Supreme Uprising Chapter 431

Chapter 431 The Incorporated Law World

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Endure, endure, endure!

Luo Yunyang felt his entire self burning. Just a tiny bit of that indescribable pain was enough to make a person crumble.

Skin, flesh, muscle, bone, blood!

Everything was burning, everything was transforming. The process of this metamorphosis was extremely painful. All these years, Luo Yunyang had read a lot of books. Therefore, he knew that man had actually evolved in order to get closer to Origin Source Law.

However, this type of evolution had to be a slow change in the environment. The moment this evolution became too quick, it would become extremely painful.

At the moment, it seemed as though a sound kept blustering beside Luo Yunyang’s ear, telling him to give up. As long as he gave up even a little, all this pain would go away.

However, Luo Yunyang knew that the moment he gave up, any chance of incorporating the Fiery Sun Origin would disappear.

Although making adjustments with his attribute regulator could decrease the pain, as he cultivated deeper and understood more about these cultivation paths, Luo Yunyang discovered that the greater the pain, the greater the opportunity.

Especially when it came to mind power cultivation, painful experiences between life and death were actually an opportunity for a huge leap.

Given Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base, this sort of opportunities were rare and far between. Thus, he was naturally unwilling to let it slip.

Luo Yunyang would also gain more things while enduring this pain. His comprehension of Fire Origin Source Laws alone slowly became clearer, and some parts of the Heaven-Burning Diagram that he hadn’t understood now were within reach.

The numbers of his Fire Origin Source Law also increased rapidly.

Although Luo Yunyang’s pain had spread throughout his body, he was still delighted. Amid this pain and delight, Luo Yunyang could only try his best to endure.

Meanwhile, Luochuan and the others were still waiting outside the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels. They had already been beaten by Luo Yunyang till their faces were swollen, so they didn’t care about anything else. They just wanted to use Luo Yunyang and the others’ failures to feel pleased about themselves.


Just as everyone had started to get a little impatient from waiting, a figure was thrown out of the pagoda on the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels.

As soon as this figure was tossed out, Luochuan and the others recognized it.

It was Wen Jingxuan!

As they watched the detestable Bloody Massacre Path Disciple get thrown out, Luochuan and the others shouted out simultaneously, “Great!”

However, as they shouted loudly, the figure unexpectedly descended gently to the ground.

He hadn’t fallen flat, nor did he look disconsolate. He just landed gracefully.

Wen Jingxuan had always had great stature, yet the way he landed gracefully on the ground showed everyone that he was really elegant.

“Why… Why didn’t you…” a Fiery Sun Path elite stammered in disbelief.

Although Wen Jingxuan didn’t understand what that person meant, he still said elegantly, “I gave up immediately.”

He had given up such a rare opportunity? Luochuan and the others stared at Wen Jingxuan in disbelief.

“I don’t have much willpower, and this Fire Origin Source wouldn’t benefit my cultivation much. There was even a possibility that it would mess up my cultivation. Thus, I gave up,” Wen Jingxuan said before he sat down in a lotus position calmly.

“Then why are you even comprehending the Sky Book?” someone asked bitterly. “Why don’t you just return to the Bloody Massacre Path?”

“The Fiery Sun’s Sky Book doesn’t just contain Fire Origin Source Law!” Wen Jingxuan stared at the guy as though he was an imbecile.

Luochuan and the others said nothing else. Time passed amidst this silence. 20 minutes later, yet another figure flew out of the Fiery Sun’s 19 levels.

This time, the person flying out smashed into a scarlet boulder. His head smacked against the boulder with a crash before the boulder crumbled.

When Wen Jingxuan quickly glanced in the direction that person had been thrown from, he realized that it was Lu Bowen.

Meanwhile, Lu Bowen was in a daze. His hands were clenched tightly and an indescribable pain was coursing through his body.

“Ha ha ha! It seems like he is still having a nightmare!” someone said delightedly as he watched Lu Bowen. “He’s been overestimating his capabilities!”

Although these humiliating words weren’t that funny, everyone laughed heartily. They wanted to use this as a way to regain their lost dignity.

Lu Bowen sobered up when he heard their laughter. When he saw Wen Jingxuan, he forced a smile. “Did you also give up, Old Wen?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t even compare to you!” Wen Jingxuan replied.

As the two of them conversed, yet another figure flew out. This person had been flung to the ground like a piece of trash.

Unlike Lu Bowen, who was in a dazed state, Tie Wudi’s eyes were wide and full of indignation.

“I should have held on!” This was the first thing Tie Wudi said when he saw Wen Jingxuan.

“Just a little bit…. Just a little bit longer and I would have succeeded!”

Tie Wudi didn’t know what was going on. Thus, when he said that, a member of Luochuan’s group mocked him impolitely. “Just a little bit? You were a long way off!”

“Why should the Fiery Sun Divine Origin be so generously given to you people for a try? You simply can’t incorporate it!”

“He he… Do you know how many star dollars you have wasted? 10,000! That’s right, the three of you have wasted 30,000 star dollars in total!”

“If that Fiery Sun Divine Origin is fused, it could provide a massive loss to the Fire Origin Source Law. However, if it fails, it won’t be of any use at all.”

“Three drops of Fiery Sun Divine Origin have been completely wasted!”

Tie Wudi was really pissed with all of this derision. However, he didn’t possess Luo Yunyang’s ability to single-handedly beat up Luochuan and the others. Thus, he could only endure this.

Wen Jingxuan and the others didn’t leave either. They just waited there, feeling an intense desire in their hearts. They wished that at least one member of their group would be successful.

Although they hadn’t been able to achieve this themselves, as long as one of their comrades accomplished it, they wouldn’t lose any face.

Only Luo Yunyang and Yang Shang were left. One of them had to succeed!

Footsteps were heard from the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels. The sound jolted Wen Jingxuan and the others upright.

Yang Shang walked out next with a half-smile on his face, waving his hand when he saw Wen Jingxuan and the others.

“How is everything, Brother Yang?” Tie Wudi was the gloomiest member of their group. He was also the person targeted by Luochuan and his gang the most. Therefore, Tie Wudi rushed over impatiently, full of anticipation.

“I could only accomplish half of it!” Yang Shan raised his arm as he spoke dully. “My current constitution is special, so most of the Fiery Sun Divine Origin power is sealed within my body. Only after I completely recover will I be able to confirm whether I succeeded.”

What Tie Wudi wanted the most right now was a feeling of victory. He wanted to use it as a counterattack against Luochuan. However, Yang Shang’s situation was barely satisfactory…

“Never mind, never mind… We still have Luo Yunyang!” Wen Jingxuan patted Tie Wudi on the back with a chuckle. “He has endured this for so long already. He should probably be able to incorporate a drop of the Fiery Sun Divine Origin.”

Tie Wudi nodded. Luo Yunyang probably wouldn’t disappoint him.

Luochuan wanted to say something sarcastic, yet when he looked at the time, he chose to keep his mouth shut. Based on his experience, if someone spent this much time in the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels without being thrown out, they would probably succeed.


A scarlet flaming dragon rushed out abruptly from the 10th floor of the pagoda. The instant the dragon flew out, the originally quiet sky immediately seemed to get scorched. Meanwhile, layers of scarlet-red Origin Source Law chains formed plumes of scarlet clouds and fused with the flaming dragon in the sky.

The dragon twirled among the scarlet clouds in the sky for at least five minutes before rushing over to the 15th floor.

“It’s the Incorporated Law World! He was successful!”

Wen Jingxuan’s voice was somewhat excited as he looked at the scarlet clouds. Although he thought that Luo Yunyang might not necessarily have been successful, seeing this still delighted him.

Of course, there was also a little trace of envy in his voice. Luo Yunyang was surging straight ahead in high spirits, whereas he could only cheer Luo Yunyang on in the future!

After all, everyone had been given the same opportunity. He and the others had mostly failed, while Luo Yunyang had successfully incorporated a drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

Luochuan and the others’ faces had turned rigid. The person that they had been hoping the most to see getting thrown out of the pagoda was Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang had successfully incorporated the Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

“Senior Brother Luo, there is no longer any point in us staying here and encouraging them!” someone said immediately.

Luochuan nodded. Staying there and watching Luo Yunyang return in glory would be lame.

However, just as he was about to leave, the 11th floor suddenly lit up.

“Luo Yunyang wants to incorporate a second drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin. Is he… Is he crazy?” a Fiery Sun Path Disciple said in shock.

Incorporating one drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin was already a very difficult task. After incorporating the first drop, most people would cultivate properly for a period of time before trying to incorporate a second one.

Luo Yunyang had actually tried to take on a second drop right away!

“He’s overestimating himself!” Luochuan proclaimed loudly.

“The people that the gods want to destroy go mad. Luo Yunyang is really asking for it!”

“No one can leave. Let’s watch him fall from the 19 Levels!”