naive!”

Crown Prince Nanshan rapped his fingers on the Flame Emperor’s head, which was sticking out of the huge vat, with a brand new smirk. Even though he only knocked lightly, a metallic ringing sound echoed.

The Flame Emperor’s face flushed as a wave of immense pain flowed into his head. However, he didn’t utter a word in the face of this pain. He just tried his hardest to endure it.

“People who endure pain suffer more!” Crown Prince Nanshan swatted the Flame Emperor’s head again with an even more sinister smile. “I just don’t know how much longer you will be able to endure!”

“Yunyang will definitely kill you when he returns!” the Flame Emperor barked out resolutely after taking deep breaths and grimacing in pain.

“Are you talking about Luo Yunyang? He he He won’t be coming back. He has joined the Blood Massacre Battle, so he will no longer be returning.”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s expression became much more serene. However, his palm struck the large vat heavily as he said, “Actually, I really hope that he is alive! If he is, I will prepare the largest vat there is and allow him to live there till the day I die! We can’t coexist, but we can die together. How great would that be?”

The Flame Emperor no longer said anything. With a wave of his sleeves, Crown Prince Nanshan got his men to quickly load up the large vats that contained the Flame Emperor and the others onto a flying craft.

The flying craft left Mei’ya City and after a short while arrived at a plot of land that didn’t seem special in any way.

It was just a field with dried-out river channels that extended far away, thus showing its former glory.

A shred of alarm flashed across the Flame Emperor’s face when he was carried off the flying craft. His lips started trembling.

“Ha ha ha! Isn’t this unexpected? We are at Base One!” Although Crown Prince Nanshan was as serene as ever, the arrogance in his tone couldn’t be concealed. “You were really clever to actually construct Base One at a place like this. However, you must remember that there will always be people who are cleverer than you. You are about to watch a very good show!”

As Crown Prince Nanshan spoke, a subordinate behind him waved a flag in the sky.

The flag wasn’t large, yet as it was waved, sounds of sonic booms could be heard in the distance. Although the Flame Emperor’s and his comrades’ cultivation bases were restricted, their eyesight wasn’t weak.

Their expressions turned ugly as they saw the lights streaking through the sky.

They recognized these flying lights right away.

Taboo weapons had always been a force the Da Alliance regarded highly. However, the taboo weapons being shot at now were considered the last hope of the Da Alliance.

It seemed like the secret of Base One couldn’t be kept hidden any longer!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosions made it sound like the sky was ripping apart, while the earth shuddered violently.

As soon as these vibrations and rumbling sounds occurred, the dried-up riverbed started being ripped to shreds. As everything in the area shattered, an entrance appeared before everyone’s eyes. This entrance had been hidden beneath the river.

Although it wasn’t too big, by looking through this entrance, which was like a mirror, one could see another dimension.

Many people within this dimension were looking at Crown Prince Nanshan. Most of them were watching him fearfully.

Crown Prince Nanshan’s gaze ultimately landed on a lady within that dimension.

The lady was wearing green battle armor. Although this gorgeous armor made her seem valiant, deep cracks destroyed the beauty of her armor.

Her expression didn’t seem to change in the slightest, yet Crown Prince Nanshan was able to sense exhaustion coming from her body.

The lady exuded deep exhaustion!

“Long time no see, Yunxi!” Crown Prince Nanshan sounded extremely pleased as he looked at the lady who had once captivated him.

He felt the pleasure of a victor. Crown Prince Nanshan thought that he should be pleased. However, this pleasure was quickly replaced by jealousy. He didn’t know whether he was lucky or unfortunate. Crown Prince Nanshan was an extraordinary person. Why was Yunxi so cold to him?

He drummed his fingers on the large vats containing the Flame Emperor and the Eagle King. “You didn’t go to the Tianluo Empire. Seems like you have become really sentimental. You know what? This stubbornness of yours is very foolish! To be honest, I really hoped that I wouldn’t see you here. Should I thank or curse your foolishness for your presence?”

Yunxi stared at Crown Prince Nanshan silently.

Suddenly, a young girl standing beside Yunxi shouted angrily, “Wash that mouth of yours! You are the stupid one!”

“Judging by your bloodline, you are probably from the Da Alliance. However, if you are actually standing at that spot, your relationship with Yunxi can’t be bad. My sharp eyes detect a 90 percent resemblance between you and Luo Yunyang’s sister when she was young. Seems like you are the wrench I have been looking for.”

Crown Prince Nanshan seemed pleased with himself as he said, “Very good. You have already grown so big This is just great!”

“Nanshan, your armor must have been made from alloy nine. Seems like your lord father still treats you rather well,” Yunxi said eventually. Her infuriating words were like a jab at Crown Prince Nanshan’s sore spot.

He immediately pointed at Yunxi and proclaimed loudly, “Shut your mouth, slut! This has all happened to me because of you! You and all your subordinates must die! Not Not a single one of these people should even dream of leaving this place alive.”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s hands gestured wildly as he shouted. Meanwhile, streaks of taboo weapons once again descended from the sky.

This frantic bombardment caused the earth, soil and mud to get blasted to oblivion. Base One, which had originally only had one entrance, appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Kill, kill, kill!” Crown Prince Nanshan pointed at the extremely shattered dimensional barrier as he roared manically, “Capture Luo Yunyang’s sister and anyone related to Luo Yunyang! Kill the rest!”

Yunxi gripped Luo Dong’er’s hand tightly. Beside her stood slightly over 10 subordinates who had followed her.

Although these subordinates were all top-notch Planet-Grade martialists, they didn’t have the power to hold off Crown Prince Nanshan’s subordinates.

Most of the Yun Family’s fighting force had followed the remnants of the Yun Family to the Tianluo Empire.

As she took a deep breath, Yunxi remembered how Luo Yunyang had entrusted her with this back then.

No one would touch his family as long as she lived!

This had been Luo Yunyang’s initial response. However, it now seemed like that fear would really come true. Yunxi flashed a faint smile at Luo Dong’er, who was like a flower in full bloom.

Her smile was resolute as she patted Luo Dong’er’s hand and said, “Are you afraid, Dong’er?”

“I would never be afraid of these baddies!” Luo Dong’er’s voice was firm, yet Yunxi could sense her nervousness from her slightly trembling tone.

“When the time comes, you will take Dong’er and break your way out!” Yunxi gazed at her subordinates as she said resolutely, “I will bring up the rear!”

Bringing up the rear implied a big sacrifice on her part. Bringing up the rear equaled death. Bringing up the rear meant bidding farewell.

“My lady, let me do it instead!” a middle-aged man with a staunch look proclaimed loudly after some thought.

Yunxi waved her hands dismissively. “You can’t do it!”

As she said this, her gaze swept over Base One. “Tell Lu Qubing to think of a way to let everyone leave,” she said calmly. “I won’t be able to hold out for too long.”

As soon as she said this, Yunxi soared up into the sky. A jet-black pike had appeared in her fine hands.

“I am Yunxi. Who will take me on?”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s expression became solemn as he watched the majestic, god-like Yunxi. He didn’t step forward. Instead, he nodded his head at a top-notch Planet 9-Grade powerhouse beside him.

The Planet 9-Grade powerhouse rose in the sky, brandishing a long blade as he charged at Yunxi. However, the instant he attacked, Yunxi had already become a flickering shadow and the pike had appeared before his body.

The Planet 9-Grade powerhouse was dead. As his body fell to the ground, Yunxi pulled back her pike. Meanwhile, fresh blood flowed from her mouth.

“Falling Cherry Blossoms!” Crown Prince Nanshan spat out tartly. “Was there really a need for this?”