Supreme Uprising Chapter 428

Chapter 428 The Fiery Sun's 19 Levels

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Despite the small outer appearance of the spaceship, it was completely different inside. It was actually filled with training rooms, rest lounges, battle arenas and a 10-mile wide swimming pool!

Luo Yunyang enjoyed freshly-squeezed juice from 10 of the finest divine fruits as he lay lazily on the poolside lounger.

It may have seemed like he was a little profligate, but if one knew that he had been training in seclusion for six months, it would seem reasonable for him to be indulging in such comfort.

“Ha ha ha! No wonder I haven’t seen you in such a long time. You’re indeed a seclusion-training madman. Come on, I have some 100-year-old wine. Have a cup!” said Tie Wudi, who was wearing a navy garment.

Luo Yunyang nodded at him. He had already been on this spaceship for half a year, but this was the first time he had met Tie Wudi.

Tie Wudi had not boarded the spaceship yet when Luo Yunyang had arrived.

“Did you have fun being a Ruling Envoy this time? It would be awesome if you were given more opportunities!” Tie Wudi waved his hands as he took out a bowl of wine.

“Drink it!” Tie Wudi picked up the bowl and stuffed it into Luo Yunyang’s hand. He was an honest, straightforward man who didn’t like exchanging pleasantries.

Luo Yunyang did not decline. However, after taking the wine and smelling it, he felt a fragrance filling his lungs.

This was a good wine that nourished the soul. Luo Yunyang immediately took a big, unceremonious gulp.

“Great!” Tie Wudi downed the wine and smiled. “This was one of the rewards from my time as a Ruling Envoy. Unfortunately, there is too little of it!”

“The higher-ups have replaced Yun Dongyang with Yang Shang. He he Very good!” Tie Wudi said while filling up Luo Yunyang’s cup. “That wimp Yun Dongyang! How dare he take a spot when he never even made a move!”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly, but expressed no opinion on the fact that Yang Shang had replaced Yun Dongyang. To be honest, even though both Lu Bowen and Wen Jingxuan had lost, they had lost respectably.

What about Yun Dongyang? He had surrendered during his battle. Luo Yunyang would feel very uncomfortable if such a person still received the opportunity to comprehend the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book.

However, as long as it did not harm his own interests, Luo Yunyang would not say much about it.

Tie Wudi, who was straightforward, spoke outright in front of him.

“Although the others might not admit this, Yunyang, I think that you must be the strongest one among us. However, as a friend, I have to tell you something. That Great Chaotic Hole Path of yours is really dangerous,” Tie Wudi said solemnly. “If you can still change it, I advise you to stop while you can and quickly find the right path for you. As the saying goes, if you’re headed the wrong way, stopping puts you in the right direction!”

Luo Yunyang, who felt grateful for this advice, patted Tie Wudi on the shoulders and said, “No worries!”

Tie Wudi did not continue when he saw Luo Yunyang’s nonchalant expression.

“Blood Disciples, we have reached the Fiery Sun Path’s secret realm called the Nine-Fire Sky. Please get prepared, as we will be gathering in the main hall in half an hour.”

As a mechanical voice rang out throughout the entire spacecraft, the surrounding walls turned into images of the scenery in an instant.

In the golden-red starry sky, flame pillars soared from time to time. Each of these flame pillars gave off an extremely powerful, destructive feeling.

“So this is the Nine-Fire Sky. Damn it, it sure looks much stronger than the Blood Spirit Sky from the outside.” Tie Wudi clicked his tongue.

Luo Yunyang responded with a smile as he headed to the main hall of the spaceship with him.

The main hall was as large as a huge palace. The Blood Sky Ruler was sitting placidly on the 10-feet-tall throne.

Even though he appeared very calm, the people who had gathered there still treated him very respectfully.

Luo Yunyang and Tie Wudi were the last of the five blood disciples who had embarked on the Sky Book comprehension tour to arrive. Wen Jingxuan and Lu Bowen both nodded in greeting when they saw Luo Yunyang.

Yang Shang, who was standing in front of them, also smiled at him.

Although there were only five of them, their positions were arranged in order. Yang Shang was standing in the second closest position to the Blood Space Ruler, deliberately leaving an opening for the first position.

Tie Wudi got into the third position, while Luo Yunyang went ahead and stood in the first position without hesitation.

In the Bloody Massacre Path, especially in the Blood Spirit Sky, great emphasis was put on being confident and shouldering one’s own responsibilities. What belonged to someone would remain theirs and had to be embraced openly without hesitation. If one cowered before things that belonged to oneself, or spoke and acted humbly, one might be mistaken for a weakling.

“This opportunity to comprehend their Sky Books is very important to you all. Thus, you must all focus!” The Blood Space Ruler eyed the five of them as he spoke. “There’s one more thing to note. All of you represent the Bloody Massacre Path, so you must not disgrace our name! Luo Yunyang, from now on, you’ll be in charge of this group of five. Understand?”

Although Luo Yunyang considered this a big responsibility, if the Blood Space Ruler had said so, he naturally would not decline.

“Yes, Ruler!”

The Blood Space Ruler laughed heartily and said, “This is the first time in all my years in the Bloody Massacre Path that I get to browse through a Sky Book belonging to the other eight paths. Please do not go easy!”

After 15 minutes, the spacecraft landed on a huge red mountain that was cut in half. The Pure Sun Ruler received them.

“Blood Space, you came really quickly. Let’s go! We’ll head to my place.” The Pure Sun Ruler glanced at the Blood Space Ruler with a smile. “Just leave the browsing of the Sky Book to the young ones. They will make the necessary arrangements.”

The Blood Space Ruler grinned. “I haven’t seen you in six months, yet you seem to have progressed a lot. I treated you to our finest True Blood Nectar the last time you came over. You better not disappoint me this time!”

“I have already ordered our Fiery Sun Fluid for you and I will guarantee that you enjoy it wholeheartedly.” The Pure Sun Ruler laughed as he pulled at the Blood Space Ruler’s arm. Then, the two of them flew towards a palace floating high up among the scarlet spirit mist.

“The five of you must be tired from the journey. Why not get some rest at your residence before you proceed to browse through the Sky Book tomorrow?” a gentle-looking attendant suggested as he smiled at Luo Yunyang and his group.

Tie Wudi, Yang Shang and everyone else looked at Luo Yunyang as if they were following him blindly.

Luo Yunyang nodded. “Well, let’s rest for a while then.”

A small flying craft transported Luo Yunyang and the others to their resting area. However, the group of attendants accompanying them on the way were bad at having conversations. They only answered when a question was posed. If no one asked anything, they basically stayed silent.

The atmosphere was naturally very uncomfortable.

However, the flying craft was very fast. In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang and the others had already arrived at their residence. As soon as Luo Yunyang and his group got off the craft, they discovered that they were surrounded by people.

Every single one of the people that surrounded them was a Star-Grade powerhouse.

“Look, these are the Bloody Massacre Path’s elites. He he They are indeed strong. They had the nerve to come here to comprehend our Sky Book when they only achieved one victory and one draw. I guess their bodies are made of metal, and their faces are made of copper!”

“Do you see that one? He was the one that was beaten by Senior Brother Luochuan. I heard that he was almost turned into a cripple by our Brother.”

“I heard that one of them surrendered without a fight. I cannot understand how he can still have the nerve to come here and browse our Sky Book!”

“Hey, Bloody Massacre Path Disciples! Who dares accept my challenge? If you beat me, I will give you my opportunity to browse our Sky Book!”

“Tie Wudi took advantage of a time when his opponent was not paying attention. Otherwise, he would have lost!”

All kinds of loud, provocative voices were heard from all directions. Some people even issued direct challenges.

“Luo Yunyang, I heard that you are the strongest person in the Bloody Massacre Path. Would you dare fight me, Long Han? Come on, just you and me! Die with your face facing the sky, or live carefree when you win! If you have the guts, I’ll respect you as a man! Otherwise, I’ll consider you a sissy!”

Tie Wudi scowled as he heard all these provocations. He had never suffered such verbal abuse and humiliation, even in the Bloody Massacre Path, so he found it unbearable.

Wen Jingxuan pulled at Tie Wudi’s arm. “He is deliberately trying to infuriate us, Old Tie. If we bite the bait, then”

Although Tie Wudi was pissed, he was also a smart person. He knew that they were being provoked. Therefore, even though he was fuming, he still managed to swallow his anger and endure this abuse.

Yang Shang, on the other hand, glared at those people coldly. Although he intended to strike, he wasn’t in the right condition to do so, as he had lost control of himself previously.

“Attendant, is this the way the Fiery Sun Path treats its guests?” Wen Jingxuan said solemnly after holding back Tie Wudi.

The attendant smiled softly and replied, “My task is to ensure that you will not be disturbed while you comprehend our Fiery Sun Sky Books for a month. You aren’t considered VIPs in any other way. Plus, our Fiery Sun Path Disciples do not fear any consequences.”

As soon as he said that, he pointed to a few huts in the distance and said with a wry smile, “This is the place where you will be staying temporarily. I will take all of you to browse our Sky Book tomorrow morning.”

As Blood Disciples, Luo Yunyang and the others each owned a humongous villa in the Top Blood District. Although the situation in front of them wouldn’t cause them any physical discomfort, being given this kind of accommodation was very humiliating.

Actually, this was very humiliating for the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

“Ha ha ha! The huts were built from a few beast nests and some grass that we collected. Enjoy your stay!”

“The Fiery Sun Path welcomes heroes, not people like you, who rely on luck to take advantage of us. If you aren’t convinced, then fight us!”

“You want to live in a good place, right? Look over there! That’s the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels. If you get through 10 stages, you can enjoy the best VIP treatment. Would you dare, though?”

“Even if you don’t dare take on the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels, as long as you accept our challenges like real men, you could still get to stay at a decent place.”

Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan and the others clenched their fists tightly. Although Yang Shang looked very indifferent, he was looking at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was in charge of them this time after all!