Supreme Uprising Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Bequest Of Geniuses

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What Luo Yunyang saw was a diagram. A very familiar diagram!

This was the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram!

Luo Yunyang had been able to survive during the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena all those years ago mainly because he had relied on the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram.

Although he didn’t know how this diagram measured up to the one he had first seen at the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, there was a considerable difference between the one in the Sky Book and the Great Chaotic Hole Path’s stone monument.

However, there was a certain charm to this Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram.

According to Luo Yunyang’s intuition, this charm was artificial. It could be said that this Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram gave off an artificial vibe.

Luo Yunyang felt some biases rise along with this realization.

However, these biases clearly indicated a path for his cultivation.

Luo Yunyang immediately walked over to the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram. However, when he picked it up, he realized that there were actually 10 books behind the diagram.

Autumn Wind Sword Art 1 Autumn Wind Sword Art 2

When Luo Yunyang casually picked a book and browsed through it, he felt a little shaken. A person who possessed the Autumn Wind Sword Art could have a deep understanding of the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram.

“How much does this set of sword techniques cost?” Luo Yunyang asked the lady, who had followed him over.

She hadn’t seemed disappointed that the items in the shop hadn’t caught Luo Yunyang or the others’ eyes. However, when she heard Luo Yunyang ask about the price of the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram, she immediately appeared more lively.

“Sir, this is a set of sword techniques left behind by a Fiery Sun Path genius called Feng Changtian 10,000 years ago, after he went on a comprehensive tour of the Bloody Massacre Path’s Sky Book. According to the Fiery Sun Path’s rating system, this is a set of B-Grade sword techniques that could allow a small family to rise to power on a planet!”

“If it wasn’t comprehended by Sir Feng Changtian himself, this set of sword techniques wouldn’t be put on the market by an internal sect.”

Luo Yunyang suddenly had a thought as he heard the lady’s words. “Based on what you said, are any other self-created techniques allowed to be put on the market?”

“That goes without saying. Our Spring Sun Building doesn’t keep much in store. If you want to, you can check out Guanlan Press, sir! They have the biggest number of books and records there!” The lady gave Luo Yunyang a recommendation.

As soon as he heard her, Luo Yunyang made a decision. If the books at Guanlan Press were anything like this Autumn Wind Sword Art, then he would have a bountiful harvest this time.

“Name a price for the Autumn Wind Sword Art and the diagram!”

The lady didn’t hesitate when she realized that Luo Yunyang wanted to purchase these items. She immediately replied, “If you wish to buy them, 100 star dollars will do!”

100 star dollars wasn’t a small sum. After all, the allowance the Blood Space Ruler had given Luo Yunyang and the others was only 1,000 star dollars each.

However, Luo Yunyang believed that the Autumn Wind Sword Art would help him comprehend Wind Origin Source Law. Thus, he bought it without wasting any time.

“Yunyang, the Autumn Wind Sword Art might be quite good, but I think that given your understanding of the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram, even a self-created sword art wouldn’t help you much,” said Yang Shang.

After leaving the store, he advised him, “Although other thought processes are rather useful, studying things left behind by others could easily divert you from your main path.”

Yang Shang’s words made sense. This was perfectly normal for most martialists. Learning from others was fine for mediocre people. However, talented geniuses like them wanted to walk down their own paths.

The best way to walk down one’s own path was to decide which Origin Source Law to comprehend before matching it with one’s cultivation path.

Only this way would one be truly unequaled.

However, in Luo Yunyang’s opinion, his Great Chaotic Hole Path didn’t have to take a path of its own. The direction that the comprehension of his various Origin Source Laws took wasn’t important. His priority was definitely to comprehend a lot more of these four types of Origin Source Law.

The figures that represented the various Origin Source Laws on the attribute regulator needed to go up.

Then, the various types of Origin Source Law would form a Chaotic Hole and he would derive his own mystic arts.

Of course, Luo Yunyang was someone who thought deeply. How could he let Yang Shang know the truth? If Yang Shang assumed that he had a higher IQ than him, then Luo Yunyang would let him think so!

People were always like that. If you were weaker than someone else, that someone would look down on you; if you were stronger than someone else, although they wouldn’t look down on you, they would at times find it hard to hide their jealousy. Thus, Luo Yunyang decided to keep acting like a fool.

“Thank you for your advice, Senior Brother Yang! On the off chance that these things are useful to me, I could just randomly browse through them. I want to go over to Guanlan Press now. Do you guys have any other plans?” Luo Yunyang asked sincerely.

Although Yang Shang wanted to advise him some more, Wen Jingxuan said with a chuckle, “The road Yunyang wishes to take is different from ours. It isn’t that big of a deal. We’ll maybe just spend a few extra star dollars, that’s all.”

He then smiled at Luo Yunyang and added, “I don’t have anything to do anyway. Let’s go, I will follow you to Guanlan Press to take a look.”

Yang Shang shook his head. He suddenly felt like he had been a little too meddlesome.

If Luo Yunyang didn’t take 100 star dollars seriously, how could Yang Shang fuss over such a minor thing?

“There’s nothing I really need to buy either. Let’s go, I want to check out Guanlan Press as well!”

Tie Wudi and Lu Bowen had already started to follow Luo Yunyang blindly. Upon hearing what Yang Shang and the others said, they followed them to Guanlan Press without further ado.

Guanlan Press didn’t seem to be huge. However, it looked like a completely different world as soon as they walked in. All sorts of books and papers were visible as far as the eye could see.

“There is actually a copy of ‘Lightning Fire True Records’ here!” Yang Shang waved a maroon book around, looking pleasantly surprised. “It’s the God clan’s ‘Lightning Fire True Records’. Woah, this is really valuable! How much is it?” he immediately asked a store assistant.

Even though he saw Yang Shang’s face light up with delight, the store assistant was still honest. He didn’t act like he was reeling in a big fish. “Sir, this book includes a total of 36 volumes, so it costs one million star dollars,” he said calmly.

One million star dollars? Luo Yunyang felt a little dumbstruck upon hearing this. Back in the Blue Rain Empire, Lan Tianjue’s total fortune had only been a few thousand star dollars. When the whole Tianluo Empire had tried to fawn over Luo Yunyang, they had only presented him with a gift of 10,000 star dollars.

This set of Lightning Fire True Records actually cost one million star dollars?

As Luo Yunyang realized that Yang Shang was destined to be disappointed, Yang Shang actually fished out a black card and said calmly, “Go take care of the bill.”

What was going on? Yang Shang, Wen Jingxuan and the others had just been complaining about not having enough money for the auction! Why was Yang Shang being so extravagant? Why had he spent one million star dollars in the blink of an eye?

What exactly was going on?

Yang Shang, who seemed to have noticed Luo Yunyang’s shock, smiled. “I’ve completed a number of missions over the past few years and earned a few star dollars!”

A few? He was talking about one million star dollars!

When Luo Yunyang thought about the slightly over 10,000 star dollars that he had, he immediately felt like a poor man.

Meanwhile, Wen Jingxuan had also made a purchase. However, he didn’t buy any books. Instead, he purchased a long sword that was on display.

Although it cost 500,000 star dollars, Wen Jingxuan had also bought it without hesitation.

As he watched these two men’s actions, Luo Yunyang really felt like he was truly the only poor fellow there.

However, he wasn’t in the mood to think about this. He had already noticed that Guanlan Press sold many mystic techniques created by genius disciples from various paths after consulting other Sky Books.

Although these genius disciples hadn’t researched that thoroughly their own cultivation paths, as there was a limit to their energy, they each had their own respective benefits.

Furthermore, many people had different interpretations and created varying mystic arts based on the same diagram. For example, as far as the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram was concerned, besides the Autumn Wind Sword Art, Luo Yunyang had also discovered 121 types of mystic arts.

This was really startling!

Luo Yunyang muttered to himself as he went through book after book. He then got a shop assistant to produce a catalog that classified everything according to Wind, Fire, Water and Earth Origin Source Laws.

There were more than 154,00 copies and a total of more than two million volumes!

When Luo Yunyang saw the tiny numbers displayed on the screen, his mind went a little blank.

He had imagined that there would be only a little over 1,000 copies. He had never expected that there would actually be so many.

However, when he read what the cost was in star dollars, he exhaled sharply.

563,000 star dollars? Although this was still a far cry from the ‘Lightning Fire True Records’ that Yang Shang had purchased, Luo Yunyang, who only had slightly over 10,000 star dollars, wasn’t able to afford it.

His mind immediately went to work in an effort to pick out the most important books.

“Ha ha! I still have about 200,000 star dollars left, Brother Yunyang. I don’t really intend to buy anything else, so I could loan it to you for the time being!” Wen Jingxuan approached Luo Yunyang and patted his shoulder.

Luo Yunyang, who felt like he had discovered a treasure mine, wasn’t willing to part with the books and records left behind by those geniuses. After all, he didn’t know when he would be able to visit the Nine-Fire City again!

Thus, he readily accepted Wen Jingxuan’s kind offer.

Although 200,000 star dollars weren’t enough, this sum still allowed him to pick out the books that he considered the most premium items.

“Yunyang, I still have 100,000 star dollars left. Consider it a loan!” Yang Shang said as he handed over a card.

Lu Bowen and Tie Wudi also pooled together slightly over 200,000 star dollars.

Luo Yunyang, who had his personal principles when it came to dealing with certain things, readily accepted this loan because of the unyielding logic that one shouldn’t be afraid of being used by others, but only of being useless. When one encountered some difficulties, one had to readily accept a helping hand. Owing a favor brought people closer.

When he added this money to his own star dollars, Luo Yunyang had about 560,000 star dollars. Guanlan Press was also tasteful enough to give him 3,000 star dollars worth of items for free.

More than two million volumes were placed into an interspatial ring by Guanlan Press and handed over to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was very pleased with the two million books and records, as they contained the comprehensive knowledge of past geniuses from nine paths. He believed that this was the greatest bounty he had received at the Fiery Sun Path.

However, as he was feeling pleased, he also realized that he was already deep in debt.