Supreme Uprising Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Universal Fragmentation

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“Greetings, Blood Ruler!” The Blood Space Ruler was sitting in a majestic palace hall. Below him were hundreds of Nebula-Grade martialists who were greeting him respectfully.

The Blood Space Ruler waved his arms nonchalantly. “No need for extra formalities. Have you guys prepared the regulations for this Grand Showdown?”

Two of the peak Nebula-Grade martialists standing at the front exchanged a quick glance filled with doubt. The Grand Showdown was a big event that would determine the future of the younger generation.

However, it was just an ordinary affair for the Blood Space Ruler and everyone else present.

This event had already been held umpteen times, so there was nothing to worry about. Everything would just go as it always had before.

However, if everything was business as usual, the Blood Space Ruler wouldn’t have asked this question in such a serious manner. This behavior implied that he had his own plans for the event.

The two men immediately said at the same time without any hesitation, “We await your instructions, Blood Ruler!”

The Blood Space Ruler waved his hands and said, “The old rules are still good, but they are lacking in some ways. Let’s put it in this way… The participants of the Top Blood District, District One and District Two will all participate in District Three’s Grand Showdown. In the end, the participants will be ranked based on the respective placing they’ve attained.”

Most people’s expressions changed quickly. Some people could even faintly guess the Blood Space Ruler’s intentions when they heard his words.

If it had not been for a certain someone, these troublesome changes would have been unnecessary. After all, the strength of the participants of the different districts was evident.

Even those that could advance would only jump up by one district. The average participant had no hope of advancing.

It seemed like the Blood Space Ruler wanted to push someone straight into District Three!

The two top-notch Nebula-Grade martialists standing in front understood the Blood Space Ruler’s intentions immediately.

They naturally wouldn’t disobey a Blood Ruler over such a trivial matter. Even if this had been a grave issue, they couldn’t have disobeyed even if they’d wanted to.

“The Blood Ruler is wise. This way, everyone will have a platform to showcase their talent. This could also awake a desire to work harder in the young disciples of every district!”

“I agree too. Survival of the fittest is one of the original core values of the Bloody Massacre Path. This way, we can show that we’ve trained our disciples fairly and also provide outstanding disciples with opportunities to stand out!”

The Blood Space Ruler smiled and nodded his head as he listened to his subordinates’ approval and praise. “Since you are not against this, this matter will be dealt with in the way I just described.”

When his subordinates departed, the Blood Space Ruler’s gaze fell on some information. This information concerned Luo Yunyang. The hundreds of records contained zero achievements of his.

“Never entered the Blood Battle Platform, never attempted visiting the Soul Searching Temple, no missions undertaken in the span of 10 years. Classes and cultivation… What an easy, comfortable way to pass time!”

“It seems like a huge hammer has to shatter his foolish dreams. Let’s see if he’s still so carefree and calm while indulging his ignorance once he falls from the Top Blood District to District Three.”

As he mumbled, the Blood Space Ruler stared at the sky and said to himself, “Having 10 years to squander away should be more than enough!”

The Blood Space Ruler’s commands were absolute in the Blood Spirit Sky. Thus, the news spread everywhere in an instant.

“What? The arrogant pricks in the Top Blood District, District One and District Two are going to join District Three’s Grand Showdown?”

“This is flabbergasting. Is it really necessary for the guys up there to let these pricks come and overwhelm us?”

“This sounds very good. At least we now have direct access to the Top Blood District. How could those big shots not know that this is a deadly road for us, though?”

“No, it’s a road to the heavens!”

Various arguments broke out in District Three. Some people even believed that the higher-ups were deliberately embarrassing them.

However, there were also some clever people. After carefully studying the rules of the Grand Showdown, they understood that the purpose of this adjustment wasn’t to give them a path to the heavens, but rather to allow people to fall straight from heaven and smash into the ground.

“Remember Luo Yunyang?”

“Of course, how could I forget him? He was the guy who obtained a complete Fundamental Planetary Source in the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena. Oh. He also went away to cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path. I wonder how he is right now…”

“How good could he be? Did you see the records on the Blood Spirit List? His position on the list keeps falling.”

“When he started out, everyone was unanimously optimistic about him. Plus, he’d ranked 95th on the Blood Spirit List. Now, he has fallen to 700th place.”

“It seems like the rumors about him infuriating the Blood Space Ruler are true. Ha ha… There should be a good show this time around!”

All kinds of arguments spread across the Blood Spirit Sky’s virtual realm. There was even a forum dedicated to this sort of discussion.

To the blood disciples in District Three, this was just a topic of conversation. However, this change had made the residents of District Two and the strongest residents of District One believe that they had a real chance of entering the Top Blood District.

Meanwhile, two teams were engaged in a crazy slaughter in the wilderness. A tall man who had at first participated in the bloodbath suddenly dropped his opponent, whom he had been about to kill, and glanced at a silver bracelet on his wrist.

“Ha ha ha! One could even enter the Top Blood District directly. My Metal and Fire Origin Source Law has greatly advanced in recent years. Plus, I have created my own Iron Blood Path. I thought I would spend 30 sullen years in District One before I could advance. I really didn’t know that this would actually happen!”

The enemies fighting against him assumed that their opponent had gone crazy.

However, an enemy was still an enemy, even if they had gone crazy. What they wanted was to slay this enemy.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Shouts rang from all around as dozens of weapons flew frantically towards the man.

However, even though their weapons landed on the man’s body, he seemed safe and sound. There was not even a scratch on his body. The man glared at his opponents as though they were bugs waiting to be squished.

“You can all go to hell!” The man laughed loudly. “To celebrate my ascend to the Top Blood District, I will let you all have a taste of my Iron Blood Slash today!”

The long blade in his hand was swung with a ruthless bellow. The blade flashed brightly, turning into a long, bloody blade-light.

Although the blade-light was silent, the people fighting hard were turned into ashes upon touching it. Both the man’s enemies and his comrades were destroyed by him.

The man raised his blade and left. However, just as he flew off the planet he was on, the huge planet was split into two by the Star-Shattering Blade!

Meanwhile, on the Blood Battle Platform in the Meru Realm, a gentle-looking man was wielding a long sword and smiling at the faceless martialist opposite him, who was wielding a heavy sword.

“You have failed three times, young man. Do you still wish to continue?” A tremendous voice reverberated.

The gentle-looking man smiled. He was about to say something, when he realized he had an unread message. He glanced at the message as he said nonchalantly, “No matter what changes take place, one of the spots in the Top Blood District will belong to me!”

Then, he glanced at the sword-wielding, faceless martialist and said, “You may have been a top genius of the Bloody Massacre Path in the past, but your time has already passed.”

The gentle-looking man suddenly waved his sword.

Although there were no variations or fireworks to his strike, the moment this sword strike was executed, a flash of fear flickered through the faceless martialist’s eyes.

“You win!”

The faceless martialist threw thousands of sword shadows. However, by the time these sword shadows disappeared, the martialist had already been shredded to pieces and disappeared from the ring.

The gentle-looking man seemed a little pleased. Although his victory had been a certainty, he still felt refreshed while watching his opponent, who had been blocking his advancement on the seventh floor of the Blood Battle Platform, disappear.

Only the top three individuals in the Top Blood District could compete with him.

Luo Yunyang had been quietly cultivating in his own cultivation chamber when he heard the news. During the past 10 years, he had gone to the Sky Book Hall to view the Sky Book and spent most of his time sitting in silence. He hadn’t set foot in places like the Blood Battle Platform, where rewards were offered in abundance.

Although he needed those rewards, the resources in the Top Blood District were enough for him. Thus, he had no intention of wasting time.

“Master, how could you still be sitting here? This time, the Blood Space Ruler wants to throw you down to District One! How can you still be so calm?” Badebu, who was screaming and raging, yelled on the electronic screen. However, his agitation did not affect Luo Yunyang.

When Badebu began to increase the volume of the surrounding noise to the max, Luo Yunyang moved gently. His palm wrapped around the hilt of his blade and unleashed a gentle slash into the void.

Although this blade strike was extremely light, the surrounding space collapsed as soon as his blade swept through.

Badebu, who was screaming and clawing, licked his mouth with his own hands. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words.

“Should we call this Universal Fragmentation?”

Badebu wanted to talk. However, he didn’t say anything in the end. He had always thought that his master was going to fall directly from the Top Blood District to District Three, yet he hadn’t expected that he would have already comprehended the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

This… This had to be the Great Chaotic Hole Path!

“Good, good, good!” Badebu exclaimed continuously as the image of this little fiend disappeared from the screen. This was too much of a surprise for him, so he needed some time to calm down.