Supreme Uprising Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Clouds Of Followers

"Is that Golden Deer? They How did they manage to hunt so many Golden Deer?" Sun Miaomiao's voice was trembling as she spoke.

Golden Deer were D-grade dire beasts, but the value of a Golden Deer wasn't low because of its exquisite taste.

There were over 10 Golden Deer, each one worth 1,000 points. This meant that every member of the Ardent Sun Group must have earned enough points for their basic needs.

"I'm afraid that the items in those packages must be even more valuable!" Guan Wanli said sourly.

The soldiers in charge of welcoming the hunting party stepped forward. When they noticed the Golden Deer that were strung together, they laughed heartily. "Very good, very good. The condition of these Golden Deer is great. Even their blood is still warm!"

"They are worth 1,000 points apiece."

The soldiers were really indulgent. Based on what Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli could see, 1,000 points per deer was a really generous price.

Suddenly, a rather smart-looking young man stepped forward from the Ardent Sun Group and proclaimed loudly, "Sir, you have to take a closer look. These are Golden Deer! Living, breathing Golden Deer! If these things were moved to Chang'an, most rich people would pay millions of dayuan for a cup of fresh deer blood. Besides, Golden Deer can be bred!"

The young man's explanation was reasonable, so the soldiers in charge of allocating points were convinced. In the end, they bought the deer for 1,100 points apiece.

"Wow, that's a Mountain Gator cut in two. How savage!"

"Damn it, they actually fought a Green Blaze Wolf. That's a C-grade level-three dire beast! This sort of Green Blaze Wolf can usually only be handled by martial masters."

"It really is a Green Blaze Wolf!"

When the corpse of a huge wolf about 1.5-meters tall and three-meters long was dragged over, even Guan Wanli and the others gasped in admiration.

A Green Blaze Wolf could spit out green flames. Although it could only spit out these flames three times, this ability in combination with its speed classified these creatures into the ranks of C-grade dire beasts.

Only martial masters could handle these kind of creatures.

When they heard the soldiers' sighs of admiration, the members of the Ardent Sun Group looked at Luo Yunyang reverently.

When they had first encountered the Green Blaze Wolf, their first thought had been to run. However, Luo Yunyang had met the beast head-on.

His combat ability, astonishing speed, and knife techniques that produced whistling sounds had ultimately killed the Green Blaze Wolf.

The heap of Black Ring Snakes and all sorts of other D-grade dire beasts gave a huge shock to all the other elites watching.

"It's a total of 153,200 points!" the soldier in charge of receiving the goods exclaimed after making some speedy calculations.

153,200 points!

The astronomical figure was a huge blow for the elites who had only obtained around 3,000 points.

They couldn't help but shoot covetous glances at the Ardent Sun Group.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. They had toiled for three days straight, so they certainly deserved those points. Afterwards, the points would be distributed between Yang Yirui and the others according to how much each person had contributed.

"I think that the reason our hunt was so productive was our leader. Without him, the appearance of the Green Blaze Wolf alone would have resulted in many casualties. I suggest that our leader gets 80,000 points!" Yang Yirui spoke up, sharing his thoughts with everyone.

80,000 points was over half of the total sum!

"I agree!"

"Me too!"

"Given our leader's contribution, I feel that 80,000 is too little!"


"Have you heard that Luo Yunyang has already earned 80,000 points? Damn it, 80,000 points!"

"He is the Newcomer King! How can we even be compared to him?"

"Actually, I didn't think that he deserved the title of the Newcomer King at first, but now that I have seen how many points he earned"

"We can't even compare to him. His subordinates alone can make anyone jealous. Even those that were only assisting and got the smallest sum of points, such as Qin Feifei, earned 4,000 points!"

"It's my treat today. Everyone can eat to their heart's content!"

Before he could finish speaking, seven or eight young students bounced down on the bed of the room, which was about 10 square meters big.

"You actually bought Golden Deer Meat, Old Wei? This is too much! Have you given up on life?" one of the young martialists said loudly, grabbing a large piece of stewed meat.

"If you feel sorry for Old Wei, then try eating less!"

"You make a lot of noise and eat too much!"

The young martialists had gotten really excited over the Golden Deer Meat. Although they had all obtained some points for themselves, these points were necessary to live in the city, learn cultivation techniques, and so on. It felt like they were using a cup of water to put out the fire in a burning house. It was just too little!

"Don't worry, everyone. I'm treating you all, so each of you ought to have their fill!" As Old Wei spoke, he opened another takeaway bag and looked at the greasy meat inside.

"Traditional beef! Ha ha ha Just eat as much as you please!"

He received a rain of curses in response. Traditional beef didn't contain the same amount of energy that dire beast meat contained after all. That was why it was very cheap.

"Did something good happen to you, Old Wei?" the young man who had spoken first asked again.

"I guess you could say that. Let me tell you then I joined the Ardent Sun Group!" Old Wei said enthusiastically.

As soon as they heard this, the group of young men, who had been eating and drinking merrily, froze.

"Are you running a fever?" the young man, who had stuffed his mouth full of meat, asked suspiciously.

"Doesn't the Ardent Sun Group only accept people from Chang'an City into its ranks?"

"Those are just rumors! Based on what I know, anyone can join, as long as they are able to abide by the group's rules!" Old Wei waved his hands around. "I just talked to Big Brother Yang Yirui. Starting tomorrow, I will be a member of the Ardent Sun Group."

"Can we really join them?"

"Of course, it's true. Otherwise, why would I be willing to spend my points to treat you to a celebratory meal?"

The young men, who had been stuffing their mouths with meat frantically, disappeared like a gust of wind. Old Wei chuckled and cursed at the same time. "There is more than enough time! You can finish your meat before you leave!"

He was helpless, though. The others, who weren't in the mood to listen to him, zoomed off as if they were running for their lives.

Old Wei shook his head. He just wanted to enjoy the gourmet food he had bought slowly. However, when he glanced down, he realized that only a few shreds of meat were left in the takeaway bags.

"Damn it! They finished all my meat and ran off to join the Ardent Sun Group!"

Over the course of one night, the number of the Ardent Sun Group's members exploded from less than 20 to over 100.

There were over 100 elite martialists in the group now. In the blink of an eye, the Ardent Sun Group had already occupied half the class.

Its expansion speed had increased exactly as Luo Yunyang had anticipated. Luckily, Luo Yunyang didn't have to put too much effort into managing things. What he needed to do right now was increase his own strength as much as possible as fast as he could.

He had to practise the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques, the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation. When Luo Yunyang was not busy obtaining points, most of his effort was focused on training.

In one month's time, he had cultivated the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique, which had caused him a lot of pain, to a level where he didn't need to raise his Constitution anymore.