Supreme Uprising Chapter 395

Chapter 395 All Living Things Are Like Ants In The Face Of A Star Obliterating Cannon

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The message sender was unknown, yet this didn’t seem to be fake. Elder Qieke’s expression became a little more solemn as he glanced at Luo Yunyang, who was meticulously studying the message.

As Luo Yunyang’s bodyguard, Elder Qieke was way better-informed regarding that entire star system.

Even though the Bloody Massacre Path had an overbearing control all over this area, they also had to simultaneously balance the interests of the empires they controlled.

After all, the best possible outcome would only be achieved when mutual interest was achieved.

“What are you thinking, Elder?” Luo Yunyang, who had always treated Elder Qieke respectfully, was now asking about his opinion.

“Blood Disciple, the Blue Rain Empire has assumed the stance of a hedgehog!” Elder Qieke said.

Using a hedgehog to describe an empire didn’t seem respectful, yet it was incomparably vivid.

“If we were only dealing with Lan Tianjue’s empire, we could employ some other means. However, emissaries from over 100 empires are gathered here on the Dunke Star. They might appear deferential and respectful on the surface, but the majority of them have grievances in their hearts.”

Luo Yunyang waited for Elder Qieke to finish speaking before he asked, “Then what should we do in your opinion, Elder?”

“Blood Kid, this is…”

Elder Qieke shook his head silently. Although there was a significant gulf when comparing the Blue Rain Empire with the Bloody Massacre Path, they were dealing with the monarch of an empire after all.

Luo Yunyang’s rise had been too quick, so his foundation was insufficient. Slaying the master of an empire would not be easy.

“We could negotiate. Perhaps we can make the Blue Rain Empire hand over the Wood Spirit Tree!” Elder Qieke suggested.

The Wood Spirit Tree was an ultimate treasure. In Elder Qieke’s opinion, suppressing an empire in this manner and making them hand over the Wood Spirit Tree was not too bad.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. He just gazed at the space in front of him and instructed, “Scan a 5,000-kilometer radius around the Dunke Star on a map.”

The blood-axe warship possessed advanced intelligence facilities. A large map appeared before Luo Yunyang’s eyes at his command.

Countless steel warships were situated outside the Dunke Star, forming a steel fortress in space.

Many massive cannons were packed densely where they were gathered. Anyone who saw them would feel their skin tighten.

“The empire has a total of 10 fleets and they have all been dispatched over here. Seems like Lan Tianjue is really afraid of you!” Yunxi said, her eyes flashing with hatred as she uttered Lan Tianjue’s name.

The empire’s 10 great fleets had been dispatched over there?

Luo Yunyang got to his feet slowly. He was no longer the young man who had made his foray into the starry heavens. Thus, he glanced at Yunxi and comforted her. “I will handle this.”

Then, he turned to Elder Qieke and instructed him, “Keep advancing.”

Aboard a massive warship on the Dunke Star, Yuan Geng, Zheng Feng and a few others who had crossed paths with Luo Yunyang were gathered in a spacious cabin.

Many different exquisite delicacies delivered from all sorts of places were continuously served on plates made from the finest diamonds. However, these people didn’t feel like eating.

“That fellow actually made it out of the Bloody Massacre Battle alive. That is unimaginable!” Yuan Geng sipped his wine gracefully as his eyes showed a hint of envy.

They had thought that Luo Yunyang was just a slightly devious young man. However, the young man they hadn’t thought much off was now actually threatening the entire empire.

Just thinking about this made them feel slightly afraid!

Although they were the heirs of the few large clans of the Blue Rain Empire, they had discovered that they were still ants compared to Luo Yunyang.

After all, none of them or their families had the ability to make Lan Tianjue dispatch the 10 great fleets to the Dunke Star.

The few of them appeared slightly dim as they ate and drank.

“Isn’t the Emperor making such a big fuss over this because the Bloody Massacre Path is behind Luo Yunyang?” Zhen Feng, who had never liked Luo Yunyang, had a faint look of envy on his face as he heard his comrades voice their apprehensions about Luo Yunyang.

“Indeed, the Emperor is taking the Bloody Massacre Path into consideration. However, I heard that Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base has already reached the Star-Grade Realm.”

“I heard that Qing Yuanhou has already fallen at Luo Yunyang’s hands,” said Yuan Geng.

Everyone knew what sort of person Qing Yuanhou was. Although he couldn’t compare to their fathers’ generation, he was a powerful individual too.

However, Luo Yunyang had slain him as well.

“Do you think that Luo Yunyang will be able to pass the Dunke Star this time?” Yuan Geng, who was the host, broke the silence when he realized that everyone was silent.

The reason he had invited all of them over was to discuss this matter.

“That shouldn’t be possible. The 10 great fleets aren’t just for show. Although Luo Yunyang’s spaceship is one of the finest Bloody Massacre Path ships, just one warship wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of 10 large fleets.”

“Furthermore, the Emperor has already invited emissaries from all over the empire to the Dunke Star to exert even more pressure on the Bloody Massacre Path.”

Li Qingyun sighed. “Although I understand the Emperor’s tactics, I can’t help but feel admiration!”

Zheng Feng chuckled. “Lady Li says exactly the same thing as my lord father. However, I heard that the empire is ready to bleed this time.”

“After all, merely using words to drive Luo Yunyang away is simply impossible. I heard that the Imperial Capital has already ordered all planets within the empire to grab Luo Yunyang at will! No one is allowed to resist!”

Li Qingyun and the others went silent. They could all understand what grabbing Luo Yunyang at will signified.

“Crown Prince, the blood-axe warship is coming!” a soldier in silver attire reported to the group respectfully.

Yuan Geng and the others quickly turned on the warship monitors and saw a warship in the shape of a blood-axe cruising towards the Dunke Star.

“Is this Mr. Luo Yunyang’s warship? On behalf of our Emperor, we would like to express our sincerest apologies. His Majesty already knows about your intent. In order to avoid any misunderstandings with you and the Bloody Massacre Path, the Emperor requests that Mr. Luo temporarily stops outside the Dunke Star.”

A voice was transmitted through the starry heavens.

This voice was a soundwave that could be transmitted rapidly even in space, where no air was present. In just a moment, practically the entire area around the Dunke Star could hear this voice.

Lan Tianjue’s stance was very mild and respectful.

The various emissaries from different empires aboard the warships on the Dunke Star had ugly expressions on their faces. Lan Tianjue was the emperor of the Blue Rain Empire after all.

If he made a compromise in order to deal with a small individual from the Bloody Massacre Path, it would be easier for people to sympathize with him and feel anger for a common foe.

“Make way!” An indifferent voice was transmitted from the blood-axe warship.

Yuan Geng smiled faintly when he heard these two words. “I thought that he would improve after spending a few years at the Bloody Massacre Battle,” he said with a chuckle. “I never imagined that he would still be his same old rude self. Ha ha ha! This time, the Emperor predicted his next move!”

Li Qingyun and the others had an extremely ordinary relationship with Luo Yunyang. Thus, when they heard him speak without any grace, satirical looks appeared on their faces.

In their opinion, Luo Yunyang’s actions weren’t worthy of praise.

Lan Tianjue’s objective was to pressure the Bloody Massacre Path. Even if Luo Yunyang was unable to guess this, shouldn’t he be slightly aware of it?

Could he really believe that a monarch could be that useless?

“Mr. Luo, our Emperor holds great respect for you. If you are really going to charge forward, we will have to stop you.”

“We have a total of more than 300,000 warships here. You can break warship after warship and then enter the Dunke Star’s node.” That voice was heard once again. Although it still had the same reverence, it gave off a tactful rejection.

300,000 warships?

This sort of number could make one’s head hurt. After all, breaking each and every warship was no easy task.

Back in the Imperial Capital, a faint smile was plastered on Lan Tianjue’s face. Luo Yunyang was backed up by the Bloody Massacre Path, which was what Lan Tianjue had some qualms about. Thus, he would let him lose the support of the Bloody Massacre Path first. This way, handling him would be easier.

There weren’t many ways to make Luo Yunyang lose the support of the Bloody Massacre Path, so the current methods Lan Tianjue was using were without a doubt the correct ones.

As Lan Tianjue thought about all this and pondered over his next step, he heard someone report, “Your Highness, the men we sent to deliver gifts to Bloody Massacre Path Elder Qinwen have already returned.”

“Oh, okay. What was the outcome?” Lan Tianjue asked impatiently.

Suddenly, a scarlet red warship appeared on the large screen behind his back. This warship was even more advanced than Luo Yunyang’s blood-axe warship. When it appeared, a 1,000-meter-long cannon barrel extended and a blast was shot out.

This blast caused the void to rupture. The originally clear image was immediately replaced by a murky gray image.

In just a moment, the murky gray image disappeared completely. There were only tiny snowflakes left on the large screen.

Lan Tianjue stared flabbergasted, wondering what had just happened. After some time, he eventually shuddered and exclaimed, “It’s a Star… It’s a Star-Obliterating Cannon!”

A Star-Obliterating Cannon? Even the Blue Rain Empire didn’t have this sort of top-tier firepower. Just one blast of this cannon could destroy an entire star!