Supreme Uprising Chapter 434

Chapter 434 The Sky Illuminating Starfire Diagram

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The Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book didn’t seem too different from the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book on the outside. The Sky Book Halls of the two paths could actually be considered identical.

However, the content of the two Sky Books had intrinsic differences.

Just as the Blood Space Ruler had said before their arrival, the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book mainly focused on Fire. Furthermore, the elaborate information on Fire Origin Source Laws inside was very extensive.

A lot of it could even be linked up.

For example, the inter-coherence between the three diagrams Luo Yunyang was observing was very good. He was specifically checking out the Sky-Illuminating Starfire Diagram, the Void-Plundering Starfire Diagram and the Sun Moon Starfire Diagram.

Although the content of these three diagrams on Fire Origin Source Law wasn’t the same, Luo Yunyang’s gains were still great.

The starlight of the Sky-Illuminating Starfire Diagram produced 18,000 light spots, each of them exceptionally profound.

During the days that Luo Yunyang entered the Fiery Sun Path, most of his time was spent on these three diagrams.

A period of one month was still really short. Therefore, Luo Yunyang only believed that he had comprehended a small portion of these diagrams.

“Greetings, Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang. Your comprehension time period is already up. Please leave immediately,” a mechanical voice said in Luo Yunyang’s ear.

A month had passed in the blink of an eye.

Although Luo Yunyang felt a little reluctant, he was also helpless. The comprehension period wasn’t something that they could decide on their own.

When he left the Fiery Sun Path’s Sky Book Hall, Luo Yunyang saw Yang Shang and the others. Yang Shang was in particularly high spirits. He obviously had gained quite a lot during this session.

Yang Shang smiled and called out when he saw Luo Yunyang, “Yunyang, how is everything?”

When he saw the beaming Yang Shang, Luo Yunyang smiled back faintly. “It’s alright. How about you?”

“I can’t compare to you, but I’ve still gained quite a bit.” Yang Shang studied Luo Yunyang before adding, “You have already obtained the approval of Fire Origin Source Law, so you must have an advantage over us.”

As they were speaking, the Pure Sun Ruler and the Blood Space Ruler walked over side by side. Although they were all top-tier geniuses, the five of them still greeted the two rulers respectfully.

“Have you considered my offer, Luo Yunyang?” the Pure Sun Ruler asked as though the Blood Space Ruler didn’t exist.

He was talking about his offer to let Luo Yunyang enter the Fiery Sun Path and cultivate the Great Unrivaled Sun Path. Now that Luo Yunyang had gained the approval of Fire Origin Source Law, the Pure Sun Ruler wanted to get him to join the Fiery Sun Path.

Luo Yunyang, who had already declined once, chose to tactfully decline this time as well. “Thank you for this kind gesture, Ruler. However, I am not ready to leave the Bloody Massacre Path.”

The Pure Sun Ruler’s eager anticipation turned into disappointment upon hearing Luo Yunyang’s negative answer once again.

“You will surely regret this choice, Yunyang!” the Pure Sun Ruler said rather regretfully. “How can a person who has obtained the approval of Fire Origin Source Law not choose to stay in the Fiery Sun Path? This really is a pity!”

Suddenly, he glanced at Luo Yunyang and said. “It’s best not to continue cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path. Blood Space is also here. He knows very well that once the four Origin Source Laws within your body start to go out of tune, you”

Although the Blood Space Ruler didn’t seem to be saying anything, his mouth moved and his voice was transmitted straight to Luo Yunyang’s ear.

“Giving up the Great Chaotic Hole Path and staying in the Fiery Sun Path is not a bad path to take. Although you would experience considerable loss, at least you would be able to preserve your life. Don’t worry, I will explain everything to the Path Master.”

The Blood Space Ruler was magnanimous indeed. Luo Yunyang knew that these words of advice were meant to remind him not to worry about whether he would be betraying the Bloody Massacre Path or not.

However, he wasn’t willing to abandon the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Power: 110 (Fire: 101)

Mind: 38

Speed: 41

Constitution: 24

Origin Source Law: 165 (Wind: 28, Earth: 21, Fire: 120, Water: 16)

An imbalance had already started to appear in regards to the figures of the four types of Origin Source Law on the attribute regulator. This could be considered a ticking time bomb for ordinary Great Chaotic Hole Path Cultivators.

However, thanks to the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang could meticulously adjust his body’s condition. This was not dangerous by any means. Plus, he was also able to use the regulator to raise his Myriad Eight Laws to the fifth state.

“Thank you, Ruler. However, ever since I chose the Great Chaotic Hole Path, I’ve never thought about abandoning it,” Luo Yunyang told the Blood Space Ruler by using the same method.

The Blood Space Ruler said nothing else. Although the Pure Sun Ruler shook his head in a clearly unresigned manner, he didn’t insist when he saw Luo Yunyang’s resolve.

“We will be returning to the Bloody Massacre Path tomorrow. This trip to the Fiery Sun Path hasn’t been easy. Now, go and shop for some items!” The Blood Space Ruler glanced at the five men, who had clearly gotten stronger during the past month, before he added, “I’ve already spoken with the Pure Sun Ruler. He will dispatch special attendants to accompany you to the Fiery Sun Path’s Nine-Fire City.”

The Blood Space Ruler then waved his sleeve. “Everyone has an allowance of 1,000 star dollars. Fork out any extra money from your own pockets.”

The value of star dollars was very high. 1,000 star dollars was actually a considerable amount of wealth. The Blood Space Ruler’s words brought smiles to Yang Shang and the others’ faces.

The Pure Sun Ruler also chuckled heartily. “Make sure to think properly before you shop. I have to warn you that the Fiery Sun Path doesn’t allow any returns of goods!”

The two rulers naturally didn’t have the time to chit chat with Luo Yunyang. After issuing some instructions, they soared into the sky and flew away.

“Don’t we always purchase cultivation items through our communication devices? Why do we have to head to the Nine-Fire Star?” Tie Wudi muttered as he watched the two rulers disappear into the distance.

“When purchasing stuff in the Bloody Massacre Path, we can make random selections. However, we are in the Fiery Sun Path now.” Yang Shang was in a good mood as he explained everything to Tie Wudi. “The Fiery Sun Path’s treasury won’t be open to us.”

“Although we are in the Nine-Fire City, we won’t be able to purchase any special top-grade items. However, a number of fire-based treasures here will definitely be much stronger than the ones we can find back at the Bloody Massacre Path.”

Then, he glanced at Luo Yunyang and said. “Yunyang, although you are only at the initial stage of the Star-Grade, you still ought to make some preparations for the Nebula-Grade. For example, you could start to gather items like flame crystals and other similar stuff.”

Although Yang Shang wasn’t very talkative, the uncharacteristic manner in which he proceeded to explain all of this to Luo Yunyang naturally showed how much he respected Luo Yunyang’s potential.

Luo Yunyang thanked Yang Shang with a smile. The person who would be serving as their guide and attendant this time appeared before them.

This attendant was warm and nice to the five of them. He was actually overflowing with reverence as he looked at Luo Yunyang.

Although the Nine-Fire City was in the Nine-Fire Realm, there were three more planets to go before reaching the Nine-Fire Realm. Thus, this trip would take at least an hour even by spacecraft.

An hour later, Luo Yunyang and the others got off the spacecraft. Before them was a city that went on for miles and miles.

The tallest building in this city was only about eight-floors high. The pedestrians walking about mostly had grandmaster-level cultivation bases or higher, while Planet-Grade martialists weren’t a rare sight either.

“Blood Disciples, this is the commercial district of the Fiery Sun Path’s Nine-Fire City. Feel free to view this area as you please. Each of you will get a purple tablet that represents 1,000 star dollars. I hope that everyone has fun!” The attendant handed each of them a purple tablet as they reached a bustling street.

1,000 star dollars was the allowance that the Blood Space Ruler had given them.

They were in the Fiery Sun Path’s territory now. Thus, the five of them walked together to a store not too far away that looked like a palace hall.

“Fire Blaze Crystals, one star dollar a piece!”

“Scarlet Fire Copper, a grade-metal for refining weapons, 50 grams for one star dollar!”

“Fire Sun Combat Knife, 10 star dollars!”

Each of the items in the store stated its price clearly. This looked like an honest business with no shady practices.

However, these items didn’t seem useful to Luo Yunyang and the others. Therefore, none of them made any purchases.

“Blood Disciples, we also have some top-tier treasures here. If you need them, please head to the top floor.” Just as the five of them shook their heads in dismay and got ready to leave, a graceful lady in fitting attire addressed them.

Her cultivation base was at the Planet 1-Grade. If Luo Yunyang or anyone else lifted a finger, they could just crush this lady in an instant. However, she didn’t seem to exude much fear as she dealt with them.

After a quick exchange of glances, Yang Shang led the way, following the lady to the top floor. As the lady had said, there were way more things there compared to the floor below.

For example, there was a Geo-Fire Divine Fluid that one rarely saw in the Bloody Massacre Path. The prices there were also cheaper than the Bloody Massacre Path’s by a few star dollars.

Luo Yunyang was kind of enticed by the Geo-Fire Divine Fluid. After all, this fluid could be used as a material while ascending to the Nebula-Grade.

However, it cost 100 star dollars per drop, so the amount he could purchase was too limited.

After circling the place once, Lu Bowen purchased a set of Blaze Armor. The others didn’t buy anything.

The lady leading them wasn’t displeased by this. She actually treated them with clear reverence.

“Let’s go!” Tie Wudi said lazily as he stretched his back. “If we want to buy any good stuff, I think we should check out their auction hall. Everything here is rather ordinary.”

Wen Jingxuan chuckled. “I’m just worried that our few star dollars won’t be enough to buy us anything there.”

Luo Yunyang had also chosen to give up on purchasing anything there. However, as he started to make his way downstairs, he suddenly sensed something. He immediately turned his gaze towards a corner on the top floor.