Supreme Uprising Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Feel Free Brother

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Although this situation differed from the match with the wolf-man, Luo Yunyang felt the gravity of the Bronze Star as soon as he saw the Pig Iron Tyrant King.

He was about three meters tall and had a big round waist. His body was blackish and had a metallic texture that made it look like an iron block.

Although Badebu had given Luo Yunyang a photo of the Pig Iron Tyrant King before the match, seeing him in person gave Luo Yunyang an even more lasting impression about what he was famous for.

“Hello, Luo Yunyang. I have been hearing your name for a long time!” the Pig Iron Tyrant King didn’t attack straight away. Instead, he smiled and greeted Luo Yunyang.

He was too polite for Luo Yunyang to ignore, so Luo Yunyang returned the smile and nodded. After all, god knew how many people were watching the live broadcast right now.

“I believe that you must have heard about me, Brother. How about this I’ll give you two options. You can either admit defeat and leave, or I’ll just stand here and let you do as you please!”

The Pig Iron Tyrant King’s voice resonated like pieces of cold, hard metal colliding, causing the surrounding environment to echo and reverberate. When he said those words, the audience went wild.

“The Pig Iron Tyrant is really domineering. It seems like Luo Yunyang has found his nemesis this time!” a Blood Disciple who was observing the match said.

“I’m here to watch you abuse Luo Yunyang. What use is it if you make him admit defeat? I want a refund for my ticket!” These words came from a Blood Disciple that had been humiliated by Luo Yunyang’s Omnipresent Net Technique. He was very much looking forward to seeing Luo Yunyang get abused this time.

“Come on, Brother! You have my support!” wolf-man Dong Kenu yelled.

The Blood Disciples who had obtained the rights to broadcast this match were worried that their losses would be disastrous if Luo Yunyang really forfeited and admitted defeat.

After all, they had expended an enormous amount of resources and sold a lot of tickets throughout hundreds of empires.

Most of the revenue had already been pocketed by the Bloody Massacre Path. If the broadcast was not exciting enough, then their subsequent business would be affected.

Luo Yunyang certainly didn’t care what the outsiders thought. He just stared determinedly at the Pig Iron Tyrant King.

At first, he had been prepared to use the Great Chaotic Hole Path and put this match to bed right away.

However, now that the Pig Iron Tyrant King had put it this way, Luo Yunyang decided to have some fun with him.

“Since Brother Cheng is so generous, I will not stand on ceremony!” As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang asked again in a distrusting manner, as though he was afraid the Pig Iron Tyrant King would go back on his word, “Brother Cheng, you won’t attack me first while I am not paying attention, right?”

“Do you not trust me? The Pig Iron Tyrant King has always been a man of his word. Every decision I make is set in stone. I’ve already said that you can attack me whenever you like, so feel free to do so!”

Chengzhong’s loud voice became even louder after Luo Yunyang’s question. “Do you think I would lie in front of so many people?”

Luo Yunyang secretly sympathized with the people who had bet their star dollars on the Pig Iron Tyrant King. This man was getting a little too crazy and unreliable.

“This is a gentleman’s promise then!” Luo Yunyang still wanted to hammer the final nail on the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s coffin.

“A gentleman never goes back on his word!” As Luo Yunyang had expected, the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s words were irrefutable.

While the two of them exchanged these words, someone had already begun a discussion on the forum of the Meru Realm. “Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this!”

“Exactly! I think that something is about to happen to the Pig Iron Tyrant King.”

“Yes, the Pig Iron Tyrant King seems to have fallen into that shameless prick’s trap.”

However, unlike the users on the forum, most people were still very confident. “You guys are worrying too much. What could possibly happen? The Pig Iron Tyrant King is shielding himself from any attacks. It’s not like he won’t be doing anything.”

“He always shields himself and takes a beating. Plus, his Iron Essence Path focuses on defense. You guys don’t have to worry.”

“He will tire that Luo Yunyang kid out!”

Just as everyone started getting excited, Luo Yunyang drew his four blades. He didn’t use the four blades to attack. Instead, he just held one up and asked, “What do you think of this blade, Brother Cheng?”

“It’s nothing much. It’s just cheap trash worth a star dollar or two!” the Pig Iron Tyrant King replied, showing no restraint.

He knew that many people were watching, and he also knew that these people were pissed with Luo Yunyang. Thus, his reply had been short and straightforward.

He knew that his value would increase if he was more arrogant.

“Then you’re wrong. This blade of mine contains Gold Essence. The Gold Essence alone cost me 10 star dollars!” Luo Yunyang lamented as he swiveled the blade in his hand.

10 star dollars was a massive amount for the ordinary audience from hundreds of empires.

However, even the lowest blood disciples in District Three could earn this amount of star dollars just by completing one mission.

10 star dollars was nothing!

“Are you coming at me or not? Don’t waste my time, Luo Yunyang! Did you know that I hold the homeground advantage on the Bronze Star? I will get stronger the longer this drags on!” The Pig Iron Tyrant King was getting a little impatient.

“Try to relax and calm down, Brother Cheng. I just want to tell you the difference between these blades. It will make it easier for you to defend yourself against them. You have treated me like a gentleman would, so I can’t deceive you. Please give me some time.”

Luo Yunyang’s attitude was sincere, his speech was soft, and there was a tinge of compromise in his words.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King snorted. Although he was unhappy with Luo Yunyang’s dilly-dallying, Luo Yunyang didn’t seem to be in the wrong either.

The fact that he was standing there and letting the opponent hit him would also give Luo Yunyang the opportunity to act like a gentleman.

“This isn’t my best blade, Brother Cheng. Look over here. Do you see any difference between this blade and the previous one?” Luo Yunyang held out another blade and smiled at the Pig Iron Tyrant King.

Although the Pig Iron Tyrant King was very pissed off, he still took a look at Luo Yunyang’s blade and noticed that it was no different from the previous one.

They had all been produced in the same batch. It would have been very strange if there had been any difference between them.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King studied the blade carefully before shaking his head. “Was Gold Essence added in this one as well?”

“No, it was not. This is just a common blade. If I were to add Gold Essence to every blade, I would go bankrupt!” Luo Yunyang said seriously.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King was speechless as he glared at Luo Yunyang. He wanted to crush him at once. Did Luo Yunyang really think that he was stupid? What a way to belittle him!

“Don’t be angry, Brother Cheng. Look at this blade again. It really is different. This blade accompanied me through an extraordinary experience. Did you know that when I was on”

Luo Yunyang once again took out a different blade and spoke enthusiastically. The Pig Iron Tyrant King felt his eyes tear up as he listened to Luo Yunyang’s incessant sputtering.

This was not easy at all!

“The Pig Iron Tyrant is a fool. Can’t he see that Luo Yunyang’s knife was purchased after he reached the Blood Spirit Sky?” someone who was watching the Pig Iron Tyrant fall for Luo Yunyang’s nonsense said in anguish.

“I was prepared to see something exciting! Why am I getting this instead?” someone else commented loudly.

“I came here to watch two geniuses duke it out, not watch someone reminisce bittersweet memories!”

“Do it! Kill him, Pig Iron Tyrant King! Why are you listening to him? Use your brains!” wolf-man Dong Kenu bellowed. He felt that something wasn’t right.

The Blood Space Ruler, who was watching the match somewhere else, slammed his palms against the table forcefully. “Stupid dimwit!”

Luo Yunyang continued to exhibit his blades. He was now showing off his fourth blade. “Take a look at this blade, Brother Cheng. It has accompanied me for many years.”

“Really? That’s a good blade. You must take good care of it!” the Pig Iron Tyrant, who was already completely fooled, replied instinctively.

“I do, but I think we should sing a song for it. I’m tone deaf, Brother Cheng, but you are the best singer in the whole Blood Spirit Sky. How about you sing a song for this loyal blade?”

Luo Yunyang’s voice carried a vast enticement. Meanwhile, his mind power was being used vigorously.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King wasn’t talented in terms of mind power, while Luo Yunyang had used the attribute regulator to raise his Mind Attribute by 20 points.

“I don’t know what to sing!” The Pig Iron Tyrant began to feel ashamed.

“Don’t be afraid. I will teach you!” Luo Yunyang’s soft voice consoled the Pig Iron Tyrant, who cleared his throat and belted out, “I might be a pig, but I work hard every day”

What sounded like screeching metal echoed through the Meru Realm and made the audience on the vast public square cover its ears.

“It’s the Mind Power Bewitchment Technique!” a powerhouse that specialized in mind power determined right away.

“The Pig Iron Tyrant King is really pitiful. We thought that he would be thrashing a puny weakling, but he has actually encountered a disgusting opponent!”

“Luo Yunyang is really shameless! How could he use mind power to bully a fool?” wolf-man Dong Kenu said before heading out of the virtual realm.

He couldn’t watch anymore. It was just too shameful. In order to take revenge, he and the Pig Iron Tyrant King had interacted and exchanged pointers. During their in-depth conversation, they had both gotten along very well and even considered each other a brother. The memory of them having a good time together made him want to bury his head now.

“Ha ha ha! Are you sure that we are watching a battle between Blood Spirit Sky Blood Disciples and not a circus show?”

“As it turns out, this is the level of a Blood Spirit Sky Blood Disciple. At least I’ve learned something!”

“I think that this match is really cool. It would be great if there were more wonderful performances like this in the future.”

As the Pig Iron Tyrant King began to dance, the Blood Space Ruler who was in charge of this Grand Showdown finally got angry. A massive streak of lightning flashed out from the sky above the Bronze Star and struck the Pig Iron Tyrant King on the head, killing him instantly.

“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang is the winner!” A mechanical voice ended this nonsensical match.