Supreme Uprising Chapter 422

Chapter 422 A Ray Of Light

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A new world was created along with the flickering of the golden rays!

From the skies to the ground, everything was pretty much surrounded and engulfed by the golden rays from every direction.

Luo Yunyang knew very well that every single one of these rays was vicious and filled with killing intent.

The blade-lights in his hand began to flicker in the sky and form rings, blending themselves into the light within their surroundings.

This was the Universal Fragmentation!

Luo Yunyang, who was standing amid the golden rays, did not hesitate to use the Universal Fragmentation. The Universal Fragmentation had been formed from the Great Chaotic Hole Path, so it had the ability to fragment the sky and earth all around it. Hence, it was a natural counter against these unsightly golden rays.

The circles of golden rays began to enter the chaotic holes. In just a moment, countless golden rays began to swirl and enter the chaotic holes at a rapid rate, eventually becoming a part of the chaotic holes.

The golden rays didn’t seem to admit defeat. Due to the swirling effect of the black rays, the golden rays began to diffuse themselves outwards at a rapid rate, quickly expanding towards their surroundings.

However, no matter how fast the golden rays were expanding, the black holes also started to enlarge at a much faster rate.

As the golden rays grew weaker, the black chaotic hole began to fragment everything from within.

While this clash did not have the power to destroy a galaxy, the golden rays were being fragmented and Ke Linqi was wrapped up within the center of it all.

Ke Linqi might have been the preferential contender in everyone’s opinion, yet right now, a large part of his body was engulfed by the black whirlpool.

The difference between their powers could be seen immediately!

The Blood Sky Ruler looked attentively at Ke Linqi. Meanwhile, the Pure Sun Ruler had already stood up. Although he had confidence in Ke Linqi, he was still worried that a moment of carelessness might cause Ke Linqi to die.

He was the brightest disciple of the Fiery Sun Path, so the whole Fiery Sun Path had really high expectations for him.

If Ke Linqi were to die because of the vortex of Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole Path at this point in time, the Pure Sun Ruler would definitely have to bear that responsibility.

Although he was a ruler, this kind of responsibility was still too heavy for him to bear.

In fact, everyone was watching Ke Linqi intently as he was swirling in the black vortex on the Bloody Battle Platform.

The spectators from the Bloody Massacre Path finally saw a ray of hope. This was a chance for them to regain their lost dignity!

This ray of hope, while sudden and unexpected, was able to raise everyone’s spirits.

The black vortex shrunk rapidly. All it had to do was keep Ke Linqi bound continuously to secure victory.

“I cannot accept this!” muttered Zuoshu as he looked on at the spinning blade-lights.

One might not understand what that sentence meant just by listening to it alone. However, judging by the fact that Luo Yunyang had Ke Linqi fully-bound by using the blade-lights, one would be able to fully understand what Zuoshu meant.

As the second strongest contender among the youngest generation of the Fiery Sun Path, Zuoshu was a proud individual who would not underestimate his strength against his opponent’s. Given the context, saying that he was unable to accept this just went to show the magnitude of power being displayed by Luo Yunyang.

By now, Luochuan had completely stopped speaking. He wasn’t in the mood to speak anymore. He only felt panic and anxiety in his heart.

Ke Linqi might just be defeated by Luo Yunyang!

The very thought caused him to quiver all over. This sense of anxiety, which had no logical foundation, made him panic even more. Luo Yunyang was scary indeed!

“You are strong indeed, Luo Yunyang. I did not want to use this move on you, but you’ve forced my hand!” a voice shouted.

The person who had spoken was Ke Linqi. The moment he said this, the blade he was wielding moved once more.

Unlike his previous move, which had created a golden world that had covered all the land around them, this new move had only one trajectory.

However, the instant his move was executed, the Blood Sky Ruler’s face fell and he stood up.

“A Light Ray!”

In the Fiery Sun Path, the techniques of the Golden Sun Blade had already caused a large number of disciples to fumble. The power of the Light Ray Technique was actually one notch above the self-created world.

According to the cultivation of the Great Unrivaled Sun Path, only the people who had attained the Nebula-Grade Level would be able to control the Light Ray and use that move. However, Ke Linqi was able to use the Light Ray already.

The ray of light was as quick as lightning as it sliced across the sky, heading in the direction of Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole whirlpool.

The moment Ke Linqi used that move, Luo Yunyang felt a deep threatening sensation. When the blade rays touched the Great Chaotic Hole and clashed with the ray of light, Luo Yunyang’s expression changed dramatically.

The ray of light had actually broken the churning power of his Great Chaotic Hole!

The Light Ray was not a technically more challenging move than the Great Chaotic Hole. However, the magnitude of power exuded from the Light Ray was far greater than that of the Great Chaotic Hole.

That was why the Great Chaotic Hole was being destroyed.

By the time the Light Ray broke through the Chaotic Hole and streaked over in his direction, there was no longer any time to evade it!

Although many thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind, his best choice was to hide quickly.

However, he sensed that he had already been locked down by that ray!

Even if he ran or dodged, he would eventually still have to take a blow from the Light Ray!

He was unable to evade it. Plus, the highest-level move of the Great Chaotic Hole Path that Luo Yunyang had learned was the Universal Fragmentation.

Although he wanted to create a new move, he was just unable to.

What should he do? Was he really going to admit defeat during this round of the battle?

There was actually nothing embarrassing about losing to this Nebula-Grade move. In fact, it could be said that he had actually tried his best to rescue the dignity of the Bloody Massacre Path.

However, deep in his heart, Luo Yunyang did not want to admit defeat so easily.

What should he do?

As the ray of light advanced towards him, he only had one final chance to turn things around.

Instinctively, Luo Yunyang’s first thought was his attribute regulator. He had already used all the moves he knew. The Universal Fragmentation might have destroyed the self-created world, but right now, he would be facing an even more powerful technique.

Luo Yunyang quickly envisioned Ke Linqi’s attributes.

Based on the analysis of the attribute regulator, there really were not many weak points for him to take full advantage of. However, Luo Yunyang suddenly had an idea!

The Great Chaotic Hole had four types of power that clashed against one another. These four powers did not overlap too much, hence forming a vortex-like chaotic hole.

If there was any form of overlap between these four powers, then the Great Chaotic Hole Path would definitely implode and injure the user in the process.

Once Luo Yunyang had processed this idea, he quickly reduced the Water Origin Source Law Attribute by about 10 points. This reduction affected the black vortex furiously shrinking around Ke Linqi almost instantly.

Ke Linqi’s expression changed as he went from being confident about certain victory to feeling afraid and panicked. His ray of light, which had allowed him to escape the threat of the whirlpool created by Luo Yunyang’s Universal Fragmentation, had initially given him some hope of victory.

However, the big vortex, which did not seem to be much of a threat, had now actually made him panic greatly.

The vortex currently restraining him was about to implode. If an explosion really took place, there was only going to be one outcome. Everything in the vicinity would break down and get split into pieces.

Although Ke Linqi’s cultivation base and abilities had already surpassed that of any normal person, in the face of the impending implosion of this whirlpool, he still felt that same sense of fear and panic.

Ke Linqi did not want to die. He had come a long way, and he still had a bright future ahead of him. However, this impending doom made him feel helpless. He was just unable to find a way out.

All he could do was activate the ray of light and shake Luo Yunyang’s foundation!

Just as panic began to overwhelm Ke Linqi, the Blood Space Ruler and the Pure Sun Ruler intervened.

When the Blood Sky Ruler made a sweeping motion with his hands, both Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi vanished from the Blood Battle Platform. With a wave of his sleeves, the Pure Sun Ruler unleashed a blinding flame that instantly surrounded and wedged the ray of light and the Great Chaotic Hole in its center.

This sequence of actions took place quickly. In the blink of an eye, everything was over. Neither Ke Linqi nor Luo Yunyang had the ability to resist this level of binding.

Ke Linqi’s Golden Sun Blade lay on the arena ground peacefully, while Luo Yunyang’s crescent blade had already been turned into dust!

There was a stifling sense of tranquility all around them. Everyone watching the match was able to sense the level of intensity exchanged between the two fighters just a moment ago. They all watched Ke Linqi’s Light Ray and Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole with a heightened level of anxiety.

Death was certain!

This was what everybody was thinking at that point in time. If they were to face either Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole or Ke Linqi’s Light Ray, death would be imminent.

“It’s a draw!” said the Pure Sun Ruler gravely as he looked at Ke Linqi, who was on the Blood Battle Platform.

Although the Pure Sun Ruler hadn’t raised his voice, everyone present heard him. Nobody was able to express an opinion on the outcome of the match.

After all, both Luo Yunyang and Ke Linqi had displayed a mutually destructive stance against each other earlier.

They had been prepared to die by each other’s hands!

The Bloody Massacre Path had suffered three losses and achieved one victory and one draw!

This outcome reflected the differences in training standards between the Bloody Massacre Path and the Fiery Sun Path. However, this result also meant that the Bloody Massacre Path was the victor of this challenge.

Many disciples from the Bloody Massacre Path began to scramble like crazy towards the Blood Battle Platform and Luo Yunyang!

They had won!