Supreme Uprising Chapter 403

Chapter 403 The Great Chaotic Hole Path

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Torrential Storm Diagram, Burning Lightning Fire Diagram, 1,000 Lights and Shadows Diagram, Indestructible Rocks Diagram

Diagram after diagram flashed through the Sky Book. These diagrams were not coherent, as there seemed to be some slight flaws in them.

However, this wasn’t something that Luo Yunyang was concerned about. He quickly memorized the charm and grace of each diagram in his mind. Each time he memorized a diagram, he realized that the memory of the previous diagram had been lost.

How could these diagrams, which touched upon Origin Source Laws, be so easily memorized?

Just when Luo Yunyang thought that his trip to the Sky Book Hall would end without any rewards, he suddenly realized that the jade crystal above him was gone. His position had also changed. He was now surrounded by stone monuments that were 1,000 feet tall!

Luo Yunyang looked up at the stone monument beside him. There were three words written on it: Shadow-Killing Path!

Below these three words were six diagrams. The first diagram was simple. It only depicted darkness. However, when Luo Yunyang first saw this darkness, he sensed that it was different.

There was a shadow within this darkness!

Luo Yunyang didn’t have any time to study the Shadow-Killing Path, as a voice was heard beside his ear.

“Although the Sky Book’s path is incomplete, a total of 1,003 diagrams have been formed through this arrangement by a predecessor of the Bloody Massacre Path. Eventually, they were grouped into 23 paths. You can choose one of these cultivation paths, Luo Yunyang! You have three hours!”

Three hours to choose one of the 23 paths as his future cultivation path? Although three hours seemed very long, when he heard these words, Luo Yunyang realized how important this was for his future.

If he made the wrong choice, he would have to bear the consequences in the future.

The Shadow-Killing Path Luo Yunyang thought about it for a moment and gave up. He quickly looked in the direction of the other stone monuments.

Engulfing Path, Wind-Fire Path, Wind-Thunder Path

Luo Yunyang walked through the stone monuments. When he reached the 13th stone monument, he saw the following words: Space-Fracturing Path.

Below the Space-Fracturing Path were nine diagrams. Luo Yunyang was familiar with one of them, as it was the Fallen Autumn Leaves Chart. There were also several charts about space. Each of these charts exuded a profound mystery. Although Luo Yunyang attached great importance to the Space-Fracturing Path, he wasn’t able to study it meticulously enough.

He stood before the Space-Fracturing Path stone monument for more than half an hour and finally was able to comprehend it a little.

The Space-Fracturing Path was still much more suitable for him.

Thus, Luo Yunyang made a mental note of this spot and continued to view other stone monuments.

Torrential Storm Path, Wild Sand Path, Mirage Path

Luo Yunyang scanned the stone monuments one at a time. His eyes stayed on the stone monuments of the Torrential Storm Path and the Wild Sand Path for the longest time.

Although these two paths would be effective for him, Luo Yunyang eventually decided to give up on them when he studied the diagrams on the stone monuments.

Even though these two paths were good, the corresponding drawings were too few. According to Luo Yunyang’s understanding of these stone monuments, fewer drawings on a diagram indicated that a path was of a lower grade.

Experiencing the Blood Massacre Killing Arena once had been more than enough. Luo Yunyang didn’t want to experience it a second time.

Besides, he hadn’t just relied on his own strength. He’d had loads of luck. That was why he had been able to emerge as the sole survivor out of 100,000 people.

He did not know whether he would be able to escape from a similar situation again, so he wanted to prevent such a thing from happening once more.

This was also why Luo Yunyang did not respond immediately upon receiving a cultivation plan from the Meru Realm.

There were some stone monuments that were taller than the Space-Fracturing Path among the 23 inscriptions. However, these taller monuments were not well-suited for Luo Yunyang.

For example, the Radiance Path was a combination of Light and Fire Element. Therefore, Luo Yunyang believed that it would rank 3rd among the List of 10,000 Paths.

However, it just wasn’t suitable for him.

Eventually, Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on the last stone monument. Compared to the other stone monuments, the quality of this monument was

If the other stone monuments were sold in the Da Alliance, they would definitely be worth astronomical amounts. However, the quality of this particular stone monument would probably only fetch the same money as ordinary steel.

Only after leaving the Sky Book Hall did Luo Yunyang discover that the other 22 monuments had been crafted from Fleeting Sky Origin Stone. A small, fist-sized piece cost 100,000 blue rain dollars. The number of star dollars necessary to buy a large stone monument like this was unimaginable.

The last stone monument was crafted from Wind Engraved Stone!

Although Wind Engraved Stone wasn’t worthless, the difference in terms of quality was vast when it was compared to the Fleeting Sky Origin Stone.

The words “Great Chaotic Hole Path” appeared bold and vigorous before Luo Yunyang.

“Great Chaotic Hole Path!”

Unlike the other stone monuments, which only had diagrams and drawings, the Great Chaotic Hole Path actually had some rather huge pointers.

Cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path wasn’t easy. With the slightest of miscalculations, not only would the cultivation be rendered useless, but it would also harm the cultivator himself.

This line of words was written in red. Each word seemed to contain boundless might and power.

Everyone could sense some hidden meaning behind these words. Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know who was the person who had written these words, the hidden mighty intent of the words made him think that the person who had written them was far more superior than anyone he had ever met.

This type of supreme figure would only require a thought to send countless people through an endless cycle of reincarnation.

If a person of such stature had imprinted warning signs onto a stone monument, this would naturally explain the extraordinary status of the inscribed path.

The first picture of the Great Chaotic Hole True Intent was the Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram; the second picture was the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram; the third picture was the Heaven Burning Diagram; and the fourth was a plot of Autumn Water.

A patch of calm, limpid autumn water without the slightest ripple.

However, Luo Yunyang could sense great motion in this calm, tranquil autumn water. He saw a trace of water-based Origin Source Law, as well as a doorway.

This amalgamation of four Origin Source Laws would form a Chaotic Hole!

It was important to note that the four types of True Intent had to be kept in absolute balance. None of them could be superior or inferior. Otherwise, the Great Chaos would fail to occur and the person executing this would also be harmed.

As long as the power of the Great Chaotic Hole was formed, its power would be more than 100 times stronger than the four Origin Source Laws executed on their own.

This was no ordinary hundredfold increase in power. At the Star-Grade Realm, anyone that fully comprehended the Origin Source Law would be able to kill hundreds of similar-level beings in an instant.

Once these laws formed paths, their might would be even stronger.

Luo Yunyang already had Earth Origin Source Law and Wind Origin Source Law. Fire and Ice Origin Source Law shouldn’t be too much of a problem for him either.

After all, when he had cultivated the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, he had focused a lot on the Fire and Ice Element. However, after acquiring the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram from the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, he had slowly gained enlightenment into Wind Origin Source Law.

Surprisingly, balancing the control of the four different elements, which was supposedly most difficult to achieve for the Great Chaotic Hole, was not a problem for Luo Yunyang.

Thanks to the attribute regulator, he could freely adjust the four elemental true intents and eliminate the biggest problem right away.

As he had these thoughts, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Although the Great Chaotic Hole Path would be difficult, this should be a smooth journey for him.

Even if the comprehension of one of the Origin Source Laws was insufficient, he could still use the attribute regulator to supplement his shortcomings. The benefits of this would be enormous.

“Luo Yunyang, time is up. You can make your decision now.” Although it was calm, the faint voice had an unquestionable imposing tone to it.

Luo Yunyang, who had already made a decision, replied firmly. “I’ve chosen the Great Chaotic Hole Path!”

The voice paused for a moment before speaking. “You still have time to change your decision, Luo Yunyang. You must know that this decision will affect your entire life!”

Although Luo Yunyang could not detect the position of the person speaking, there was a firm resolution in his eyes. “I have made my decision. I will not change my mind. I choose the Great Chaotic Hole Path!”

“Alright, Top Blood District Disciple Luo Yunyang. You have chosen the Great Chaotic Hole Path. I wish you success. According to the stipulations of the Sky Book Hall, since you have chosen the path of the Great Chaotic Hole, you shall receive the first layer diagrams of all the Origin Source Laws for the Great Chaotic Hole Path.”

In a palace made entirely out of ice jade, a wizened Elder was quietly having some wine.

The amber-colored wine sparkled with a strange light. The old man sank into his thoughts after downing the whole glass of wine.

“My Lord!” a man in blood-colored attire told the old man respectfully. “Luo Yunyang has made his choice in the Sky Book Hall.”

The old man’s hand tapped the table gently. He had a confident look on his face. “Did he choose the Space-Fracturing Path? That is the most suitable path for him. He is the most outstanding genius of the Bloody Massacre Path during the past 10,000 years, so keep a close eye on him. There must be no mistakes in the training process. Do you understand?”

The man dressed in blood-colored garb turned gloomy as he said with trepidation, “Luo Yunyang chose the Great Chaotic Hole Path.”

“What did you say? The Great Chaotic Hole Path?” The old man pointed his finger at the opposite side of the hall and a huge screen appeared.

On the screen were the words ‘Luo Yunyang, Great Chaotic Hole Path’!

Bang! The old man slammed his hands onto the table and said resentfully, “How ambitious! He’s too damn ambitious!”

Then, he flew off into the distance.

“My Lord, are you going to”

“I want him to change his stupid mind!” the old man snapped before the man in the blood-colored garb could finish his sentence.