Supreme Uprising Chapter 394

Chapter 394 One Man Suppressing A Nation

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The Thousand-Sun Rose could cure Yunxi!

Six drops of dew from the Qianji Soul Tree could cure this condition within three years and boost the patient’s mind power.

36 Celestial Goblet Fruits could cure it!

One piece of Blood-Amber Divine Dragon Jade could ensure that one’s soul wasn’t extinguished!

There were more than 10 precious treasures on the prescription that could allow Yunxi’s body to recover. This delighted Luo Yunyang considerably.

However, when memories of the Jade Ridge Star Lord surged through his mind, Luo Yunyang’s delight was thoroughly erased.

The cost of these things was too high. It was actually so great that people could only yearn and pine for these items. Just a simple Celestial Goblet Fruit cost a galaxy.

It really did. One could only come across these sorts of things by accident. Searching for them was impossible, as anyone who possessed this sort of items wouldn’t be willing to trade them away.

A galaxy Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t a poor bloke, he didn’t have a galaxy either. Plus, one galaxy could only buy one fruit. If he wanted to treat Yunxi completely, he would need 36 such fruits.

At the end of the list were the items that the Bloody Massacre Path’s medicinal storage included. This was what Luo Yunyang was most anxious to see.

The Bloody Massacre Path only possessed an Essence Soul Blood Fruit, which cost 30 star dollars.

Star dollars were the currency used in the entire cosmos. According to the exchange rate, one star dollar equaled 10 billion blue rain dollars.

Thus, 30 star dollars equaled 300 billion blue rain dollars!

Actually, this was a discounted price. Luo Yunyang was the First Blood Disciple, so he enjoyed a significant status within the Bloody Massacre Path.

Luo Yunyang felt his head hurt as he read the Essence Soul Blood Fruit’s name. He had some star dollars on him, but he was still short more than 10 star dollars.

Plus, the Essence Soul Blood Fruit wouldn’t be used to treat Yunxi. It was only going to prolong her life.

One Essence Soul Blood Fruit would allow Yunxi to live 30 more years.

As Luo Yunyang mulled this over, a slightly sinister glint flashed through his eyes. Even this Essence Soul Blood Fruit was very difficult to obtain, so he could only place his hopes on the tree in the Blue Rain Empire. He had to have that tree, no matter what.

The warship flew quickly, exceeding the speed of light in a few moments. After passing through a node, it entered the dark universe and started travelling even quicker.

Meanwhile, Lan Tianjue was standing on his high platform overlooking the huge Imperial Capital. He was feeling satisfied with his achievements at the moment.

The revision of the four kings and 12 dukes had allowed his prestige to reach a level that surpassed even the empire’s founder. Even though he knew that this was only a facade, a facade also provided some benefits. In any case, these four kings and 12 dukes were still freely controlled by Lan Tianjue.

“Your Highness!” A servant bowed respectfully. “Consort Dong has prepared your favorite Dragon Marrow Soup and sent me to ask when Your Majesty will go over.”

A faint smile emerged on Lan Tianjue’s face when he heard about the Dragon Marrow Soup. Although he knew that Consort Dong was up to something, deep down he really liked her actions.

“Good, good, good!” Lan Tianjue smiled and brushed aside his sleeves. “I will head over now.”

As he was speaking, a man in green armor rushed over quickly and said. “Your Highness, urgent report from Blue Star!”

The words ‘Blue Star’ made Lan Tianjue freeze. He didn’t seem to recall hearing that name within the domain he ruled over.

However, he still extended his hand gently and said, “Bring it on.”

“Luo Yunyang slayed Qing Yuanhou and has already entered our space. It is suspected that his target is the Imperial Capital!” The short message had been sent through certain means of the Virtual Void by one of Qing Yuanhou’s subordinates.

Lan Tianjue’s face turned unsightly when he heard Luo Yunyang’s name.

He had never imagined that he would hear that name again. In his opinion, Luo Yunyang was just an ant that had already been squished by his finger. However, there had actually been news of this ant again.

Luo Yunyang had killed Qing Yuanhou and was currently killing his way to the Imperial Capital. How was that possible? As he thought about this, Lan Tianjue found the scenario laughable. However, he suddenly noticed the inscribed name of the sender. It was a guard he had dispatched to stay by Qing Yuanhou’s side and monitor him.

This meant that this wasn’t a joke. It was all real.

Luo Yunyang was still alive and about to start a fight in the Imperial Capital!

Once he absorbed this information, Lan Tianjue quickly ordered his subordinates, “Investigate the information about the latest Bloody Massacre Battle.”

Although the Bloody Massacre Path had always been mysterious, there was some information that wasn’t concealed, including the outcome of the Bloody Massacre Battle.

However, a short while later, the person in charge of the investigation returned and reported, “Your Highness, there’s no news.”

No news was the worst possible news. It meant that someone had deliberately concealed this information. As an emperor, Lan Tianjue was no stranger to these sort of circumstances.

Even if Luo Yunyang had slain Qing Yuanhou, he would at most reach the top Star-Grade Realm in the space of five to six years. It was impossible for him to be at the Nebula-Grade Realm already.

As long as he wasn’t at the Nebula-Grade Realm, Luo Yunyang would be no match for him.

Furthermore, Lan Tianjue controlled the entire Blue Rain Empire. A young man like Luo Yunyang, who had just gotten out of the Bloody Massacre Battle, couldn’t hope to match the resources he possessed.

These thoughts helped Lan Tianjue calm down quickly. However, there was still a faint, nagging feeling of unease in his heart.

“Your Highness, Lady Consort Dong’s side has already” a servant warned him in a soft voice.

At any other time, perhaps Lan Tianjue would have gladly gone ahead, as Consort Dong was still a very attractive force. However, he was currently a bit flustered thanks to Luo Yunyang. When he heard this fawning voice, he felt a raging feeling about to explode in his heart.

A subordinate should be adept at reading a situation and acting based on the circumstances. Why was this subordinate making noise and irritating him when he was clearly in a bad mood?

“Drag him out and beat him to death!” Lan Tianjue said icily as he pointed to the servant, who was already on his knees pleading for mercy.

Two soldiers hurriedly dragged the servant out. Moments later, blood-curdling screams were heard.

“Check which area Luo Yunyang’s ship is in!” Lan Tianjue asked after pacing around a few times.

Although there was a considerable gulf between the Blue Rain Empire and the Bloody Massacre Path, he was still the chief of a huge expanse of stars. As he mobilized his personnel, all sorts of information started to get transmitted over.

The blood-axe warship had already exited the dark universe. After crossing another 10 or so galaxies, it would approach the Imperial Capital.

Many thoughts flashed through Lan Tianjue’s mind rapidly. Although he didn’t have the power to confront the Bloody Massacre Path, eliminating a blood-axe warship wouldn’t be too difficult. However, he was afraid of Luo Yunyang’s current status.

He was a Blood Disciple of the Bloody Massacre Path. If Lan Tianjue killed him here, then the Bloody Massacre Path would

As numerous thoughts went through his mind, Lan Tianjue felt extremely uncomfortable. He actually felt like a wolf that had caught sight of food. Although he could eat up this fold, the consequences of eating it would be extremely uncomfortable for him.

What should he do?

Eliminating Luo Yunyang in secret was impossible. After all, given the Bloody Massacre Path’s power, they would definitely know the moment he had Luo Yunyang killed.

However, not dealing with Luo Yunyang in secret and attacking him openly would invoke the wrath of the Bloody Massacre Path even before Luo Yunyang was killed.

Bending his knee to Luo Yunyang was impossible! Lan Tianjue knew very well that the animosity between them could not be dissolved. Therefore, bending his knee would be extremely disgraceful.

Lan Tianjue’s eyes lit up slightly as he schemed in silence. Then, he spoke up. “Men, mobilize the Empire’s First, Second and Third Fleet. Send them to the Dunke Star’s node to surround it. Nobody is allowed to approach unless I command so!”

“If that blood-axe warship comes close, fire immediately. Nobody is permitted to strike the blood-axe warship. However, we have to make them realize the difficulty of this endeavor and retreat!”

“Ask the Black Crystal Empire, the Purple Moon Empire, the Tianluo Empire and any other empire emissaries stationed in the Blue Rain Empire to grace the Dunke Star with their presence!”

After a series of commands were issued, Lan Tianjue smiled. Although he didn’t enjoy this method of dealing with the situation, this was the only choice he had.

He had to be cautious, so he really had no better choice.

The Dunke Star was the gateway to the Imperial Capital. If Luo Yunyang wanted to enter the Blue Rain Empire’s Imperial Capital, he would need to pass through the Dunke Star. As long as the Dunke Star was defended and Luo Yunyang’s ship wasn’t allowed to pass, the Blue Rain Empire would be invincible.

Sending various kingdom emissaries over was a sign of concession on Lan Tianjue’s part. It implied that he would be enduring this whole thing silently.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path was powerful, and they were the overlords of this expanse of space, they would still have to take into consideration the interests of all the empires.

The Bloody Massacre Path might not pay heed to one empire, but what about 10 or 100 empires? Lan Tianjue believed that if he pressed hard against his enemies, no matter how much the Bloody Massacre Path valued Luo Yunyang, they wouldn’t let him act willfully.

There was only one fleet stationed on the Dunke Star. However, the entire Blue Rain Empire’s 10 large fleets soon congregated there.

Countless warships were densely packed around the Dunke Star, forming more than 10 defensive lines.

Ordinary soldiers didn’t know why, yet some high-ranking military officers understood who they were guarding this place against.

A number of generals from the Blue Rain Empire also felt their faces burn as they thought about the enemy they would be defending themselves against. However, they didn’t dare question Lan Tianjue’s absolute orders, even in the face of the Bloody Massacre Path’s prowess.

That day, the starry heavens were glittering. Luo Yunyang’s blood-axe warship was only half a day away from the Dunke Star.

Suddenly, the subordinate in charge of information received a message from a strange signal. The contents of this message were about the defense of the Dunke Star!