Supreme Uprising Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Riding The Winds For 90000 Miles

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“Luo Yunyang is not crazy. He is just taking advantage of the situation!” said Zuoshu as he walked down the main hall with a smile on his face.

His smile was confident.

As a top telekinesis master, Zuoshu had a very high level of intelligence. Thus, he found solutions for many of the problems people faced out there!

Sitting opposite Zuoshu was Ke Linqi. Given Ke Linqi’s mad efforts to improve himself through cultivating, he should rightfully be cultivating right now.

However, Luo Yunyang’s accomplishments during the previous battle had caused him to make an exception this time. That was why he was drinking wine with Zuoshu instead.

Initially, both of them had had no opinion in regards to Luo Yunyang being allowed to incorporate the Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

They had also seemed to scoff disdainfully at Luochuan for wanting to watch how this dramatic series of events would unfold.

However, they felt a sense of unease now that Luo Yunyang was about to incorporate the second drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin. After all, not just anybody could incorporate that amount of Fiery Sun Divine Origin in such a short period of time.

Upon hearing the words “taking advantage”, Ke Linqi broke into a wide smile. If Zuoshu had not reminded him, he would have forgotten the rules set by the Fiery Sun Path. Fusing the first drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin required a certain payment. However, after successfully incorporating the first drop, the second drop did not require any payment at all.

It was free! How great was that?

When one was given such a great opportunity, it would be a waste not to take advantage of it.

It appeared that Luo Yunyang did know about this rule, which explained why he had chosen to fuse the second drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

“Luo Yunyang may have strong, powerful weapons. However, I think that his cultivation base has not improved much,” Zuoshu said. “If the two of you competed again, your chances of victory would be seven to three.”

“His would be seven, and yours three!”

Ke Linqi nodded his head. If Luo Yunyang had used the Myriad Convergence Ring and sensed this unprecedented threat, then his chances of victory would indeed only have been about 30 percent.

“However, you should not get depressed over this. The Great Chaotic Hole Path ends in its own destruction. By doing so, Luo Yunyang would definitely get destroyed by his own hands.”

“On the contrary, you have been cultivating the Great Unrivaled Sun Path, so your fate will be different. It won’t lead to self-destruction,” Zuoshu added.

“Besides, if you are able to find a cultivator that combines Water Origin Source Law and Radiance Origin Source Law to form the Sky-Enveloping Moon Path, then your combined strength will definitely reach the very top of the nine paths.”

Ke Linqi’s eyes lit up. The Sky-Enveloping Moon Path and the Great Unrivaled Sun Path complemented each other well like the Yin and Yang. This could actually be considered the best combination of cultivation paths among the nine paths.

“I heard that people are already cultivating the Sky-Enveloping Moon Path.”

Ke Linqi slowly stood up as he was speaking, his eyes radiating with the confidence of a monarch.

“We will have to see how the next 100 years go.”

By the time Ke Linqi said this, Luo Yunyang had already incorporated the second Fiery Sun Divine Origin into his body.

After already familiarizing himself with the amount of pain inflicted by trying to fuse with the Fiery Sun Divine Origin, Luo Yunyang reckoned that the pain this time would be fairly similar to the first time.

However, he realized he had been too naive the moment he started trying to fuse the second drop.

The intensity of this pain was about three times stronger.

The reason Luo Yunyang was willing to suffer this pain was because, as the first Fiery Sun Divine Origin had been incorporated, he had felt 10 times stronger because of it.

This meant that his comprehending speed of the Fire Origin Source Laws had also increased by a full 10 times.

It could be said that this comprehension speed was crazy. However, at the same time, the pain inflicted was extremely unbearable.

Luo Yunyang gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly. This pain actually wasn’t the worst. The burning sensation throughout his body was what made it even more unbearable.

He couldn’t bear this any longer!

Luo Yunyang’s mind was in a mess by this point. Thus, he decided to use the attribute regulator.

The golden words on the attribute regulator made the user interface look beautiful. However, Luo Yunyang didn’t have the time to appreciate that. All he needed was to upgrade his Constitution and Mind Attribute.

Reducing his Mind Attribute would help reduce the amount of pain he felt. Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang wasn’t the same person he used to be. He knew that the only way he would become indestructible and attain the highest cultivation level was by increasing his cultivation base.

Power: 103 (Fire: 101)

Mind: 27

Speed: 35

Constitution: 20

Origin Source Law: 116 (Wind: 28, Earth: 21, Fire: 39, Water: 16)

Luo Yunyang was really happy deep down. Although the fusing of the Fiery Sun Divine Origin was extremely painful, during that short span of time, his Fire Origin Source Law had increased 10 times. Luo Yunyang was delighted.

However, even though the numbers on the attribute regulator increased, the Origin Source Laws couldn’t be converted to the other four main attributes and vice versa. This irritated Luo Yunyang considerably.

This wasn’t the time to mull over this, though. Luo Yunyang quickly adjusted his Constitution to 30 points and his Mind to 40 points.

Although he could have increased the numbers further, there was not much additional benefit in doing so. Hence, Luo Yunyang decided to take things one step at a time.

Following the attribute adjustments, the excruciating pain seemed much more bearable. In fact, Luo Yunyang thought that the second round of fusion had been slightly easier than the first one.

Meanwhile, the two rulers were having a chat in the palace of the Pure Sun Ruler. Neither of them had actually thought much about Luo Yunyang’s fusion of the Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

“Several days ago, I heard that Senior Brother Luotian perished in battle!” said the Pure Sun Ruler with a hint of gloom in his voice.

The Blood Sky Ruler nodded gently and replied somberly, “I also heard about it. I would never have expected this!”

As he mumbled to himself, the Blood Sky Ruler’s expression became nostalgic. “Back in the day, the three of us had been known as the three strongest people in the Milky Way. Luotian had actually been stronger than the two of us! I would never have imagined that he would perish in battle!”

After a moment of silence, the Blood Sky Ruler adjusted his sleeves. A series of chains suddenly flew out from all directions and surrounded them. The two of them were now more at ease.

“Given Luotian’s capabilities, he should not have died. However, the evil Blue Spirit Race Director ambushed him” The Blood Sky Ruler punched the air around him.

The air he struck disintegrated and many red chains of light began flowing along the Blood Sky Ruler’s hands.

“Alright, let’s not get too hasty,” said the Pure Sun Ruler as he breathed heavily. “Our numbers are weak. What we should do right now is accumulate as much power as we can.”

“Not that I want to criticize the Bloody Massacre Path, but you are actually letting a talented individual like Luo Yunyang practice the Great Chaotic Hole Path. Isn’t that a massive waste of his talent?”

The Blood Sky Ruler chuckled. “We didn’t want to let him cultivate it either. In fact, we actually were hoping that he wouldn’t be able to develop anything when he first started cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path. However, that lad”

“He has already managed to incorporate one drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin and is currently on his way to the second. I must really applaud his courage!” The Pure Sun Ruler then switched to a serious tone and said, “Actually, I think that he should join the Fiery Sun Path. If he were to cultivate the Great Unrivaled Sun Path”

Just as the two men were speaking, several red rays of origin chains began to appear in the Pure Sun Ruler’s palace.

These chains had been imposed by the Pure Sun Ruler to prohibit transformation. When he saw them, the Pure Sun Ruler waved his sleeves and red clouds appeared on the black screen.

These clouds burned more fiercely and distinctly. The Pure Sun Ruler believed that they contained a profound law chain.

For a moment, he was stunned to see the scarlet clouds. However, he quickly said, “This is a second-level origin cloud. Somebody has incorporated a second drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin.”

“Good, good, good Looks like another talented individual has appeared in the Fiery Sun Path!”

The Blood Sky Ruler had an envious look on his face. The Fiery Sun Divine Origin was an ultimate treasure of the Fiery Sun Path. By incorporating it, that individual would increase their understanding of the Fire Source Origin Laws greatly.

However, fusing with it wasn’t easy. One needed to be a gifted genius to be able to incorporate even a second one.

“Let’s check out who incorporated the second drop of Fire Sun Divine Origin!” the Pure Sun Ruler ordered excitedly as he faced the massive screen.

“Reporting, Ruler. The person who incorporated the second drop of Fire Sun Divine Origin was Luo Yunyang. He is now heading towards the 12th level!” a mechanical voice answered the Pure Sun Ruler’s question promptly. The Pure Sun Ruler went blank when he heard this reply.

The Blood Sky Ruler was also dumbstruck. They had allowed Luo Yunyang to try and fuse the Fire Sun Divine Origin just to let him gain some experience. It would naturally have been great if he’d succeeded, yet if he’d failed, it would have cost them several tens of thousands of star dollars.

Nobody would have expected that Luo Yunyang would not only succeed in incorporating the first Fire Sun Divine Origin, but also manage to incorporate a second one.

He was a gifted genius!

These were the only words in the Blood Space Ruler’s mind at the moment.

However, he soon heard the mechanical voice report that Luo Yunyang was going to fuse a third drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin.

Had he lost his mind?

The Blood Sky Ruler wasn’t the only one thinking this. In fact, anyone who heard that Luo Yunyang was trying to fuse one more drop had the same thought.

Foes like Luochuan, who had suffered defeat at the hands of Luo Yunyang, felt jealous to their very core and wished him the worst possible outcome!