Supreme Uprising Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Beneath Mt. Song Amid The Drizzling Rain

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1,650 star dollars?

Many thoughts sprouted as Luo Yunyang studied the humble-looking, middle-aged man standing before him.

The Essence Soul Blood Fruit that could prolong Yunxi’s life cost 30 star dollars. Right now, Luo Yunyang only had 20 star dollars.

He couldn’t even afford one Essence Soul Blood Fruit.

Although his position in the Bloody Massacre Path was very special, that didn’t mean that the Bloody Massacre Path would still provide him with unlimited subsidy.

Take star dollars, for example. The portion allocated to him annually was 20 star dollars. This didn’t sound like much. However, when the sum was converted to blue rain dollars, the 20 star dollars became 200 billion blue rain dollars.

200 billion was an astronomical sum.

These 20 star dollars were only one sort of treatment that Luo Yunyang received from the Bloody Massacre Path. However, if he wanted to obtain more star dollars, he would have to rely on himself to earn them,

For example, according to the regulations of the Bloody Massacre Path, given Luo Yunyang’s scope of powers, he could purchase a Star-Obliterating Cannon and install it on a specialized spacecraft.

However, one Star-Obliterating Cannon cost one million star dollars.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know how long he would need to save up to purchase a Star-Obliterating Cannon based on his annual income.

Although the Star-Obliterating Cannon had its flaws, it was still a top-notch offensive weapon. Nobody and nothing could change that fact.

Turning the Dunke Star into dust had helped Luo Yunyang become the First Blood Son. However, he would have to provide a huge contribution to the Bloody Massacre Path in order to earn such a reward again.

Otherwise, he could use star dollars to rent it.

Using it once cost 1,000 star coins!

“I agree!” Luo Yunyang nodded at the old man. “I heard that Mt. Song is a scenic attraction of the Imperial Capital. I could let Lan Tianjue die there!” he said after some thought.

The middle-aged man couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. He hadn’t been very confident about succeeding, but the clan’s great elder had given him an order. Therefore, the middle-aged man had to try and succeed, no matter what.

“Thank you, Mr. Luo!” The man fished an envelope out of his sleeve and handed it over. “This is a gift from the Lan Family’s Ancestral Emperor. We hope you can accept it.”

Luo Yunyang glanced over the list as he said, “When will you send over the Wood Spirit Tree?”

The middle-aged man suddenly looked uncomfortable. The Wood Spirit Tree was considered a precious treasure of the Lan Family. Cultivating under the Wood Spirit Tree or using its sap would bring massive benefits to a cultivator.

However, this man obviously wasn’t satisfied with the offer, as he had mentioned the Wood Spirit Tree right away.

As he thought about his clan’s resolution, the middle-aged man explained tactfully, “Don’t be impatient, sir. Listen to me first. The Wood Spirit Tree is an ultimate treasure. If it’s moved, there is a possibility that”

“Then give me the Wood Spirit Tree and the land in a 500-kilometer radius around it!” Luo Yunyang stared at the middle-aged man, who was trying to shirk, as he spoke in an unquestionable tone. “If your family doesn’t want to hand it over, I can go over and take it myself!”

All color drained from the middle-aged man’s face when he heard this. He had seen many shameless people, but he had never encountered someone like Luo Yunyang, who was acting righteously while stealing from other people. He immediately tried to find out what Luo Yunyang wanted. “Mr. Luo, you you accepted the clan head’s”

Luo Yunyang’s face darkened. It seemed like this negotiation wasn’t forceful enough. How could he waste time on this fellow? As these thoughts formed in his mind, Luo Yunyang glared icily at the middle-aged man and snarled, “Does this mean that you don’t accept my terms?”

“We accept! We accept them!” When he saw how displeased Luo Yunyang looked, the middle-aged man nodded his head as vigorously as a chicken pecking at grains.

As the man left, Elder Qieke walked over slowly and said, “My lord, isn’t agreeing to the Lan Family’s request a little too”

Elder Qieke didn’t say what he wanted out loud. The Blood Son wasn’t a hot-headed, impulsive man, so he definitely must have thought this through.

Luo Yunyang, who understood why Elder Qieke was hesitant, said with a chuckle, “1,650 star dollars are really tempting!”

Elder Qieke could only sigh as he noticed Luo Yunyang’s calm demeanor. He was Luo Yunyang’s chief bodyguard, so he naturally understood why his master was in urgent need of large quantities of star dollars.

Yunxi aside, Luo Yunyang would also need many cultivation items that would cost star dollars.

Although a Blood Son was very precious to the Bloody Massacre Path, the Bloody Massacre Path and the nine Galaxy Paths followed the same doctrine.

Talent could be cultivated, but true genius required hard personal work. Geniuses that were aided by huge resources might be able to ride the wind and rise, but it would still be difficult for them to become big shots that could support the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

Therefore, even the most precious of geniuses would only receive a certain extraordinary treatment from the Bloody Massacre Path. However, they wouldn’t be babysitted every step of the way.

“Blood Son, although Lan Tianjue’s cultivation base will be limited, he is still a Nebula-Grade entity. A Nebula-Grade entity’s comprehension of Origin Source Law is not restricted by a cultivation base limit. You must definitely be wary. A cornered animal is the most dangerous kind of animal!”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. “I will keep that in mind. Don’t worry, I know what’s going on.”

Elder Qieke stopped nagging him. He had already done everything he was supposed to do as a bodyguard. Now it would be up to Luo Yunyang to decide.

Even the Bloody Massacre Path Master rarely interfered in the decisions related to grooming Blood Sons.

The fall of a Blood Son was naturally unavoidable. Therefore, the fact that a top-notch Blood Son had walked out alive was already a massive success in the history of the Bloody Massacre Path.

Luo Yunyang’s decision to grant an honorable death to Lan Tianjue felt like a whirlwind sweeping through the whole Imperial Capital.

The noble families of the four kings and 12 dukes, as well as some ordinary martialists, were all paying attention to the proceedings. There were even a few casinos conducting bets on this.

For example, the casino under the Galaxy Mercenaries’ Union banner offered bets on whether Lan Tianjue would die after defeating Luo Yunyang, whether he would die at Luo Yunyang’s hands, or in some other way.

The odds of him dying at Luo Yunyang’s hands were 1:19, while the odds of him defeating Luo Yunyang were only 1:2.

A payout of 1:2 was very low. However, there were still many people betting on these odds.

Surprisingly, the 1:19 odds weren’t the highest. There was another option at the Galaxy Mercenaries’ Union casino: an unexpected event!

The payout for this choice was 1:25.

Although the unexpected event wasn’t clearly indicated, everyone understood what this implied.

Some people who were hoping to earn an overnight fortune chose to bet on the unexpected event.

Lan Tianjue was quietly watching a singing and dancing performance in the imposing palace. Beautiful maids from many different regions flitted across him gracefully as they moved their intoxicating bodies.

“Very good, very good. Tonight all of you shall wait on me!” Lan Tianjue laughed as he waved his arm. However, it was clear that he was feeling dispirited.

Many people around the palace were keeping an eye on him. Thus, his every action was quickly reported to all the parties observing him.

“Your Highness!” Consort Dong flitted over naturally at a slow pace. However, her eyes were full of fear.

“You You can’t do this!” Consort Dong implored as she pulled at Lan Tianjue’s hand. Her concerned words were answered with a heavy slap from Lan Tianjue’s palm.

For an entire night, beautiful palace maids groomed and dressed Lan Tianjue. As an emperor, Lan Tianjue had always been conscious of his own appearance.

“Who will come and retrieve this great head of mine?”

Lan Tianjue glanced at himself in the mirror mournfully. He seemed to have grown quite some gray hairs.

His grief made some of the palace servants that were waiting on him break out in uncontrollable tears. Some of them even threw themselves to the ground.

“Get up! Even if I die, I must die in battle! I can’t get slaughtered like an animal in the palace. Go fetch my sword!”

As Lan Tianjue barked out his instructions, a long black sword was gently placed before him.

It was the Black Jade Saber, the sword Lan Tianjue had been using for many years. Lan Tianjue’s eyes glowed slightly as he gazed at the saber. He waved away the servants and grasped the black jade firmly when they left.

In an instant, a wave of killing intent flooded his eyes.

Mt. Song wasn’t too tall, yet its scenic view was the best one in the Imperial Capital. Many high officials and nobles from the Blue Rain Empire liked to rest and relax on Mt. Song.

However, Mt. Song had already been restricted earlier that day. Pieces of gem-filled terrain had already been buried beneath the mountain.

The Imperial Capital wasn’t a black hole. Any slip-up during an exchange between two Star-Grade powerhouses could cause serious damage, or even make the planet shatter.

Light rain fell from the sky, as though supplementing the atmosphere for the astonishing battle that was about to occur.

At nine in the morning, Lan Tianjue, who was adorned in his Emperor robes, was the first to arrive at Mt. Song. The Black Jade Saber was in his hands. However, Lan Tianjue’s Nebula-Grade cultivation base had already been restricted by the experts of the Bloody Massacre Path.

A calm smile was plastered on his face as he held his saber.

Ever since he had become the emperor of the Blue Rain Empire, Lan Tianjue had rarely ever waited for anyone. However, that day, he had no choice but to wait.

At 9.30, Luo Yunyang arrived at Mt. Song in ordinary attire. He looked like an average young man from earth that had come to visit Mt. Song.

“Our respects to Mr. Luo!” Practically all the people guarding Mt. Song bowed respectfully before Luo Yunyang at the same time.

When Lan Tianjue had arrived earlier, they had only given the emperor a customary greeting. Even though they were technically his subordinates, he was about to reach the end of his life.

Lan Tianjue, who wasn’t angry about the circumstances, watched Luo Yunyang walk over unhurriedly as he said, “I really never imagined that an ant would actually force me into such dire straits. If I had known, I would have killed you off back when you came to the Imperial Capital! Unfortunately, it is already too late Please showcase your full range of techniques. It would be best if you let me die in battle while you were attacking me!”