Supreme Uprising Chapter 41

Chapter 41: An Empty-Handed Return

The Mountain Gator fell heavily on the ground, but it hadn't been cut in half, as Luo Yunyang had imagined it would. However, it did have a big cut on it now.

"Big Brother Yunyang is really formidable!" Qin Feifei walked over and started sucking up to him.

Having a rather pretty girl cheer him on didn't please Luo Yunyang. He thought it was a pity that he hadn't chopped that Mountain Gator into two. He hadn't expected that it would actually be so sturdy.

Just as he was about to finish the deed, Yang Yirui and the others rushed over with all sorts of weapons. The Mountain Gator was dead in no time.

"Yunyang, my brother was bitten by a snake. Please save him! Please!" Xie Tian ran over to Luo Yunyang's side, almost going down on his knees.

Brother Xie Di had turned jet-black from head to toe. If critical care wasn't administered, he would most definitely die.

"Have we brought any viper serum?" Luo Yunyang asked Yang Yirui.

Yang Yirui shook his head. They didn't have any equipment right now, so they naturally didn't have any viper serum, let alone an antidote for Black Ring Snake venom.

"I've heard that snake bile has anti-venom properties..." Qin Feifei reminded them in a hushed voice.

"Oh, no! I should have killed that snake instead of letting it run away!" Xie Tian was on the verge of tears.

Watching his own brother die in front of him and being powerless to do anything to stop it was very painful for him.

As he wallowed in despair, Xie Tian watched Cheng Yong lift the body of a snake at least twice as big as the one that had sneaked up on them and attacked his brother.

Fifteen minutes later, the two brothers stood in front of Luo Yunyang. "You are our benefactor, Big Brother Luo. From now on, the two of us will be members of the Ardent Sun Group. If you want to send us on any errands, we will always be brave and loyal to you."

As he saw the expressions on their faces, Luo Yunyang scratched his head and thought to himself. I should formulate some guidelines for the Ardent Sun Group. We can't just accept anybody into our ranks!

Fortunately, the two brothers seemed very loyal. Luo Yunyang hesitated a bit, but he ultimately decided to let them join the group for the time being.

Just as Xu Zhong and the other instructors had said, there were only D-grade dire beasts in the first 50 kilometers of the forest.

Anyone who was able to become a Rising Dragon Army elite martialist had to have some tricks up their sleeves. Even the weak-looking Qin Feifei was extraordinarily good at sword-wielding.

At first, Luo Yunyang had taken the lead, but after beheading some D-grade dire beasts with one strike, he no longer found the task interesting.

Thanks to his extraordinary Mind Power, he was able to discover dire beasts ahead of time. Then, he let Yang Yirui dispatch the most suitable underlings, who would work together and massacre the low-level dire beasts. In a day, they had pushed past the 100-kilometer mark.


Sunset was ending. It was already close to nightfall.

As they faced the bright scarlet sunset, some young members of the group grieved over the passing of spring. Meanwhile, Xu Zhong was wondering where they were.

"It has already been three days. Is that bunch of kids coming back yet?" a Rising Dragon Army officer with handsome features asked as he walked up to Xu Zhong.

Xu Zhong shook his head. "Not yet. When they return, I am going to have to give them a long lecture!"

"I think there aren't any set rules about that. They don't have to return within a fixed timeframe," the younger man said softly.

"Sun Miaomiao, Guan Wanli and the others all returned within a day, but they are so brazen, that they have been gone three days! We haven't even gotten a glimpse of them. Is it true that they formed a group called the Ardent Sun Group? Little Luo Yunyang sure doesn't know his own limits!"

"He really has no idea. If there are too many people though, there will be enough points to go around if they hunt beasts!"

The handsome officer didn't comment. He just chuckled. "The Ardent Sun Group How interesting!"

As the two men chatted, Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli stood shoulder to shoulder on top of the city wall on the edge of the base. By now, the two of them had already started to distinguish themselves from the others.

However, no matter how much better they were than the majority, there was still a large mountain in front of them that they were incapable of climbing.

"How many points have you obtained?" Guan Wanli asked the girl bluntly.

Sun Miaomiao frowned, but she still answered, "Not much. Only 3,000 points!"

"I was lucky. I managed to kill a D-grade level-one dire beast!" Sun Miaomiao added calmly. She didn't seem to be proud of it.

A D-grade level-one dire beast was worth about 800 points, which was much more than what a D-grade level-three beast was worth.

"You probably have the most points of this round," Guan Wanli complimented her.

"Nothing is set in stone yet. That person has yet to return!" Although Sun Miaomiao didn't say the person's name, Guan Wanli knew very well how strong that person was.

Luo Yunyang... This was the name the two of them instinctively recalled whenever they made an accomplishment. His name produced a stifling feeling in their hearts whenever they heard it.

"He might be able to hunt quite a few beasts, but he took too many people with him. Did you know that the Ardent Sun Group has 17 members?"

"He can't keep everyone's points for himself! If he dares to do such a thing, nobody will believe him ever again!" Guan Wanli added confidently.

Sun Miaomiao nodded her head. She felt an eager anticipation. Perhaps one day she would beat Luo Yunyang.

The two of them got lost in their own thoughts, falling into a short silence. Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on Guan Wanli's face. "Look, he has returned empty-handed!"

His words were laced with ecstacy. Yang Yirui and Xie Tian had appeared, but besides the weapons in their hands, the two of them didn't appear to be carrying anything else!

Guan Wanli and Sun Miaomiao's bags had been stuffed full of essential essences and parts of various dire beasts when they had returned. Even though they had not brought everything back, they had still had some difficulty moving that load.

Luo Yunyang's group included quite a number of people, so if the front two were empty-handed, then those behind wouldn't be carrying much either.

Guan Wanli and Sun Miaomiao's eyes met. They both could see a hint of joy in the other person's eyes.

Xu Zhong's bald face seemed to shine when he saw Yang Yirui and Xie Tian. However, his expression quickly became desperate.

The two of them were empty-handed. This wasn't a good sign.

A series of beastial shrieks caused the originally open Base 7 city gates to close, as over 100 soldiers rushed over to the city walls.

However, when the beast that had made those sounds emerged from the forest, they realized that it was actually 10 giant gold-colored deer, each one carrying countless packages on its back.

On the noses of the deer were ropes!