Supreme Uprising Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Large Waves Washing Away The Sand

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“Ah! Ah! Ah!” On the screen showing the live broadcast, the Pig Iron Tyrant King threw his head back and roared towards the sky. His steel-like arms were dancing around wildly. In an instant, his opponent, a feeble-looking young man, was pulverized to pieces.

Although this was only a match in the Meru Realm, the fact that he went berserk made many viewers shudder.

“What the f*ck? The Pig Iron Tyrant King is really crazy!”

“Not just crazy. I heard that he is going ham for the sake of entering District Two and having a placing match with Luo Yunyang!”

“If Luo Yunyang wins another match, he will enter District One!”

“Do you think he can even beat Eldest Senior Brother? It’s not just the Pig Iron Tyrant King. Dong Kenu is taking on matches frantically in order to get Luo Yunyang’s District Two spot. I can’t wait for it!”

“Yea, I hope that the Pig Iron Tyrant King can make a strong comeback.”

“Stop watching this. The top-notch finals are about to begin. Yang Shang is participating in the first match!” a loud voice said through the screen displaying the broadcast.

Everyone watching the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s match left instantly. Only the Pig Iron Tyrant King remained over there, roaring his head off.

The number of viewers watching this battle in the entire Meru Realm hit 150,000, while the broadcasting platform in the third spiral arm of the Milky Way hit more than 10 million viewers.

There was actually an extremely high fee for viewing the broadcast. One match cost one-tenth of a star dollar!

Luo Yunyang was also watching this match. Although he resided in the Top Blood District, he had never seen Yang Shang before.

Yang Shang had always been in seclusion. Luo Yunyang had also never seen Yang Shang, even when some Galaxy-Grade rulers had been giving lessons.

This was an extremely arrogant person!

When the broadcast turned on, the first person Luo Yunyang saw was a tall, large man with flowing long hair. Blood Disciples wore efficient, sturdy armor, yet this man was dressed in a gray combat robe!

Plus, there weren’t even any weapons in his hands.

Ever since the competition had started, practically every Blood Disciple, including telekinesis users and martialists, used weapons in matches.

After all, weapons could amplify a warrior’s combat strength. However, this person didn’t have a single weapon on his body.

The instant Luo Yunyang saw this man, his first thought was that this was Yang Shang. Yang Shang’s opponent was a grim-looking guy with three scars across his face.

The guy was holding a golden spear. When he saw Yang Shang, slight trepidation oozed out of his eyes.

“Yang Shang, it’s my honor to have an exchange with you!” The man cupped his hands and spoke with a hoarse voice.

“Too much noise!” Yang Shang said in an indifferent tone. Then, he waved his palms and the vast lightning from the void gathered into a pool of lightning that enveloped his opponent whole.

The guy was terrified. However, as the lightning barrage descended, his spear transformed into a long dragon in the sky.

In terms of exquisiteness, it seemed like this guy’s technique might have come out slightly on top. However, as the boundless lightning flames surged towards him, the guy shrieked. In the end, he was turned into nothing.

This battle had been simple, yet fierce. However, victory had been decisive. After triumphing, Yang Shang vanished into the void.

How mystical! This was the first thought Luo Yunyang had after witnessing Yang Shang’s battle.

If he had a match with Yang Shang, what would his odds of victory be? Luo Yunyang wondered.

He could not answer this question. Yang Shang had only displayed the tip of the iceberg of his power after all. He had completely relied on his massive strength and control of Lightning-Based Origin Source Law to defeat his opponent.

Luo Yunyang didn’t turn off the video after watching Yang Shang’s match. Instead, he followed it up with Yun Dongyang’s match.

Yun Dongyang was different from Yang Shang. The moment he appeared on the screen, it was very difficult to discern his actual position.

There were 36 illusions that seemed completely real! Only Yun Dongyang’s eyes could be seen through the long black robes he wore.

Yun Dongyang’s opponent was very tense.

This was a rare female Blood Disciple. Her tall, slender frame made her appear like a tenacious panther.

The lady, who was wielding two crescent blades in her hands, charged frantically at the illusions the moment Yun Dongyang appeared.

Her strategy was clear. Since she couldn’t differentiate between the many Yun Dongyangs, she would just destroy them all.

However, when her blade sliced apart one of Yun Dongyang’s illusions, she crashed straight to the ground.

Although this was a live broadcast, it was very difficult to know the actual circumstances on sight. Therefore, none of the outsiders knew what exactly had happened.

Yun Dongyang left just like Yang Shang, without waiting for a ruling on his victory.

His 36 illusions disappeared at the exact same time, so it was impossible to determine exactly which body was his.

“That’s sick!” stated a comment left on the broadcasting platform by a spectator among the hundreds of empires in the third spiral arm of the Milky Way.

“I think that even a Nebula-Grade powerhouse might not necessarily be able to beat Yun Dongyang.”

Less than a minute after this comment was posted, someone replied, “I am a Nebula 3-Grade powerhouse, and I can say with certainty that if I had been standing there, I would definitely have lost as well.”

These discussions made Yun Dongyang’s reputation rise. People used the words ‘mysterious’ and ‘powerful’ to describe him.

Tie Wudi and Wen Jingxuan were equally breathtaking. Besides the two of them, who were viewed as top-notch powerhouses, other people performed just as brilliantly during their matches.

Even though there was a certain gap, inferior competitors would strive their hardest to obtain victory. Although the superior ones would eventually be victorious, they’d still show their true ability.

“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, your match will be starting in one minute. Your arena will be the Dark Mysterious Ocean. The gravity there is 200 times higher than on an ordinary planet, and the temperature is -1,000 degrees!”

As Luo Yunyang was engrossed in watching the battles, a familiar voice rang in his ear.

Luo Yunyang, who wasn’t really scared about his battle with Qin Donglai, took a deep breath and entered the Meru Realm with his consciousness.

He appeared on an expanse of ocean. The temperature didn’t affect Luo Yunyang much, but he knew that Qin Donglai was most proficient in Water-Based Origin Source Law and combined Water and Lightning-Based Origin Source Law to practise the Electric Water Path. In the ocean, Qin Donglai would definitely act like a fish in the water.

“This is indeed an expanse of ocean. It is plain that the Bloody Massacre Path’s upper echelons don’t really like this Luo Yunyang fella.”

“My guess was spot-on. Ha ha ha! Sit tight and watch Sick Luo get slaughtered!”

“You can do it, Eldest Senior Brother! We believe in you!”

All sorts of messages appeared on the Meru Realm’s platform as Luo Yunyang appeared. There were even some people who encouraged this. “Eldest Senior Brother, we want to see an electrocuted fish! We will add one star coin for each additional minute of oppression!”

These clearly provocative words immediately received a lot of support.

The ashamed Pig Iron Tyrant King had come, and so had Dong Kenu. The two of them didn’t say anything, but their names on the platform were a clear display of their stance that spoke volumes.

When Luo Yunyang emerged, a figure also appeared about 10 meters away from him. It was a middle-aged man in his 40s. The man, who didn’t have a tall frame, had some white strands in his hair.

“You went a little overboard during your previous match with the Pig Iron Tyrant King, Yunyang,” said Qin Donglai as soon as he glanced at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had never imagined that this man, who had the reputation of an Eldest Senior Brother would actually give him a reprimand right off the bat!

If the Pig Iron Tyrant King hadn’t been so unbridled, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have made him sing and dance. However, this was already done. Luo Yunyang had no regrets.

Besides, he had a stubborn personality, so he simply didn’t listen to preaching. He felt irritated just listening to Qin Donglai’s words of experience.

“You get treated the way you treat others. Today, I will let you experience the humiliation that the Pig Iron Tyrant King felt!” Qin Donglai seemed full of self-confidence as he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

“The Eldest Senior Brother is great indeed. He has the air of an elder brother. I like him!”

“His words are really righteous. You get treated the way you treat others. I believe that this time Sick Luo will suffer!”

“The Elder Senior Brother’s Electric Water Path is not just adept in offense. It is also great in defense. Given the Eldest Senior Brother’s mind powers, he surpasses ordinary people by far. Luo Yunyang will fall without a doubt!”

“The Eldest Senior Brother is mighty. He will definitely teach Luo Yunyang the lesson he deserves. He he he How touching!”

“Best to make him suffer for an entire day. Let him see what being trapped in an Electric Net with no escape is like!”

“Everyone, I think that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be able to endure five minutes inside the Electric Net before kneeling and begging for mercy!”

“Five minutes? You are really overestimating him. His Omnipresent Net Technique is already ineffective. Against the Eldest Senior Brother’s Electric Water Path, his four blades will be very difficult to control. He will certainly be defeated!”

Although Luo Yunyang couldn’t see all these comments, he was still pissed. His heart was raging, yet he still had a pleasant smile on his face.

“He he You think that I went overboard with the Pig Iron Tyrant King?” he told Qin Donglai teasingly. “He he What else did I do wrong? Hurry up and say whatever you want. I won’t change anyway, but don’t let these words stifle you to death!”

Qin Donglai was a little flabbergasted when he heard this. This man was just too shameless!

Luo Yunyang didn’t care. Instead, he just drew a blade and brandished it.

His blade was one-meter long!

According to the rules of this competition, every competitor could have 10 types of weapons. However, they were only able to choose one per match.

Although this blade had been placed together with the four short blades, its luster had been overshadowed by the other four.

When Luo Yunyang drew this long blade, a faint look of astonishment flashed across Qin Donglai’s eyes. This astonishment suddenly turned into trepidation.

It was clear that he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually use a long blade!

“Cut the crap! Just take my blade!”