Supreme Uprising Chapter 437

Chapter 437 One Person That Makes Everyone Tremble

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“Men on the left, women on the right!” A commanding voice echoed throughout the crowd.

Dejected and depressed young men and women streamed out from different directions in silence.

“Brother, don’t leave!” A heart-wrenching cry broke the cold silence in everyone’s hearts.

Heads turned in the direction of the cry and stares landed on a young girl who was about 11 or 12 years old.

The young girl had pretty eyes that looked like limpid autumn waters. At the moment, she was holding dearly onto the arm of a young man around 17 or 18 years old, refusing to let go.

However, as the young man’s face revealed a pained expression, a blade-light flashed across, instantly separating his arm from his body.

The young man let out a mournful shriek and fell painfully to the ground. He kept taking continuous gulps of air, as he thought that this could reduce his pain and suffering. Otherwise, he might as well just suffocate and die.

Although the young girl was clearly shocked by what had happened, her tears had dried up, leaving only tear stains behind.

“Ha ha ha! Why aren’t you holding on now, you little wretch? If you dare try holding on again, I’ll cut off his other hand!” a man in his thirties said in a sinister tone.

“You are a bunch of slaves. Actually, calling you slaves only elevates your status. You should be called uncivilized monkeys!” The man pointed at the group of shivering people as he roared with laughter. “It’s an honor to leave this unlucky planet with us! The outside world is wonderful and huge! I’m taking you all to a bigger stage! You don’t have to thank me!”

The man’s words attracted a wave of impudent laughter that sounded like the wail of a ghost and howl of a wolf. As it echoed through ruins, piles of bodies could be seen lying coldly on the ground.

There were young and old people, men and women. There were

The young men and women who had lined up seemed numb from the ordeal. Just three days ago, they had still been living their peaceful lives happily. However, everything had come crashing down when these demonic people had arrived.

In just one day, the planet’s defense system had been completely destroyed and more than half of the population had been slain.

These days, everyone just felt helpless. They had witnessed too many things in this life that one shouldn’t have to see.

“Big Bro Big Bro” The poor girl finally reacted, wailing some more. The sinister man got irritated and slowly raised the blade in his hand.

He did not feel the slightest amount of pity for the girl. When he raised his blade, there was a mad glint in his eyes.

This was a craziness that came from the depths of his heart.

Some people shut their eyes as the blade-light flashed. They couldn’t help the two siblings, so shutting their eyes was their best option.

Before the girl could even close her eyes, she saw the blade-light about to pass through the neck of her beloved brother.

The young man, who had been struggling in pain, smiled faintly. He smiled because he was being absolved from this pain and suffering.

As the little girl’s face was covered by tear stains, she felt a breeze blow by. The breeze was very light, yet before the blade came into contact with her brother, it was brought to a halt.

The blade stopped in its tracks, and the demonic man that had been standing behind her brother fell to the ground.

The young girl blinked as the demonic man crashed down. Standing beside her brother was a young man around his age.

The young man jabbed her brother’s body with a finger. In an instant, her suffering brother relaxed.

“Eat this!” Something that looked like medication appeared in the young man’s hand.

As soon as her brother consumed the medicine, his pain disappeared and he smiled wide. He felt overjoyed by this turns of events. Surviving that calamity was a miracle.

“You’ve killed Jack! You must have a death wish!” A loud shriek was heard as hundreds of those demonic beings rushed over frantically.

The little girl’s eyes instantly filled with fear.

However, the young man smiled at her before dashing over to the group of demonic beings like a gust of autumn wind.

Countless demonic beings charged over at the young man. However, as his figure flickered, these beings started to collapse at a breakneck pace, as if they were flies dropping dead.

10, 100, 1,000, 10,000

In mere minutes, the demonic beings that had ravaged their planet were all dead on the ground. The young man appeared once again before the young girl with the same faint smile on his face.

This scene would forever remain etched in the girl’s mind.

However, the moment the young man stopped moving, a huge purple hammer appeared in the void. The hammer, which had appeared very suddenly, crashed down towards the young man’s head.

This strike felt as though it was fracturing space itself.

The young girl was terrified. She was familiar with this type of hammer, as it was precisely this hammer that had shattered their planet’s strongest space cannon.

The megaton space canons supporting the city and the one stationed on a mountain had been reduced to dust by a single strike from this hammer.

If the people that killed their relatives were called demons, then the person who wielded this hammer was an even bigger demon.

The young girl suddenly saw the figure holding the huge purple hammer. It was a skinny middle-aged man of average height.

The young man had nowhere to hide. Just as the young girl convulsed with fear, she realized that the middle-aged man was clutching his neck tightly, fear evident in his eyes.

Then, the middle-aged man’s body started to get ripped apart.

“You You’re only at the Star-Grade. How could you” The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

He was a Nebula-Grade entity, so killing Star-Grade entities was as simple as slaughtering animals for him. Upon realizing that this young man was exceptional, he executed his ultimate technique in combination with a sneak attack.

“It makes sense that you don’t know this if you haven’t seen the Breeze Over Mountain Diagram!” the young man told the middle-aged man lying on the ground. “You’re still far from the Galaxy-Grade!”

Although there was confusion in his eyes, his body still lay on the ground unmoving.

When the middle-aged man fell, the young man quickly retrieved a ring from him. After he scanned it quickly, he smiled delightfully.

“This is worth over 30,000 star dollars. Slave trafficking must be really profitable!”

As he mumbled to himself, a virtual screen appeared in front of the young man’s body. On the screen were lines of words and numbers. However, most of the content had already been marked off with a tick.

“My Great Master! You’ve accomplished 80% of your missions and obtained 500,000 star dollars. Next, you’ll have to deal with the Purple Star Bandit!”

The mechanical voice that spoke flatteringly confused the young girl. However, as she felt bewildered and was about to ask questions, a scarlet spaceship appeared above her.

“Who are you?” the young girl yelled as she watched the young man fly towards the ship.

“That’s not important!” The young man chuckled. “Live your life well!”

The spaceship took flight and left in an instant. As they stared at the young man who had left, the group of young, corpse-like people began wailing.

Their nightmare had finally ended!

Deep in the boundless galaxy, a black ship traveled like a specter. Although the ship wasn’t very big, it traveled at lightning speed.

“Boss, Purple Hammer Luo Ke cannot be contacted. He must have been defeated by that monster!” a sinister man who had had half his body replaced by steel said solemnly in the cabin of the black ship.

The person he addressed as Boss was clad in white and looked incredibly graceful. Although he seemed to be about 40 years old, time hadn’t left any scars on him. Instead, he looked mature and poised.

The man was holding a cup of wine in his hands. After sipping it gently, he said softly, “Yeah, Purple Hammer Luo Ke, Green Snake Gui Yin, Venom Dragon Yue Se Fu They are all dead. That’s why we have to hide. A menace is no small matter!”

The tall bald guy nodded. Just as he was about to speak, an alarm blared through the spaceship. Both of them glanced at the monitor and saw a floating corpse on the screen.

Judging by the corpse’s clothes, this person must have been dead for some time.

In the galaxy, it was a frequent occurrence to see floating bodies move around like garbage. The most common approach was to ignore them. However, since the two of them were really bored, the bald guy commanded to retrieve the body.

“Ha ha! There’s even an interspatial ring!” The bald guy picked up the seemingly ordinary interspatial ring he found on the corpse and squeezed it hard, causing it to explode.

The man in white didn’t care about his partner’s joke. However, the moment the ring was crushed, he spotted a black token among the fallen objects.

His eyes widened when he saw it. The bald man had seen it as well.

“An Extreme Mystic Token! This is an Extreme Mystic Token!”

The bald man’s voice was shaky. Surprised, he suddenly felt his vision go black.

Then, the bald man’s head rolled to the ground.

As the man in white grabbed hold of the Extreme Mystic Token with ecstatic eyes, his laughter resonated throughout the ship!