Supreme Uprising Chapter 402

Chapter 402 The Super Cultivation Plan

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“320 contribution points? Master is really impressive indeed! You have obtained many contribution points in a short while!” Badebu took the form of a small fiend and bounced around Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. After all, the over 300 contribution points had been acquired using his attribute regulator.

Without his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been able to even obtain a single contribution point. This made him feel a little suffocated.

Maybe he felt this way because he was on a gravity planet. Although Luo Yunyang had experienced the test of the Chongyuan Star, he felt that he would be unable to stand this any longer when he reached the fifth gravity planet.

Ultimately, by relying on the attribute regulator, he had managed to hold on until the ninth gravity planet and break the record made by a predecessor 100,000 years ago.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The bouncing little Badebu stopped upon hearing these light beeps. Then, he said, “Master, you have received a sealed message!”

Luo Yunyang immediately opened the message and saw these words: “Luo Yunyang, firstly, congratulations on entering the Top Blood District. These are the Meru Realm’s specific standards that will provide you with a cultivation plan.”

Cultivation plan?

Luo Yunyang quickly opened the attachment of this message and saw the following words: “Luo Yunyang, the analysis performed on you shows that your Origin Source Law emphasizes on the wind-base. Please purchase the ‘1,000-Edge Blade’ and ‘Mirage Body Flicker’ for cultivation.”

“Also, it is suggested that you simultaneously cultivate the Spatial Dimension Origin Source Law. You can refer to the books ‘Spatial Ripping Technique’ and ‘Space-Shattering Art’ for further information.”

“One more thing… Do not cultivate your Earth Origin Source Law. When consulting the Sky Book, do not increase the earth-based powers in your body! Remember this at all costs!”

The cultivation plan was direct and efficient. It was only 100 words or so, yet it still listed out everything it was meant to achieve.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have any doubts about cultivating Wind Origin Source Law. However, he didn’t understand the logic behind giving up his Earth Origin Source Law, which had made great progress lately and switching to Spatial Dimension Origin Source Law.

“Master, you better progress according to the cultivation plan. If I recall correctly, wind-based and space-based Origin Source Law can converge and form a Space-Fracturing Path!”

As Badebu revolved rapidly around Luo Yunyang, its voice was a little urgent. “The Space-Fracturing Path ranks 4th among the List of 10,000 Paths. It is already very high. Judging by your natural aptitude and the Bloody Massacre Path’s concentrated grooming, you should be able to cultivate the Space-Fracturing Path in at most 30 years. At the time, you will receive even more resources…”

Luo Yunyang watched Badebu revolve around him rapidly but didn’t say anything. The Space-Fracturing Path ranked 4th on the List of 10,000 Paths!

This tempted Luo Yunyang slightly indeed.

He knew about the List of 10,000 Paths, so he also knew that the Space-Fracturing Path was really top-quality.

Even the Raging Inferno Path that the Jade Ridge Star Lord had cultivated in the past had only ranked 7th.

Furthermore, according to the Jade Ridge Star Lord, the 7th-in-rank path had been slightly adulterated.

Although the 4th rank wasn’t among the top three, it was still extremely impressive.

After all, the top three paths were too difficult to refine!

“Master, are you unwilling to give up on the Earth Origin Source Law? Listen, if you persist in taking this path and combining Wind and Earth, then the paths you will be able to choose will be too limited.”

“The Wild Sand Path ranks 9th! The Dirt Haze Path has been degraded! Even the high Torrential Storm Path only ranks 6th!”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the little fiend, who was gesticulating wildly, and chuckled. “You really know a lot.”

“Of course, my previous masters didn’t listen to my suggestions. If they had, I wouldn’t have had to go through 124 owners.”

The little fiend put its small hands up to cover its face, pretending to be grieving in sorrow. “You must know that Badebu was the highest in rank artificial life among its peers back in the day.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t waste any time pondering this problem. Instead, he instructed Badebu, “Check out the price of the ‘1,000-Edge Blade’.”

“Right!” Babadu believed that its advice had been effective.

As soon as it replied, the prices of all sorts of items and goods appeared on the screen before Luo Yunyang.

‘1,000-Edge Blade’, Blade Art. Cost: 3 contribution points!

‘Mirage Body Flicker’, Body Movement Technique. Cost: 10 contribution points!

‘Spatial Ripping Technique’, Combat Technique. Cost: 100 contribution points!

‘Space-Shattering Art’, Combat Technique. Cost: 100 contribution points!

When he saw the contribution points the 1,000-Edge Blade cost, Luo Yunyang thought that the items in the Blood Spirit Sky weren’t really that expensive. However, when he reached the Space-Shattering Art, he sucked in a breath of cold air. Spatial things cost a price that most people couldn’t afford.

“Purchase the ‘1,000-Edge Blade’ and ‘Mirage Body Flicker’ first!” Luo Yunyang made a decision after some thought.

When the purchases were complete, a delicate female voice notified him that the items would be sent over in three hours.

“Oh, great master! Why didn’t you purchase the Space-Shattering Art? It might be a little expensive, but spatial items are all pricey!” Badebu, who wasn’t very pleased with Luo Yunyang’s choice, protested.

Why would Luo Yunyang care about what Badebu thought? The reason he hadn’t chosen those two techniques was because he still hoped that he would see them for himself once more.

His clenched fist suddenly punched out!

Luo Yunyang felt very comfortable using the Extensive Quake Fist. The Wind Origin Source Law that had started out from nothing and followed him through five years of fighting was like a part of himself that he found very difficult to part with.

How could he give it up just like this?

Luo Yunyang was really unwilling deep down, so he didn’t make a decision straight away. Instead, he decided to wait until he viewed the Sky Book before making his decision.

Three hours later, the spacecraft that Luo Yunyang piloted entered a scarlet region. If the Top Blood District was the Blood Spirit Sky’s core, then the area Luo Yunyang was in was the core of the entire Top Blood District.

It was the Sky Book Hall!

Luo Yunyang had imagined that the Sky Book Hall would probably be a palace. However, when he arrived, he realized that although his theory had been right, the Sky Book Hall had still shocked him.

It was shocking indeed! The humongous Sky Book Hall, which was constructed from some sort of purple-gold metal of unknown origin, wasn’t built on land. Instead, it was suspended within the void.

18 huge spheroids that were thousands of kilometers wide were revolving around the colossal Sky Book Hall like a string of pearls.

The Sky Book Hall was lofty and majestic. 36 massive pillars stuck out from it.

“Are you the young man who wants to enter the hall and peruse the Sky Book today?” A voice rang out beside Luo Yunyang’s ear as he pondered whether to pilot the spacecraft in the direction of the Sky Book Hall.

“Yes, that’s me!” As soon as he replied, Luo Yunyang felt a mind scan his body.

He immediately felt as though all the secrets of his body had been laid bare before this divine mental energy. He felt as insignificant as an ant while this mind power scanned him.

“Ha ha ha! Your aptitude isn’t too bad. Go ahead and enter. You have two hours.” When he heard these instructions, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was already standing before the doors of the large hall.

He didn’t know how he had left the spacecraft. It seemed as though a wave of power had immediately transported him over.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath and gazed at the majestic doors before stepping into the huge hall.

He wondered how big the interior of a colossal, several-thousand-kilometer-wide hall suspended in the void would be. When he stepped into the massive hall, he realized that there wasn’t anything in that vast space.

The hall was completely empty, as if the entire place was in a complete vacuum.

Where was the Sky Book?

When Luo Yunyang looked up, his gaze was immediately drawn to the ceiling of the large hall. What he saw was a spotlessly-white jade crystal. When his eyes landed on that crystal, he saw a massive mountain shrouded by clouds. The massive mountain stood tall and loomed over a wide expanse of land.

It was the Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram!

This diagram was actually here! As Luo Yunyang stared at the Earth Gravity Mountain, thoughts flooded his mind. Compared to the Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram he had obtained from the Bloody Massacre Path Disciple, this one was extremely distinct. Luo Yunyang also felt that every stroke and dot on this painting contained a boundless allure.

This sort of allure signified an Origin Source.

This was wrong. The Extensive Quake Fist shouldn’t be used this way. If the amplitude in these aspects was adjusted, then the might of the Extensive Quake Fist would double.

If the Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram was reflected on this jade crystal that could be called a jewel mine, then Luo Yunyang would feel like a hard-working miner frantically excavating the jewel ores of the Earth Gravity Mountain.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know how much time passed before he was roused. He once again raised his head to look at the white-jade crystal and discovered that the diagram reflected on that crystal had already turned into the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know how many times he had studied this diagram. He had studied it so many times that he could even remember where each and every stroke was located.

However, he was thoroughly shocked by this diagram that had appeared on the white-jade crystal. He believed that, not only had he viewed the diagram incorrectly, but that even the person who had drawn it had been wrong.

The mistakes on it were really great.

As Luo Yunyang stared at the Fallen Autumn Leaves diagram, the diagram vanished with a bright flash and an incessant fine drizzle appeared before his eyes. Everything seemed to be contained within this rain.

The sky and earth were in it… Everything and anything was sheltered by this fine rain.

In between the fine rain, the sky and earth, Luo Yunyang sensed an insipid mist!