Supreme Uprising Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Coldness And Warmth

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Power: 101 (Fire: 100)

Mind: 20

Speed: 35

Constitution: 19

Origin Source Law: 97 (Wind: 28, Earth: 21, Fire: 32, Water: 16)

The golden numbers on the attribute regulator represented the progress of Luo Yunyang’s hard work during the past 10 years. His most improved attribute was the Mind Attribute.

By relying on his own bitter hard work and the nourishment of the treasures provided by the Top Blood District, Luo Yunyang’s Mind Attribute had risen from a golden one point to 20 points. In terms of Laws, his most improved attribute was Fire Origin Source Law.

In 10 years, his comprehension of Fire Origin Source Law had advanced from zero to the fourth stage. However, his Water Origin Source Law was the slowest, as he had only managed to reach the second stage and wasn’t even close to attaining the peak.

Luo Yunyang believed that this gap would continue to increase.

However, by relying on the attribute regulator, he had cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path to the third stage!

Based on the three different stages of the Great Chaotic Hole Path, Luo Yunyang had created three different mystic arts that could be executed separately by using his mind power and physical body.

Judging by his cultivation progress, the gulf between the four Origin Source Laws that supported the Great Chaotic Hole Path would only widen in the future. However, this didn’t pose a problem for Luo Yunyang.

Once the Great Chaotic Hole Path reached a certain level, he would definitely be able to reap benefits between the four different Origin Source Laws.

For example, Luo Yunyang’s Water Origin Source Law had only been at a single-digit number when his Great Chaotic Hole Path had reached the third stage. However, upon completing the third stage of cultivation, the number of his Water Origin Source Law had quickly risen and reached its current state.

Unfortunately, these cross-benefits had a very long interval. Although someone without an attribute regulator would find it as difficult as crossing a moat without a bridge, this didn’t pose a problem for Luo Yunyang.

“Here’s your meal for today, Blood Disciple!” A young, sweet-looking maid offered Luo Yunyang the supplies respectfully.

Although the status of the Blood Disciple she served was constantly declining in the Blood Spirit Sky, the maid had a feeling that this Blood Disciple had been growing more and more unfathomable as the years went by.

The world was unfathomable indeed. In her opinion, this Blood Disciple was like a huge deep hole. Although it didn’t appear massive on the outside, it contained a deep, powerful terror.

Once, while she had been queuing up to receive the supplies of her Blood Disciple, she had heard many people say that the Blood Disciple she served kept getting degraded. However, she didn’t think that this was the case at all.

If he had deteriorated in terms of status, no one in the world would deserve to be promoted.

The maid had a hunch that the Blood Disciple she served would secure his status in the upcoming Grand Showdown.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the items on the tray. There were five fruits, a cup of dark green liquid and a piece of fried yellow meat.

The five fruits included a Dragon Scale Fruit, a God Spirit Fruit, a Return Flow Origin Fruit, a Jasper Peach and a Sky Fire Date. Each and every one was considered a precious treasure back in the Blue Rain Empire.

If an ordinary person ate such a spread and cultivated, they would be able to attain the Planet-Grade level right away.

However, any power obtained in this manner would have no effect when confronting someone who had reached the Planet-Grade through the proper way.

Unless it became a wild boar, a pig would always be considered food by tigers of the same size.

However, the effects of this on a powerhouse like Luo Yunyang were extremely huge.

Although Luo Yunyang’s Power and Mind Attribute had improved greatly due to his own hard work and cultivation, these fruits played a very large role as well.

Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would not have been able to reach the third rank of the Star-Grade.

His Mind Attribute had mainly improved due to the Dragon Scale Fruit. This kind of fruit was produced in the depths of a star, so only one grew in every 100 years. Therefore, it could be considered a treasure by an entire empire.

However, Blood Disciples in the Top Blood District got to consume one every day. It would be a pity to lose this huge advantage.

The roasted meat was the best part cut from Galaxy-Grade beasts, as each piece contained an immeasurable amount of power.

If the Bloody Massacre Path’s apothecary had not treated it, even the piece of meat that Luo Yunyang was eating could have allowed the dead beast to be revived.

“Good stuff!” Luo Yunyang said as he stuffed a piece of meat in his mouth.

The young maid listened to him with a smile. “Blood Disciple, you should eat more if you don’t want to lose this sort of treatment.”

Luo Yunyang nodded at the little maid and began to feast on his daily meal. He was enjoying the delicious food, when his communication device suddenly rang.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he saw the number. It was Yunxi.

When Luo Yunyang put through the call, he saw Yunxi lying beneath the Wood Spirit Tree in a blue dress, her eyes shimmering like stars.

“What are you busy doing, Yunyang?” Yunxi’s soft, mellow voice was incredibly pleasing to hear.

Luo Yunyan smiled at her. “I’m eating. Be good and eat some more, Yunxi,. Although the Wood Spirit Tree can provide enough energy, how can that energy compare to having a good meal? I can’t allow you to be so skinny!”

Yunxi felt a warm current flow through her as she listened to Luo Yunyang’s nagging words. She immediately replied with a smile, “Alright, I will eat more.”

Although they called each other a few times a month, their conversations were always warm and loving. Yunxi’s feelings for Luo Yunyang were like a dusty, sleeping seed buried in her heart. Now that this seed had received nourishment, it had started to swell and sprout. Soon, it would dash out of the dirt and bloom into beautiful flowers! She believed that she cared about Luo Yunyang more than she did about anyone else…

Although Luo Yunyang was warming up kind of slowly, Yunxi was sensible and thoughtful. In order to keep the promise she had made, she hadn’t hesitated to sacrifice her life and follow him bravely. This had touched Luo Yunyang, whose emotions were like the fragrance of a flower, long-lasting and attractive.

Perhaps in the beginning, this had been love at first sight. However, the two of them now seemed to be immersed in the flowing time as they accompanied each other for a while.

Although this feeling was not as intense as Yunxi’s feelings, it was like flowing water that made parting with her difficult.

“Did something happen, Yunyang? Some of our businesses in the Tianluo Empire have suffered a setback.”

Although this had been done through the Virtual World of the Meru Realm, Yunxi’s worries were still deeply imprinted in Luo Yunyang’s heart.

“What sort of setback?” he asked calmly.

“It isn’t much of a setback, yet some business that should have been ours was stolen away. Plus…” As she spoke, she sounded a little dismayed. “Little Sis was rejected by the Star Sky Academy.”

Yunxi was referring to Luo Dong’er. Luo Yunyang could not remember when Yunxi had first started calling Luo Dong’er Little Sis.

The Star Sky Academy was the best school in the hundreds of empires of the Milky Way’s third spiral arm. Although it still could not compare to the Bloody Massacre Path, the power of this academy was similar to that of an empire.

There were even rumors that there was a senior individual in the Star Sky Academy who was a Galaxy-Grade ruler.

The families of the major empires felt honored if their children were accepted by the Sky Star Academy. It was also very remarkable if one or two Princes and Princesses of the major empires were accepted by the Star Sky Academy.

Luo Dong’er was about 24 or 25 earth-years old. However, after entering the galaxy and going through gene evolution, her age was now the equivalent of 16 or 17 years on Earth.

Although Luo Dong’er’s cultivation was barely satisfactory, as her elder brother, Luo Yunyang hoped that his sister would enter a good school.

After all, everyone thought that a good college was always better than an ordinary one. In any other case, the Imperial Academy of the Blue Rain Empire would have been a good place for Luo Dong’er to pursue her studies.

For the sake of getting Luo Dong’er into this academy, Luo Yunyang had contacted someone with a certain authority in the Star Sky Academy through Badebu. That someone had listened to Luo Yunyang’s request and agreed without hesitation.

However, in the end, his request had been rejected.

Luo Yunyang, who naturally knew the reason behind this rejection, smiled softly and said, “It doesn’t matter. Don’t be anxious, Yunxi. Just get Dong’er ready to attend the Star Sky Academy. Someone will probably pick her up at the beginning of the school term..”

Yunxi’s intense worry was reduced by half when she saw Luo Yunyang’s confident expression. Nowadays, it wasn’t only the people of the Da Alliance that relied on Luo Yunyang. Even the Yun Family relied on him.

The reason the royal family of the Blue Rain Empire, which was the Zheng Family, had been able to replace the Lan Family and take instructions solely from Yunxi had been Luo Yunyang.

Only Luo Yunyang, a Blood Disciple residing in the Top Blood District, was able to resist the Lan Family, which had the support of someone in the Bloody Massacre Path.

When he ended his conversation with Yunxi, Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed coldly. After finishing the food, he asked, “Badebu, is there an opponent today?

The little, fiend-like Badebu smiled widely. “My great master, you are a person with great wisdom. Humble Badebu was about to give you a report! You have an opponent today. It is Wolfman Dong Kenu from District Three. This person has obtained Wind Origin Source Law naturally. Although his comprehension of the law is not that high, he still ranks among the top five people of District Three.”

As Badebu spoke, there was a longing desire in his voice. “Master… Oh, great master! You possess great intellect. Badebu thinks that you should kill Dong Kenu in one move. Use Universal Fragmentation. Yes, Universal Fragmentation!”

“In the Meru Realm, everything is the same as it is in reality. A Universal Fragmentation strike would kill that fellow. When that happens, let’s see if anyone else will decide that the odds of you leaving the Top Blood District are 1:100!”

His payout odds were 1:100? Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up as he asked, “In star dollars or contribution points?”

“My great master, star dollars and contribution points are both fine! Your loyal Badebu has been angered! How dare they belittle you, my great master! They should pay for their sins with their lives!” Badebu brandished his claws, all the while wailing hysterically.

“Alright, Badebu. You will bet all my star dollars and contribution points on me remaining in the Top Blood District.” Luo Yunyang did not have much of an opinion about the people who decided these odds.

However, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t take the bet when there was such a huge payout.