Supreme Uprising Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Poor Poor Poor

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How did one enjoy shopping?

There were plenty of answers to that question. However, the most reliable one would be having an unlimited amount of money!

Luo Yunyang had bought about 15,400 secret manuals from Guanlan Press, so he was only left with two or three star dollars. It would be awkward if he continued shopping.

Thanks to him, Yang Shang and the others were also in a similar financial state. Hence, after a simple discussion, they all left the Nine-Fire City.

“Guys, how do you accept missions?” asked Luo Yunyang, who was pondering his debt and trying to find ways to get richer.

Yang Shang and the others had a strange expression on their faces when they heard Luo Yunyang’s question. Wen Jingxuan eventually laughed out loud. “Have you never participated in a mission before, Luo Yunyang?”

“I really haven’t,” Luo Yunyang answered honestly.

“I’m not surprised. After all, you only joined the Bloody Massacre Path 10 years ago. How would you have the time to accept missions? Unlike old guys like us, you’re still a tender, inexperienced chick!” Tie Wudi chuckled.

Luo Yunyang knew that Tie Wudi was a straightforward person. Hence, he didn’t take offense to his laughter.

“Whenever you’re frustrated with cultivating or training, you can log in to your account and access the Bloody Massacre Path Mission Section.” Yang Shang pointed at the communication device on his wrist. “You have to screen the available missions carefully. There are many highly-rewarding missions, but they come with high risks too. I had a comrade who died in the hands of a target while he was on a mission.”

Tie Wudi and the others fell silent when they heard Yang Shang’s words. It was obvious that they had encountered similar situations before. Although the Bloody Massacre Path nurtured its disciples and treated them really well, when one was in danger, one had to deal with it alone.

If one was unable to resolve the problem, then one’s life and death would be determined by fate.

“You don’t have to return our money so soon, Yunyang. We won’t get many opportunities to use star dollars when we get back anyway.” Wen Jingxuan quickly consoled Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang grinned somewhat shamelessly. “Your words, not mine. It would be impolite if I declined. I will return your star dollars at a later time then!”

The five of them returned to the Nine-Fire Sky Book Hall in no time, all the while chatting among themselves. However, they did not get the chance to step inside this time.

The Blood Space Ruler didn’t ask what they had bought. He had a few words with the Pure Sun Ruler before leaving with Luo Yunyang and the others on the spaceship.

Unlike on their way there, Wen Jingxuan, Yang Shang and everyone else, who had comprehended the Sky Book, chose to retreat and cultivate in seclusion immediately.

Although Luo Yunyang had also mentioned that he would train in seclusion, he actually ended up reading manuals instead. The first one he picked up was called ‘Autumn Wind Sword Art’.

Thanks to his mind power, he was able to finish the 12 volumes of this sword manual in 15 minutes.

The sword manuals weren’t all that impressive in his opinion. However, his understanding of the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram had been given new unique insights.

As Luo Yunyang slowly appreciated the Autumn Wind Sword Art, a desolate feeling welled in his heart.

This desolate feeling was really profound. While Luo Yunyang had been comprehending the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram, he hadn’t considered this aspect.

With a thought, a long sword appeared in his hand. As hundreds of Autumn Wind Sword Art techniques flashed through his mind, Luo Yunyang nonchalantly executed a move.

Although it was only a move, a massive, austere killing intent filled his surroundings.

After opening his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang realized that his Wind Origin Source Law stats hadn’t increased. However, the raw benefits still filled Luo Yunyang’s mind.

He then took out all the 20 odd manuals related to the Fallen Autumn Leaves Diagram and carefully looked through them.

During this careful observation, Luo Yunyang’s aura kept changing constantly. Occasionally, it was cold and stern, while at other times it was desolate and murderous.

When he comprehended the last manual, Luo Yunyang’s eyes beamed with delight.

These manuals had varying aspects that they focused on. Hence, there was no right or wrong way. If one focused on their own cultivation path, for example, or the Space-Fracturing Path as recommended by the Blood Space Ruler, more than half of these manuals would be useless.

However, Luo Yunyang simply wanted to improve his comprehension of the Wind Origin Source Law.

Power: 110 (Fire: 101)

Mind: 38

Speed: 41

Constitution: 24

Origin Source Laws: 167 (Wind: 30, Earth: 21, Fire: 120, Water: 16)

The numbers on the attribute regulator made Luo Yunyang feel very satisfied. By just browsing through a dozen manuals, he had been able to raise his Wind Origin Source Law stats by two points.

Thanks to the success of the Autumn Wind Sword Art, Luo Yunyang read through some other manuals swiftly. He was entirely immersed in all sorts of mystic arts.

However, although his reading speed was astonishing, there were unfortunately too many books. Even though Luo Yunyang was able to read quickly, one still needed a very long time to finish two million volumes.

Hence, his main focus after returning to the Fiery Sun Path was to read.

One year, two years, three years passed

Luo Yunyang was in a cultivation chamber in the Top Blood District when he threw the last book onto the floor. His overgrown hair was almost touching the ground, yet there was a glow in his eyes thanks to all that knowledge.

When his eyes flashed, they actually gave off the illusion of a vortex.

However, Luo Yunyang did not stand up. Instead, he shut his eyes slowly and pondered quietly.

For someone like Luo Yunyang, who was at the Star-Grade, surviving without eating for hundreds of years was normal.

Five years later, Luo Yunyang, who was covered in a thick layer of dust, finally woke up from his deep thoughts. However, he looked extremely indifferent when he opened his eyes this time.

When he glanced at his abnormally long hair, he thought of a razor. A sharp razor immediately appeared and chopped off his long locks.

After a long warm bath, Luo Yunyang walked out slowly.

“My Great Master, you’re finally out of your seclusion! Ha ha ha! Badebu has missed you to death!” As Luo Yunyang switched on his communication device, Badebu appeared before him.

Luo Yunyang looked at Badebu and smiled faintly. “I think I got too engrossed in reading books. How long was I reading for?”

“25 years, my Great Master. You’ve been reading for 25 years and pondering for five more years. It’s almost time for the Great Showdown again! Each era yields a few people who are far better than their peers. If you don’t work hard, someone will catch up with you.”

The communication device rang, interrupting Luo Yunyang and Badebu’s conversation. When Luo Yunyang picked up the call, Tie Wudi’s loud voice was heard. “Luo Yunyang, you’re finally out of seclusion! Ha ha ha! Hold on! I want to chat with you!”

After Tie Wudi, Wen Jingxuan and Yang Shang also called Luo Yunyang’s communication device. In half an hour, four out of the five people who had gone to the Fiery Sun Path had gathered.

“Your seclusion training took way too long. Do you know that? Someone even bet that you might have died from self-implosion while cultivating.”

Tie Wudi was as straightforward as ever. His choice of words was really blunt. Luo Yunyang could only use his hands to quieten him down.

The conversation always flowed naturally when friends met. Based on his comrades’ words, Luo Yunyang felt like his 20 odd years in seclusion had been a short time for the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

Tie Wudi had trained in seclusion for a period of time. Although Yang Shang had left his training a few times, he was still researching the Lightning Fire True Records. Meanwhile, Wen Jingxuan had spent most of his time cultivating.

“Guys, I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Can you tell me what it is?” Luo Yunyang glanced at Tie Wudi, who was beaming.

He really wasn’t pretending. He truly felt that he had forgotten something.

Tie Wudi smacked Luo Yunyang’s head hard before saying, “Are you sure you’ve forgotten something?”

“Yes, but I just can’t remember what!” Luo Yunyang caressed his forehead gently before he said, “You guys must remember, right?”

“Old Luo I already have to address you as Old Luo, damn it. We know that you have been cultivating in seclusion all these years and have earned no income, but you don’t have to act stupid in front of us! We feel like we’re harassing you over our money like ghosts!”

After hearing what Tie Wudi said, Luo Yunyang patted his own head and said innocently, “But I don’t remember owing you guys any star dollars”

Tie Wudi was speechless. He stared at Luo Yunyang for a very long time before saying, “I know that many people get stupider as they read more books, but you’ve sure gotten smarter!”

Yang Shang and Wen Jingxuan both exchanged dismal glances before laughing out loud. They didn’t care about those thousands of star dollars. Plus, based on Luo Yunyang’s personality, he wouldn’t fail to pay back his debt.

After sending off Tie Wudi and everyone else, Luo Yunyang got Badebu to open up the Bloody Massacre Path Mission Section. Although Tie Wudi and the others had not mentioned his debt again, he felt that it was time to repay it.

30 years had passed during a single session of secluded cultivation. Hence, even if they did not pursue the matter, Luo Yunyang couldn’t just leave the debt as it was.

“What type of mission are you looking for, Master?” Badebu asked hurriedly as he opened the mission site.

“Below the Nebula 5-Grade!” Luo Yunyang set a small goal for himself after some thought.

“Master, are you sure that’s what you want? You must know that it’s dangerous for you,” Badebu said as he went through the selection.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand. “Yes, I’m sure. Search below the Nebula 5-Grade.”

In a moment, Badebu generated a total of 126 missions with a total value of 500,000 or more star dollars combined.

After scanning the list, Luo Yunyang took a look at Badebu and said, “Accept all of them!”