Supreme Uprising Chapter 413

Chapter 413 The Grand Path Reveal

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“This Luo Yunyang fellow is just courting death. How dare he draw his blade against the Eldest Senior Brother! Doesn’t he know that the Eldest Senior Brother’s Defense is even stronger than his offense?”

“He is using one blade this time. What does this mean?”

“I don’t really have a good feeling about this. Luo Yunyang wouldn’t hatch out any wicked ideas to deal with the Eldest Senior Brother, would he?”

The discussions rapidly intensified on the electronic screen when Luo Yunyang drew his blade.

However, these discussions were bound to receive no reply!

The speed at which Luo Yunyang had drawn his blade was extremely quick, yet Qin Donglai’s reaction was also extremely quick.

A faint smile crept into Qin Donglai’s face when he saw Luo Yunyang draw his knife. His smile was full of self-confidence.

Although Qin Donglai only ranked 8th on the Blood Spirit Battle combat chart, his cultivation base was already close to the peak Star-Grade. Most importantly, his control over Water and Lightning-Based Origin Source Laws had already reached the 6th level of the Blood Battle Platform.

Furthermore, the mystic arts of the Electric Water Path he had created from these two Origin Source Laws had given him the confidence to break into the Top Blood District.

Luo Yunyang was just a stepping stone.

Although he couldn’t beat Yang Shang, he would acquire the position he ought to have. He would enter the Top Blood District.

Luo Yunyang’s blade strike didn’t seem to have too many variations. However, Qin Donglai knew that many things couldn’t be observed from the surface.

Luo Yunyang might have been mocking him sarcastically just a moment ago, but in his opinion, he was not an impetuous person. Luo Yunyang might have done this to him because he was up to something.

However, Qin Donglai also had confidence in himself. Therefore, he didn’t use his own weapon while dealing with this blade. Instead, he used his fists to strike.

When his fists struck the air before him, Luo Yunyang was still quite some distance away. However, electric charges that felt a lot like a densely-packed spider web dispersed rapidly in an area of five kilometers.

This was Qin Donglai’s self-created defensive mystic art called the Electric Water Sky Net. On its own, its defensive strength couldn’t be underestimated, much less now that they were surrounded by water.

Practically all the attackers within the radius of this Electric Water Sky Net Technique would suffer attacks originating from Lightning-Based Origin Source Law.

There were very few people who could withstand the power of this Origin Source Law.

The fact that the arena was the Dark Mysterious Ocean made this technique’s prowess even stronger and much more fearsome.

In just a moment, the blade in Luo Yunyang’s hand had already come into contact with this fine shimmer of electricity. Qin Donglai smiled faintly.

At first, he had thought that defeating Luo Yunyang would be extremely easy. However, he had actually felt slightly tense when the battle had started.

He really didn’t know why he was feeling nervous about this fight.

However, as the electric glow came into contact with Luo Yunyang’s blade, the smile on Qin Donglai’s face froze.

The electricity he controlled as easily as the fingers of his hand was suddenly snapped by a wave of power and sucked into a vortex that could only be felt!

Both the Lightning-Based Origin Source Law and his proficient Water-Based Origin Source Law were drawn into this vortex.

He actually even felt all his strength get sucked frantically into this vortex.

Even he was being drawn into the vortex himself.

As that vortex drew closer, its rupturing force descended. Thanks to this force, Qin Donglai didn’t even have the time to use a protective technique on his body before he completely crumbled.

Despite what Qin Donglai had felt, the people watching through the screen had only seen his smile, followed by the image of him turning into ash because of the black glow of Luo Yunyang’s blade.

Qin Donglai had died!

His death caused a huge uproar. Ever since the Blood Spirit combat list had come out, Qin Donglai was the only competitor who had lost to a weaker opponent.

Besides, Qin Donglai’s defeat would allow Luo Yunyang to move from District Two into District One steadily.

“He threw the match! Eldest Senior Brother Qin Donglai surely threw the match!” Someone who didn’t understand what had happened immediately thought that Qin Donglai had thrown the match for Luo Yunyang’s sake.

This opinion quickly got a lot of responses, especially from some people who had suffered at the hands if this inescapable net. These people, who appeared aggrieved, vented on the comment section of the broadcasting platform. “He threw it! This was totally a thrown game! We can’t accept this!”

“Qin Donglai, what did Luo Yunyang promise you to actually get you to help him this way?”

“I always thought that these shady tricks would be the specialty of the Wolf-man and other men like him. Never did I imagine that the Eldest Senior Brother would actually do this. Plus, he did it so shamelessly.”

“I request a serious investigation for this match. Otherwise, I will start to seriously doubt the partiality of this competition.”

Qin Donglai, who had just woken from the match, felt his throat go dry as he read all these messages. He already felt really unhappy about losing to Luo Yunyang. Now people were also saying that he was corrupt?

They thought he had colluded and lost to Luo Yunyang? Heaven have pity on him! How could he be corrupt? How could he hand over such an important competition to someone else?

He wanted to explain himself, yet he realized that he didn’t have any way of explaining. He still didn’t understand what Luo Yunyang’s blade had done after all.

Why had his own power flowed into Luo Yunyang’s blade? Why had he been unable to put up any resistance against Luo Yunyang’s blade-light, and why had he been shredded and pulled into that blade-light?

What exactly had happened? Could anyone tell him?

Fortunately, Qin Donglai wasn’t the only person under scrutiny. The competition’s administrators were being targeted by a succession of posts until an announcement was eventually released. This announcement only contained four words——Great Chaotic Hole Path…

The comment section, which had been buzzing, practically fell silent when these four words were released.

The Great Chaotic Hole Path was an amalgamation of four laws; an engulfing black-hole-like power that turned everything to dust!

This cultivation path was extremely dangerous, yet at the same time immensely powerful. In the past, the people who had chosen to cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path had been exceptional geniuses. However, as they’d cultivated this path, these exceptional geniuses had all turned to ashes.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang’s decision to choose the Great Chaotic Hole Path had been met with disdainful sneers from many people. When Luo Yunyang used his original Omnipresent Net Technique, he was also met with jealousy and envy.

Now, nobody said anything.

He had really successfully cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path. Although this had only been one strike, Eldest Senior Brother Qin Donglai had been unable to deal with it.

“The first step of the Great Chaotic Hole Path is the easiest. It gets more difficult the further one proceeds. Many geniuses have died at the later stages of the Great Chaotic Hole Path cultivation!” A post suddenly appeared on the Meru Realm’s platform.

After a brief introduction of the cultivating process of the Great Chaotic Hole Path, the post mentioned the fate of the people who had cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path in the past.

The majority of these cultivators had cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path to the first level, but had been unable to go any further.

Although some people were delighted to see this post, others highlighted that Luo Yunyang was someone who absolutely couldn’t be provoked right now. The might of the Great Chaotic Hole Path was many times more powerful than that of an ordinary path.

The people who had fallen due to Luo Yunyang’s Omnipresent Net Technique couldn’t say that they had been unlucky. From another point of view, it could even be said that they had been lucky. They had been fortunate that Luo Yunyang hadn’t used the Great Chaotic Hole Path on them.

Otherwise, the Pig Iron Tyrant King, the Wolfman and everyone else would have been thoroughly screwed after just one attack.

As this post emerged, many of the people who had denounced Luo Yunyang became collectively silent. Even the Pig Iron Tyrant King, who hated Luo Yunyang to the bone, vanished silently.

Although he would still be taking part in the upcoming rounds of the competition, he wouldn’t be as wild as he used to be. Clearly, his intention to have a fighting round with Luo Yunyang had thoroughly disappeared.

As he stood in a large palace in the Meru Realm, the Blood Space Ruler had an unsightly expression on his face. He wasn’t unhappy because the Eldest Senior Brother had lost to Luo Yunyang, but rather because Luo Yunyang had cultivated the first step of the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

While one cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path, the path could still be changed, as long as it wasn’t mastered. However, when the first step of the Great Chaotic Hole Path was cultivated, the cultivator could only move onwards step by step. It was simply impossible to turn back once one was on that path.

Because the Great Chaotic Hole Path was so exceptionally potent, if one tried to cultivate another path, this cultivation would be thoroughly engulfed by the Great Chaotic Hole Path even before it could be mastered.

“I should have stopped him firmly back then!” the Blood Space Ruler groused as he stared at an attendant before him.

This attendant was a trusted aide of the Blood Space Ruler who knew what the Blood Sky Ruler was thinking about. After pondering for a bit, he said, “Sir, there are many geniuses in the world. If one dies, perhaps a more exceptional one might appear. Besides, cultivating this path was his own choice to begin with. You can’t be blamed for this. You even tried to seek him out personally.”

Then, the attendant said a little more cautiously, “Even though he has mastered the Great Chaotic Hole Path’s first step, it would still be difficult for him to maintain his Top Blood District spot.”

“Yang Shang, Tie Wudi and the others won’t be so easy to deal with. Just the first step of the Great Chaotic Hole Path won’t be enough.”

“Based on the power of that blade strike, I think that he only ranks sixth on the Blood Spirit combat list!’

The Blood Space Ruler waved his hands dismissively. “Alright, you all just keep handling this matter. Give me the verdict when it’s over.”

The attendant left tactfully. Half an hour later, the Blood Spirit combat list was refreshed. Luo Yunyang had moved 30 places and now occupied the sixth spot.

After this ranking was confirmed, Luo Yunyang also became publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest people in the Blood Spirit Sky.

No one dared question his victory anymore!