Supreme Uprising Chapter 429

Chapter 429 A Disconsolate Miserable Cry Heard From Miles Away

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In a palace suspended in the void, the Blood Space Ruler was watching the scene on a screen silently. The image felt as immersive as if he was inside it.

“Blood Space, these young people sure know how to cause much more of a ruckus than we did when we were younger!” the Pure Sun Ruler said as he twirled the transparent crystal wine glass in his hand.

The Blood Space Ruler shrugged his words off. “It seems like the Fiery Sun Path is still unscrupulous!”

“The younger generation will eventually replace us,” the Pure Sun Ruler said faintly. “Besides, they were unconvinced by our loss this time. You know that this sort of situation is rarely welcomed or accepted by anyone!”

The Blood Space Ruler nodded. He had actually expected this.

It was natural for the disciples of the Fiery Sun Path to feel resentful. After all, they had won three games and tied one. They had basically been just one step away from victory.

Just as they had been full of confidence, the prey they had been about to devour had flown away. Instead of going to the Bloody Massacre Path to browse their Sky Book, the Fiery Sun Path now had to give Luo Yunyang and the rest of them an opportunity to browse their own Sky Book.

Who wouldn’t be angry after failing to gain any advantage and suffering a loss?

When people were pissed, their natural reaction was to stir up trouble and cause a ruckus. The upper echelons of the Fiery Sun Path wouldn’t care as long as their behavior wasn’t too excessive.

Even when the Blood Space Ruler discovered the situation, he didn’t find it alarming. This was a good chance to take advantage of this opportunity and allow the Blood Disciples to gain some life experiences.

Or at the very least, see how Luo Yunyang and the others reacted.

Luo Yunyang took a look at the hut and then glared coldly at the disciples of the Fiery Sun Path, who were openly hooting.

He had been studying the Myriad Convergence Ring lately. Although he had not broken through to the fourth state of the Myriad Eight Laws, his understanding of the Myriad Convergence Ring’s usage had reached a higher level.

“Trash!” Luo Yunyang spat out without any restraint as he glared at the Fiery Sun Path Disciples.

The Fiery Sun Path Disciples were surprised by this turn of events. When they saw Luo Yunyang’s reaction, the people who had still been noisily hooting suddenly calmed down.

Some disciples even stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was an imbecile. Calling them trash when he was surrounded by so many elites of the Fiery Sun Path was suicide.

Not far from the noisy crowd, Luochuan was standing proudly next to four or five Fiery Sun Path elites.

“Brother Chuan, that kid took the bait!” a man with blue hair and a pair of wings behind him said quickly with a hint of flattery in his voice.

Luochuan’s eyes flashed coldly as he watched Luo Yunyang showing off. Damn it, this was his territory! He was the local master! Didn’t Luo Yunyang understand this? Instead of walking away with his tail between his legs, he was acting like the big bad wolf. Alright, Luochuan would grant his wish!

Luochuan thought silently to himself before waving his hand.

“Give them a good beatdown! Attack all at once!”

This order momentarily stunned everyone. Even the boot-licking winged man who had been following Luochuan closely was dumbfounded.

When they had discussed this, it hadn’t seemed like that many people would need to participate.

However, he didn’t dare say anything when he saw Luochuan’s somewhat sinister expression. Instead, he egged on everyone else. “Everyone, these people have come all the way to our home to try and bully us. Get them! Give them a good beating!”

These words were like a fuse that immediately ignited everyone’s rage and made them rush forward at once.

The might of hundreds of peak Star-Grade elites rushing forward together was unimaginable.

On a mountain thousands of miles away, Ke Linqi watched in silence indifferently as his fellow disciples started assaulting Luo Yunyang and his gang.

He was very calm, maybe even somewhat cold.

“Seems like their strongest elites are going to be defeated by that crazy crowd, Old Ke!” Zuo Shu said with a faint grin.

Zuo Shu knew all about this operation. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked Ke Linqi to join him in watching such an exciting show.

They had actually traveled happily to visit the Bloody Massacre Path, but returned disappointed!

Although their fellow disciples did not comment much on the result after their return to the Nine-Fire Sky, he believed that this was a facade, for they seemed to have kept their dismay deep in their hearts.

Therefore, Zuo Shu and the others were really pissed at Luo Yunyang and his group. Luochuan, who was always easily triggered, had gone ahead and organized a beatdown.

“This seems a little overboard,” Ke Linqi said as he glanced at the crowd. “If it goes on, other people will think that we are petty and can’t stand to lose!”

Zuo Shu smiled and said, “Luochuan is the one who is unhappy. I can’t stop him! Besides, Luo Yunyang also acted inappropriately. He actually aggravated the situation. He totally deserves this beatdown!”

As he spoke, Zuo Shu smiled wryly. “You must be aware of Luochuan’s track record. As long as nobody dies, we don’t have to worry about anything! Rules can’t be enforced when everyone is an offender!”

Ke Linqi shot a glance at Zuo Shu. He knew very well that Zuo Shu had been able to stop this. He just hadn’t attempted to stop it at all.

Perhaps Zuo Shu had also played a part in fanning the flames.

However, Luo Yunyang did not suppress his anger now, nor did he try to think of another solution. Instead, he called out directly. Although this approach seemed very upfront, it was in fact

As Ke Linqi was thinking silently, he saw more than 100 people attack. The elites of the Fiery Sun Path coordinated tacitly with each other. Meanwhile, 10 fiery dragons appeared in an instant.

The fiery dragons were raging like a sea of fire burning in every direction.

A long sword had already appeared in Yang Shang’s hand. Tie Wudi and the others had also drawn their weapons.

Although they were seasoned fighters, this battle would still be a really big test for them.

“Yunyang, you are really impulsive!” Wen Jingxuan flashed him a slightly pained smile. He was exceptionally intelligent, so he had already predicted that such a fight would break out over a mere disagreement.

Luo Yunyang turned to Wen Jingxuan and grinned. “Old Wen, do you know that one person is crushing an entire path?”

Wen Jingxuan felt a little dumb. As he tried to digest the meaning of Luo Yunyang’s words, he saw the Myriad Convergence Ring fly up from Luo Yunyang’s hand. Luo Yunyang transformed the ring into three huge Chaotic Holes that scattered around him with just a thought.

In an instant, attacks from every direction were drawn towards the Chaotic Holes.

As the Chaotic Holes revolved, most of the Fiery Sun Path Disciples began to rush towards them.

The disciples of the Fiery Sun Path were far stronger than those in the Tianluo Empire in terms of cultivation and control of Origin Source Laws.

If they fought against each other, these discrepancies in strength would determine whether they lived or died.

However, in the face of Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Holes, no gaps existed. The crazy absorption and smashing power rendered all the attacks and weapons useless, as they were all absorbed into the Chaotic Hole. Some people with weaker cultivation were sucked into the Chaotic Holes entirely.

The elites of the Fiery Sun Path had immense combat experience. Thus, when they realized that they had no chance against the Chaotic Holes, almost all of them chose to retreat simultaneously.

This was undoubtedly a retreat!

As too many people retreated, this became an utter defeat for the Fiery Sun Path Disciples. The Chaotic Holes, which were like black holes, devoured their surroundings crazily as Luo Yunyang controlled them. Everything caught by them was basically absorbed.

Even so, Luo Yunyang did not use the Star Alloy Fragments, the strongest move of the Myriad Convergence Ring.

Every single fragment was able to form an incredibly sharp blade within the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

“He is just one person! Get him!” The man with the blue wings took flight and turned into a shadow within the void before appearing strangely behind Luo Yunyang.

It seemed like he had teleported. If it had not been for the man’s incredible study of Spatial Dimension Origin Source Law, he wouldn’t have performed such a deadly move.

However, just as he was about to launch a sneak attack, he realized that his body was bound by an invisible force.

It felt as though his body would get torn apart by this force.

He was in great pain!

Fear instantly welled in the man’s heart. Although he struggled desperately, he was eventually sucked into the Chaotic Hole as well.

The sensation of being ripped to shreds grew stronger the moment he was sucked into the Chaotic Hole.

For a moment, the man was terrified. He felt that he could very likely lose his life. Just as he got really afraid, a powerful repulsive force blew him 1,000 miles away.

Then, his face came in intimate contact with the earth. He looked like a dog gnawing at dirt.

A disconsolate, miserable cry could be heard from miles away.

The huge Chaotic Hole made the elites of the Fiery Sun Path flee desperately. They were really afraid of being sucked into it again.

Luochuan watched all this blankly. He had never imagined that the assault he had planned would turn out like this.

In his opinion, even Ke Linqi would have suffered a crushing defeat in the face of such a chaotic assault.

However, it turned out that they had suffered a crushing defeat instead.

Luo Yunyang’s Great Chaotic Hole Path was unexpectedly disgusting! As these thoughts flashed through Luochuan’s mind, he turned around and got ready to leave.

However, it would not be so easy for him to escape!

Luo Yunyang didn’t consider himself a kind person. However, as long as he did not get his tail stepped on, he would not retaliate. If someone offended him first, then he would naturally return the favor. If the same person offended him again, he would eliminate that person completely. That bastard Luochuan had caused trouble time and time again. Luo Yunyang was unable to accept this anymore. Hence, before Luochuan could leave, the Chaotic Hole that had been revolving in the void entrapped him.

“Luo Yunyang, I am just here to observe the commotion. I was just passing by! You must have misunderstood, I didn’t do anything!” Luochuan yelled as he struggled.

Luo Yunyang appeared oblivious to Luochuan’s wails. The destructive force of the Chaotic Hole tore Luochuan’s robes apart in an instant.

Luochuan was fuming in rage as the rapidly-revolving Star Alloy Fragments formed into the shape of a hammer and smashed his head hard.

In an instant, Luochuan fainted and fell to the ground!