Supreme Uprising Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Soaring Into The Skies

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The incorporation of the third drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin was successful!

When the third layer of Law clouds appeared, everyone, regardless of whether they were from the Bloody Massacre Path or the Fiery Sun Path, was flabbergasted.

If Luo Yunyang’s successful incorporation of the second drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin was unbelievable, then his swift incorporation of the third drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin was shocking. Nobody dared believed that this was possible.

Incorporating Fiery Sun Divine Origin required enduring massive pain. This pain intensified many times with each step.

The pain caused by incorporating Fiery Sun Divine Origin could not be overcome just by relying on willpower.

In the history of the Fiery Sun Path, there had been some people who had successfully incorporated three drops. However, Luo Yunyang was the first person ever to incorporate three drops in one go.

“What a sick fellow!” As Luochuan mumbled to himself, he waved at the dumbstruck Fiery Sun Path elites and said, “Let’s go, there is nothing to see here!”

Although Luochuan had expected that Luo Yunyang would be eventually tossed out, that fellow had incorporated three drops before his very eyes. This was a remarkable achievement. How could they make fun of him anymore?

Even if Luo Yunyang was tossed out, or ended up being in a disheveled state, they wouldn’t have any basis to mock him. Leaving quickly was the best option if they wanted to protect their dignity.

“You go first, Brother Luo. We want to watch some more.” Although some people complied with Luochuan’s instructions, most people chose to stay behind.

Luochuan was a little gloomy. However, he wasn’t in the mood to say anything. He nodded at the people following him before rising up to the sky and leaving.

However, when Luochuan returned to his palace, the first thing he did was turn on the electronic screen. As expected, the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels appeared on the screen.

“Luo Yunyang is really f*cking disgusting!”

“I just don’t believe that he can incorporate one more drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin!”

Peeved, Luochuan stared fixedly at the screen. However, after two hours of staring, red lights suddenly started to fill the screen.

Although Luochuan couldn’t actually see what was going on due to these red lights, he didn’t have a good feeling about this.

He couldn’t wait for the changes to appear on the screen. Thus, he took to the air once more and headed back to the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels to take a look personally.

As expected, a layer of red clouds had already filled up the sky.

The 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th floor of the unvarying Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels had turned completely scarlet, as if they were showing their reverence to the red mist covering the skies or perhaps to the man inside the Fiery Sun Path’s 19 Levels.

“How can this be?”

At the moment, practically all the elites within the Nine-Fire Sky were staring unblinkingly at the mist-filled sky. Everyone was only wondering one thingHow was this possible?

However, the sky full of red mist told them that their worries had already undoubtedly become a reality.

Someone had skyrocketed right from the start and incorporated four drops of Fiery Sun Divine Origin. These violent advancing methods shocked them to their very core.

“This fella is really vicious. He incorporated four drops of Fiery Sun Divine Origin! Is he trying to make the entire Nine-Fire Sky tremble?” A genius from the Fiery Sun Path groused bitterly.

“Seems like he wishes to go on. I thought that he was a little too wild when he tried incorporating the fourth drop, but now I have nothing to say anymore!”

“I think that he might possibly succeed.”

Yang Shang and the others exchanged glances. The four of them didn’t know what to say either.

This pleasant surprise was really shocking.

“Do you think that he’d be able to successfully incorporate a fifth drop?” Lu Bowen asked nervously.

Wen Jingxuan exhaled. “Don’t ask me, I really don’t know!”

Meanwhile, the Blood Space Ruler and the Pure Sun Ruler arrived at the foot of the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels like two streaks of light. Compared to the Blood Space Ruler, the Pure Sun Ruler seemed way more excited. He was actually staring fervently at the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels.

“He’s only at the Star-Grade Realm, yet he actually dares take on a fifth drop! He he When my cultivation base was like his, I had only incorporated two drops!” the Pure Sun Ruler lamented sincerely.

The Blood Space Ruler didn’t say anything. As he watched the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels, he thought that it was too late for regrets.

If he had known that Luo Yunyang’s affinity with Fire Origin Source Law was so outstanding, he would have absolutely forbidden Luo Yunyang to cultivate the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Luo Yunyang had to endure! He was really close to succeeding!

Intense, acute pain made Luo Yunyang’s entire body tremble. His insides seemed to be filled with gigantic blazes that burned every part of his body. His mouth was parched, and his throat and eyes felt scorched.

Although this situation seemed like an illusion, Luo Yunyang knew very well that it was real.

While each blaze seemed invisible, the layers of Fire Origin Source Law actually kept fusing with his body.

Luo Yunyang had already raised his attributes to the maximum by using the attribute regulator. His Speed, which wasn’t that useful under the circumstances, had also been decreased to zero.

Luo Yunyang’s heart was filled with a torment that shook his soul. Meanwhile, a voice kept blustering in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

Give up, give up, give up!

These roars were so enticing that Luo Yunyang had to fight not to lose his mind.

He could still push forward; he hadn’t reached his limits yet. He definitely needed to push through. As he gave this his all and held firm, he vaguely felt his consciousness start to become a little dazed.

After losing track of time, Luo Yunyang suddenly discovered that his consciousness had transcended space. The void surrounding him, which only contained some layers of Fire Origin Source Law, had quickly turned into a massive flaming vortex.

This vortex was as massive as a whole world.

Within this flaming vortex, Luo Yunyang felt a vast power. He also felt something that shocked him to the depths of his heart.

This sort of thing was very difficult to put into words. However, it definitely existed.

A scarlet flame flew out of the massive flaming vortex and towards Luo Yunyang’s body at practically the moment that Luo Yunyang saw it.

As this blaze entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt a special connection between him and that powerful flaming vortex.

It felt as if the flaming vortex was his parent. Their relationship was that close and dear.

However, as he got intoxicated by this feeling, a wave of power immediately dragged him out of it.

The sobered-up Luo Yunyang felt his body fill with vigor. This sort of vigor was difficult to explain.

However, this wasn’t that important. At the moment, all his attention was focused on a small flaming imprint that had appeared between his eyebrows.

The flame was very small, yet as Luo Yunyang used his mind, he could feel the Fire Origin Source Law around him become easier to control.

Even if Luo Yunyang didn’t will it, the power of his Fire Origin Source Law would move to his subconscious thoughts.

“Congratulations on incorporating five drops of Fiery Sun Divine Origin and gaining the approval of Fire Origin Source Law, young man. This is also considered your first step towards cultivating Fire Origin Source Law.”

“Although you could continue, I suggest that you stop for the time being. After all, despite obtaining the approval of Fire Origin Source Law, you have already reached your own limits. If you continue, your gains won’t match your losses.”

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know where this mechanical voice came from or who it was, he knew that it wasn’t wrong. He had already reached his limits.

After hesitating slightly, he opened the attribute regulator in his mind. He wanted to use it to verify his current state.

Power: 103 (Fire: 101)

Mind: 33

Speed: 35

Constitution: 22

Origin Source Law: 121 (Wind: 28, Earth: 21, Fire: 45, Water: 16)

The increase of his Mind Attribute hadn’t exceeded Luo Yunyang’s expectations. The increase of his Fire Origin Source Law had also been expected. However, these figures hadn’t increased by much, and forcing himself to incorporate a sixth drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin wouldn’t benefit him much either.

“Alright, I will not try to incorporate a sixth drop of Fiery Sun Divine Origin.” Luo Yunyang decided to give up after some hesitation. He knew that there was a high possibility that forcibly trying to incorporate more would produce undesired results.

A large path completely made of flames appeared beneath Luo Yunyang’s feet. Luo Yunyang followed the path, slowly strolling out of the Fiery Sun’s 19 Levels.

As he walked out, he came across the Pure Sun Ruler and the Blood Space Ruler. He also saw Ke Linqi, as well as other familiar faces.

These people watched Luo Yunyang travel down the flaming path as though he was some sort of freak.

“Luo Yunyang, you are allowed to join the Fiery Sun Path. If you want to, I will help you reverse and nullify the Great Chaotic Hole Path and allow you to cultivate the Fiery Sun Path’s Great Unrivaled Sun Path!”

The Pure Sun Ruler was the first to speak. The moment he saw Luo Yunyang, his gaze fixed itself firmly on the tiny flaming imprint between Luo Yunyang’s brows.

The Great Unrivaled Sun Path?

This was the highest cultivation path of the Fiery Sun Path. Only Fiery Sun Disciples who had gone through many experiences spanning thousands of years could cultivate it.

However, the Pure Sun Ruler had unexpectedly used this to entice Luo Yunyang.

Ke Linqi and the others could not voice any objections. The Fiery Origin Source Law had covered the whole Nine-Fire Sky, leaving them extremely shocked.

Gaining the approval of Fire Origin Source Law was pretty much a myth in their opinion, yet it had actually happened.

This was real!