Supreme Uprising Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Return

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Practically no one used communication devices at Base One anymore. Luo Dong’er’s communication device held some significance, as it signified her longing to see her brother.

This communication device had been given to her by Luo Yunyang, so the only person who knew the device’s code was Luo Yunyang.

However, this communication device, which hadn’t been activated in many years, suddenly rang. A voice that Luo Dong’er hadn’t heard in a long time echoed.

Even though she hadn’t heard this voice in many years, she could tell that it was her brother, the very person she had been yearning for day and night!

Tears welled up in Luo Dong’er’s eyes in an instant. Thanks to her brother’s protection, Luo Dong’er had led the life of a princess.

When Luo Yunyang had first risen and been acknowledged by the Da Alliance, Luo Dong’er’s status had risen rapidly. Thus, she had been revered everywhere.

Luo Dong’er was currently gritting her teeth and enduring this without showing any timidity. However, in her heart, she felt wronged in a way she couldn’t put into words.

She was Luo Yunyang’s sister. She definitely wouldn’t disgrace her brother! Unfortunately, upon hearing her brother’s voice, whatever pretense she’d been putting up came crumbling down completely.

Luo Dong’er sobbed bitterly like a bullied child. “Big Brother, where are you?”

Luo Dong’er was not the only one who had heard Luo Yunyang’s voice. Yunxi had also heard it. However, she thought that it had been a product of her imagination.

How could Luo Yunyang possibly reappear now?

Many people had died during the Bloody Massacre Battle!

Over 100,000 experts from many different areas, as well as 3,000 Bloody Massacre Path elites, had lost their lives. This was a place of absolute death. Regardless of how strong one was, basically all roads there led to death.

Although she had thought about Luo Yunyang returning from the Bloody Massacre Battle, she would usually end up deriding herself and waking up from this fantasy.

To think that she would have this hallucination just before she died! Yunxi wanted to laugh, but as her facial muscles twitched gently, a crushing pain surged through every single one of her nerves.

Was she at the end of the line?

There was still one more person who’d heard Luo Yunyang’s voice. This person was Crown Prince Nanshan, who discerned Luo Yunyang’s voice even quicker than Luo Dong’er.

Crown Prince Nanshan was one of the few people who had found Luo Yunyang unforgettable.

He’d felt unforgettable enmity, hatred, and animosity towards him!

Although Crown Prince Nanshan was still alive, everything that he cared about had already been thoroughly destroyed by Luo Yunyang. He currently only had one thought on his mind. If Luo Yunyang was alive, he would take revenge. He would find Luo Yunyang, as well as everything and everyone related to him, and take revenge!

There was no return from the Bloody Massacre Battle!

This saying wasn’t just an old wives’ tale. There were a number of times when Crown Prince Nanshan had actually regretted sending Luo Yunyang to participate in the Bloody Massacre Battle.

In Crown Prince Nanshan’s opinion, letting Luo Yunyang die this way was too merciful.

Therefore, when he heard Luo Yunyang’s voice, he felt the urge to face the sky and roar with delight. Heaven had finally listened to his prayers. Luo Yunyang wasn’t dead!

“Don’t cry, Dong’er. Big Brother will head over right away!”

How was it possible for Luo Dong’er to not cry? Tears kept streaming down her cheeks. “Big Bro, a baddie is trying to kill me. Big Sister Yunxi has gotten seriously injured. Hurry Hurry over here! Otherwise, you may never get to see us again”

As Luo Dong’er said this, Crown Prince Nanshan’s arm was already flying over. Luo Dong’er simply wasn’t able to dodge. His arm, which was now several hundred meters long, had already caught hold of her arm.

“Come on, Luo Yunyang! I shall let you see your sister for the last time!”

Crown Prince Nanshan lowered his head mockingly.

Vice-like hands gripped Luo Dong’er’s neck tightly. Luo Dong’er felt like a butterfly trapped in human hands. All it would take was a gentle squish for her to die.

“Nanshan, let let go!” Yunxi wanted to stand up as she watched Luo Dong’er. However, she was already completely burned out from using the Falling Cherry Blossoms Technique, so moving even the slightest bit was a tough ask.

A sinister glint appeared in Crown Prince Nanshan’s eyes as he spoke loudly into the communication device. “Can you hear me, Luo Yunyang? Ha ha! This is a small world indeed! Your sister is in my hands. Hurry up and get over here. I will let you see her for the last time. Ha ha ha! I am already being very generous, old friend! How are you going to repay me this time?”

No reply came from the communication device. However, Crown Prince Nanshan suddenly raised his head and saw a shadow hurtling over from a distance.

The shadow was as quick as a streak of lightning. The blood-red battle armor that person was wearing made them look like a demon emerging from a sea of blood.

Qing Yuanhou stiffened up slightly the moment he saw that shadow. Thanks to his cultivation base, he was able to discern that this young man had already reached the initial stage of the Star-Grade Realm.

Qing Yuanhou felt slightly pleased when he sensed the newcomer’s cultivation base. For a top-notch Star-Grade entity like him, killing someone who had just reached the Star-Grade wasn’t that difficult.

“Luo Yunyang!” Crown Prince Nanshan’s eyes turned bloodshot as soon as he saw that blood-red figure. He perhaps felt a little crazy from hatred, as he roared hysterically, “Ha ha ha! This is your sister! Watch as she dies!”

As he spoke, force gathered in Crown Prince Nanshan’s hands. He could basically just squeeze the life out of his greatest foe’s sister in an instant.

However, as his palms pressed down, Crown Prince Nanshan felt a gentle spring breeze sweep past him.

The breeze was gentle, yet as it brushed across him, Crown Prince Nanshan felt his hair stand on end. He felt as if a massive crisis was about to take place.

The instant Crown Prince Nanshan thought about retreating, he realized that his arm on Luo Dong’er had been sliced clean without a sound.

Crown Prince Nanshan instinctively fell to the ground violently and rolled around vigorously.

He only calmed down after he had rolled 100 meters away. When he looked over to view the area he had rolled away from, he realized that eight of his subordinates were already down for the count.

They seemed to have been sliced apart by a formless power.

However, this wasn’t what attracted Crown Prince Nanshan’s attention. Actually, he was looking at the person embracing Luo Dong’er.

That man looked the same way he always had!

“Brother, it’s really you! You have really returned! I knew that you wouldn’t abandon me and our mother!” Luo Dong’er, who had just escaped from the clutches of death, felt tears streaming down her cheeks as she threw herself at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang’s heart ached greatly as he hugged his little sister tightly and consoled her. “Dong’er, Dong’er It is all Big Brother’s fault. I’ve let you suffer!”

Luo Dong’er had already started to quieten down. However, her brother’s comforting words seemed to inspire more crying and send her into a fresh round of bawling. Luo Yunyang pacified his sister while he looked at Yunxi. Thanks to his current cultivation base, he could see that Yunxi was different.

“Yunxi, what’s wrong?”

Yunxi was lying on the ground, gazing at Luo Yunyang with eyes filled with concentrated love. Yes, it was love indeed!

While he hadn’t been by her side, Yunxi’s feelings had intensified with every passing day. She had actually strengthened her resolve and decided that if they met again, she would throw herself into his arms, ignore everything else, and express all her thoughts and feelings about him.

However, when she finally saw him again, all her hard work vanished completely. Her pounding heart was beating in shock and comfort. “Yunyang, it is really great to see you again,” Yunxi said in the end. The words that came out of her mouth seemed trivial and powerless, yet even so, Yunxi was using her own life force to speak.

Luo Yunyang could sense that Yunxi’s life was like a candle in the wind that could be extinguished at any moment.

“Luo Yunyang, Yunxi is going to die soon. She just used the Falling Cherry Blossoms to create a distraction for your sister’s escape!”

Crown Prince Nanshan roared with laughter delightedly. “Falling cherry blossoms have a strong charm, yet when a cherry blossom falls, that is when it is at its most beautiful. It’s the prettiest when it’s about to die!”

Luo Yunyang strode over to Yunxi’s side and said gently, “I’m here, Yunxi. I will not let anything happen to you. I will now send this annoying fellow to the other side, where he belongs.”

Yunxi laughed soundlessly. Luo Yunyang glared at Crown Prince Nanshan, the soldiers from the Blue Rain Empire and the people who had encircled Base One.

“All of you should die!”

Qing Yuanhou was a top-notch Star-Grade entity, so he was naturally very proud. A look of disdain appeared on his face when he heard Luo Yunyang’s words. “Just because you say so? The one dying here today will be you!”

Qing Yuanhou’s words were followed by a chorus of hooting laughter from quite a number of his subordinates. Their laughter sounded somewhat shrill on this battlefield, which was filled with loss and mourning.

“Yunyang, Qing Yuanhou is one of the empire’s 72 marquises. You You mustn’t let your emotions affect your decision. You are no match for him”

Yunxi’s face was as white as a sheet while she spoke. Her body seemed like it could crumble at any moment.

Crown Prince Nanshan had already run over to Qing Yuanhou’s side and completely calmed himself down. “Luo Yunyang, although I do not know how you managed to emerge from the Bloody Massacre Battle alive, today you will”

“Die!” Luo Yunyang’s gaze flitted over to where the Flame Emperor and the others were. When he saw the Flame Emperor and the others trapped in the large vats, his hair stood on end. His pupils suddenly turned blood-red and his gaze became cold and sinister. Blood was flowing out of the corner of his mouth where he had bit down, and his facial muscles were all taut. A crazily intense murderous aura emanated from his body.

As he shouted, he threw his fist over at Qing Yuanhou, Crown Prince Nanshan and his men.

His punch struck the void, causing the sky and earth all around to get enveloped by a wave of formless power.

Luo Yunyang was the god that controlled this power.

This was the Extensive Quake Fist!

Luo Yunyang had put all his power in this move!