Supreme Uprising Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Ruling Envoy

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Yunsen walked happily in the most prosperous area of ​​Luo Tian City in the Tianluo Empire. He was very excited. A beautiful girl had made him so excited that he shuddered in ecstasy. This kind of feeling made his life feel passionate and extraordinarily interesting.

Yunsen’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat as he thought about her. He hadn’t noticed it at first, but the aroma of her fragrance soon penetrated his peripheral nerves. He suddenly felt like he was about to faint. It was no wonder that he was falling head over heels for her. The girl’s hair was jet black and shiny, as if it had been brushed with a layer of oil, and her teeth were sparkling white. She basically looked just like a sculpture.

The date venue was a huge park. In the incomparably prosperous Luo Tian City, which was the imperial capital of the Tianluo Empire, this forest-like park was a rare quiet place.

The girl he was meeting there was the only warm thing he had found in the Tianluo Empire.

Cultivation and training occupied most of Yunsen’s time. After all, the entire Yun Family were considered foreigners in the Tianluo Empire. If they wanted to gain a foothold in the Tianluo Empire, they had to cultivate and get better.

That alluring girl was everything to Yunsen, so their every date made him very happy.

“Have you been waiting a long time, Qingmei?” Yunsen entered the private room that he had booked hurriedly, as though he couldn’t wait to take this girl into his arms.

However, his smile soon froze. What he saw was not Chu Qingmei, but a man in blue robes.

Although the man was very handsome, his thin pursed lips conveyed a hint of arrogance.

Yunsen had obviously not expected this. He was not an impatient person, though. When he saw the man instead of Chu Qingmei, he tried to suppress his disappointment and squeeze out a faint smile.

“Excuse me, may I ask who you are…”

“You must be Yunsen. Your broken family came from the Blue Rain Empire and tried to settle here!” The man interrupted Yunsen before he could finish his words.

His rudeness made Yunsen feel kind of embarrassed. However, in the end, he clenched his teeth firmly and said, “Yes, I am Yunsen.”

“Well, I am Sen Ming. You must have heard my name before!” The man squinted as he stared at Yunsen with a condescending expression.

Sen Ming? Yunsen was obviously stunned for a moment. However, the meaning of this name soon hit him. This was the Third Prince of the Tianluo Empire and the most promising successor to the empire throne.

Although the Tianluo Empire did not have a Crown Prince, Sen Ming was widely considered the Crown Prince of the empire.

“Greetings, Third Prince!” Although he didn’t want to bow, Yunsen knew very well that the Yun Family possessed a marquis seat in the Tianluo Empire. Thus, he could not afford to offend the Third Prince.

“Seems like you still follow some rules. Listen carefully… You must be aware of your place. Don’t act like a toad hankering for the taste of a swan. Now scram as far away as you can!”

Sen Ming looked at Yunsen as he added coldly, “If I find out that you’re still seeing Qingmei, I will uproot both you and the Yun Family. I believe that your family head has already received my warning!”

Yunsen wasn’t sure how he left the room. He felt as though his mind had been crippled. He left the city in a daze and headed towards the wilderness. His life seemed to have come crashing down, so he felt as if he had lost interest in everything.

Although he considered resisting and believed that he should, he knew very well that if he rebelled, the consequences would be too much for him to shoulder.

He and his family would die…

Sen Ming was not just the Third Prince of the vast Tianluo Empire. He also represented the massive influence and endless power behind him. This meant that Sen Ming was someone he could not afford to offend.

Was he going to give up just like this? He didn’t know how Qingmei would feel or react if she heard that he was going to leave her. However, he knew that he would be very heartbroken himself. The emotions in Qingmei’s eyes had been deeply etched in his heart. He couldn’t tell what these emotions meant, yet when he recalled her eyes, he was completely mesmerized and his heart became soft.

Yunsen’s communication device suddenly started beeping. He quickly accepted the call. “Yunsen!”

Yunsen was stunned when he heard a somewhat familiar voice. Who was it? He couldn’t come up with a name momentarily.

“It’s me, Luo Yunyang!”

Luo Yunyang? Yunsen’s mind was totally blank. He had not expected to receive a call from Luo Yunyang right now.

“Hello, Brother Yunyang.” Yunsen quickly controlled his emotions. Meanwhile, he was hurriedly searching for information on Luo Yunyang in his mind.

The elite Bloody Massacre Path Blood Disciple had a good relationship with Sister Yunxi. Although he didn’t have too much influence in the Blue Rain Empire, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Many people in his family wanted to return to the Blue Rain Empire because of his existence. However, all the chatter about this seemed to have stopped for some reason recently.

Yunsen had tried to find out why, but unfortunately, ever since the family had entered the Tianluo Empire, his involvement in his family’s decision-making process had begun to fade.

After all, his Nineteen Uncle was now in charge of the family. Although Yunsen still had a considerable influence over the decision-making, he had to admit that this influence was weakening.

“Where are you? Your sister asked me to check how you’re doing,” Luo Yunyang said with a faint smile.

“I am…” When Yunsen glanced around, he realized that he had already unknowingly traveled more than 3,000 miles away from the city.

He was a peak Star-Grade martialist, so traversing such distances was an easy task for him.

Yunsen immediately smiled and said, “I am on the Tianluo Star. What’s up? Are you coming to look for me? Are you coming to the Tianluo Star?”

“Yes, I am already in the sky above the Tianluo Star. The spaceship is about to land!” Luo Yunyang’s voice said through the communication device. “Stop moving already! I have located your position!”

As their conversation through the communication device ended, Yunsen began to reminisce about the time he had spent with Luo Yunyang. If there was a person that he admired, that would definitely be Luo Yunyang. Yunsen knew all about the horror that had taken place in the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena.

Luo Yunyang, who had survived a bloody battle involving 100,000 people in the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, was simply his idol. Killing Lan Tianjue and dethroning the entire Lan Family, who had had the support of someone from the Bloody Massacre Path, was something that Yunsen had never thought would happen.

A few years ago, many members of his family had mentioned that they would like to rely on Luo Yunyang’s help to return to the Blue Rain Empire. However, no one had mentioned it ever since.

“Get on!” A faint voice rang out in Yunsen’s ear. Yunsen looked up and saw a massive spaceship hovering above him.

The spaceship was made out of blood crystals. This was something that Yunsen had only ever heard of, yet now he was seeing it in person.

Yunsen felt his emotions stir as he flew up to the spaceship. Not only did he not know anything about the spaceship’s installations, but each and every one of the seemingly ordinary martialists on the spaceship had at least a Star-Grade cultivation base.

Star-Grade martialists in the Tianluo Empire were considered as important as nobles.

However, based on their clothes, these people looked just like ordinary servants.

“Yunsen!” Luo Yunyang walked out with a big smile on his face. When Yunsen looked at Luo Yunyang, his eyes flashed with joy.

“Looks like you’re feeling a little down, huh?” Luo Yunyang’s mind power was something that Yunsen and people of his caliber could only admire and look up to. Hence, everything about Yunsen was as clear as water to Luo Yunyang.

As Yunsen looked at the cheery Luo Yunyang, he finally smiled and said, “It’s nothing, brother-in-law. What do you…”

“Your sister asked me to come over and take a look at you. How can I report back to her that you are in this state? What’s wrong? What happened?” Luo Yunyang patted Yunsen’s shoulder gently. “Tell me. Perhaps I may be able to help…”

Although Yunsen hesitated, he eventually told Luo Yunyang truthfully what had transpired. After finishing his sad story, he seemed a little embarrassed. “Do you think I am a weakling, brother-in-law?”

Luo Yunyang grabbed Yunsen’s shoulder and tried to console him. “Alright, just forget about it. Treat it as a thing of the past!”

A thing of the past?

Yunsen was a little angry. Qingmei was the most beloved woman in his life. How could this be just a thing of the past? Yunsen had originally thought that Luo Yunyang would comfort him, or at least help him think of ways to salvage the situation. He hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would just casually suggest this.

However, he soon forgave him. After all, Sen Ming’s status was extraordinary. He was the Crown Prince of the Tianluo Empire, yet he still wanted to snatch Qingmei from him. No wonder that Luo Yunyang didn’t offer him his support.

Then, Luo Yunyang continued to ask about Yunsen’s recent status. Yunsen answered half-heartedly in a few sentences. Although he reluctantly tried to lift his spirits up, he still gave off that dispirited, weak vibe.

“Blood Disciple, the people of the Tianluo Empire are welcoming you below!” A martialist in blood-colored armor bowed respectfully as he reported to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head as he dragged Yunsen along. “Let’s go!”

Although Yunsen wasn’t interested, he still followed Luo Yunyang. This was his brother-in-law after all. Considering his position in the Bloody Massacre Path, nothing bad would happen.

However, as the door of the cabin gradually opened, Yunsen realized that he was standing in front of the Tianluo Empire Imperial Palace.

Landing the spaceship in front of the Imperial Palace was very disrespectful towards the royal family of the Tianluo Empire. Very few people would dare do so.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually done so with a swagger!

As Yunsen’s thoughts were churning all over his head, a loud voice was heard. “Sen Kong from the Tianluo Empire would like to pay his respects to the Special Envoy!”

Suddenly, Yunsen saw countless people go down on their knees in uniform, coordinated movements.