Supreme Uprising Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Standing On The Tallest Peak

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“Master, there’s a message from the Meru Realm inviting you to participate in the Hero Meeting tomorrow!” Badebu told Luo Yunyang in a rare, respectful way.

The Hero Meeting?

Luo Yunyang, who had his eyes shut while cultivating, was slightly astonished when he received this news. He shot Badebu a look. The little fiend, who seemed to understand what he was thinking, quickly explained.

It turned out that the Hero Meeting was a stipulation of the Blood Spirit Sky. After every competition, the elites that had confirmed spots in the Top Blood District and District One would gather at the Top Blood District’s Hall of Heroes.

Besides letting the young generation of elites meet and get to know each other, this gathering also had another purpose. It was supposed to strengthen and promote the sense of superiority of the top 15 elites.

During this gathering, the elites that had entered the Top Blood District and District One would be on a high platform, while the blood disciples that had been unable to get into District One and District Two would only circle around and watch.

Furthermore, according to the Bloody Massacre Path’s regulations, regardless of whether one was willing or not, each of these blood disciples would have to hold a cup of wine and obediently wait for the 15 elites to have their fill of food and drinks before they could leave.

This could be considered a form of provocation, a sort of incentive, and a motive for them to close the gap.

“Master, it’s said that there’s a lot of good stuff to be eaten at the Hero Meeting. There will also be a program this time that will determine the Top Blood District and District One placements!” Badebu said excitedly. “The ranking of the Top Blood District and District One is extremely important to you, Master.”

“Although you already rank sixth, the Top Blood District only has five available seats. Your odds of getting into the Top Blood District aren’t high. During the Hero Meeting, you will be able to choose a battle that suits you.”

A battle that suit him? Luo Yunyang couldn’t help but shake his head when he recalled the circumstances of each of his previous battles.

The Blood Space Ruler was really petty. During every round of the competition, the arenas had been located in areas that Luo Yunyang’s opponents had been most comfortable in. Although this hadn’t really affected Luo Yunyang, these arrangements still pissed him off.

However, Luo Yunyang decided to participate in the Hero Meeting anyway. After all, he was a blood disciple of the Bloody Massacre Path, so he needed to follow the Bloody Massacre Path’s rules.

The Hall of Heroes, which was at the central point of the Blood Spirit Sky, was an extremely huge, blood-red palace. The Hero Meeting would be held on its terrace.

According to Badebu, this terrace was actually thousands of square meters wide.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have any friends in the Blood Spirit Sky, so he piloted the blood crystal craft and flew towards the Hall of Heroes as soon as it was time.

He didn’t have any expectations about this gathering. He actually didn’t care. He just saw this as an official duty of his.

However, Badebu was not like him at all. The little fiend bounced continuously beside Luo Yunyang. He was so excited that he got carried away.

“Master, although you rank sixth, you have only been in the Blood Spirit Sky for 10 years. Saying that you are the Blood Spirit Sky’s top genius isn’t an exaggeration.”

The little fiend had launched a continuous onslaught of flattery!

Although Luo Yunyang allowed Badebu to talk rubbish, he was mentally trying to analyze the battle footage of Yang Shang that he had just watched.

The mystical Yang Shang, who had made thunder descend ferociously from the heavens, had basically never used a second technique ever since the beginning of the competition.

What would his odds of victory be against such a person? If he couldn’t defeat Yang Shang, how would he obtain a spot in the top five?

Luo Yunyang definitely wasn’t willing to lose his spot in the Top Blood District.

As he mulled this over, the little fiend exclaimed, “Master, the Hall of Heroes is right ahead! I haven’t seen it in a long time, but it is still tall and conspicuous.”

Luo Yunyang had spent most of the past few years cultivating, so he hadn’t paid much attention to his surroundings in the Blood Spirit Sky.

He only turned to look at the Hall of Heroes when Badebu spoke and saw a blood-red palace standing thousands of meters tall.

The moment Luo Yunyang saw this palace, another flying craft flew past its side. This was a similar blood crystal craft that seemed even more overbearing than the one Badebu operated.

As the saying went, “you go your way, and I’ll go mine”!

Although there were all sorts of routes to the Hall of Heroes, this flying craft had to force its way on Luo Yunyang’s route.

By the time Luo Yunyang sensed the craft’s ill intentions, Badebu had already started cussing. “This is a third-generation ship. I just know that it’s trying to bully daddy. It’s gonna get it if it pisses daddy off!”

As he spoke, Badebu still operated the blood crystal craft they were in and made it descend.

To Luo Yunyang’s knowledge, his blood crystal craft was only a first-generation vehicle. Although it was way sturdier than ordinary flying crafts, it was still slightly inferior to third-generation crafts.

Therefore, Badebu had done the right thing by avoiding this.

Based on Luo Yunyang’s understanding, there didn’t seem to be any third-generation blood crystal crafts in the entire Blood Spirit Sky.

Firstly, the cost of a blood crystal craft was too high. Secondly, such a blood crystal craft wouldn’t be able to display its full capabilities inside the Blood Spirit Sky.

Why had a third-generation blood crystal craft appeared there?

As doubts started to form in Luo Yunyang’s mind, Badebu exclaimed, “What the heck? This is actually a ship from the Fiery Sun Path!”

The Fiery Sun Path? Luo Yunyang, who had heard these three words before, was startled. Although his primary focus these past few years had been his cultivation, he had still understood some of this basic knowledge.

The Sky Book was split into nine volumes. The Bloody Massacre Path took up the fifth volume, while the Fiery Sun Path took up the third volume.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what sort of history the Bloody Massacre Path and the Fiery Sun Path had, but he knew very well that the wielders of the nine volumes of the Sky Book, the Bloody Massacre Path, the Fiery Sun Path and the other paths that made up the nine paths, were the strongest powers in the Milky Way System!

Although there was a certain cooperation between the Sky Book’s Nine Paths, there was also a considerable rivalry.

Why had a spacecraft that belonged to the Fiery Sun Path appeared at the Bloody Massacre Path’s Hero Meeting? And a wild spacecraft at that?

As Luo Yunyang wondered this, he heard a loud voice say, “Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, please stop your ship and enter the Hall of Heroes!”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the communication device that transmitted the voice before telling Badebu, “Stop the ship and wait for me.”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang got off the ship and soared through the sky.

While he was landing, a blood-red ray of light shot from the void, enveloping Luo Yunyang’s body and slowly pulling him up towards the Hall of Heroes.

“Ascending the Hall of Heroes is Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang!” A voice echoed around the area.

When one stood on the tallest peak, all other mountains seemed small.

As Luo Yunyang kept slowly rising, he saw some figures that he had already become familiar with, such as the Pig Iron Tyrant King, Wolfman Dong Kenu, and some others that he had defeated but whose names he didn’t remember.

Everyone, including the coarse Pig Iron Tyrant King and the robust Wolfman Dong Kenu, was holding a cup of wine with two hands and watching the slowly-rising Luo Yunyang. They all had looks of envy on their faces as they gazed upon him.

Besides envy, there was also blazing jealousy and wild ambition in their eyes.

The Hero Meeting was indeed a good place to incite jealousy and hatred.

“He he… When there’s no tiger on a mountain, even a monkey can become king!” A shrill voice rang out just as Luo Yunyang was about to ascend to the terrace.

The person who had spoken was a guy in a long golden robe. Although he had handsome features, his thin lips made him look unkind. His most special and important characteristic were the golden scales on his arms.

These golden scales were as densely packed as the scales of a dragon.

This man was also a Star-Grade powerhouse. However, from Luo Yunyang’s point of view, he was at the fourth-rank Star-Grade Realm.

The color of blood was the main color of the Bloody Massacre Path. The Fiery Sun Path’s main color was gold. The Fiery Sun Path’s ship and the golden-robed man made Luo Yunyang believe that this Hero Meeting would be rather lively.

“Ha ha! Did I just hear a dog bark?” Luo Yunyang scanned the other members of the Bloody Massacre Path with his eyes before looking over at an attendant standing aside. “This is such an important place! How could you let a dog in?”

The Bloody Massacre Path always respected the strong. This place was the Bloody Massacre Path’s homeground, so if someone dared insult him, not retorting would be a dishonor on the Bloody Massacre Path.

The attendant standing aside was a smart person. He knew that Luo Yunyang’s words weren’t directed at him, so he simply didn’t bother. He just kept his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, all the Bloody Massacre Path elites roared with laughter. A tall martialist even chuckled. “You have really keen senses, Yunyang. I didn’t even notice anything.”

The Fiery Sun Path youth who had spoken turned red in the face before he pointed at Luo Yunyang and proclaimed loudly, “My name is Jin Luochuan. I am a member of the Fiery Sun Path and I would like to challenge you. Would you dare accept the challenge?”

It was only at this moment that Luo Yunyang got a clear look of his surroundings. Right at the center of the terrace sat the Blood Space Ruler along with a tall old man in golden robes.

Although the old man didn’t say anything, the scorching aura coming from him made one feel chills deep down.

Sitting below him were five young people in golden robes. Jin Luochuan, who had challenged Luo Yunyang, was sitting in the fifth position.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t opened his mouth to speak yet, when the old man in the golden robes waved his arm. “Keep quiet, Luochuan. This isn’t the place for you to speak.”

“You must also know why I’ve come here today, Brother. Let’s not waste any time. I think you should decide which disciples will take part in the match and let them comprehend the Sky Book’s fifth volume!”