Supreme Uprising Chapter 408

Chapter 408 The Omnipresent Net Technique

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“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, please enter the Meru Realm immediately. Your opponent is Wolfman Dong Kenu. The venue of the fight will be τηε Great Desolate Star. Τhe gravity here is 1,000 times higher than on an ordinary planet, and the temperature is 2,000 degrees!”

Luo Yunyang did not know what the Great Desolate Star was. However, there was an emotionless, profound look on his face when he heard about the gravity.

He was already prepared, so he entered the Meru Realm instantly. The planet that appeared before him was a world full of weeds and short trees.

This realm was really windy, and the plants there were lush and verdant, as though they were full of vitality.

Luo Yunyang did not see Dong Kenu, but he had a strong feeling that his opponent had already entered the Great Desolate Star.

As a wolf-man, he could transform between a human and a wolf, so the wind of the Great Desolate Star undoubtedly gave Dong Kenu a geographical advantage.

Four blades, each of them about 30 centimeters long, appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hands. These blades were customizable in the Meru Realm.

They were made out of a Grade-A alloy, and each one was worth one star dollar.

This sort of weapon was really inexpensive and even felt cheap to blood disciples from the Bloody Massacre Path.

Since it was customizable, it was very commonly seen in the Meru Realm.

“Number of viewers spectating this match: 3,600!”

Luo Yunyang let out a deep, silent sigh. There were indeed many onlookers waiting for a show.

According to the stipulations of the Bloody Massacre Path, any Planet-Grade martialist or stronger individual was able to watch this match, yet very few people would watch this kind of opening battle.

However, there were actually more than 3,600 people watching Luo Yunyang’s match with Wolfman Dong Kenu. This was almost a new record.

What Luo Yunyang didn’t know was that among the 3,600 odd people watching the match were the Blood Space Ruler and the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

Luo Yunyang was a rare genius who had chosen to cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path. How could the Bloody Massacre Path Master not be concerned?

The reason the Bloody Massacre Path Master didn’t choose to speak was because, just like the Blood Space Ruler, he wanted Luo Yunyang to learn by getting hurt.

This was the only way Luo Yunyang would regret and repent.

10 years was a short time for a Planet-Grade genius. Great talented individuals that matured slowly or caught up after lagging behind were not unheard of.

Actually, this could be a good learning experience for him.

“It seems like the Blood Space is not going to let Luo Yunyang win this time by choosing the Great Desolate Planet!” said a blood ruler who had appeared in the palace where the Bloody Massacre Path Master was via the Meru Realm.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master smiled faintly and said, “Setbacks are learning experiences for young people. They are good experiences after all.”

As soon as he said that, he glanced at Luo Yunyang, who had already appeared on the Great Desolate Star, and sighed silently. This young man seemed calm and mature. He certainly didn’t look like someone that would make rash, irrational decisions. Why did he insist on choosing the Great Chaotic Hole Path then?

Perhaps he had his own reasons. As he thought about this, the Bloody Massacre Master said faintly, “Luo Yunyang might not necessarily lose this time.”

“I don’t think so, Path Master. Wolfman Dong Kenu is a genius who entered the Blood Spirit Sky 500 years ago. Over the years, he has not only experienced brushes with death, but also awakened the second origin source, which is rare for a wolf-man.”

The Blood Space Ruler entered the Bloody Massacre Master’s imperial hall and said with a smile, “He has already started cultivating the Space-Fracturing Path.”

The Space-Fracturing Path was the cultivation path that the Blood Space Ruler had chosen for Luo Yunyang.

After hearing what the Blood Space Ruler had said, the first ruler who had come in chuckled. “Everyone says that I am petty. However, in my opinion, you’re even pettier than me, Blood Space Ruler.”

“Ha ha ha! This isn’t about being petty. It’s about giving this kid a big lesson. He looked down on the Space-Fracturing Path, so now I will give him a taste of defeat.”

The Blood Space Ruler wasn’t angry. Instead, he just smiled and said, “Given my arrangements, Luo Yunyang will not win a single match. He will surely wake up from his delusions after losing 100 battles.”

As the Bloody Massacre Path Master looked at the four blades in Luo Yunyang’s hands, there was a hint of calmness in his eyes. “If my theory is correct, your plans for this match will be fruitless.”

“Why do you think so?” Although the Blood Space Ruler respected the Bloody Massacre Path Master a lot, he was not willing to admit defeat. He had full confidence in his plans after all.

“If you disagree, we can wager on it. I heard that you have acquired a planet that can grow Heavenly Frost Silk. If you lose, you will give that planet to me,” the Bloody Massacre Path Master said extremely calmly, as though he was totally oblivious that this was something worth hundreds of millions of star dollars.

Although the Blood Space Ruler was a high and mighty Galaxy-Grade powerhouse, any items worth hundreds of millions of star dollars would still make him feel the squeeze too.

However, the Bloody Massacre Path Master had already listed the item he wanted to bet on, so there was no way to retreat anymore.

“What if you lose the bet?” The Blood Space Ruler sounded slightly unconvinced.

“If I lose, I will give you the Blood Compass,” the Bloody Massacre Path Master said without any hesitation.

The Blood Space Ruler tried to hide it, yet a faint trace of rapt ecstacy bloomed on his face. He had always dreamed of acquiring the Blood Compass. However, the Bloody Massacre Path Master had always used it as a weapon, which had made it difficult for the Blood Space Ruler to request it.

At last, an opportunity had finally presented itself!

“Alright, Path Master. We are both men who keep their word!”

“Of course!” the Bloody Massacre Path Master said with a bright smile that made the Blood Space Ruler feel a little weak deep down.

Suddenly, the ruler who was not participating in the bet said, “The showdown has started. We will find out what the outcome is pretty soon.”

The Bloody Massacre Master and the Blood Space Ruler both turned their gazes to the broadcasting screen and saw that the wind on the Great Desolate Star was becoming stronger. The leaves being carried by the wind flew towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was standing on the Great Desolate Star without a care in the world, as if he wasn’t participating in a showdown.

However, three figures suddenly appeared amidst this raging gale. The three figures seemed to be part of the wind, as the blades they wielded fused with the whistling gale.

When the hurricane blade was used, it surged across the void and appeared right beside Luo Yunyang.

This was a combination of Space Origin Source Law and Wind Origin Source Law. An attack of this kind was considered impossible to defend oneself against.

The Space-Fracturing Path could attack through space, as because of the wind element, many mirages could form and hide the real location.

Luo Yunyang maintained his calm demeanor as he faced the crazed wolf-man. The four blades in his hand flew out simultaneously, turning into four rays that greeted Dong Kenu’s blade-light, which had broken through space.

Luo Yunyang’s four rays of light formed a blade-shadow that enclosed an area of hundreds of square meters.

What controlled these four short blades was Luo Yunyang’s mind power!

As the blade-lights clashed with a ringing sound, Dong Kenu, who had been flashing around quickly, found himself trapped and surrounded by these blades.

Although Dong Kenu was a lean, handsome young man, his wolf-like ears exposed his identity as a wolf-man.

When he waved the long blade in his hand, it turned into a blade-light. Then, his entire body transformed into a gale, eager to rush towards Luo Yunyang.

However, the blades blocking his way were firm, and each of them seemed to carry an infinite amount of power. During each collision, the wolf-man was constantly overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

“Four blades, four Origin Source Laws… Although these four laws have yet to be integrated, the incorporation is seamless. The Earth Law blade helms the defense, and the Fire Law blade leads the offense. The Wind Law blade will handle any delays, and the Water Law blade will launch sneak attacks!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master lamented as he watched the four blades surrounding Dong Kenu.

The Blood Space Ruler’s regret turned into faint anger.

“One can’t be unwilling to learn the right way, yet resort to this sort of underhanded tricks!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master did not object to what the Blood Space Ruler had said. The combinations of various rules could be a qualitative leap in various paths of enlightenment.

Some Star-Grade martialists that could only comprehend a sole Origin Source Law were pretty strong, yet they would simply have no advantage over a martialist that had stepped out and mastered even more Origin Source Laws.

The wolf-man had started to walk his own path. His mastery of the Space-Fracturing Path wasn’t low either. The only reason he was subdued were Luo Yunyang’s four blades. The coordination of the blades was just too good.

His Space-Fracturing Path had no opportunity to be displayed fully.

The wolf-man brandished his blade wildly, yet even though his blade went crazy, the sweat on his forehead kept increasing. Right now, he felt like he had fallen into an omnipresent trap.

If he’d faced each blade alone, he wouldn’t have been afraid. He was actually sure that he could have taken down his opponent in three moves. However, against these four blades, all he could do was defend himself.

Every time he found an opportunity to attack, his body would sense a huge threat headed his way.

This made the wolf-man feel extremely sullen.

If things were this way, it would be really meaningless to participate in this match. Hence, when he parried the blade containing the Fire Law, the wolf-man slashed ahead desperately.

However, just as half of his blade-light was unleashed, the Water Law blade had appeared strangely above his neck.

Suddenly, a large wound appeared on the werewolf’s neck.

“What… What is this technique?” The wolf-man looked indignant. He was really unwilling to lose.

He was certain that he could have won!

“It’s the Omnipresent Net Technique!”

Although his heart was unwilling to surrender, the werewolf’s body still dissolved into nothing in the Meru Realm. Luo Yunyang had emerged victorious from the first match!