Supreme Uprising Chapter 424

Chapter 424 The Myriad Convergence Ring

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Back in the Meru Realm, in the Central Great Hall, the Bloody Massacre Path Master was sitting on the throne in his blood-colored robes with a faint smile plastered on his face.

Anyone could see that the Bloody Massacre Path Master was in a very good mood.

Seated around the main hall was a total of 10 rulers dressed in different colored robes. They represented the highest authority in the Bloody Massacre Path.

“Ha ha ha! How delightful!” The Bloody Massacre Path Master’s laughter was so rare that hearing it would make anyone shudder in fear.

However, his laughter made the other rulers feel at ease, as smiles began to appear on their faces. The Master’s prestige was enough to make anyone listen obediently. If the Master asked them to shut their eyes and sleep, they would immediately start snoring. Of course, if the Master was awake, they would stick their eyelids open to stay awake, even if they felt sleepy!

The Master’s mood was currently good, which meant that today’s meeting would contain fewer reprimands.

“Yesterday, I met up with the Fiery Sun Path Master through the virtual world. He was sulking so bad!”

The Bloody Massacre Master laughed heartily as he said, “In the future, any other paths will have to think twice if they want to challenge the Bloody Massacre Path!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master’s words led to a chorus of laughter. This victory had made the rulers genuinely happy from the bottom of their hearts.

Although this was a competition for the youngest generation, this competition concerned the reputation of the entire Bloody Massacre Path. If they lost time and time again, their reputation would get ruined.

The Bloody Massacre Path’s reputation was the same as the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s, as well as the reputation of all these rulers.

Being a leader was tough. If the Bloody Massacre Path showed impressive results, it would indicate that they were good at managing this organization. However, if their reputation was tarnished, their subordinates wouldn’t be the only ones to blame, right? It could be said that the rulers were in charge of their men. Thus, if the Bloody Massacre Path was doing poorly, it would imply that they were not doing their jobs well enough.

“Blood Space Ruler, are the rewards of our five geniuses ready?” the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked as he stared at the Blood Space Ruler.

The Blood Space Ruler cupped his hands in salute and replied, “Master, everything has been arranged. The winners will receive one million contribution points, and the losers will receive 500,000 contribution points. The victors can also become Ruling Empire Envoys!”

One million contribution points? Ruling Empire Envoys?

Several rulers were startled upon hearing the rewards mentioned by the Blood Space Ruler.

Being a Ruling Envoy of an empire was no small matter. This was powerful authority. Only the rulers were able to decide the fate of an empire in the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

Even Nebula-Grade elites did not possess such power.

This was a very impressive reward, as the life and death of an entire empire was in the hands of the Ruling Envoy.

However, this sort of reward was a one-off. Although the rulers felt that it was probably too hefty, they didn’t care that much.

“Well, that’s all!” The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded his head gently.

“Master, although certain rewards ought to be given out, I think that one particular thing is inappropriate!” said a middle-aged man in his 40s with a voice as piercing as steel.

“What do you find inappropriate, Thundercloud Ruler?” the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked softly as he glanced at the middle-aged man.

“I have no issue with giving the victors one million contribution points or making them Ruling Empire Envoys, Path Master,” the Thundercloud Ruler replied solemnly. “However, I believe that the selection of the five people that will visit the Fiery Sun Path to view the Sky Book is slightly impulsive.”

Although the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s expression remained unchanged, there were some faint movements in the eyes of the other rulers as they started to make all sorts of calculations.

Even though the Bloody Massacre Master called the shots in the Bloody Massacre Path, the rulers were also developing their own strengths individually. Their own disciples were extremely obedient and took their advice seriously.

Naturally, a chance to view the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book was extremely hard to come by for the young disciples under them.

Many of them had their own plans and motives. Now that someone had actually voiced out his opinion, everyone else was tempted.

“What’s wrong with it?” asked the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

“Although the credit for this victory goes to the people that participated valiantly in the competition, if we want the Bloody Massacre Path to grow in strength, we have to reserve the best resources for the strongest individuals.”

The Thundercloud Ruler’s words made the Bloody Massacre Master nod his head in agreement. What the Thundercloud Ruler had said was true. Nobody in the entire universe could object.

The best resources had to go to the best disciples in order to guarantee the organization’s growth in power.

“Despite our victory, the Fiery Sun Path will never allow us to send Nebula-Grade disciples to browse their Sky Books. Our strongest Star-Grade disciple is Yang Shang. Although he lost control of himself, he is still undeniably the strongest member of our youngest generation!”

“I think that Yang Shang should be a part of this trip. I believe that after this trip, he will be able to soar to greater heights!”

The Thundercloud Ruler made no effort to hide his intention, as he named Yang Shang, who was his own disciple, directly.

When he heard the Thundercloud Ruler’s recommendation, the Bloody Massacre Master nodded gently. He had always valued Yang Shang, and his future was indeed the brightest among all the Star-Grade disciples.

“So who do you think should be removed?”

The faces of the other rulers twitched when they heard the Bloody Massacre Master’s words. They all turned their heads and glanced at the Thundercloud Ruler.

There was a total of five places. If Yang Shang joined the party, someone else would have to be eliminated. Who would that person be?

The Thundercloud Ruler was silent for a moment before he replied in a powerful voice, “Luo Yunyang!”

The hall fell silent after these words left the Thundercloud Ruler’s mouth.

“Why?” the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked gently as he glanced at the Thundercloud Ruler.

“He cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path, so it is too difficult for him to turn back given his cultivation stage. If you allow him to come on this trip, it would be a waste of a good opportunity,” the Thundercloud Ruler said extremely calmly.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master did not respond immediately. Instead, he set his eyes on the Blood Space Ruler and asked, “What do you think?”

“I think that you can’t eliminate Luo Yunyang. After all, that last crucial battle was won by him.”

Although the Blood Space Ruler’s expression did not change, his voice sounded determined as he added, “It isn’t so easy to beat Ke Linqi! If it had not been for Luo Yunyang’s effort, I am afraid that we wouldn’t have been discussing who should go to the Fiery Sun Path. We actually wouldn’t be having a meeting at all.”

The Blood Space Ruler kept talking. “The winners have earned this! Why make someone put in their fullest effort just to push them aside when it’s time to share the fruit of their labor? I don’t think we should make a hero cry!”

“Kicking someone to the curb when they’ve outlived their usefulness makes people go numb. Eventually, no one will be willing to contribute to the Bloody Massacre Path’s endeavors!”

The Thundercloud Ruler snorted. “There are other ways to compensate him. This is obviously a waste of resources. I think it is undesirable!”

“Luo Yunyang is not bad, but he has chosen the Great Chaotic Hole Path, which is a dead end.”

“How do you know that he’s chosen a dead end? Maybe he is the only person among our nine paths that can successfully cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path.”

The Blood Space Ruler’s blunt retort had a tinge of irrefutable resolution.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master waved his hand at the Thundercloud Ruler, who was still lobbying. “No need to argue over this any further. No one can replace Luo Yunyang and Tie Wudi.”

Although the Thundercloud Ruler wanted to continue, when he saw the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s determination, he chose to endure this.

He pondered the situation for a moment before he eventually said, “If Luo Yunyang can’t be removed, then it should be Yun Dongyang. He was defeated at the most critical juncture without putting up a fight. Plus, he is too old and unsuitable to go on this trip.”

The Thundercloud Ruler’s statement caused the face of one ruler to fall immediately. That ruler was Yun Dongyang’s Master, who was naturally unwilling to let his beloved disciple miss this opportunity. Just as he was about to speak against this, the Blood Space Ruler said, “Yun Dongyang is unsuitable indeed!”

“Even if he lost, he should still have fought to his death. Yun Dongyang never intended to do so. Therefore, he is no longer suitable to represent the Bloody Massacre Path, let alone go on the trip to the Fiery Sun Path! This would only make us a laughing stock!”

The Blood Space Ruler’s words were like a fatal blow. The ruler who had originally wanted to speak up for Yun Dongyang could only give up.

After all, Yun Dongyang’s surrender had been a rather disgraceful experience for the Bloody Massacre Path.

Luo Yunyang naturally did not know what was transpiring in the Meru Realm. Right now, he was onboard a spaceship that was heading towards the Tianluo Empire. Accompanying him on the tour was a group of 10 Nebula-Grade escorts and the leading captain, Ji Mo, who was a peak Nebula-Grade elite.

Ji Mo was polite to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang possessed some detailed information on the Tianluo Empire, such as the administrative history of thousands of years, as well as information on the empire’s nobles.

He even had information about the empire’s top 10 beauties, their hobbies, their habits, and their respective shortcomings and family weaknesses.

However, the most insane piece of information he possessed were the strategies on how to make these families hand over their sweet daughters.

The person who had consolidated this information had been very considerate!

Could the Bloody Massacre Path perhaps want Luo Yunyang to thoroughly enjoy himself? When Luo Yunyang picked out some information, the content quickly caught his attention.

“The descendants of Great Craftsman Sen Yuan became the royal family of the Tianluo Empire. Back in the day, Sen Yuan had created a weapon suitable for the Great Chaotic Hole Path. This weapon was called the Myriad Convergence Ring!”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw this.

He suddenly understood why he had been chosen to go to the Tianluo Empire. He now knew the Bloody Massacre Path’s true intention for letting him become a Ruling Envoy!