Supreme Uprising Chapter 411

Chapter 411 The Blood Spirit Combat List

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“Luo Yunyang, you and I cannot live under the same sky!” A hysterical roar reverberated within the void in District Two of the Blood Spirit Sky.

This roar was filled with rage, hatred and madness…

Normally, anyone that made this sort of ruckus, which could disturb other people’s cultivation, would definitely be beaten to death. However, every person who heard this roar shot a sympathetic gaze in the direction the sound came from.

“How will this fellow be confident enough to go out and meet people in the future?” Some people who delighted in his misfortune made fun of him.

“He he… I heard that he is about to head into seclusion for 50 years!” someone who sympathized with him said. “That Luo Yunyang is really vicious!”

“He’s already won. Is there still a need to trample all over the other party?”

“The people that the heavens wish to destroy are the first to go mad! The Pig Iron can only blame himself for being crazy. He hasn’t made a move, yet he’s talked a bunch of nonsense and asked Luo Yunyang to do as he pleases. How could Luo Yunyang just leave this alone?”

All sorts of discussions broke out in the Meru Realm. However, very few people expressed their approval of Luo Yunyang’s actions.

The troublesome Omnipresent Net Technique was a mind attack that turned people into fools. Luo Yunyang had already become the stuff of nightmares for a few low-level Blood Disciples.

“Please don’t let me be in the same group as that sicko!’ someone prayed in secret.

Although this prayer wasn’t memorable, the word ‘sicko’ struck a chord. Many people suddenly felt worried about what was to come.

“Oh, Great Master! You are Badebu’s idol indeed. I am totally in awe of the method you used to teach that fool a lesson!”

Badebu’s knees were on the ground as he sincerely offered Luo Yunyang praise and adulation.

“Master, the methods you used to make that fool dance around were really funny. If it was up to me, I would definitely make him strip off his armor before dancing!”

“However, all the fellows who were defeated at your hands can’t accept this. They say that you can only employ little tricks and ploys. You are too kind, Master. Badebu suggests that you use a big move next time. Let’s make those bastards shut their mouths right away! Use the Universal Fragmentation!”

Badebu danced around Luo Yunyang as he egged him on.

A big move? Luo Yunyang’s mind when to work when he heard Badebu’s words. He hadn’t used the Universal Fragmentation or any of the mystic arts of the Chaotic Chasm. Luo Yunyang wasn’t trying to pretend. He really couldn’t use it.

The Omnipresent Net Technique covered everything.

To put it simply, if one person could solve a problem alone, why would a whole bunch of people be asked to solve that problem just to make the outcome look better?

“Don’t pay attention to what all those people are saying,” Luo Yunyang told Badebu while waving his hands dismissively.

Badebu’s eyes flashed with understanding. He was fully convinced. “You are worthy of being Badebu’s master. You are even more sinister than Badebu. Are you waiting until those top powerhouses have a competition?”

Luo Yunyang had been about to wave Badebu away when he heard a beeping sound. Then, Badebu said, “Master, there is a message.”

Luo Yunyang opened and saw the message. The person who had forwarded this message was actually the Pig Iron Tyrant King!

Luo Yunyang smiled when he saw the message. He didn’t feel guilty to see the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s new status.

If the Pig Iron Tyrant King hadn’t underestimated Luo Yunyang and acted so pretentiously, if he hadn’t haughtily declared that Luo Yunyang could do as he wished, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have put him in such an embarrassing predicament.

If this fellow had sent him a message, perhaps he still wished to challenge Luo Yunyang!

Luo Yunyang opened the message and discovered that it wasn’t a written challenge. Instead, what he had received was an article. An article that analyzed the competition.

The author used an alias to give an evaluation of the powerhouses participating in this competition. Luo Yunyang rather liked this article.

Yang Shang was currently the number one person in the Top Blood District. He had entered the Blood Spirit Sky 700 years ago, and although he hadn’t obtained a complete Fundamental Planetary Source, only 12 Blood Disciples entered the Blood Spirit Sky from that batch.

Furthermore, the cultivation bases of those 12 weren’t that high. The reason they had been able to survive was entirely down to their hiding abilities.

Yang Shang had been the number one person in the Top Blood District for 500 years. He conducted a rather deep research into Lightning-Based and Fire-Based Origin Source Law and cultivated the Lightning Fire Path. His combat strength was extremely powerful, and he was adept in the mystic art of the Sky-Extinguishing Thunder!

After browsing through Yang Shang’s assessment, Luo Yunyang nodded his head lightly. Although he hadn’t gone out much during the past few years, he was still wary of the few other comrades in the Top Blood District.

Luo Yunyang speculated that Yang Shang must have at least reached the Star-7 Grade. Given Yang Shang’s study of the Lightning Fire Path, Luo Yunyang feared that his power was even greater than his own.

Yang Shang had always been the number one person among all the Blood Disciples. Nobody could dislodge him from his spot.

What would happen if Luo Yunyang ran into Yang Shang?

Luo Yunyang thought to himself as he viewed the second person on the list.

Yun Dongyang, who ranked second in the Top Blood District, had arrived in the Blood Spirit Sky 900 years ago and had been the Top Blood District’s number one before the rise of Yang Shang.

He was proficient in Illusion Laws and Light-Based Origin Source Law and cultivated the Mirage Path. He was also especially adept in eye techniques. In most battles, he achieved victory with just one gaze.

The third person on the list was Tie Wudi.

Tie Wudi had entered the Blood Spirit Sky 400 years ago, but hadn’t been particularly outstanding in the first 300 years or so. Although he was currently in District Two, his ranking was really low.

Some people asserted that Tie Wudi would be expelled from District Two before this competition. However, he had defeated Mo Long in battle with one strike and hadn’t met an equal opponent in 100 battles ever since.

He was proficient in Metal-Based Origin Source Law, Fire-Based Origin Source Law and cultivated the Iron Blood Path. He was also dept in the mystic art of the Array-Shattering Knife Technique!

The fourth person on the list was Wen Jingxuan.

Like Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan had entered the Blood Spirit Sky 400 years ago. However, unlike Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan had shined brightly right from the start inside the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena.

Actually, he wasn’t a Blood Disciple groomed by the Bloody Massacre Path, but a prince of an empire. However, he wasn’t regarded too highly in the empire.

This prince had voluntarily joined the Bloody Massacre Path and become a Blood Disciple midway through.

After entering the Blood Spirit Sky, his results in practically every big competition had been really dazzling. Furthermore, he also made great progress each time.

The number one spot in District One wasn’t a position that any ordinary person could occupy.

This man was proficient in Wind-Based Origin Source Law, Water-Based Origin Source Law and Spatial Dimension Origin Source Law. He cultivated the Mind Void Path and his mystic art was the Void-Shattering Sword!

Luo Yunyang’s expression became slightly more solemn when he viewed all these resources. Although he was very confident in his Great Chaotic Hole Path, Tie Wudi and Wen Jingxuan’s cultivation bases weren’t low either.

Luo Yunyang looked through each and every one of the people on the list and finally spotted himself in the 30th spot.

The 30th person on the list was Luo Yunyang, the only person who had obtained a complete Fundamental Planetary Source in 1,000 years! Luo Yunyang’s glow was beyond dazzling.

However, the fact that a newcomer like him had chosen the Great Chaotic Hole Path had made many believe that he would fail miserably this time.

Still, this person remained a genius. Before he had even comprehended the Great Chaotic Hole Path, he had created the Omnipresent Net Technique!

Although this sort of technique seemed a little unprincipled, the Bloody Massacre Path had always paid attention to practicality. The Omnipresent Net Technique made bystanders think that it was a profound mystery.

However, even though the methods he had used to triumph over the Pig Iron Tyrant King had been a little excessive, he had ultimately won.

Unfortunately, although he had been victorious this time around, the opponent he would be facing next was Senior Brother Qin Donglai, who held the second spot in District One. His hopes of winning this time were minimal.

The start of this match foretold that the contest between the Top Blood District and District One was about to formally begin. Top-notch powerhouses wouldn’t clash for the time being, but first-class powerhouses would be eliminated by top-notch powerhouses.

It was too bad that Luo Yunyang was classified as a first-class powerhouse. However, he was also proud of being able to achieve such a result shortly after entering the Blood Spirit Sky.

Eldest Senior Brother Qin Donglai would be his next opponent. Luo Yunyang hadn’t found out yet himself, but the article already knew.

As Luo Yunyang was thinking about all this, his communication device beeped. He had received a notification from the Meru Realm.

“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, your next opponent is Blood Disciple Qin Donglai. Please make the necessary preparations. The match will begin in one day.”

His opponent was indeed Qin Donglai. Luo Yunyang was at a loss for words as he viewed the message. There was no problem with the message itself. It was just that the people that made up this list weren’t ordinary by any means.

Qin Donglai had entered the Blood Spirit Sky 1,000 years ago. He was possibly one of the people who had been in the Blood Spirit Sky the longest. Because of this, Qin Donglai was addressed by everyone as Eldest Senior Brother.

All the other Blood Disciples who had entered the Blood Spirit Sky along with Qin Donglai had either perished during assignments or been sent to different divisions of the Bloody Massacre Path because they had been unable to meet the requirements of the Blood Spirit Sky.

Qin Donglai always conducted himself sincerely, giving off the air of a brother that made so many people refer to him as Eldest Senior Brother.

Luo Yunyang had never seen Qin Donglai before. However, Qin Donglai ranked eighth on the list.

“The actual eliminations are about to begin. After this round, the people that remain will be the top elites of the Bloody Massacre Path.” Everyone had already started to discuss the upcoming battles on the forums of the Meru Realm.

Some people targeted Luo Yunyang incessantly. “The top experts are going to vault above the crowd. Some of the idlers who only rely on little tricks, such as Luo Yunyang, have already reached the end of this competition.”

“Although I don’t really wish to admit this, the upcoming competition will be like sifting gold from sand. It will separate true talent and genius from the rest!”

“Large waves will wash away the sand. This is just natural selection. The best individuals of the Bloody Massacre Path will emerge after this round.”

“No surprise there. However, I think that the top 15 will laugh all the way to the end!”