Supreme Uprising Chapter 416

Chapter 416 An Excited Crowd

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As he was sitting alone in his room, Luo Yunyang intently flipped through the materials in his hand. He felt really dissatisfied deep down.

These materials were a record of the challenges between the various paths during the past 1,000 years.

900 years ago, the Acute Metal Path challenged the Bloody Massacre Path and won all five battles!

850 years ago, the Autumn Water Path had challenged the Bloody Massacre Path and won four out of the five battles!

760 years ago, the Fiery Sun Path had challenged the Bloody Massacre Path and won four out of the five battles, losing only one!

600 years ago, the Evergreen Path had challenged the Bloody Massacre Path and won all five battles!

The battle records between the other paths only included one record, the battle record between the Autumn Water Path and the Acute Metal Path. The Acute Metal Path had won three out of the five total battles and lost the remaining two.

Although it seemed like the Autumn Water Path had lost, it was the Acute Metal Path who had actually lost, as the disciples of the Autumn Water Path had ultimately been allowed to view the Acute Metal Path’s Sky Book.

Although it was still hard for the youngest generation to fully comprehend the complexities of the toughest concepts of the Sky Book within a month, just one session of browsing would still enhance one’s power, allowing the strong to get even stronger.

Unlike the Autumn Water Path, which had managed to maintain its dignity despite its defeat, the Bloody Massacre Path continued to suffer humiliating defeats in each battle they were involved in.

Every time they lost, their opponents were allowed to peruse their Sky Book.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path was very unhappy about this, they had not challenged the other paths during the past 10,000 years, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were too afraid!

Meanwhile, the other paths would immediately challenge the Bloody Massacre Path to a battle the moment they recruited excellent disciples.

“Damn it! All these years and not even one victory?” Luo Yunyang shook his head helplessly.

He did not expect a response to his question. However, he saw Badebu brimming with enthusiasm.

“Master, there are two main reasons for the multiple defeats recorded here. One, the disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path are getting worse with each successive generation. Two, this has to do with the Sky Book acquired by the Bloody Massacre Path!”

Luo Yunyang definitely wasn’t interested in looking into that problem. It wasn’t nice to know that the successive generations of the Bloody Massacre Path were getting worse.

However, he was extremely interested in the second reason, which was related to the Sky Book.

“My great master, you should know that the Sky Book of the Bloody Massacre Path, which you browse through every month, is the fifth volume.”

Badebu moved his small hands across the screen of the device and wrote the number five.

Although he did think that this little chap was overreacting, Luo Yunyang still nodded his head slightly.

His nod was a form of acknowledgment that encouraged the little devil, who chimed happily, “My great master, among the nine volumes of the Sky Book, the fifth volume holds the most central position. If one ranked the different volumes of the Sky Book based on importance, this would be the most important one. I believe you must also have noticed that the diagrams of the Origin Source Laws in the Sky Book are pretty much evenly distributed.”

As he said this, Badebu scribbled ‘evenly distributed’ in large letters on the screen.

Luo Yunyang had never noticed this even distribution in the Sky Book before. However, after hearing Badebu’s words, he did begin to think that the diagrams of the different Origin Source Laws in the Sky Book were indeed quite evenly distributed.

“Do you know why the other paths have names based on Origin Source Laws to some extent, whereas our path is called the Bloody Massacre Path?”

The little fiend moved quickly once again, writing the words ‘Bloody Massacre’ and imprinting them deeply right before Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang kind of understood what the little fiend was trying to say. However, he still wanted to hear the reason right from Badebu’s mouth.

The little fiend did not disappoint him. He continued writing on the electronic screen. “Many of the Sky Books acquired by the other paths present a certain type of Origin Source Law.”

“For example, 80 percent of the diagrams in the Sky Book of the Fiery Sun Path is mainly based on Intense Fire Origin Source Law.”

“The remaining 20 percent is made up of other Origin Source Laws. This cannot only allow the disciples of the Intense Sun Path to experience the Intense Fire Origin Source Law, but also to train and create other unique paths from the foundation of Intense Fire Origin Source Law.”

“Because their understanding of this Origin Source Law is more profound, their path cultivation has a higher grade than that of the other paths. For example, their highest-rated cultivation is the Great Unrivaled Sun Path, a tier-two path formed by combining Fire Origin Law and Radiance Origin Source Law.”

A tier-two cultivation path? Luo Yunyang recalled that most of the cultivation paths he had seen in the Sky Book Hall had been tier-four.

Furthermore, it seemed like there were only tier-one, tier-two or tier-three paths. Needless to say that the rest were too far in terms of standards compared to the top ones.

“Of course, the Origin Source Law of their Sky Book is too undeviating, so they don’t have a top-tier cultivation path like your Great Chaotic Hole Path.”

As he listened to the little fiend’s explanation, Luo Yunyang suddenly asked, “If the Bloody Massacre Path is as weak as it seems to be, then why doesn’t it rank last among the nine paths? It seems to rank fourth on the list!”

“He he Master, there there are certain reasons for this. For example, the Bloody Massacre Path is better at assassinations. Besides, the Sky Book of the Bloody Massacre Path also allows us to have considerably more battle power.”

“Speaking of all those years ago” The little fiend suddenly grabbed his neck tightly, as if he was unable to breathe.

Although Badebu enjoyed being mischievous, his current manner startled Luo Yunyang. Based on what he saw, the little fiend did not seem to be feigning this. He was really in a lot of pain.

“My great master, please forgive Badebu for not being able to say this. Please try to slowly comprehend it on your own!”

Badebu, who had managed to survive this ordeal, reappeared on the screen. However, he now looked as weak as if he was on the verge of death.

Luo Yunyang glanced at him and changed the topic “What are the chances of us beating the Fiery Sun Path in this match, Badebu?”

“They are slim, Master!” When Luo Yunyang did not reply, Badebu added with a huge sense of relief, “I don’t despise Yang Shang, but when the Blood Space Ruler showed his might You have seen for yourself The young man who made a large sun appear above him cultivates the Great Unrivaled Sun Path.”

“He and Yang Shang must be equals in terms of cultivation base. Yang Shang may be very strong, but he is slightly weaker in terms of natural aptitude.”

Luo Yunyang knew that Yang Shang’s Lightning Fire Path was only a tier-four cultivation path. Thus, he did seem to be at a disadvantage against the might of the tier-two Great Unrivaled Sun Path.

“Take a look at the forum, Master. Even though it is overflowing, it is of little use.”

Badebu seemed to realize that he was unable to speak any longer, so he quickly switched over to the webpage. On the page, Luo Yunyang saw all sorts of information and news related to the upcoming battle.

“We definitely mustn’t lose this time!’

“The Bloody Massacre Path has already lost many times. This time, we can’t lose, no matter what! Yang Shang, Tie Wudi, you two are the strongest in my heart. Two rounds! You guys must win two rounds!”

“The Luochuan fellow is just an eyesore. Come on, everyone! Beat him up so badly that even his mother will no longer be able to recognize him!”

“Yun Dongyang, you said during the last round that you were going to surpass yourself. Make sure that you do not lose this time!”

Although all these posts were able to arouse strong emotions within the reader, there was not much content. Still, Luo Yunyang sensed immense anger and will to beat the common enemy.

He was a member of the Bloody Massacre Path. Thus, regardless of how cruel the training was, the Bloody Massacre Path was still his home in this galaxy.

How could a nest exist without any eggs? If there had been no Bloody Massacre Path, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been able to have this peaceful life. Right now, he felt a strong sense of belonging deep down.

Hence, Luo Yunyang also posted on the forum of the Meru Realm. This was his first post ever since he had arrived in the Blood Spirit Sky. The post only contained two wordsGood Luck!

Time flew past really quickly for a cultivator. A day actually passed in the blink of an eye.

The entire Top Blood Platform was made of a blood-colored jade. Jade alone could withstand the bombardment of Star-Grade powerhouses. The array formations on the Top Blood Platform made it even more stable.

This was the most reputable arena in the Top Blood District, so only the final rounds of the Grand Showdown could take place on the Top Blood Platform.

However, the Top Blood Platform seemed to make the entire Blood Spirit Sky boil right now.

Disciples from the four districts of the Blood Spirit Sky had come, and so had many guards. Even the servants who were able to take time off had gathered there as well.

When Luo Yunyang arrived, he saw the Pig Iron Tyrant King and the others. The Pig Iron Tyrant King did not glare at him hatefully this time. On the contrary, he shot him a respectful look when he glanced over.

Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before realizing that the Pig Iron Tyrant King’s respectful look came from the bottom of his heart.

“Everyone, the order has been decided. Yang Shang will face Ke Linqi, Tie Wudi will face Chi Tianya, Yun Dongyang will face Zuoshu, Wen Jingxuan will face Yun Tianbei, and Lu Bowen will face the annoying Luochuan!”

Luo Yunyang had been about to find a seat to watch the matches when he heard someone shouting.

No one objected to the battle order. The strongest would face the strongest, while the weakest would face the weakest.

“Look, here comes Yun Dongyang!” cried someone in the crowd excitedly as he pointed in the direction of Yun Dongyang, who was being escorted by several Bloody Massacre Path attendants.

“That’s Tie Wudi! Look at how valiant he is! I didn’t expect any less from my idol!”

“Wen Jingxuan has arrived too!”

Just as the crowd started cheering and lamenting, someone suddenly shouted, “Bad news! Bad news! Yang Shang, trained too intensely last night and went overboard. He is unable to move right now!”