Supreme Uprising Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Falling Cherry Blossoms Unintentionally Painting The Sky Red

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“The Falling Cherry Blossoms! This really is the Falling Cherry Blossoms!” one of the fighters standing behind Crown Prince Nanshan said, sounding terrified.

Many of the people watching had only heard of the Falling Cherry Blossoms but never seen it with their own eyes.

However, after witnessing Yunxi unleash the Falling Cherry Blossoms, all they felt in their hearts was fear.

One step killed one person, but 10 steps spared no one! When the flowers bloomed, the ground would blossom with blood.

This referred to the Falling Cherry Blossoms, which was a famous technique developed by an extremely well-respected woman from the Blue Rain Empire.

There were many stories about this woman, but the most famous of them all was that she had used the Falling Cherry Blossoms to kill one person with every step she took and enter a field soaked in blood.

Ultimately, this woman, who was like a goddess of war, had perished amid the Falling Cherry Blossoms. However, the stories of her legendary acts continued to strike fear in all the residents of the Blue Rain Empire.

The Falling Cherry Blossoms was a spectacular sight!

This difficult move, which was known to be exhausting both physically and mentally, had been circulating around the Blue Rain Empire for quite a long time. However, the people who made a point to learn it were few and far between.

After all, this was a technique that put one’s life on the line.

However, once this technique was mastered, unleashing it on the battlefield would guarantee the user’s survival.

“Would you dare fight me, Nanshan?” said Yunxi. Her face was devoid of emotion as she stared at Crown Prince Nanshan and pointed her jet-black pike at him. There was a clear intent to kill in her eyes.

Crown Prince Nanshan was suddenly reminded of the past as he watched her. He used to think that Yunxi had the most innocent smile, and he recalled gazing into her perfect, pure eyes. He felt a pang in his heart as it dawned on him that the girl he had been eyeing all these years had actually turned her back on him and become his foe. Even now, she was pressuring him hard!

In hopes of winning her heart, he had made sacrifices that no one else could ever imagine. His heart ached badly as he started to snap out of his fantasy.

“What a well-executed Falling Cherry Blossoms Technique. However, you will still be unable to kill me!” Crown Prince Nanshan glanced around nonchalantly as he shouted, “Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, you guys are up!”

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other six Heaven-Grade Source Beasts followed Crown Prince Nanshan’s orders and charged out to the front.

They might have enjoyed a first-class status back in the Da Alliance, yet they were terrified of Crown Prince Nanshan.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, who had the worst temper, was also the one who was the most scared of death. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have submitted right away when confronted by Crown Prince Nanshan.

“Crown Prince, you agreed that you would never put us in a dangerous situation!” The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc pleaded while trembling in fear.

Crown Prince Nanshan did not say anything. He conveyed his intentions to the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc by using gestures.

His hand suddenly stretched over 100 meters and firmly grabbed the neck of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc. Using brute force, he ripped out a piece of flesh that weighed over several dozen kilograms.

Crown Prince Nanshan had turned his hand into a lethal weapon.

“When will I even use you, if not at times like this?” Crown Prince Nanshan growled through gnashed teeth.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc trembled as his lacerated flesh fell to the ground. Meanwhile, countless black worms began to crawl out of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc as his huge body was devoured completely in the blink of an eye.

Although these worms seemed to disappear as quickly as they had appeared, the entire situation was beyond tense and frightening.

Without any further delay, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other Heaven-Grade Source Beasts charged over at Yunxi, immediately using their strongest techniques.

They were all fighting to save their lives.

Yunxi brandished her pike without hesitation. In an instant, pike-lights had already filled the sky.

During the fight, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other five Heaven-Grade Source Beasts fell in short succession with looks of disbelief etched on their faces.

Yunxi moved swiftly in the direction of Crown Prince Nanshan without a pause. The Planet-Grade martialists beside Crown Prince Nanshan started to back away frantically.

They didn’t want to die!

“Stop it! You have to remember that this battle is being recorded. I will send it to the emperor for perusal. Should any of you retreat, my father and our great emperor will not let you off!”

Crown Prince Nanshan waved his hands, turning them into a pair of knives that plunged into the back of a retreating fighter.

“She has already used the Falling Cherry Blossoms, so she won’t be able to fight for much longer. If you try your best, it will only be a matter of time before she dies. Ha ha ha! The person who kills this woman shall become the owner of this planet!”

Countless retreating defaulters changed their course of action and began charging towards Yunxi upon hearing Crown Prince Nanshan’s words.

The pike in Yunxi’s hands was waved furiously and countless pike-lights extinguished one life after another.

However, amidst this massacre, Yunxi also kept throwing up blood. Each mouthful of blood was like a cherry blossom blooming in the sky and falling to the ground.

Kill, kill, kill!

As Yunxi kept striving, the 10 Planet 9-Grade fighters that accompanied her charged forward, taking Luo Dong’er along with them. They hastily made their way past the obstacles Yunxi had cleared for them.

As Crown Prince Nanshan watched calmly the people who were leading Luo Dong’er away, he slowly broke into a mocking smile.

The sheer amount of people being slaughtered by Yunxi didn’t seem to affect Crown Prince Nanshan one bit.

The number of people charging towards Yunxi from all directions increased over time, and so did the number of people slain by her. As Yunxi adapted to the situation, her moves became even quicker.

Within a short span of three minutes, the ground was soaked in blood and the corpses of her foes lay in heaps all over the place.

This overwhelming circle of foes seemed to be stretched to its limits. Yunxi just needed one last push to get Luo Dong’er out of there.

Although Yunxi’s face was as pale as a sheet of paper, the pike in her hand remained steady. With each stab, prod and slash, bodies kept falling.

30 meters, 15 meters, three meters…

Just a little more till they could break free! Yunxi’s dominant hand, which was wielding the pike, and her body both began to tremble.

Inside Base One, Lu Qubing, who only had his right arm left, watched and waited for the perfect chance.

Although he wasn’t in a good mood, he was still able to remain as calm as a leader should.

“Kill them all!” At Lu Qubing’s order, hundreds of martial grandmasters charged out.

These men were weak and frail compared to the prowess of Crown Prince Nanshan. However, they were the last ounce of power that Lu Qubing could call upon at this point in time.

They escorted Lu Qubing in a mad charge forward. Amid this chaos, Shen Yunying and many others watched quietly from the sidelines at Base One.

They were not able to engage in combat. There were even some people who were just quietly sitting in wheelchairs made out of wood, unable to even stand up on their own.

“Master Xin Yuan, do you think Dong’er will be able to get out?” Shen Yuying asked as she sat quietly with a red pill in her hands.

Master Xinyuan was in a pretty sorry state. He had lost both his legs and only had one arm left. Despite his condition, his eyes seemed to shine clear with brilliance.

“Of course!” he replied.

Shen Yuying nodded. Meanwhile, Yunxi defeated the very last opponent standing in their way. Ahead of them was a path of escape. There were no longer any obstacles in their way.

“Go! Now!” shouted Yunxi.

“Sister Yunxi, you…” Dong’er’s eyes welled up with tears. Although she did not know anything about the Falling Cherry Blossoms, she could tell by Yunxi’s appearance that this technique hurt the user.

“Remember to live strongly!” Yunxi said as she took a parting look at Luo Dong’er.

However, when she turned her head, the void split open and a shadow emerged. Blinding light shot through the hole and shone blindingly in every direction.

Amid this bright light, a golden-red fist appeared and flew over at Yunxi’s shoulder.

The moment the fist was about to hit its target, Yunxi’s pike shifted position and aimed at the attacker’s head.

A spear strike in exchange for a fist. One life for another!

As Yunxi was blasted away by the blow of that fist, droplets of blood fell to the ground like Falling Cherry Blossoms.

Yunxi fell down with a look of disappointment. It seemed as though she had some regrets about certain issues.

The jet-black pike landed on the ground. Meanwhile, blood streamed out of the hole in the attacker’s forehead, where the pike had pierced him.

The attacker, who was a middle-aged man, did not fall to the ground. However, there was a cold glint in his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Too bad that you are still unable to kill me!” said the man in an emotionless voice.

“I’m pretty close to achieving it,” Yunxi said as she attempted to get up. However, given her condition, she was only able to lie flat on the ground.

“Yes, Lady Yunxi. You really have my utmost respect for that!” said the man tastelessly.

“The Falling Cherry Blossoms is indeed a lethal killing method that has exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, you still have to pay with your life now.”

“You are cruel indeed, Qing Yuanhou!” said Yunxi as she glanced at Luo Dong’er. “My inability to kill him might result in your inability to escape. Do you fear death, Dong’er?”

Luo Dong’er shook her head gently as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Just as she was about to speak, the communication device she was holding in her hand started to ring. When Luo Dong’er instinctively put the call through, a voice rang out. “Where are you, Dong’er?”