Supreme Uprising Chapter 418

Chapter 418 No Regrets For The Blood Shed On The Battle Stage

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“The Fiery Sun Path and the Bloody Massacre Path challenge match is starting. The first battle, Lu Bowen versus Luochuan, begins now!” A resonating voice resounded across the Blood Battle Platform.

Then, Lu Bowen and Luochuan appeared on the Blood Battle Platform at almost the same time. The taller Lu Bowen had a solemn expression on his face, but Luochuan seemed totally frivolous.

As the fifth in rank martialist on the Blood Spirit combat list, Lu Bowen was inherently one of the strongest martialists in the Top Blood District and was considered the third strongest person there.

However, due to the rise of Tie Wudi and Wen Jingxuan, Lu Bowen had dropped to fifth place. According to a certain analysis, Lu Bowen’s status was still presenting a downward trend.

The reason behind this was that Lu Bowen’s cultivation base had not improved much ever since the Blood Spirit Sky Grand Showdown 30 years ago.

Therefore, many people weren’t optimistic about him.

Lu Bowen practiced two types of Origin Source Law, the Fire Origin Source Law and the Earth Origin Source Law.

Those two Origin Source Laws were considered the most difficult Origin Source Laws to combine. However, Lu Bowen had used both of them to form his own unique path – the Meteorite Path.

He had also created his own technique, the Meteorite Fist!

Although he had only created four moves for his technique, this had been enough for him to acquire an extraordinary position in the Blood Spirit Sky.

“Oh, you are Lu Bowen. I heard that you were only able to take three blows from Ning Daoze from the Autumn Water Path during the challenge match!” Luochuan said sarcastically when he faced Lu Bowen.

His words made Lu Bowen grimace. That challenge was simply taboo to Lu Bowen. It absolutely wasn’t allowed to be mentioned, yet Luochuan had actually brought it up without the slightest scruple.

In an instant, Lu Bowen’s eyes were blazing.

“I have fought against Ning Daoze before. He was no match for me. A loser is a loser. So are you here to hand me my points?”

Luochuan’s ridiculing words didn’t just embarrass Lu Bowen, but all the blood disciples of the Blood Spirit Sky as well.

It seemed that one of them was sharp and unkind, while the other one was an unsophisticated introvert. The Blood Space Ruler did not speak at all. Although there was no change in his facial expression, his gaze had become extremely harsh.

“Ha ha ha Brother Blood Space, the child-like Luochuan likes to shoot his mouth off. However, there is one good thing about him.”

The Pure Sun Ruler smiled. “This kid absolutely wouldn’t lie. Some time ago, he did meet the child-like Ning Daoze from the Autumn Water Path. The two of them fought, and he really won!”

The Blood Space Ruler snorted silently. Although the Pure Sun Ruler didn’t say anything else, a faint smile remained etched on his face.

“Actually, I really wanted to fight the true Bloody Massacre Path’s elite this time. Battling with people like you is just a waste of time!” Luochuan said disdainfully.

Lu Bowen kept his cool as he said softly, “Perhaps you are the one wasting my time.”

“It seems that I’ve really underestimated you. I hope you don’t disappoint me too much. Come on, give me two punches. Let’s see if you can measure up to your words.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll let you take four punches first!”

Luochuan raised four fingers and chuckled. “I know that your fist technique only has four moves. I will let you use four moves then!”

This was just plain provocation, as well as a great insult. Lu Bowen glanced at Luochuan and nodded. “As you wish.”

Then, Lu Bowen took a deep breath and immediately blasted his fist right towards Luochuan.

The blazing scarlet fist turned into 10 flaming scarlet rays, like a meteorite shower about to batter Luochuan.

This was the first move of Lu Bowen’s Meteorite Fist!

Each of the 10 flaming scarlet rays was as fast as lightning, and each one looked like a real fist as it filled up its own area in the sky.

They were like the meteorites high up in the sky, scattering into 10 pieces at once.

Beneath the platform, Luo Yunyang watched Lu Bowen’s attack. The moment the 10 meteorites appeared, Luo Yunyang’s eyes became solemn.

Lu Bowen was indeed talented. He was among the top five people of the Top Blood District after all.

However, this was not all there was to Lu Bowen’s fist strike. After this punch, he got prepared for the next one, which would be much more powerful.

Just as Luo Yunyang had imagined, the moment the 10 meteorites were about to strike, Luochuan’s body transformed into a golden light that disappeared in an instant without leaving a trace.

This was too fast! Less than 10% of the blood disciples watching the match were able to see his movements.

Luo Yunyang, who naturally saw everything clearly, shook his head unconsciously. Lu Bowen’s fist technique was strong, but it was really difficult for him to beat Luochuan, whose speed exceeded his capabilities

“Hundred-Meteorite Fists!” Lu Bowen exclaimed. Thanks to a variation of his fist movement, the 10 flaming scarlet meteorites became 100.

“Thousand-Meteorite Fists!” Lu Bowen exclaimed once again, his face already turning red when he used this move.

The Thousand-Meteorite Fists was actually Lu Bowen’s limit. After all, it was not easy to split the power in his body into 1,000 parts.

This also involved Origin Source Laws, as well as cultivation paths.

However, Luochuan was really fast. He was like a really quick fish in water, darting and dodging Lu Bowen’s attacks constantly as he appeared and disappeared without a trace.

He dodged the first strike, the second strike, the third strike

“Alright, we surrender this match!” the Blood Space Ruler shouted as he glanced at Lu Bowen, who was about to throw another punch.

When he heard this, Lu Bowen flushed with anger and stared at the Blood Space Ruler. “I have not lost, Ruler. I have yet to execute my last strike!”

“Your last strike is indeed powerful, but you will die as soon as you unleash it!” the Blood Space Ruler said in an unquestionable tone. “Go rest up!”

Although Lu Bowen looked embarrassed, he did back off before replying firmly, “I would rather die than retreat, Ruler!”

His voice became mellower as he added, “I have represented the Bloody Massacre Path a total of nine times, and each one ended in defeat! I I can’t lose again!”

His words silenced everyone around momentarily. Even if he were to die, he had to win. This was Lu Bowen’s heartfelt thought right now.

He was risking it all! When Lu Bowen decided to fight until the end, he clenched his teeth, showing everyone that he was determined to die trying.

The blood disciples gazed at Lu Bowen in admiration. They understood his emotions as well as his thoughts. What would they do in Lu Bowen’s place?

“He he! One of the characteristics of a loser is that he keeps failing. If you want to see how badly he is going to lose, he definitely won’t disappoint you. I guess you’ll persevere till you meet your end, won’t you? Come on, show me your final move!”

Luochuan waved his hand gently after his boastful trash talk. “Don’t worry, I will not retaliate.”

The Blood Space Ruler pondered this for a moment as he watched Lu Bowen on the Blood Battle Platform. In the end, he said frostily, “Stand down! The Bloody Massacre Path has nurtured you for many years. Although this challenge match is important, it still cannot be compared to your life. Your life is way more important. If you are going to waste your life, then we would rather forgo this sort of challenge matches!”

The Blood Space Ruler waved his sleeves when he was done speaking, his eyes brimming with determination.

However, Lu Bowen had already punched Luochuan again.

As he struck out, countless flaming meteorites blasted out of his fists like fireworks. Every single one of them shone extremely brightly, engulfing the entire sky.

As the Ruler in charge, the Blood Space Ruler could have stopped Lu Bowen as he unleashed his strike. However, the Blood Space Ruler eventually chose to remain silent and watch the strike.

He knew that if he had stopped Lu Bowen, Lu Bowen would have found it difficult to make any cultivating progress, even if he were to establish himself in the Bloody Massacre Path in the future.

The countless flaming meteors looked like a constellation that captivated anyone who saw it. However, as that punch was released, Luo Yunyang saw clearly that Lu Bowen’s face had started to turn a strange red color.

This was a move that consumed one’s entire capacity.

Luochuan currently couldn’t be seen at all among the falling meteors.

Concurrently, the huge elevated stage was also enveloped by the flaming meteors.

No one spoke. No one uttered a word. Almost everyone chose to remain silent.

During this silence, the flaming meteors disappeared. Luochuan and Lu Bowen appeared through the dust at the same time. Lu Bowen was on the verge of collapsing, while Luochuan’s face was equally unsightly.

On his chest was a fist-sized hole. Although the hole was only three-inches deep and not fatal, it was a ruthless shock for the proud Luochuan.

He glowered at Lu Bowen and snorted, yet before he had a chance to speak, the Pure Sun Ruler said indifferently, “Alright, this battle ends here!”

Lu Bowen’s face darkened as he glared at Luochuan, who was standing in front of him, before spitting out a mouthful of blood and collapsing onto the Blood Battle Platform.

He was in a very bad state. Practically everyone could gauge his condition.

Luo Yunyang, Wen Jingxuan and Tie Wudi rushed onto the Blood Battle Platform.

Numerous figures hurried up the Blood Battle Platform in succession!

Blood kept dripping constantly from the corner of Lu Bowen’s mouth. His eyes had a look of extreme regret!

There were supposed to be no regrets for the blood shed on the battle stage!