Supreme Uprising Chapter 409

Chapter 409 How About A Different Move?

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What an upset!

The Grand Showdown between the Blood Disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path was a series of upsets right from the very first match. The outcome of Luo Yunyang’s match was not the only upset. There were also plenty of others with similar outcomes.

For example, Tie Wudi, who was considered a middle-tier individual in District Two, took out District One’s second-in-rank Mo Long with a single cleave of his blade.

This battle had been the most thrilling, hair-raising battle of them all. Anyone who had seen Tie Wudi’s blade create a gush of blood thought that Tie Wudi had the aptitude to challenge the most top-ranking individuals.

Besides Tie Wudi, the next most inconceivable upset belonged to Luo Yunyang. In theory, it made sense for Luo Yunyang, who was from the Top Blood District, to defeat Wolfman Dong Kenu, who was from District Three.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually only been in the Blood Spirit Sky for a decade. Their cultivation bases should be worlds apart, as Dong Kenu had been there for over five centuries.

Most importantly, Luo Yunyang cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path, which was almost impossible to achieve. Dong Kenu, on the other hand, had cultivated his Wind Origin Source Law to a certain level and awakened a second Origin Source Law.

Furthermore, he had also begun to form the Space-Fracturing Path.

Individuals like him, who were advancing at a light-speed pace, aimed to become important figures in the Bloody Massacre Path. However, he was unexpectedly dealt a smashing blow by Luo Yunyang during the first match.

Although he had been defeated by four laws that did not even fuse to form a path, under the control of one person, these laws had acted like an Omnipresent Net built to kill.

This defeat was extremely incomprehensible.

When the match between Luo Yunyang and Dong Kenu was over, most of the people who had placed a bet lost big time.

They had been very confident in Dong Kenu, so they had placed all their betting chips on him. Hence, in the end, they lost everything!

After the fight, many people speculated that Dong Kenu shouldn’t have lost, as his strength level was way higher than Luo Yunyang’s.

However, after seeing the Omnipresent Net Technique, they realized that Dong Kenu hadn’t gone easy on Luo Yunyang. Although he had strength, he hadn’t been able to fully demonstrate it.

After the video surfaced, many people began to think about methods to break Luo Yunyang’s Omnipresent Net Technique.

A lot of people were participating in the Grand Showdown. Thus, the second match started shortly after the first one. Luo Yunyang’s second match was against the sixth-in-rank martialist of District Two.

This opponent was an elite martialist, and the location of the match also favored him a lot.

However, when Luo Yunyang entered the battlefield, he started to release his Omnipresent Net Technique. The martialist, who had already comprehended his own cultivation path, took a shield-and-blade approach. He intended to use his shield to break the Omnipresence Net Technique.

However, as awesome as his idea was, it didn’t come into fruition.

The overwhelming attacks from the Omnipresent Net Technique rendered this approach useless and turned it into a huge burden.

The blade rays were overwhelmingly well-coordinated, thus depriving the shield of any opportunity to show its effectiveness. Eventually, the elite martialist felt extremely sullen and decided to announce his surrender.

During the third match, Luo Yunyang used the Omnipresent Net Technique again and emerged victorious!

The fourth and fifth match were exactly the same.

After 100 matches, Luo Yunyang got into District Two with a record of 100 victories and zero defeats alongside Tie Wudi and 30 others.

The remaining places in District Two were up for grabs, so the defeated participants would fight it out.

Luo Yunyang’s record of zero defeats and his Omnipresent Net Technique were just like his decision to choose the Great Chaotic Hole Path. They basically traumatized most people.

After all, it was really disgusting to use a method to surround and attack someone without giving them a chance to retaliate.

What was most unbearable was that most of them knew very well that their cultivation bases were way above Luo Yunyang’s. If he didn’t use the Omnipresent Net Technique, he would be the one defeated in the end.

However, they all ended up suffering a defeat instead.

If they had been weaker, they would have admitted defeat and moved on. However, although they were clearly stronger than the other party, defeat seemed to be the only option. This situation made many of them feel really uncomfortable.

Just hearing Luo Yunyang’s name would annoy most people. This guy was just too shameless!

Some people even suggested to the administrators of the Blood Spirit Sky to ban the Omnipresent Net Technique from being used in subsequent matches.

When this proposal was put forward, many people thought that the Blood Space Ruler would agree to it, as he wasn’t too pleased with Luo Yunyang.

However, they had underestimated the Blood Space Ruler’s integrity. He rejected the proposal instead, told off this delusional bunch and said that the Omnipresent Net Technique qualified as a legitimate move.

Unfortunately, this was not all bad news for the people that were disgruntled. After rejecting the proposal, a new opponent for Luo Yunyang appeared.

It was the Pig Iron Tyrant King!

The name Pig Iron Tyrant was indeed arrogant. However, the main reason behind this moniker was his style, which was focused on defense.

This person had cultivated the Bloody Massacre Path’s most strenuous technique, the Divine Tortoise Longevity Technique, and comprehended the Metal-Based Origin Source Law and Earth Origin Source Law. Hence, he had formed his own special defense-oriented path called the Iron Essence Path.

There were consequences for this sort of cultivation. It resulted in a very weak offense, but an exceptionally strong defense.

Therefore, even though many people had a powerful offense, they would still surrender and admit defeat in the face of an even better, impenetrable defense.

When facing an opponent with both a very good offense and amazing speed, the Pig Iron Tyrant King would only get thrashed, which would explain why he ranked third in District Two.

The news that the Pig Iron Tyrant Wang Chenzhong had been matched with Luo Yunyang quickly spread to all the other showdown zones. Wolfman Dong Kenu and the other people who had refused to accept their defeat were celebrating. Even the people who weren’t matched up with Luo Yunyang before were excited.

Against the Pig Iron Tyrant King, the Omnipresent Net Technique would act like a mouse attempting to drag a tortoise along, desperately trying but not achieving anything.

“My Great Master, the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s defense is really strong. He fought against the second-in-rank martialist from District One. His defense was impenetrable. In the end, the match ended in a stalemate.”

Badebu sounded slightly dejected as he said, “I have collected a lot of information in an effort to find that person’s Achilles’ heel. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything. However, according to my experience, the Achilles’ heel of this sort of person should either be his eyes or his genitals”

When he heard this, Luo Yunyang gave the little fiend a light smack. This little guy really knew how to worry about his master.

“Don’t worry, I can deal with it!” Luo Yunyang told the little fiend with a disapproving smile.

Badebu didn’t dare say anything else. He believed that his master’s wisdom was not something he could surmise.

If Luo Yunyang and the wolf-man’s match had gathered quite a number of people’s attention, then the match between Luo Yunyang and the Pig Iron Tyrant King would attract even more viewers.

10,000, 50,000, 100,000

Almost the entire Star-Grade Martialist population of the Bloody Massacre Path had come to watch the match. Some elite martialists even asked their weaker opponents to quit wasting time and allow them to end the match swiftly so that they could spectate the other match.

Many people were looking forward to watching Luo Yunyang awkwardly try his best to break the defense of the Iron Pig Tyrant King but not being able to put on a wondrous display of skill.

“If you’re a brother of the wolf-men, then cheer for the Pig Iron Tyrant King!” Dong Kenu, who was still in District Three, was extremely enthusiastic.

These extremely provocative words seemed to pull at the heartstrings of many people and immediately elicit an enthusiastic response from the more than 90 martialists who had been abused to tears by Luo Yunyang and caused this unimportant match to attract so much attention.

Some people even used their statuses to buy the rights from the Bloody Massacre Path and broadcast the match to all the empires in the third spiral arm of the entire galaxy.

Although this was an obvious violation of the terms and conditions of the Bloody Massacre Path’s Grand Showdown, the top brass eventually agreed after an adequate review.

When the news surfaced, it became more and more evident that the Blood Space Ruler despised Luo Yunyang to his very core.

Hence, in the end, this unimportant match attracted the attention of countless people.

Then again, there were also some people who didn’t care about this match, such as the old birds that had long established themselves in the Top Blood District.

One of them was the invincible, unmatched Tie Wudi.

Someone invited Tie Wudi to watch this match and give some commentary, as he had always achieved victory with just a flick of his blade. Tie Wudi also ranked among the top 10 of the Blood Disciple Ranking List.

“Not interested!” Tie Wudi replied.

His sloppy attitude not only showed his arrogance, but it also implied that he felt that the participants of this match were inferior.

In other words, these two weren’t good enough to challenge him, so there was no need to waste any time watching this match.

Like Tie Wudi, the quiet man who ranked first in District One simply waved his hands and declined politely when his brother invited him to watch the match.

What they were aiming for was the first place of this Grand Showdown. Thus, they were only concerned about the people they considered equals.

Although the match between Luo Yunyang and the Pig Iron Tyrant King was interesting to watch, people of Tie Wudi’s caliber only considered it a cheap circus trick.

Regardless of how these top elites perceived the match, it was scrutinized by countless people as soon as it started.

Deep down, Luo Yunyang felt uncomfortable about his match being turned into a money-making tool. However, he still showed up on time.

“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, the venue of the match between you and Blood Disciple Chengzhong will be on the Bronze Star. The gravity of this star is 3,000 times that of an ordinary planet, and the temperature is more than 500 degrees. Please get ready!”

Luo Yunyang felt pissed when he heard about the gravity. Although the effect of gravity on him wasn’t that intense, who wouldn’t be pissed after experiencing over 100 disadvantageous scenarios?

3,000 times stronger gravity was an advantage for the Pig Iron Tyrant King. It seemed like the Blood Space Ruler was really petty.

However, he didn’t know that the Blood Space Ruler was acting this way because he had lost all his bets.

Just as Luo Yunyang started cursing the Blood Space Ruler, his surroundings changed and he entered the Bronze Star!