Supreme Uprising Chapter 420

Chapter 420 A Titanic Burden On One's Shoulders

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“We finally won one! Ha ha ha!” The Pig Iron Tyrant King was so shocked by the scene in front of him that he slammed his solid muscular palms into his companion.

As his huge palm smacked his companion, the poor companion was immediately floored by his extraordinary strength.

“Old Iron, you Cough, cough”

When he heard the words “Old Iron”, the Pig Iron Tyrant King got even more excited. “Yes, I am your Old Iron. From now on, if anyone dares bully you, just tell me. I will look after you, my brother!”

The smacked companion was on the verge of tears. As he coughed violently, he said loudly, “Can you stop then? I I am about to vomit blood!”

The Pig Iron Tyrant King glanced at his huge palm and said sheepishly, “Ha ha ha ha! I just got too excited!”

“What the hell! If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that you were doing this on purpose!” The Pig Iron Tyrant King’s companion was fuming, as every smack he had received had really hurt him.

“Everything depends on the next fight!” the companion lamented.

“Aren’t there two more fights?” the Pig Iron Tyrant King asked with a puzzled frown.

“You Did you get knocked on your head? Look at who Luo Yunyang is facing. It’s Ke Linqi, alright? This is the final battle!”

“Don’t let me down, Yun Dongyang!” His companion shot him a slightly distasteful look. The Pig Iron Tyrant King was a good fighter, but he really lacked IQ.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King scratched his head and replied, “That naughty kid Luo Yunyang is actually very strong.”

As the two of them were talking, a golden figure walked up to the stage. It was Zuoshu!

Zuoshu got up on the platform and stood there quietly.

However, while he stood still, he looked as though he was completely integrated with the world around him.

As Luo Yunyang looked at Zuoshu, he realized that although he wasn’t handsome, he had a unique charm.

Perhaps it was because of the attention he was paying to this match, but Luo Yunyang decided to use his attribute regulator to examine Zuoshu.

Power: 68

Speed: 63

Constitution: 45

Mind: 156

Although he had only four attributes, judging by his Mind Attribute, Luo Yunyang believed that Yun Dongyang was at a disadvantage. Zuoshu seemed to have a certain self-restraint.

Yun Dongyang hadn’t gone up to the stage yet. Meanwhile, Zuoshu had already been on the stage for five minutes. This was a little awkward for Yun Dongyang.

The blood disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path, who had originally been excited for this match, were now silent. They were no fools after all. If Yun Dongyang had not made a move yet, there had to be a problem.

Hence, they all shifted their gazes onto Yun Dongyang.

The Blood Space Ruler didn’t look at Yun Dongyang. He just sat silently, waiting for Yun Dongyang to speak.

“Ruler, I concede!” Yun Dongyang was still in his blood-colored robes, and his face was well-hidden. However, his voice was loud and clear.

His words were like a huge slap across the faces of the many people present.

Yun Dongyang had surrendered!

This was a result most people hadn’t expected. Hence, many people started to look at Yun Dongyang in disgust and disdain.

Although Wen Jingxuan had lost, he had been defeated honorably; Lu Bowen had also been defeated, but he had tried his very best.

Just when everyone’s emotions had been stirred with hope for victory and the burden had been placed on Yun Dongyang’s shoulders, he had chosen to surrender.

This was unbearable!

The Blood Space Ruler studied Yun Dongyang, who was standing before him. Then, he glanced at Zuoshu, who was standing still as an oak on the Blood Battle Platform. In the end, he shook his head.

He didn’t blame Yun Dongyang. He actually understood Yun Dongyang’s motives very well. Yun Dongyang was an incredibly rational person who was highly proficient in the Mirage Path, so he performed the most sophisticated calculations.

If he had surrendered, it really meant that there were zero chances of him winning. There was nothing to gain by trying his very best. Actually, he might even sustain severe injuries. Thus, Yun Dongyang had chosen to surrender straightforwardly.

From a personal point of view, making such a decision wasn’t wrong. In the past, the Blood Space Ruler would have even praised him for making such a wise choice.

Blood disciples needed to develop keen judgment during a battle, as this was the only way they would survive future bloodbaths.

Objectively speaking, Yun Dongyang was also very smart and astute. He had very good interpersonal skills and handled himself perfectly. However, the Blood Space Ruler couldn’t help but feel a sweeping disappointment upon hearing Yun Dongyang’s decision.

It was a disappointment that he would never show, yet for a moment, he thought that disciples who had this sort of highly calculative nature, or rather absurdly calculative nature, and lacked a drive and personal principles were very detestable!

“Alright!” The Blood Space Ruler was calm and emotionless.

When he acknowledged Yun Dongyang’s words, the Blood Battle Platform that had originally been fired up suddenly became cold.

Wolfman Dong Kenu and the other blood disciples refused to believe what had just happened. However, facts were facts.

“Yun Dongyang has surrendered. The Fiery Sun Path has won three out of four battles!” A mechanical voice echoed again from the high platform.

Four victories in five battles The Fiery Sun Path’s challenge had been successful.

“Let’s go!” Wolfman Dong Kenu’s companion sounded dispirited as he dragged Dong Kenu away.

Although the competition among blood disciples of different districts was intense under normal circumstances, the current situation had instinctively united them against the same enemy.

They had even thought about making a comeback after Tie Wudi’s hard-fought victory. However, they now realized that it had just been wishful thinking on their part.

Most of the Bloody Massacre Path’s Blood Disciples had pinned their hopes on Yun Dongyang. Unfortunately, Yun Dongyang, who had had such a pivotal role to play, had admitted defeat at such a critical moment.

When he surrendered, the match that countless people had placed their full attention on came to an end.

Dong Kenu was reluctant, yet in the end, he still followed his companion. There was no reason to stay, as the Fiery Sun Path members would be holding their heads high and celebrating their victory.

In an instant, more than half of the people had dispersed.

“Brother Blood Space, when do we get to see the Sky Book?” The Pure Sun Ruler was calm. There was not even a hint of impudence about him.

The Blood Space Ruler’s expression didn’t change much either. He was a Galaxy-Grade Ruler after all. He had to remain composed while dealing with matters like this.

“I will make some arrangements.”

As the Blood Space Ruler was about to speak, the mechanical voice echoed around again. “The fifth battle will be between Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi!”

This mechanical voice somehow pissed the Blood Space Ruler off slightly. He actually felt an impulse to smash it into pieces. However, there was still one battle left

When he glanced up at the high platform, he saw that there was already a figure standing on the Blood Battle Platform.

Ke Linqi was still in his seat. That was not Ke Linqi, it was Luo Yunyang!

Wasn’t it a disgrace that he had scampered up the stage so joyfully? Did he know who Ke Linqi was? Ke Linqi was considered one of the best Star-Grade entities in the galaxy. What was Luo Yunyang doing up on the stage?

Suddenly, a thought sprouted in the Blood Space Ruler’s mind. Although Luo Yunyang would be defeated, this was still better than nothing.

Dong Kenu and the others, who had already left, were one kilometer away when they stopped in their tracks and turned to look at Luo Yunyang.

“This kid is trying to show off again! If he beats Ke Linqi, I will write off all my grudges against him!” the Wolfman muttered as he glanced at the figure on the tall stage.

The Pig Iron Tyrant King, the Eldest Senior Brother, and all the blood disciples that had lost to Luo Yunyang before looked at him quietly.

“He totally shocked me last time. It was actually a crushing defeat. Let’s hope that he can put on a spectacular display this time too!” Senior Qin Donglai said in anticipation.

However, in most people’s opinion, Luo Yunyang had already reached his limits when he had comprehended the first stage of the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

The fact that he had defeated Qin Donglai meant that he possessed a certain level of ability. However, he had only entered the Blood Spirit Sky 10 years ago. If it had not been for his minuscule success in cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Qin Donglai.

“We would surely squash a bug if it was crawling on our necks. However, Luo Yunyang would surely reply that he is a kind-hearted soul that would never kill anyone. If you asked him what he would do instead, he would definitely say that he would find a fat guy and stuff the bug into his collar! This kid is such a bad*ss that he may even win!”

The Pig Iron Tyrant King seemed to have forgotten the past grudge between him and Luo Yunyang. His eyes were now filled with eager anticipation.

Luochuan cast a sidelong glance at Luo Yunyang from his seat. He had a distasteful look on his face as he said, “How ignorant! He got up on the stage instead of surrendering before he has to face Ke Linqi! Is he really not afraid of getting beaten?”

Luochuan couldn’t relax unless he said what was on his mind. He still wasn’t prepared to stop, so he pleaded with Ke Linqi, “You need not take action, sir. Let me handle this. I will give him such a good spanking that even his mom won’t be able to recognize him!”

Ke Linqi waved his hand. Although he was proud, he knew that if he allowed Luochuan to take over, the Bloody Massacre Path would be really offended.

This wasn’t what they wanted.

Just as Ke Linqi was about to get up, the Pure Sun Ruler’s voice rang out. “Don’t go overboard. Stop when you have to!”

Ke Linqi didn’t say anything. He just nodded respectfully, took a step forward and landed on the high platform.

As the two men stood on opposite ends of the high platform, their killing intent saturated the atmosphere instantly.

“Luo Yunyang, it’s all up to you now!” A feeble voice was heard from afar.

Although this was a little sudden, Luo Yunyang still turned in the direction of the voice and nodded to express his gratitude. Most of the other blood disciples gazed at Luo Yunyang serenely.

In their opinion, this battle was just starting!