Supreme Uprising Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Sword Battle Cultivation

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Qing Yuanhou was a top-tier Star-Grade powerhouse. His many followers believed that he was the strongest in terms of cultivation base. However, when this Extensive Quake Fist was used, Qing Yuanhou couldn’t help but fly towards the fist uncontrollably.

Even though he used the power within his body, as well as his strength, to try and retreat quickly, Qing Yuanhou still couldn’t help but be drawn by the Extensive Quake Fist.

In just a moment, his body had already rushed within 10 meters of Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, the words ‘Origin Source Law’ appeared in Qing Yuanhou’s mind.

If it was not for Origin Source Law, he wouldn’t be this way…

Besides Qing Yuanhou, Crown Prince Nanshan also flew rapidly towards Luo Yunyang. The difference between him and Luo Yunyang was just too big.

Thus, he had to use the effect of the Extensive Quake Fist to fly close to Luo Yunyang. This uncontrollable flight made his expression turn ugly.

However, as he was about to fall before Luo Yunyang, he turned his head and saw over 100 subordinates flying over to Luo Yunyang thanks to yet another wave of power.

In an instant, they were tossed around and jolted into pieces in mid-air.

Their familiar faces were filled with fear and indignation.

What were they indignant about?

What really made Crown Prince Nanshan break out in cold sweat was Qing Yuanhou, whom he had placed most of his hopes on. The pillar he had been relying on while running amuck in the Da Alliance had been Qing Yuanhou.

Qing Yuanhou, who served directly under his family, was tasked with ensuring Crown Prince Nanshan’s safety. However, a single move from Luo Yunyang had caused Qing Yuanhou’s body to bleed from over 100 spots.

Although he wasn’t dead, Qing Yuanhou who was now crouching no longer, looked as haughty as he had been moments ago.

“Spare my life!” Qing Yuanhou pleaded in the end.

He was a marquis of the Blue Rain Empire, so he considered one’s dignity very important. However, he was currently pleading in earnest, which only meant one thing: he simply had no way of resisting Luo Yunyang’s fist.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang didn’t stop. He pulled Qing Yuanhou over once again and shook his body into dust.

With one fist, 100 people had been turned into ash and dust!

Some of Crown Prince Nanshan’s subordinates quickly threw down their weapons. They no longer had any intention of trying anything against Luo Yunyang.

Yunxi and the others similarly stared at Luo Yunyang dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe what they’d witnessed had been real.

However, the deaths of the foes they’d found so difficult to deal with clearly meant that all of this wasn’t fabricated.

“Was… Was that the power of Origin Source Law?” asked Yunxi as she stared at the young man in astonishment, complicated emotions running through her heart.

Luo Yunyang nodded and quickly walked over to Yunxi’s side. He wanted to help her up and love her dearly.

However, as he helped Yunxi up, he realized that the lady who had sacrificed so much to uphold her promise was too light.

She was just like a whiff of smoke that could dissipate from his hands at any moment.

Years of killing had made Luo Yunyang’s heart cold and detached. However, when he saw the pale and frail Yunxi, he felt a torrent of pain sweep through his heart. These waves of pain made Luo Yunyang feel extremely sad.

His heart hurt as though it had been stabbed by a knife. He bent down and pressed his face tightly against Yunxi’s cheek. “Dear Yunxi, just tell me how the damage from the Falling Cherry Blossoms can be neutralized…”

“Neutralized? How could it be neutralized? Falling Cherry Blossoms damage the Origin Source. Do you know anything about the Origin Source? That’s a person’s potential, as well as their essence, energy and spirit!”

A slightly excited look appeared on Crown Prince Nanshan’s face as he said this. He knew that he wouldn’t live for much longer.

The moment Qing Yuanhou had died, his own death had been set in stone.

Thus, he was willing to do anything that would make Luo Yunyang unhappy. He was more than willing to say whatever would hurt him deeply.

This shameless fellow was more than he could bear, so Crown Prince Nanshan would steal away his beloved woman and everything else he loved dearly.

“Did you know that the last person to use the Falling Cherry Blossoms was Lan Tianjue’s grandmother? Even though the royal family’s ultimate treasure called the Wood Spirit Tree protected her, she was only able to live for 100 years,” Crown Prince Nanshan said with a sneer. “Do you have a Wood Spirit Tree?”

The faces of Yunxi’s subordinates fell when they heard these words. They all understood the importance the Wood Spirit Tree had held for the entire royal family.

That tree had been the first ultimate treasure of the royal family. Thus, nobody would normally even be allowed to look at it, let alone use it.

“Would watching helplessly as the woman you love died be the greatest pain you’ve experienced in your life? Come on, come on… Why don’t you kill me to vent your anger?” Crown Prince Nanshan stared at Luo Yunyang with a mocking expression.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t care about Crown Prince Nanshan, hugged Yunxi’s head to his chest as an olive fragrance entered his nostrils. He did his utmost to breath it in, as though he wanted to retain this fragrance within his lungs for eternity. Then, he kissed Yunxi’s beautiful long hair tenderly, like a young man who had just fallen in love.

Luo Yunyang held Yunxi’s tender face, which was currently devoid of color. As he took a look at each of the large vats containing the Flame Emperor and the others, the fire burning in his eyes suddenly turned ice-cold.

During the Bloody Massacre Battle, Luo Yunyang had only thought about surviving. However, there was a voice roaring inside his heart right now.

Kill, kill, kill!

He wanted to kill!

Instantly, gentle gusts of wind flew forth from his body. Although these gusts were extremely gentle, the instant they started blowing, countless figures were sliced in two.

As this breeze passed through, over 10,000 of Crown Prince Nanshan’s subordinates were completely sliced up by it.

Luo Yunyang looked just like a demon as he rushed to the large vats imprisoning the Flame Emperor and the others and rapidly broke each and every one of them.

The Flame Emperor and the others, who had been imprisoned within these large vats, were only left with raw, red torsos. Not a bit of skin could be seen anymore.

Luo Yunyang’s hand was trembling. His heart shuddered as he looked at their faces. Meanwhile, guilt and madness flooded his mind.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t looking at Crown Prince Nanshan. However, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in his mind. These two eyes had seemed to overlook everything when he had first boarded the Blood Axe Warship.

They were Lan Tianjue’s eyes!

“Yunyang, although you aren’t the same anymore, there is still a considerable gulf between you and the entire Blue Rain Empire. Listen to me. Kill Crown Prince Nanshan and head to the Tianluo Empire. These two empires are on bad terms. You can seek shelter there.” Yunxi’s voice rang out beside Luo Yunyang’s ear.

Even in this state, Yunxi was still thinking about him. Although he had a stone-cold heart, Luo Yunyang was nearly moved to tears. “Don’t be afraid, Yunxi. You don’t have to worry about a thing while I’m here!” he said gently.

As he spoke, his eyes landed on Crown Prince Nanshan’s face. “Didn’t you say that I wouldn’t dare go to the Blue Rain Empire?” Luo Yunyang said calmly. “Today, I will kill my way through the Blue Rain Empire and obtain Lan Tianjue’s head!”

Crown Prince Nanshan was flabbergasted. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually say such a thing.

Although he had been looking forward to hearing this, as he watched Luo Yunyang speak, Crown Prince Nanshan thought that Luo Yunyang was definitely crazy.

Suddenly, a massive warship appeared in the sky. When this blood-red, axe-shaped warship halted, many figures rushed down from it.

They all looked at Luo Yunyang respectfully, every single one of them wearing the insignia of the Bloody Massacre Path.

“Blood Son, we are late!” Elder Qieke said respectfully.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively as he carried Yunxi towards the warship. “Bring her in. We are heading to the Blue Rain Empire. You also need to repair and clean up that vat. Add in the best nutrient fluid, as well as his favorite Sky Fire Insect Queen. He must happily experience this pain for the rest of his life.”

Although Luo Yunyang’s tone wasn’t too high, it contained an irresistible power.

“Is that the Bloody Massacre Path’s warship, Yunyang?” Yunxi stared at Elder Qieke and the others in astonishment.

She might be at the end of her life, but her frame of mind was really calm. However, the warship before her eyes was still a far cry from what she had expected.

“I should have known that you would survive the Bloody Massacre Battle and become one of the Blood Sons of the Bloody Massacre Path!” Yunxi coughed lightly. “Now I don’t have to worry about you anymore.”

“Although this is a far cry from the Blue Rain Empire, these people still have a considerable relationship with the higher-ups of the Bloody Massacre Path. You shouldn’t provoke him for the time being!”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s gaze was also fixed on Luo Yunyang. However, Yunxi’s words snapped him out of his trance.

Luo Yunyang, who had gone through and survived the Bloody Massacre Battle, already had a different identity. He was a Blood Son of the Bloody Massacre Path. Even Lan Tianjue from the Blue Rain Empire wouldn’t dare mess with him now.

Suddenly, Crown Prince Nanshan felt as though his heart had dropped really low. “It’s just the Blue Rain Empire. So what if I provoke him?” he heard Luo Yunyang say unperturbedly.

As Luo Yunyang boarded the warship, Luo Dong’er rushed over and said, “I want to go too, Big Brother!”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head gently as he gazed at the grown-up Luo Dong’er. Then, he looked at the people below the warship. He saw Lu Qubing, his mother Shen Yunying, and the surviving elites of the Da Alliance.

“Wait for my return,” he said faintly.

Over 100 elite martialists from the Bloody Massacre Path remained behind. Their task would be to help Lu Qubing and the others pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile, Yunxi lay in a huge nourishment cabin in the large blood-axe warship. Her body shivered continuously, making it hard for her to even absorb a little of the nutrient fluid inside the cabin.

“Tell me, how did the Bloody Massacre Battle go?” she asked with a weak yet tender smile.

Luo Yunyang gazed at Yunxi as he said softly. “The Bloody Massacre Battle? Actually, it wasn’t that scary…”

Elder Qieke commandeered the warship and followed Luo Yunyang’s instructions. He contacted the Bloody Massacre Path’s headquarters to check whether there were any items that could treat the injuries caused by Falling Cherry Blossoms.

A short while after Luo Yunyang had already briefly recounted what had happened during the Bloody Massacre Battle, Elder Qieke walked over quickly with a list.

“Blood Disciple, this is the prescription given by the headquarters’ medical shrine.”

A faint look of delight flashed across Luo Yunyang’s eyes as he took the list quickly.