Supreme Uprising Chapter 399

Chapter 399 The Blood Spirit Sky

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The highly-anticipated battle turned out to be a one-sided beating. Lan Tianjue was dead. Although this wasn’t unexpected, the manner in which he had died was really surprising.

According to the aftermath analysis, the monarch had offered his entire fortune for the sake of having a fair battle and protecting his dignity during this fight. He had wanted to drag Luo Yunyang down along with him.

However, despite the meticulous schemes he came up with, Luo Yunyan’s overwhelming power had crushed him thoroughly.

The emperor, who had requested to die a death befitting a monarch, was blasted away by Luo Yunyang’s fist strike.

Then, the struggles of the Blue Rain Empire continued. However, after Lan Tianjue’s death, the battle for the emperor’s seat intensified.

This time, the people fighting over the emperor’s seat were the Zheng Family, the Yuan Family and some other clans. The Lan Family had already been beaten.

Yunxi, who was sitting quietly on a chair carved out of jade beneath the Wood Spirit Tree in the Imperial Capital, was reading a book.

“Big Sis Yunxi, look what kind of delicacy I’ve brought you!” The vibrant Luo Dong’er bounded in from outside.

She bounced over with a smile brimming with youth. Yunxi smiled and patted the chair beside her. “Good! Come sit over here, Dong’er.”

Luo Dong’er giggled and sat down beside Yunxi as she handed over a few fruits.

As Yunxi ate one, her smile grew brighter. “Which level have you cultivated your Green Wood Spirit Technique up to, Dong’er?” she said softly.

“Just let me rest a little, Big Sis. Cultivating every day is really boring!” Luo Dong’er pouted coquettishly.

Yunxi didn’t say anything. She only glanced at her without making a sound. Under her tender gaze, Luo Dong’er put her palms together and quickly asked for forgiveness. “Big Sis, I was wrong! Dong’er was wrong! I will resume cultivating as soon as I return. In 10 days, I will cultivate the Green Wood Spirit Technique up to level three.”

Yunxi gazed at the indolent Luo Dong’er and shook her head. “Why aren’t you like your brother, Dong’er?”

“I know, I also wonder why Big Brother’s cultivation speed is so quick. I have been cultivating until now, but I have yet to become a martial grandmaster.”

Yunxi smiled. Given Luo Dong’er’s current age, she was not doing too bad by Blue Rain Empire standards, let alone by Da Alliance standards.

However, Yunxi knew very well that Luo Dong’er had achieved this much mainly because Luo Yunyang had purchased all sorts of precious treasures and cultivation items for her.

“I’ve already promised Big Brother that I will have reached the Planet-Grade Realm by the next time he sees me. Do you have any ideas to make me become a Planet-Grade Cultivator straightaway, Big Sis Yunxi? You must help Dong’er, Big Sis!”

Luo Dong’er grabbed Yunxi’s hand and tried to sway her.

Yunxi shook her head. “There are indeed some secret cultivation methods, but you have to remember that, no matter how good these secret methods are, there is always a price to pay when one uses them. The best cultivation method is building up your foundation step by step.”

“Got it, Big Sis!” Luo Dong’er let go of Yunxi’s hand, looking slightly disappointed. Then, she sighed. “Big Brother is too much. He came in a huff and left in a huff. In just the blink of an eye, he has already been gone for more than 10 days. I don’t even know if he has reached his destination yet. He didn’t even leave a message.”

There was a hint of longing in Yunxi’s eyes as she heard Luo Dong’er complain. Yes, Luo Yunyang had already been gone for more than 10 days.

Yunxi knew very well that Luo Yunyang wished to stay at home, but as the Bloody Massacre Path’s first Blood Disciple, there were many things that he had no say in.

For example, he had no say in entering the Blood Soul Sky or determining his cultivation plan

Warmth surged through Yunxi as she thought about this man. She once again remembered him giving her an Essence Soul Blood Fruit before leaving.

Even though Yunxi wasn’t able to cultivate normally, thanks to the Wood Spirit Tree and Essence Soul Blood Fruit, she was still able to perform her ordinary activities.

A smile unconsciously appeared on Yunxi’s face as she thought about her beloved.

“Big Sis! Big Sis Yunxi, why are you smiling?”

Luo Dong’er’s voice jolted Yunxi back to reality. She immediately tried to hide her embarrassment. “What did you just say, Dong’er?”

“I said that the young fellows from the Yuan Family and the Zheng Family keep circling around me every day. It’s really annoying” Luo Dong’er mumbled.

Yunxi patted Luo Dong’er’s shoulders and consoled her with a smile. “Just don’t pay attention to them. It seems like the fight for the emperor’s seat is becoming really exciting.”

Luo Dong’er still possessed the innocence of childhood. Yunxi couldn’t help but lament. She could naturally tell what the intentions of the Yuan Family and the Zheng Family were. If Luo Dong’er expressed her own stance, the two families would be influenced greatly.

One of them would be able to secure victory, while the other would make a comeback.

This sort of influence stemmed from Luo Yunyang, who stood behind Luo Dong’er.

Yunxi understood clearly that, although Luo Yunyang had already left, his influence on the entire Blue Rain Empire had already surpassed most people’s by far.

As long as Luo Yunyang’s position in the Bloody Massacre Path didn’t change, his influence would only continue to rise.

However, was it really that great to be a Blood Disciple of the Bloody Massacre Path? Yunxi recalled some rumors she had heard in the past. There was a particular really concerning rumor

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang was quietly studying the Earthly Gravity Mountain Diagram aboard the blood-axe warship. He had already spent a month studying this diagram. While there were some areas that he had comprehended really well, there were also some areas that he found especially difficult.

Even if he increased his Mind Attribute by using his attribute regulator, the questions related to Laws still weren’t so easy to comprehend.

According to the records of the Bloody Massacre Path, Origin Source Law was exceptionally important to a Star-Grade Martialist. Not only did it concern the Star-Grade Martialist’s combat strength, but it was also related to the future paths the Star-Grade Martialist would take.

Advancing from the Star-Grade to the Galaxy-Grade required both huge quantities of resources and paths.

These paths were the paths that a martialist would take in the future!

For example, some people mainly possessed wind-based Origin Source Law. When they evolved to the Nebula-Grade, the wind-based Origin Source Law would remain the main Origin Source Law. There were many variations of this wind system. For example, there was a Wind-Sand path that was a convergence of a wind-based and earth-based Origin Source Law, as well as a Wind-Lightning Path that was a convergence of a wind-based and lightning-based Origin Source Law.

After slowly putting the Earthly Gravity Mountain Diagram away, Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on a book. This book, which had been given to him by Elder Qieke a few days ago, contained descriptive material useful for Blood Disciples that wanted to survive the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena.

It also included the comprehensive cultivation flow of a Blood Disciple.

According to this flow, all Blood Disciples would be sent to the Bloody Massacre founding land, which was called the Blood Spirit Sky.

Based on the book, the first person in rank would enter district one of the Blood Spirit Sky, and the second person in rank would enter district two. The remaining people would enter district three.

According to the book, not only where the positions in the Blood Spirit Sky different, but there was also a huge gulf when it came to benefits.

The first district received 20 star dollars a year, while the third district only received one star dollar a decade.

However, the district that one found themselves in wasn’t set in stone. Every 30 years, the Bloody Massacre Path would put their blood disciples through a ranking process.

Those that placed near the top of the list would be able to rise to the forefront districts, while those who placed near the bottom would fall from district one to district two, or perhaps from district two to district three.

According to the book, the cultivation of a Blood Disciple wasn’t smooth sailing either. Even though they had bodyguards from the Bloody Massacre Path, during the cultivating process, only one in three Blood Disciples would emerge from the Blood Spirit Sky.

This meant that two-thirds of the Blood Disciples would die there.

Although the way these Blood Disciples died wasn’t mentioned, Luo Yunyang could imagine the dangers. He had participated in the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena after all.

“Blood Disciple, we are about to make a space jump. If you are currently cultivating, please halt for a moment.” Elder Qieke’s voice was heard through the communication device.

Luo Yunyang acknowledged this by striding out of his cultivation chamber slowly. Elder Qieke was directing his subordinates in an orderly fashion. “Elder Qieke, the Blood Spirit Sky is split into three districts. Will I be in district one?” Luo Yunyang asked.

Elder Qieke, who had already taken care of everything he needed to, replied respectfully, “You probably won’t, Blood Disciple. You should be in the Top Blood District!”

Luo Yunyang hadn’t encountered a Top Blood District in his book. Thus, he asked Elder Qieke, “What is the situation like in the Top Blood District?’

“The Top Blood District is the core of the entire Blood Spirit Sky. Therefore, it is reserved only for the most talented individuals. This district is the most elite spot in the Blood Spirit Sky,” Elder Qieke added enviously. “I’ve heard that what flows there isn’t the cultivation factor that we breathe in, but Sub-Meta Vital Energy!”

This was the first time Luo Yunyang had heard of Sub-Meta Vital Energy. However, by using his mind, he was able to understand what it was.

“Besides, every Blood Disciple in the Top Blood District gets a huge cultivation chamber the size of a castle! You can attend lessons conducted by Bloody Massacre Path Nebula-Grade powerhouses, or you can”

Elder Qieke’s eyebrows flew up as he spoke with a yearning expression.

When he was done speaking, Luo Yunyang said, “If the benefits of the Top Blood District are so good, won’t the competition there be very fierce?”

“It is extremely fierce, Blood Disciple. You You may have achieved something that hasn’t been accomplished in the Bloody Massacre Path for many years, but there are some geniuses who have already spent quite some time in the Blood Spirit Sky.”

“Time can make up for cultivation base deficiencies!” Elder Qieke exhorted sincerely. “That is why you have to make the most of these 10 years in the Top Blood District and build a solid foundation, sir. If you do so, even if you get banished from the Top Blood District during the big competition that takes place every 30 years, it won’t matter!”

Suddenly, the warship shuddered and an expanse of blood-red color was projected in the cabin using virtual reality. They had arrived at the Blood Spirit Sky!