Supreme Uprising Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Crushing The Same Boundary

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“Do you think that Lan Tianjue can come out victorious this time?” Two figures were high up in the air, overlooking the area.

The person speaking was a large, thickset old man whose voice was filled with indifference.

“The possibility of victory is very high. He is a Nebula-Grade powerhouse after all,” the middle-aged man standing beside him said. “However, no matter the result, today will be the day he dies. He has to die, no matter what!”

The large, tall figure nodded. “A Blue Rain Empire emperor actually has over 1,600 star dollars? How rich!”

The middle-aged man nodded. He was also a rather considerable individual within the Bloody Massacre Path. However, his status wasn’t that different from Lan Tianjue’s.

Of course, he’d had to sell the various treasures on his body.

“He used his entire fortune to fix this fight and prove that his death is not a result of helplessness, but rather that the Bloody Massacre Path is just too powerful.”

“If he and the First Blood Disciple are in the same position, then he won’t lose,” the middle-aged man said insipidly.

“He will either die or lose!”

The large figure nodded but didn’t say anything else.

While the two of them talked, the Black Jade Saber in Lan Tianjue’s hand was brandished. “Take this! This is my 1,000-Army Beheading!”

The Black Jade Saber moved as Lan Tianjue spoke. His saber seemed to contain a boundless might.

This saber strike alone filled the sky with killing intent!

Luo Yunyang’s expression stiffened when he saw Lan Tianjue wave his saber and rush over. Although Lan Tianjue’s cultivation base had already been restricted, he was still a Nebula-Grade powerhouse and his control of the Laws remained the same.

The unleashed saber strike was like a crushing mountain sweeping everything around it.

Luo Yunyang didn’t dodge this strike or draw the blade strapped on his back. Instead, he used his fist to blast out an attack.

He used the Extensive Quake Fist!

Although he hadn’t used his attribute regulator, all his body gathered within his fist.

The Extensive Quake Fist also contained Poshan’s Earth Origin Source Law!

Fist and saber collided. In just an instant, the Black Jade Saber that Lan Tianjue was holding in his hands was sent flying. Lan Tianjue was also thrown several meters back by this strike.

The man couldn’t help but expel a mouthful of blood.

The two Bloody Massacre Path powerhouses above and Lan Tianjue were left flabbergasted after witnessing Luo Yunyang’s fist move.

Lan Tianjue was in a worse state. Although his own cultivation base had been limited to the initial stages of the Star-Grade Realm, he was still a Nebula-Grade powerhouse. Thus, he believed that the difference between him and a genius like Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be too big.

His 1,000-Army Beheading also contained the power of the Origin Source Laws that he had spent many years comprehending. Lan Tianjue had thought that he wouldn’t lose to a top-notch Star-Grade powerhouse if he relied on his Origin Source Laws.

However, he had never expected to be sent flying by Luo Yunyang’s fists after one exchange.

Although he wasn’t willing to believe that this was real, that vigorous power felt like a massive mountain crushing his heart.

How was this possible?

Unfortunately, it was. This had really happened.

The tall, large figure floating in the air couldn’t help but grieve. “What a forceful power! A martialist at the initial stage of the Star-Grade Realm that can actually compare to a top-notch Star-Grade entity? How unexpected!”

His companion didn’t say anything. However, there was a hint of admiration in the way he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Both of them had emerged from the Star-Grade Realm, so they naturally understood very well the benefits of having a powerful foundation. Based on this alone, Luo Yunyang’s future prospects would make anyone slightly envious.

“How can this be?” Lan Tianjue clambered up from the ground. There was a crazy look in his eyes as he pointed his saber at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Lan Tianjue nonchalantly and smiled. “Why can’t it be?”

“Your power… How come your power is so much stronger than mine? We are both at the initial stage of the Star-Grade Realm. This… This is impossible!” Lan Tianjue bellowed hysterically.

He had been very confident about this battle. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined the opportunity he had fought so hard to obtain would actually turn out totally different from what he had hoped for!

The top brass of the Blue Rain Empire were watching the battle below Mt. Song through various means. When Luo Yunyang unleashed his fist strike, they were all stunned as well.

He couldn’t withstand a single blow. Lan Tianjue couldn’t withstand a single blow right now…

Although the 1,000-Army Beheading that Lan Tianjue had used had unleashed his own Origin Source Law cultivation, he had still been sent flying by Luo Yunyang during that exchange. Many people couldn’t believe that this was real.

“How is that possible? The emperor is being oppressed completely!” Yuan Geng exclaimed in shock as he sat in his family’s large hall.

Yuan Geng’s evaluation was immediately seconded by many other clans. Although each of them had their own theories about the victor of this battle, the scene that had just occurred moments after the fight had begun had surprised them greatly.

Emperor Lan Tianjue, who was supposed to die honorably, had been smashed hard into the ground with one punch.

The people hoping to witness a life-and-death struggle, those hoping to watch an exchange of 100 blows, and the individuals hoping that Lan Tianjue was a top-notch fighter all felt severely disappointed.

Although Lan Tianjue wasn’t that popular, he was still the emperor of the Blue Rain Empire. Plus, he was an emperor that had been forced into these circumstances.

Thus, the people who pitied the weak were on his side. However, the current situation had left them speechless. Meanwhile, a stream of vulgarities raced through their minds.

“The emperor has picked the wrong opponent!” The Yuan Family Elder didn’t refute the disorderly younger generations of the clan. Instead, he said insipidly as he watched Luo Yunyang, “You should all know that any advancements to the Star-Grade Realm are also divided into ranks! There are three ranks and nine levels. However, the gulf between each rank is extremely huge.”

“Although the emperor’s rank isn’t low, if I remember correctly, he is at Rank One, Level Three. However, it is clear that Luo Yunyang’s rank and grade surpass the emperor’s. Hence, even though this match has just begun, the emperor has actually already been defeated!”

As Yuan Geng and the others watched Luo Yunyang through the large screen, there was envy and admiration in their eyes.

Some of them decided to brush up their foundations while breaking through to the Star-Grade Realm. They wanted to reach Rank One, Level One at any cost.

Although the Yuan Family Elder didn’t say anything else, he still sighed inwardly. He didn’t have a favorable impression of the ambitious and ruthless Lan Tianjue. However, after seeing Lan Tianjue give his all and struggle, only to achieve this result, the elder was a little perplexed.

Although dying with honor was only an excuse, Lan Tianjue had made a fool of himself before many spectators.

Lan Tianjue could actually see countless people mocking him right now. He could even sense that his name would become a synonym for fool in the future.

Everything that was about to happen was making Lan Tianjue go mad.

He couldn’t wait anymore!

“I will kill you, Luo Yunyang!” Lan Tianjue yelled abruptly with bloodshot eyes as a scarlet sword-light flashed from the Black Jade Saber in his hands.

Wherever the sword-light landed, everything shattered.

Luo Yunyang watched the hysterical Lan Tianjue without retreating. The instant Lan Tianjue charged over, Luo Yunyang’s body turned into a spring breeze and the blade behind his back was drawn quickly.

The maniacal glint in Lan Tianjue’s eyes intensified as he approached Luo Yunyang.

His cold, frosty expression gave the observers chills just by watching him.

His right hand gripped the saber handle a little tighter while a shorter silver sword appeared in his other hand.

When this sword was drawn, his body suddenly doubled in size and a blood-red glow emanated from his entire body.

Lan Tianjue’s aura had increased many times by now.

However, just as the fine, slender sword and the saber in Lan Tianjue’s hands were about to slice forward, Luo Yunyang’s blade streaked towards his neck.

A blade-light flashed across as Lan Tianjue’s head was sent flying. Even though Lan Tianjue hadn’t died yet, he was filled with deep hatred. His head was like a ball of fire flying through the sky and burning fiercely.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!”

Frantic howls kept streaming out of Lan Tianjue’s mouth. However, the sounds decreased slowly before eventually disappearing completely.

Luo Yunyang stared at Lan Tianjue’s body on the ground as he said nonchalantly, “You gave up your entire social status and fortune just to die an honorable death. He he!”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on the two Bloody Massacre Path powerhouses that had been in charge of this match. Right now, he didn’t seem to be angry. His expression was profound, so he seemed like a mature, shrewd old man.

The tall man felt an inexplicable shiver in his heart when he sensed Luo Yunyang’s gaze on him. “My apologies, Blood Disciple,” he said hurriedly. “Lan Tianjue was actually able to break through his cultivation base limits. This was a total negligence on our part. Please forgive us, Blood Disciple!”

Luo Yunyang glanced at Lan Tianjue’s twisted body, which was still lying on the ground, and waved his arms gently. “I can’t blame you for this unforeseen variable. The world is full of secret arts and techniques after all.”

The two men heaved a sigh of relief. They both thought very highly of Luo Yunyang, so they definitely weren’t willing to become the targets of his wrath.

“Blood Disciple, Lan Tianjue had the intent to kill. Although he is dead now, I still think that the Lan Family should be investigated,” the middle-aged man said gently after surveying Lan Tianjue’s body.

Luo Yunyang nodded in agreement. He would be able to take advantage of the situation now.