Supreme Uprising Chapter 40

Chapter 40


Even with a source fluid, one might still not be able to become a martial master. Whether one was able to become a martial master or not ultimately came down to each individual’s base.

Luo Yunyang wasted no time. He began cultivating the Ape-Dragon Blueprint right away. As soon as he cultivated the first seven diagrams, he felt his body become even stronger.

Power: 15.5

Speed: 4.0

Mind: 2.0

Constitution: 16.3

A 0.3 increase in his Constitution and a 0.5increase in his Power meant that his strength had increased by 250 kilos.

It seemed like the food he had consumed and his cultivation of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint had been less efficient that day.

After a short break, Luo Yunyang took out the manual of the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques. Thanks to his raised Mind Attribute, he realized that these knife techniques weren’t that difficult.

According to the manual, there was a total of 18 movements divided into three levels.

There was Level 1, Mastery, which was when the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques could be used fully, Level 2, Initiation, which was when each knife killed with one strike, just like a tiger, and Level 3, also known as Completion, which was like five tigers descending from the mountains and hunting down their prey.

Luo Yunyang had already grasped the essence of the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques and become proficient at them.

By night-time, he had cultivated this set of techniques and reached the Initiation Level. Every time he struck, his knife sounded like the hiss of a tiger.

After a while, Luo Yunyang used the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation Technique again to refine his mind power. While he cultivated, he realized that his telekinetic abilities could coordinate very well with one of the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques the Soaring-Tiger Beheading.

Luo Yunyang pressed on bravely.

The instant he used the Soaring-Tiger Beheading, his knife would be sent flying. This was possibly the most destructive move out of the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques. If the Soaring-Tiger Beheading failed, it would result in the loss of his weapon.

However, if he raised his Mind Attribute to 30 or higher, Luo Yunyang could use telekinesis to make the knife that had been sent flying return to him quickly.

The moment that the knife left his hand and his opponent dodged it, his opponent would immediately relax.

However, the knife would only circle around and return with an even greater force.

Although they were living in a crack between worlds, the next morning, Luo Yunyang and the others saw the same old sun that they saw on Earth dawn on the horizon.

However, for some unknown reason, its ultraviolet rays were filtered there, so they actually appeared really mild.

“Big Brother Yunyang, everyone is here!” Yang Yirui and the others, who were all in their Rising Dragon Army uniforms, were already wielding their weapons.

This would be the first operation of the Ardent Sun Group. As the group’s leader, Luo Yunyang couldn’t stay behind. He gazed at the 17 elite martialists from the Rising Dragon Army Chang’an General Headquarters and said, “Move out.”

Yang Yirui shook his head. He had addressed Luo Yunyang in the hopes that he would say a few words to the gathered group members. He hadn’t expected that their leader would ask them to head out straight away.

Before they entered the luxuriant forest, Luo Yunyang and the others walked past a series of underground bunkers and cement tunnels that formed a defensive perimeter.

This defensive perimeter was at least five-kilometers wide. Luo Yunyang saw many different types of weapons around.

However, when he and the others passed through the perimeter, the officer in charge of these weapons told them somewhat sorrowfully that these weapons had no effect on B-grade or more powerful dire beasts.

Five kilos of B-grade or higher grade dire beast flesh were only around the size of a walnut. The flesh was tougher than iron and breaking through its skin was really difficult.

Weapons aside, most people were becoming more and more powerless against dire beasts.

“We will be relying on you in the future!” the old officer with the white hair said somewhat pessimistically as he bid Luo Yunyang and the others farewell.

Based on the man’s resolute expression, Luo Yunyang could tell that he was a veteran. His pessimistic words moved almost all their hearts.

“Are source beasts really that fearsome, Big Brother Yunyang?” asked Chen Yong in a grave tone.

Luo Yunyang didn’t understand much about source beasts, but if B-grade dire beasts were that powerful, then source beasts would be…

The group, which had been in high spirits so far, went silent.

Luo Yunyang lifted his hand to signal to the people behind him. He had already raised his Mind Attribute to 10 before they had set off.

Thanks to his mental capabilities, everything within a five-kilometer radius seemed to be reflected in his mind.


Luo Yunyang’s hand moved as his blade fell, slicing a meter-long poisonous black snake in half.

Yang Yirui and the others hadn’t even had time to understand what was going on. The meter-long snake had already been beheaded. “This is a D-grade level-three dire beast!” Chen Yong exclaimed. “It’s a Black Ring Snake. They are usually found in areas at least 15 kilometers away from the base! How could this…”

They had just entered the forest, yet they had already encountered a D-grade dire beast. Although it was only a level-three dire beast, if it hadn’t been for Luo Yunyang’s timely intervention, the consequences might have been unthinkable.

“Black Ring Snakes are adept at sneak attacks. I’ve heard that many people have been injured by them. Some have even been killed…”

“Someone please help! Someone help!” Before Chen Yong had even finished his words, a loud voice was heard shouting. The lung-bursting shouts seemed to be coming from 100 meters away.

When they heard them, Yang Yirui and the others got a little panicky. They couldn’t help but look at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang quickly raised his Mind Attribute to 15. Although this decision would cause his Constitution and Power to drop, his perceptiveness would increase even more.

“Come on, let’s take a look.”

Qin Feifei and the other girl looked at Luo Yunyang with even more admiration now. He was their main pillar of support.

After a three-minute walk, they reached the area where the cries originated from. A young man around 14 or 15 was waving a long sword frantically in his hands, fending off a dire beast that looked like a meter-long alligator.

The dire beast moved as fast as the wind. Its body seemed to be made of metal, so even though the young man’s sword had struck it numerous times, there was not a single scratch on it.

Near the young man was another young man in a Rising Dragon Army uniform, who was lying on the ground. He didn’t seem to be in good shape.

“It’s Brother Xie Tian,” Yang Yirui told Luo Yunyang when he saw the young man.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know who Xie Tian was, but he had to be a Rising Dragon Army elite martialist from another region. When he looked at him, he didn’t seem like he had a big chance of fending for himself.

“Big Brother Yunyang, this is a D-grade level-one Mountain Gator! Its entire body is as tough as iron. If you want to take it on, the best way would be to gouge its eyes out!” Yang Yirui muttered.

Luo Yunyang nodded. Although he didn’t know Xie Tian, now that he had come across this situation, he couldn’t just ignore it.

Suddenly, the Mountain Gator leapt in the air, widened its jaws and aimed a bite at Xie Tian’s head.

If Xie Tian was bitten, he would die.

As soon as he saw this, Luo Yunyang brandished the long knife in his hand and headed for the Mountain Gator with a Mountain-Splitting Snake-Beheading Move!