Supreme Uprising Chapter 438

Chapter 438 The Extreme Mystic Token

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“Vermilion White and Guardian Demon aren’t among these people!” Badebu said calmly.

Luo Yunyang stood on top of a wrecked battleship. He had a very calm expression on his face as the bodies of the deceased filled the entire sky around him.

This was the mission with the highest bounty that Luo Yunyang had undertaken. He had to eliminate the Guardian Bandits scattered throughout multiple empires.

The highest stage of this mission was to eliminate two Guardian Bandit leaders, Vermilion White and Guardian Demon.

However, after killing thousands of Guardian Bandits, Luo Yunyang still couldn’t find Vermilion White and Guardian Demon, which compromised the completion of this mission.

According to the bounties, Vermilion White and Guardian Demon had a bounty of 10,000 star dollars each. However, based on Luo Yunyang’s estimations, they were worth more than that.

“My Great Master, please do not be bothered by this!” Badebu danced around as he jested. “I’m afraid you might not know this, but blood disciples in the Top Blood District have been constantly accepting missions to take down Vermilion White. Unfortunately, Vermilion White is too cunning and crafty! Therefore, you will not be the only one to fail this mission. If my lovable analysis is correct, both Vermilion White and Guardian Demon must have already hidden themselves!”

Luo Yunyang nodded. If Vermilion White and Guardian Demon were not in their lair, then something had to be wrong. Many blood disciples had attempted to complete this mission unsuccessfully after all.

Vermilion White and Guardian Demon were no ordinary people. They must have felt that something was amiss.

“You have reaped plenty of rewards, Great Master. You can repay your debt just by using the rewards you earned from these missions. The star dollars you have seized are enough to buy the cute Badebu a new set of equipment!”

Badebu was acting cute on the screen.

Luo Yunyang smiled silently as he watched the little devil’s actions. After experiencing all these missions, he had finally understood the importance of having a good spaceship.

When Luo Yunyang had been on his 10th mission, which had been to behead a ruthless emperor, the emperor had somehow gotten wind of Luo Yunyang’s impending arrival.

His first decision had been to escape. However, even though he had fled a month earlier, Badebu had eventually caught up with him.

The mission had taken Luo Yunyang exactly two years to complete, and most of that time had been spent on the road.

“Let’s return, Master. The Great Showdown, which is held every 30 years, is about to begin. Even though the chances of that vile old man using his pathetic tactics are slim this time, as the saying goes, good tools are necessary to successfully execute a job! You should prepare well for this, Master!”

Badebu’s advice was sincere.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Although he had yet to take the heads of his last two targets and felt slightly regretful, his mission was considered 99% completed. Missing out on those two would only cost him 10,000 star dollars.

He wasn’t willing to waste too much time on those two either.

“Let’s return!” Luo Yunyang commanded Badedu before walking into the Blood Crystal Spaceship’s cultivation chamber.

His priority now was to improve is abilities. This was the only thing that mattered.

The two-year galaxy expedition had allowed Luo Yunyang to understand the predatory behavior of the entire galaxy clearly. Although the nine paths were very strong, they were still unable to fully keep the entire galaxy under their control.

Moreover, Luo Yunyang sensed that the Sky Book Nine Paths did not find this predatory behavior that revolting.

On the contrary, he thought that they even showed a supportive attitude on many occasions.

Slave traders ruined planets and murdered countless children, women and elders. All these things reminded him of the Da Alliance…

The universe was limitless, but the strong stood above all!

Although Luo Yunyang’s main goal during the past two years had been to earn money, he had never pushed aside his cultivation or training. Actually, during these two years of learning and cultivating, his cultivation base had reached a whole new level.

The sound of a message woke Luo Yunyang up from his secluded cultivation three days later.

“My Great Master, we just received information from the Bloody Massacre Path’s Intel Department. The Vermilion White has been found. He is half a day’s journey away from us, on an uninhabited planet.” The little fiend sounded extremely excited.

Although killing Vermilion White wouldn’t make a difference, after hearing this report, Luo Yunyang instructed the little fiend, “Alright, pursue the target.”

Half a day later, Luo Yunyang’s Blood Crystal Spaceship reached the outskirts of a planet that showed no signs of life. Thanks to the information of the Intel Department, Luo Yunyang determined the location of Vermilion White shortly.

The spaceship still had to be careful while traversing across the lava.

Just when Luo Yunyang spotted Vermilion White’s spaceship, the spaceship docked in the lava started to move.

“What? Does he have the most advanced detecting equipment? How could this be? I’d only just installed this detector as well! How could he have it too?” Badebu sounded exasperated.

He was obviously disgruntled that they shared the same equipment with the spaceship of a bandit.

“Fire!” Luo Yunyang instructed Badebu.

Badebu had always obeyed Luo Yunyang’s commands. Plus, the space cannon had already begun to gather energy.

This cannon was the strongest weapon on the Blood Crystal Spaceship. Its every shot was the equivalent of a blow from a peak Nebula-Grade being.

However, although this space cannon was very powerful, it also had its own flaws. Its storage and energy-gathering speed were too slow.

Every shot would take a minute to prepare. A minute was just too long for an elite martialist.

The spaceship, which was preparing to leave the lava pool, came to a sudden stop when it sensed that Badebu was preparing to attack.

“Sir, judging by your Blood Crystal Spaceship, you must be from the Bloody Massacre Path. We don’t have any prior enmity. If you allow me to leave, I’ll offer you all my savings. What do you think?” a gentle-looking, elegant man dressed in white said through the transmitted comms.

The Guardian Bandits were exceptionally infamous. They were the cruelest group of space bandits that Luo Yunyang had encountered on his missions. Although Luo Yunyang had seen a picture of Vermilion White before, he still felt enraptured by his poise.

It was a pity that he could not spare him.

“Alright!” Luo Yunyang replied nonchalantly.

Vermilion White was stunned for a moment. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would accept his proposal so quickly.

In a split second, Vermilion White seemed to think of something. He suddenly stared at Luo Yunyang coldly.

He and Luo Yunyang appeared in the void almost simultaneously. Vermilion White was now holding a glowing interspatial ring in his hands.

“This ring contains my life’s savings. It’s worth about 200,000 star dollars. I hope that you will kindly spare me this once, sir. I’ll repent for my mistakes in the future…” Vermilion White sounded exceptionally sincere.

However, as he was speaking, three Vermilion Whites appeared instantly in the void, each of them holding a red sword.

Luo Yunyang believed that all three of the blood shadows were very real. However, that didn’t matter. As the three blood shadows appeared, a purple steel needle flew towards Luo Yunyang’s head.

Vermilion White’s execution was not just at a Nebula-Grade Level. This also seemed like something a Nebula-Grade telekinesis master would do.

“Bloody Massacre Path Blood Disciples can challenge people of a higher level. However, I’m not your average martialist. I’m also a telekinesis master! Go to hell!”

Vermilion White had never had any friendly intentions. Everything had been a ploy so that he could launch this strike!

Luo Yunyang also had the same intention.

Both of them had absolute faith in their abilities and had hence left their spaceships at almost the same time.

Of course, their spaceships wouldn’t be of much use to them. After all, at their level, the truly decisive way to determine the winner was their own strength.

However, even though the spaceships didn’t have many uses, they were still very important to both of them. They didn’t want to damage their spaceships during their battle.

Luo Yunyang’s expression was very calm as he faced this ambush. With a wave of his hand, the Myriad Convergence Ring flew out swiftly.

150,000 Star Alloy Fragments also flew out in an instant, forming a vortex that contained five layers of Chaotic Holes and devoured the three Vermilion Whites rushing over at him in a split second.

The purple needle was also absorbed by the Chaotic Hole as it approached Luo Yunyang.

The three Vermilion Whites transformed into one Vermilion White within the Chaotic Hole. He gathered all his strength as he struggled. However, he realized that he couldn’t unleash a power capable of crushing a Star-Grade entity right now.

As he was staring at the cold Luo Yunyang, Vermilion White waved his hand and a token flew towards Luo Yunyang.

“Luo Yunyang, this valuable treasure is a present for you. Ha ha ha!”

Luo Yunyang did not reach out to grab the token. Instead, he allowed the token to land approximately 10 feet away from him.

“I’ll give you the Extreme Mystic Token! Ha ha ha! I hate the Extreme Mystic Token!” Vermilion White yelled as his body was crushed into pieces by the black Chaotic Hole.

As Luo Yunyang was pondering about Vermilion White’s strange behavior, Badebu’s voice rang out in his ears. “Master, a message was sent out from Vermilion White’s spaceship. It’s a broadcast, I couldn’t stop it!”