Supreme Uprising Chapter 417

Chapter 417 It Doesn't Matter

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Yang Shang was the number one person in the Top Blood District and a true king figure in the eyes of most people within the Blood Spirit Sky.

When faced with the challenge of the Fiery Sun Path, the first person everyone thought of was Yang Shang. After all, Yang Shang had represented the Bloody Massacre Path and achieved lots of honorable things in the past.

How could Yang Shang have gone overboard during training?

Most of the people present knew the reason why Yang Shang had gone overboard and lost control. It had been his incessant desire to improve that had caused him to lose his self-control.

If there had been no pressure from outsiders, Yang Shang’s loss of control might have made some people grin from ear to ear. However, now that the Fiery Sun Path was pressuring them for a showdown, all the blood disciples had unsightly looks on their faces.

The blood disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path had already been ridiculed repeatedly by others. Thus, Yang Shang’s state made them feel even more disheartened.

“We have to win at least two matches to be able to preserve the dignity of the Bloody Massacre Path. If Yang Shang can’t take part, what should we do?” someone who sounded unresigned and furious asked.

Tie Wudi, Yun Dongyang and the others exchanged glances. Although they did not want to publicize this matter, they felt really uneasy deep down. Given the challenge issued and Yang Shang’s state of mind, it felt as though there were 100 rats scratching away at their hearts.

“Yang Shang’s condition shouldn’t be a big problem. He should be able to recover after a year of recuperation,” a man who seemed like an attendant said softly as he walked over.

His first words allowed many people to breathe a sigh of relief. However, what he said immediately thereafter about the recuperation made their faces tense up.

One year! One freaking year!

The match with the Fiery Sun Path could not be pushed a year later. After all, the Bloody Massacre Path had to preserve its dignity, even if they lost completely.

Yang Shang’s opponent was the Fiery Sun Path’s strongest member, Ke Linqi. Now that Yang Shang had lost control of himself and wasn’t in the right condition to even participate in the battle, did this mean that they had to forfeit and admit defeat?

Admitting defeat was too difficult for these blood disciples, who had failed time and time again in these matches and eventually had to surrender the Sky Book that the Bloody Massacre Path had considered its most sacred treasure to the other paths’ disciples to peruse for free.

“F*ck this!” A blood disciple struck a piece of iron hard with his fist. Blood started streaming continuously from his hands at the impact.

“The ruler can’t admit defeat. I have to ask him to take back that order, even if it costs me my life!”

“Me too! The Bloody Massacre Path would never admit defeat in this manner, even if we were down to our last person!”

“If there is no one, I will volunteer. I am not afraid to lose!”

As all sorts of voices were heard one after another, many blood disciples had a murderous glint in their eyes.

When Luo Yunyang felt the intent of the Blood Disciples, his emotions and the passion in his heart were also stirred up.

“Ha ha ha! This is really disappointing. I thought that even if the Bloody Massacre Path were to lose, they would at least put up a fight. Little did I expect that they would pee in their pants even before the battle with Senior Ke Linqi began!”

“He he! He lost control of himself What a great excuse!” Luochuan and the other people wearing golden robes strolled in leisurely.

The other four powerhouses didn’t say anything. Luochuan was the only one that mocked the Bloody Massacre Path impolitely.

If looks could kill, then Luochuan would already have been turned to ashes by the death glares he was getting. However, he talked and laughed at will, seemingly unafraid of anything at this point in time.

“I’ll fight him to death, Big Brother!” A dark-faced man was crazily struggling to escape the grasp of a youngster who was holding him back. Thankfully, the youngster’s arm was like a copper wall that rendered his struggles futile.

“Shut up! What is there for you to fight for?” the youngster said as he held the man back. “Firstly, you are no match for him. Secondly, you would just be embarrassing the Bloody Massacre Path if you got up there! We should trust the ruler on this matter!”

Quite a number of thoughts rolled through Luo Yunyang’s head. He had a feeling that Yang Shang losing control was actually a good thing, as it meant that an opportunity had presented itself to him.

He ranked sixth on the Blood Spirit combat list after all!

Luo Yunyang had already had plans for this showdown, yet the Blood Space Ruler hadn’t chosen him.

“Yundong, Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan, Lu Bowen!” A Bloody Massacre Path attendant slowly recited these names.

The names called belonged to the four strongest martialists of the youngest generations, who would represent the Bloody Massacre Path and participate in this match. The moment they were called, the four of them emerged from the crowd unhurriedly.

The attendant did not speak immediately. Instead, he gazed at the crowd of blood disciples before him. His gaze seemed to make all the blood disciples nervous.

They all knew what was going to happen next!

Most of the Blood Disciples in District Three and District Two knew that they would not be chosen anyway, yet they still felt a suffocating tension. They felt tense for the people they admired.

In most people’s eyes, the top 15 martialists in the Blood Spirit combat list, with the exception of the first five in rank, were equally strong.

According to the analysis of many blood disciples, although some of the people they admired might rank low on the list, they actually had the ability to give the Fiery Sun Path representatives a run for their money. Hence, they believed that if these people were selected to replace Yang Shang, they might have a chance to win.

Thus, all sorts of tense emotions and anxiety filled their hearts.

The rest of the top 15, Luo Yunyang included, were all full of anticipation. They didn’t care if they won or lost. They just wanted to get in on the action.

“Luo Yunyang!” The attendant finally spat out the last name.

Although Luo Yunyang was able to keep his calm, he still couldn’t help but clench his fist when he heard his name.

Right now, he considered this match very important.

“You can do it, Luo Yunyang. You’re so shameless that you certainly won’t lose!” A coarse, thick voice reverberated.

When Luo Yunyang heard it, he felt like he was going to trip and fall. Goddamn! What an impressive, encouraging voice!

Luo Yunyang knew perfectly well who it was even without looking back. It was the Pig Iron Tyrant King. Besides him, there was no one else with such a magnificent manly voice.

A burst of laughter resounded, breaking the tense atmosphere. Luo Yunyang waved his hand toward the Pig Iron Tyrant King, who was making all sorts of cheering gestures at him, then followed Tie Wudi and the others into the hall.

The Blood Space Ruler was sitting majestically in the middle of the hall. However, based on the stately aura emanating from him, he wasn’t in a good mood.

In fact, the Blood Space Ruler had been in a foul mood ever since the Fiery Sun Path people had appeared the previous day. However, he was helpless in the face of this situation.

Although he was a Blood Ruler who didn’t fear the Pure Sun Ruler in terms of power, he was not confident in the Bloody Massacre Path’s blood disciples.

The Bloody Massacre Path had been losing badly. Lending out their Sky Book was a small matter. There was simply too much information in the Sky Books, so even he had only comprehended a tiny drop of that vast ocean of knowledge.

The information the younger generations were able to comprehend in the Sky Book was even less.

However, the spirit of the entire Bloody Massacre Path was taking a beating from these constant losses.

Just as he had been looking forward to this showdown and getting some good results, Yang Shang had gone overboard during training and lost control of himself.

The Blood Space Ruler was to blame for Yang Shang’s inability to control himself. If he hadn’t made Yang Shang shoulder so much responsibility and comprehend things that were out of his league, Yang Shang wouldn’t have suffered this fate.

The purpose of this was to increase Yang Shang’s chances of defeating Ke Linqi. However, he hadn’t expected that this would lead to Yang Shang losing control.

“Greetings, Ruler!” Luo Yunyang and the other five people marched respectfully toward the Blood Space Ruler and bowed.

The Blood Space Ruler’s eyes fell on their bodies before he shook his head gently. Among the five of them, Yun Dongyang’s cultivation base was the most advanced. However, the Blood Space Ruler had no confidence in him.

Yun Dongyang was considered an old man in the Top Blood District. He had participated in this challenge no less than 10 times and failed every time.

Only Tie Wudi and Wen Jingxuan were newcomers who had not participated before. Thus, he still had some confidence in them.

“Ruler, I have something to say.”

As the Blood Space Ruler was lost in thought, Tie Wudi stood up abruptly and said, “Now that Yang Shang is unable to battle, I am willing to face Ke Linqi!”

Tie Wudi’s eyes were beaming with great confidence, while his words gave off a murderous, destructive vibe.

The Blood Space Ruler felt much better as he watched the confident Tie Wudi. After all, the fact that Tie Wudi had stepped forward and volunteered to fight for the Bloody Massacre Path at this crucial junction was very heartwarming. However, he knew very well that Tie Wudi was no match for Ke Linqi.

Even Yang Shang’s chances of winning had been less than 20%.

“It is good that you have this intent.” The Blood Space Ruler smiled as he spoke to Tie Wudi. “However, I have already decided on the matchups. Everything is set in stone!”

As soon as he said that, his gaze landed on Tie Wudi, who seemed like he still wanted to speak. “The Bloody Massacre Path has lost more than a dozen challenge matches during the last 1,000 years. We mustn’t lose any more!”

The Blood Space Ruler glanced at Yun Dongyang and the others. “The four of you must remember this! No matter what, we have to secure at least two wins in these four battles. Understand?”

How could Luo Yunyang not understand what the Blood Space Ruler implied? In the Blood Space Ruler’s opinion, Luo Yunyang was only participating to fill in a gap.

It didn’t really matter whether he was there or not.

Luo Yunyang, who had been looking forward to this with great ambition, got pissed off by the way he was treated.

However, under the crushing might of the Blood Space Ruler, he knew that it was useless to say anything.