Supreme Uprising Chapter 405

Chapter 405 10 Years

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“What just happened? Why do I sense a fuming Blood Ruler?” asked the young man with a horn on his head, who was cultivating in seclusion in the Top Blood District.

Beside him was a martialist whose cultivation base had reached the Nebula-Grade. However, this martialist was very respectful towards the young man. “Blood Disciple Dunluo, that was a Blood Space Ruler!”

A slight hint of fear appeared on the horned fellow’s face. He was no stranger to this Blood Space Ruler.

Although they had only met once, the majestic might of this Blood Space Ruler had left a deep impression on him.

His goal was to become a Blood Ruler!

Of course, becoming a Blood Ruler was no easy task. Although his cultivation was constantly improving and he had started forming his cultivation path, there was still a long way to go before he could become a Blood Ruler.

Furthermore, he wanted to become a Blood Ruler by cultivating one of the top five grades of cultivation paths.

It would not be possible to become a Blood Ruler if he cultivated a path below the top five grades!

In the Bloody Massacre Path, every Blood Ruler was a supreme figure, so they were all incomparably precious. Hence, the purpose of gathering in the Blood Spirit Sky was to nurture the most powerful core strength of the Bloody Massacre Path.

“Why is the Blood Space Ruler angry?” Blood Disciple Dunluo asked softly, glancing at the Nebula-Grade martialist beside him.

“The Blood Space Ruler didn’t want Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang to choose the Great Chaotic Hole Path, but Luo Yunyang did not agree!” The Nebula-Grade martialist could not help but sigh.

“The Great Chaotic Hole Path? How dare he choose that!” Dunluo laughed. “The Great Chaotic Hole Path He really is very ambitious!”

The Nebula-Grade martialist sighed softly. Back in the day, he had also been an elite member of the Bloody Massacre Path. However, he had been slower when it came to comprehending the Origin Source Laws compared to his peers. Hence, he had only managed to stagger his way into the Nebula-Grade Realm with a grade-nine cultivation path.

Although he would still be considered very impressive if he were to leave the Bloody Massacre Sect and roam on his own, he was still too far behind compared to the people who had cultivated the grade four or five cultivation paths.

While his peers had already commandeered sizeable power and were even working towards becoming Blood Rulers, he could only ever be Dunluo’s chief bodyguard.

“Exactly. If I’d had such cultivation qualifications in the past, I would have followed the instructions of the Meru Realm diligently and cultivated all the way to the Nebula-Grade.”

The Nebula-Grade martialist smiled weakly as he spoke.

Dunluo only shook his head. He did not speak again. His cultivation time was precious, so there was no time to be wasted on a person who would be eliminated eventually.

In District One of the Blood Spirit Sky, the man with the golden dragon scale between his eyebrows stepped into a manor quickly, bellowing before he even entered the building completely, “Boss, did you know what what kind of cultivation path Luo Yunyang chose?”

“The Great Chaotic Hole Path! Ha ha ha! He actually has a death wish! He chose the Great Chaotic Hole Path! I heard that as soon as the Blood Space Ruler heard this, he sought out Luo Yunyang personally and got really angry.”

A young gentleman who was reading put down his book and smiled. “It seems that two of our brothers may be entering the Top Blood District this time.”

“Of course!” The young man with the dragon scale roared with laughter. “I’ve always despised Dunluo. He wouldn’t have been able to take the lead if he had not been in the Blood Spirit Sky longer than you, Boss.”

“Dunluo is indeed stronger than me, Mo Long!” The refined young man waved casually with his hand. “Yes, he has been cultivating for a longer time than me, but this world is unfair. Don’t you agree?”

The young man with the dragon scale nodded. The world had never been fair. Any of the bottom three people in the Top Blood District would basically be defeated and fall into District One if they encountered the Boss in the next competition in 10 years.

Who would face him would be entirely down to luck.

Mo Long smiled and told the young man, “Boss, I am going to work hard. Ha ha! I want to enjoy the feeling of occupying a castle alone too.”

The young gentleman nodded and watched Mo Long as he left. He shook his head gently and mumbled regretfully, “Being at the Planet-Grade is the most important period of a martialist’s life. A Grade-One cultivation is exceptionally powerful, but will it be that easy to cultivate? This person knows no fear!” As he mumbled to himself, the man picked up a pen and crossed out a name on the first line of his book.

Surprisingly, the name was Luo Yunyang!

In Districts Two and Three of the Blood Spirit Sky, almost everyone was talking about this. Although some people said that anyone born with talent should reach for the stars and advance bravely, the sarcasm in their words was plain and easy to detect.

“Blood Disciple, this is your Jade Soul Fluid for the day!” a delicate, pleasant maid said respectfully as she handed Luo Yunyang a cup.

When Luo Yunyang picked up the cup, he noticed traces of impurities in the Jade Soul Fluid.

The Jade Soul Fluid, which was a body-enhancing solution consumed daily by the Blood Disciples in the Top Blood District, was made by professionals. Therefore, it should not have had any flaws, let alone some impurities.

This Jade Soul Fluid cost 10 star dollars per cup outside the Bloody Massacre Path.

“Why are there impurities?” Luo Yunyang asked as he glanced at the maid.

“The person responsible for the distribution of the Jade Soul Liquid said that there was a small accident during the refining process of the Jade Soul Liquid. However, this will have no impact on the overall effect. The person in charge hopes that you will accept and consume the liquid.”

Although there was some indignation in the maid’s eyes as she spoke, her expression turned a little gloomy.

Ever since this Blood Disciple had chosen his cultivation path, his position in the entire Top Blood District had plummeted.

Although the managers and people in charge of the chores in the Top Blood District had not favored anyone in the past, they had never made things difficult either.

However, things that seemed easy to resolve had become incredibly hard for baffling reasons.

This was naturally the doing of the management group in the Top Blood District. They must have felt that there was no reason to fear Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang anymore.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t tell what was going through the maid’s mind. However, he didn’t seem to care.

This was all related to his choice. Once he achieved tremendous results, everything would no longer pose a problem.

“Alright, you may leave!”

After waving the maid away, Luo Yunyang consumed the Jade Soul Fluid, the top soul fluid in the world. He felt a surging sensation in his blood as soon as he had a mouthful.

The residents of the Top Blood District had one cup of Jade Soul Fluid a day, and the residents of District One only had one cup per week. Meanwhile, District Two had one cup a month, and District Three didn’t even receive any Jade Soul Fluid.

One could feel the intense competition going on just based on the supply of Jade Soul Fluid. According to the stipulation of the Blood Spirit Sky, the maximum number of people in the Top Blood District could not exceed six people.

The number of people in District One was limited to no more than 15.

Therefore, the competition that took place every 30 years was very important for all the Bloody Massacre Path elites.

There were still 10 more years to go!

Generally, people like Luo Yunyang, who relied on collecting a complete Fundamental Planetary Source to become the sole Blood Disciple, would get to enjoy the benefits of the Top Blood District for 10 years before getting demoted to District One.

Some people even dropped to District Three because of their poor cultivation base!

In the entire history of the Blood Spirit Sky, many talented individuals had been able to maintain their position in District One.

It was said that the purpose of this arrangement was to make the geniuses who had stepped right into the Top Blood District experience shame before becoming brave.

Although 10 years seemed like a long time, Luo Yunyang knew very well that there wasn’t much time left for him.

With a wave of his hand, a picture appeared in front of his eyes. It was the Heaven-Burning Diagram. Although this picture was quite different from the actual Heaven-Burning Diagram in the Sky Book Hall, it was still much stronger than the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram that he had acquired on the Chongyuan Star.

Comprehending Fire Origin Source Law was Luo Yunyang’s priority now.

As he gazed at the surging blaze, he felt like every tiny flame was very much alive. Although the diagram shone brightly and consistently in Luo Yunyang’s mind, he felt that there were too many things he didn’t understand at this point in time.

As always, Luo Yunyang quickly increased his Mind Attribute. Thanks to the improvement of his cultivation base, he kept becoming more and more aware of the importance of mind power.

His cultivation of the Lotus Seal Technique had never been stopped. Thus, after entering the Bloody Massacre Path, he realized that the stronger a martialist was, the more emphasis they placed on the cultivation of their mind power. Many people were both martialists and telekinesis users at the same time.

The surging blaze slowly turned into several bonfires. Then, these bonfires turned into flame spots.

Scorching flames could radiate in every direction and spread extremely quickly.

The light in Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed brighter as he studied that diagram.

Time slipped by. Although the Blood Spirit Sky seemed to have frozen in time, many changes kept constantly happening.

For example, some people challenged the Blood Battle Platform of the Meru Realm, completing two consecutive stations. Some people never came back after leaving on a mission. A few even deteriorated in terms of cultivation base and eventually had to leave the Blood Spirit Sky and get assigned to an ordinary area, becoming common Bloody Massacre Path attendants.

These waves of events were no news for most people in the Bloody Massacre Path, especially the servants of the Top Blood District, as it bore no relation to them.

However, this type of insignificant happenings quickly came to an end. A competition was only held once in every 30 years after all.

This competition concerned the future of every Blood Disciple in the Blood Spirit Sky. Hence, it was called the Grand Showdown.

As the Grand Showdown arrived, the Blood Spirit Sky flew into a flurry.