Supreme Uprising Chapter 427

Chapter 427 The Myriad Eight Laws

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Luo Yunyang’s face changed a number of expressions as he browsed through the Myriad Eight Laws. However, most of his expressions were ecstatic.

He was ecstatic indeed!

According to the contents of the Myriad Eight Laws, this wasn’t some sort of cheat code, but more of an instruction manual.

Yes, it was an instruction manual. Compared to a cheat code, Luo Yunyang believed that this instruction manual would be way more useful to him.

This manual actually contained the design concept behind the Myriad Convergence Ring. Furthermore, it also included the creator’s own conclusions on the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Although the creator of the Great Chaotic Hole Path had eventually been overwhelmed by its power, his conclusions on the Great Chaotic Hole Path were what Luo Yunyang needed the most right now.

The Sky Book Hall only contained the most basic diagrams of the Great Chaotic Hole Path. One could improve their comprehension of Origin Source Law by referencing these diagrams. However, the Myriad Convergence Ring and Myriad Eight Laws focused more on the application of the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

When Luo Yunyang had cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path, he had developed three secret techniques based on it. He had relied on these three techniques to force a tie during his battle with Ke Linqi.

However, after looking at the Myriad Convergence Ring, Luo Yunyang realized that although his secret technique wasn’t wrong, the path that he had embarked on was already askew.

Luo Yunyang was full of reverence for the Bloody Massacre Path’s ancestor. Even though he had not been able to achieve full cultivation, he had researched the Great Chaotic Hole Path thoroughly.

According to the Myriad Eight Laws’ distribution, the Great Chaotic Hole Path had eight corresponding states, and the Myriad Convergence Ring was capable of displaying eight technique states.

Each state consumed a different amount of Star Alloy Fragments.

The first state used 10,000 Star Alloy Fragments, which meant that when the bracelet was activated, it could be transformed into 10,000 Star Alloy Fragments and form a type of Great Chaotic Hole!

As far as the second state was concerned, in order to form two Great Chaotic Holes, 30,000 Star Alloy Fragments were required.

The third, fourth, and fifth state

As he analyzed the manual quietly, Luo Yunyang felt hungry to know about the Myriad Eight Laws. However, the vast Tianluo Empire was in a state of instability because of Luo Yunyang’s refusal to show up.

Although Emperor Sen Kong had always appeared calm, he was in fact constantly living in fear.

He had thought of every method possible and executed all of them, but none of them had been successful.

Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang was cultivating in seclusion.

Just as Sen Kong felt that he was about to melt down, he heard that Luo Yunyang was about to finish his sealed cultivation.

“Your Majesty, Special Envoy Luo Yunyang wants you to prepare 1,000 Star-Grade martialists,” the attendant informed Sen Kong respectfully.

Although Sen Kong didn’t know what Luo Yunyang was going to do, he immediately assembled the people Luo Yunyang needed.

Star-Grade martialists were considered the backbone of the Tianluo Empire’s forces. If this had not been Luo Yunyang’s request, even Sen Kong would have found it difficult to gather 1,000 people at such short notice.

“Special Envoy!” When he saw Luo Yunyang, who had a beautiful black ring on his wrist, Sen Kong quickly stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

Luo Yunyang nodded at Sen Kong and said faintly, “Have you prepared the martialists that I’ve requested?”

“Greetings, Special Envoy!” 1,000 Star-Grade martialists echoed in unison while saluting Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand. “Today, there is only one purpose for your presence. I want to try out a technique that I have cultivated.” He glanced all around him before he said, “All of you will attack me simultaneously!”

When Yunsen, who was always standing by Luo Yunyang’s side, had heard that Luo Yunyang was going to summon 1,000 martialists, he had thought that Luo Yunyang was about to do something extremely shocking.

Thus, he was stupefied when he heard Luo Yunyang’s request. 1,000 Star-Grade martialists would be attacking him simultaneously? Were his ears still in working order?

Even though he hated the Ruling Envoy very much, Sen Kong’s face stiffened.

However, on the surface, he still had to treat this person with respect and reverence. Luo Yunyang controlled his fate after all.

As he faced Luo Yunyang, his obsequious, servile attitude reminded everyone of an obedient grandson.

1,000 Star-Grade martialists would really be a force to be reckoned with.

Even Sen Kong, who was a Nebula-Grade powerhouse, believed that his best option would be to run as far away as he could from the large-scale attack of several Star-Grade martialists.

Luo Yunyang had just reached the Star-Grade, yet he wanted to face this many Star-Grade martialists at once This was really outrageous!

Sen Kong’s brain was working very hard, trying to figure out countermeasures to deal with this situation. He was struggling to not bat an eye, and yet make the Ruling Envoy win the matchup so that the envoy would feel a sense of accomplishment and be happy.

“Ruling Envoy, why not have a dozen people try first? They can come in waves so that things don’t get too messy. What do you think?”

Sen Kong didn’t dare stop Luo Yunyang up front. Thus, he had to resort to small tricks.

Luo Yunyang, who did not see through Sen Kong’s intentions, immediately nodded. “Let’s have 100 people attack me first then.”

Sen Kong, who didn’t dare stop Luo Yunyang, hurriedly chose the 100 weakest Star-Grade martialists among the entire lot. Some of them were newly-ascended Star-Grade martialists.

“Attack!” At his command, the martialists began to conjure up all sorts of magnificent techniques. However, all these techniques had a similar characteristicalthough they seemed good, they lacked power.

Almost all the people selected had been entrusted by Sen Kong. Whoever dared use more than half of their power would face severe consequences afterwards!

Luo Yunyang shook his head as he faced these weak moves. Thoughts flashed through his mind while the Myriad Convergence Ring around his wrist transformed into 10,000 layers of black fragments.

Each of these fragments was only the size of a pea, but they were all full of spikes of different sizes.

As the fragments flew up, they quickly transformed into a Chaotic Hole with a radius of 10 feet and rotated quickly above Luo Yunyang.

The weapons and moves that weren’t aimed at Luo Yunyang’s head flew frantically towards the Chaotic Hole as soon as it appeared.

“Ahhh! My Heaven-Evading Shuttle!” a Star-Grade telekinesis master screamed. He had not expected to lose control of his Heaven-Evading Shuttle, which he was extremely proficient in handling. His technique rushed over towards Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Hole.

Initially, the telekinesis master had only used half of his strength. However, as his Heaven-Evading Shuttle spiraled out of control, he instinctively poured in all his telekinesis power.

It was still futile. The Heaven-Evading Shuttle flew straight into the Chaotic Hole on top of Luo Yunyang’s head. Then, his entire body was also sucked into that Chaotic Hole.

Although 100 people were sucked towards the Chaotic Hole, Luo Yunyang still appeared as calm as ever. His thoughts flickered as the Star Alloy Fragments that formed the large Chaotic Hole quickly spread out.

In the blink of an eye, the 10,000 Star Alloy Fragments became 30,000 Star Alloy Fragments and a second Chaotic Hole was formed below the first.

This was the Second-State Great Chaotic Hole Path!

Some of the martialists who had resisted the first Chaotic Hole found themselves unable to resist anymore when the second Chaotic Hole was formed. Although some of their bodies were glowing with light, in the end, they were still sucked into it.

One, two, three

“Everyone make your move!” Luo Yunyang’s voice rang out just as Sen Kong had started fearing for his own life.

Without waiting for Sen Kong, all the Star-Grade martialists watching the battle conjured up their techniques simultaneously. Although their moves were different, their forces gathered and streamed towards Luo Yunyang like a river.

The instant all their power gathered, Luo Yunyang waved both of his hands and another Chaotic Hole appeared beside the first two Chaotic Holes.

As the three Chaotic Holes revolved rapidly, the power of their suction went wild. The combined power of all the martialists, which flowed like a river, disappeared completely after pouring into the Chaotic Hole.

The Planet-Grade martialists who had used their moves were all sucked into the Chaotic Hole like a creek returning to the sea as the hole expanded to 1,000-feet wide.

The feeling of death grew stronger and everything around made them very fearful as they got closer to the Chaotic Hole.

The idea of death instinctively appeared in most people’s minds, as they believed that there was no way to escape right now.

Just as the body of the first person was about to enter the Chaotic Hole, Luo Yunyang waved his hand, causing the Chaotic Hole, which had been rotating clockwise, to rotate in the opposite direction. The sudden reversal resulted in a repulsive force that hit everyone.

This repulsive force sent hundreds of martialists flying for tens of miles before they all eventually landed heavily on the ground.

Although they had experienced a painful fall, all the martialists felt relieved. They felt like their lives had just been saved.

As the rotating Chaotic Hole transformed back into a Myriad Convergence Ring and returned to Luo Yunyang’s wrist, Sen Kong seemed to be in better shape. However, the way he glanced at Luo Yunyang was much more deferential now.

Although the Myriad Convergence Ring was an heirloom of the Sen Family, no one had known how to use it so far. Therefore, its strength had remained unknown.

He did not regret giving it away, as no one had known how to use it anyway.

Luo Yunyang was very satisfied with this experiment. Just as he was about to say something to Sen Kong, his communication device rang.

“Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang, please return to the Blood Spirit Sky within three days after receiving this notice. Upon returning, you will be heading to the Fiery Sun Path to consult the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book under the guidance of the Blood Space Ruler.”

Although the content of the message was very short, Luo Yunyang’s heart still felt a little excited. He had been silently worried that there would be some hiccups about his participation in the Fiery Sun Path Sky Book comprehension tour. Thankfully, his worries had been groundless. The notice had finally arrived.

However, he wondered if the people that would be joining him were the ones who had fought alongside him.