Supreme Uprising Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Pleasing The Ruling Envoy

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As a core member of the Marquis Family of the Tianluo Empire, Yunsen knew very well who Sen Kong was. This was the name of the emperor.

However, there were very few people in the vast Tianluo Empire who would dare call Sen Kong by his name. In other words, anyone who had the audacity to call the supreme emperor by his name was already dead.

As dead as they possibly could be.

Unfortunately, the name had been blurted out by someone linked to this visit.

It felt like a sudden clap of thunder had struck Yunsen’s heart. Just a few hours ago, he had only been able to lower his head and speak in a lowly manner to the Third Prince. However, the Third Prince’s father, the very Emperor of the Tianluo Empire, had appeared before him in a similar way.

What followed next shocked him even more. The emperor, who was the most supreme being in the entire Tianluo Empire, went down on his knees and paid his respects in the same way his own royal subjects worshipped him. However, he was the one worshiping Luo Yunyang on his knees now.

Yunsen had once prostrated before the Supreme Emperor when the Yun Family had first entered the Tianluo Empire.

At the time, just a word, glance or gesture of the supreme emperor could have made the Yun Family disappear. Yunsen had actually been afraid of him back then.

However, the emperor was now acting in an unbelievable manner as he greeted Luo Yunyang!

The many people prostrating before him looked like an endless ocean. Although Yunsen knew that these people weren’t paying their respects to him, he still felt very good deep down. Being worshipped felt really wonderful, so he lapped up every bit of it!

When Yunsen glanced in the direction of the sea of people who were paying their respects, he saw his 19th uncle kneeling down in a very inconspicuous spot. He also saw the Third Prince, the very man who had humiliated him and his family. Sen Ming, who constantly rolled his eyes and berated everyone, was now on his knees like a dog.

Sen Ming did not look up. Although he was close to becoming the Crown Prince, he did not even dare move. He currently looked just like an insignificant ant.

“There’s no need for formalities,” Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly.

As a high-rank executive in the Da Alliance, he was no stranger to such formalities. Plus, he had experienced a lot over the years, so handling this sort of thing was pretty easy for him.

Therefore, he had no qualms about Sen Kong, a Nebula-Grade entity who was prostrating before him and paying his respects. Even though he was too lazy to laugh, he still had to put on a certain air.

Ever since he had been rewarded with the position of the Ruling Envoy, the Tianluo Empire had become a toy for him to play with as he wished.

Even though the emperor was a Nebula-Grade entity and there were Nebula-Grade martialists in the empire, they were all in no position to resist Luo Yunyang and the formidable Bloody Massacre Path.

Sen Kong stood up and glanced at Luo Yunyang deferentially. When his gaze landed on Yunsen, Yunsen could clearly feel his intent to try and suck up to them.

All the people kneeling on the ground got up with very careful movements and behaved even more cautiously.

Yunsen, who had been staring at Sen Ming, was eagerly anticipating what would follow.

Sen Ming did not let him down. When he looked up, he realized that Yunsen was standing next to Luo Yunyang. After getting over the initial shock, he could only stare ahead blankly.

The fear that welled from the depths of his heart made him tremble. This fear immediately turned into a flattering smile.

Yunsen had a feeling that Sen Ming’s fate was completely in his hands.

This feeling was beyond enjoyable!

The intuition of a Nebula-Grade martialist was insanely strong. When Sen Ming began to turn pale, Sen Kong turned his head and looked over.

Upon realizing that his beloved son was losing control of himself, Sen Kong immediately understood what was wrong. He glanced quickly at Yunsen and then turned his gaze to Luo Yunyang, who had a faint smile on his face.

“Special Envoy, I did an awful job in teaching my son. That’s why he made a fool of himself in front of you. Men, follow my orders. Remove Sen Ming from his Crown Prince position and take him to Prison Star 19. He will get no parole for 10,000 years!”

The most important thing for an emperor was his power and authority. When their authority was threatened, there was no time to care about anyone else.

Although he still didn’t know who Yunsen was, he could tell that his most beloved son had offended the young man standing next to the Special Envoy! This was not a trivial matter. If it was not handled appropriately, the whole situation would turn into a calamity.

Therefore, he had no other choice. Only by sacrificing his son would he be able to resolve the dissatisfaction of the Special Envoy.

“Lord Father!” Sen Ming shouted unwillingly. He really did not think that he would be so severely punished. In his heart, he felt very afraid and regretful. However, his father’s orders made him feel even more uncomfortable.

He would be stripped off his Crown Prince status and get imprisoned for 10,000 years. It would also be impossible to cultivate in the Prison Star, which meant that he was done for.

After screaming out for his Lord Father, Sen Ming was gagged. Not even a squeak came out of his mouth anymore.

Luo Yunyang smiled silently. Meanwhile, Yunsen had fully understood what was going on.

He thought that Luo Yunyang was like a god when he glanced at him again. He was a god holding the Tianluo Empire in the palm of his hand. Thus, he could make the empire crumble anytime he wanted.

Luo Yunyang nodded and followed Sen Kong into the largest hall of the palace, the Qian Yang Hall.

In the past, this had been a meeting place where Sen Kong and his ministers had discussed state matters. However, it now became Luo Yunyang’s temporary residence.

Sen Kong was smiling wide, and so was everyone else. Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang asked everyone to leave as soon as they entered the hall.

Sen Kong did not dare show even the slightest hint of dissatisfaction. Even while he left, he was still beaming in an effort to get on Luo Yunyang’s good side.

“Brother-in-law, you you are”

Luo Yunyang looked at Yunsen and smiled faintly. “I am the Ruling Envoy who will be adjudicating the Tianluo Empire for the next 100,000 years. Do you understand?”

Although Yunsen did not know much about the position of the Ruling Envoy, he had clearly experienced Luo Yunyang’s current authority and power.

He possessed a kind of authority that even Emperor Sen Kong did not. Luo Yunyang’s power was something Sen Kong and the other patriarchs of the great families of the empire could not come close to.

When Yunsen walked out of the place where Luo Yunyang would cultivate for the next day, he was led to Sen Kong. Sen Kong, who seemed to have investigated the situation, immediately bestowed on him the title of a prince.

He would also assist in arranging Yunsen’s marriage. He even told Yunsen that, if he fancied marrying a princess, there were a few princesses that admired him and would have him.

There were no requirements or conditions. Everything seemed to be done to please Yunsen. However, Yunsen remained clear-headed. He knew very well that this was all a result of Luo Yunyang’s position as Ruling Envoy. In other words, he was being adorned with borrowed plumes.

“My brother-in-law does not have a good temper and he dislikes fooling around,” Yunsen told Sen Kong after some hesitation.

Sen Kong clenched his fists tightly, but quickly put on a smile.

Three days later, when Sen Kong’s tenth request to meet Luo Yunyang was rejected, the gifts of the Tianluo Empire were finally sent over.

Although Luo Yunyang’s trusted aide Yunsen had been born into a big family, when he saw the things that were offered as gifts, he felt his mouth go a little dry. He actually wondered how someone could possess such wealth!

10,000 star dollars was an astronomical sum. Yunsen had a feeling that these 10,000 star dollars would cause the financial collapse of the Tianluo Empire. Even the richest families in the Tianluo Empire would have to tighten their belts to survive.

Even though a gift of 100 beautiful women was immediately rejected by Luo Yunyang, the names on the list stupefied Yunsen. Chu Qingmei was not on the list because of him, but everyone else on the list was just as famous as she was.

Luo Yunyang was also given entire warehouses full of valuable treasures and materials and dozens of resource planets.

However, all these things didn’t manage to satisfy him. What really made him happy was a gift wrapped in a beautiful box.

It was a Myriad Convergence Ring!

After gently opening the lid of the box, Luo Yunyang saw a black ring about the size of a palm and as thick as a finger. He couldn’t help but grab the ring as soon as he saw it.

This masterpiece had been forged by 360,000 extremely sharp Star Alloy pieces. It had taken the master craftsman of the Sen Family 10,000 years to perfect this ring.

The master craftsman of the Sen Family was actually not considered the creator of the Myriad Convergence Ring, but the person who had forged it.

The actual creator of the ring was a phenomenal individual who had developed the Great Chaotic Hole Path after browsing through the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book. In the end, the Great Chaotic Hole Path he had developed had taken his life.

Hence, the Myriad Convergence Ring had become a true treasure buried deep in the gravel. Although it was extremely powerful, no member of the Sen Family, or even the Bloody Massacre Path, knew how to use it.

After being buried, it had slowly been forgotten.

If it hadn’t been for Luo Yunyang’s information, Sen Kong wouldn’t have thought of the Myriad Convergence Ring or offered Luo Yunyang this item, which he considered a piece of junk.

As Luo Yunyang was preparing to activate the Myriad Convergence Ring, he suddenly discovered a metal booklet under the ring.

When he picked up the booklet, he saw the words “Myriad Eight Laws” written on it!