Supreme Uprising Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Pursued Thoroughly

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Luo Yunyang had a bad feeling regarding Vermilion White’s final actions. Thus, his expression changed when he heard Badebu’s report.

“What’s the message?” Luo Yunyang asked.

Badebu didn’t speak. Instead, he projected a video into Luo Yunyang’s communication device. The content was all too familiar.

It was a video of Vermilion White throwing the Extreme Mystic Token towards Luo Yunyang. The quality of the video was superb.

“I’ll give you the Extreme Mystic Token! Ha ha ha! I hate the Extreme Mystic Token!”

After listening to that crazy shriek, Luo Yunyang asked hurriedly, “Badebu, what’s an Extreme Mystic Token?”

“An Extreme Mystic Token? How could this be? How could a bandit like Vermilion White have an Extreme Mystic Token in his hands? That’s a treasure! A real treasure, Master!”

With a waved of his hands, the Extreme Mystic Token landed in Luo Yunyang’s palms. It looked like a black metal token with abstruse patterns, making Luo Yunyang believe that it was extremely profound. This wasn’t something that he could comprehend quickly.

“My Great Master, do you know how the Sky Books came about? Rumor has it that they were taken out of the Extreme Mysterious Realm.”

Badebu flapped his wings quickly and said, “The Extreme Mysterious Realm is It’s the sacred land of the human race! Yes, it’s the supreme sacred land! According to rumors, it’s located somewhere out there in the vast cosmos! Only someone with an Extreme Mystic Token can enter the designated coordinates!”

“Although it is difficult to acquire a full inheritance of the knowledge when one enters, as long as one can make it out of there, one will definitely gain some hefty rewards. Even though you may not be able to start a new clan or path, your progression will certainly amount to something great! You will definitely be among the strongest individuals.”

It seemed like the Extreme Mystic Token could offer one many benefits!

A cold glint flashed across Luo Yunyang’s eyes. Thanks to his high intellect, he realized what Vermilion White had intended to do.

The Extreme Mystic Token was obviously a hot potato.

Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of the Blood Space Ruler. He had a feeling that the current situation was more than he could handle.

“Oh yes, Boss. It would be best to suppress one’s cultivation base in the Extreme Mysterious Realm. The stronger cultivation base a person has, the fewer benefits they get when they enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm,” Badebu, who had suddenly recalled something, hurriedly warned his master.

However, Luo Yunyang, who seemed uninterested, instead instructed him, “Connect me with the Blood Space Ruler!”

Before Badebu could do anything, Luo Yunyang’s communication device rang. He peeked at the number. It was indeed the Blood Space Ruler.

“Luo Yunyang, do you have an Extreme Mystic Token?” the Blood Space Ruler asked the moment the call was connected.

Luo Yunyang had no recollection of the Blood Space Ruler ever being anxious. However, the Blood Space Ruler sounded flustered right now.

“Yes, Ruler. After completing a mission, I obtained an Extreme Mystic Token,” Luo Yunyang replied.

He was able to see the Blood Space Ruler’s solemn expression through the screen. “An Extreme Mystic Token is an utmost treasure. Where are you? I’ll come over immediately.”

Luo Yunyang reported his coordinates to the Blood Space Ruler without hesitation.

The Blood Space Ruler’s brows furrowed slightly. “Even the Blood Path Master would need 10 days to reach your location. This is Let’s just say that you must be careful. Do not trust anyone. The news has spread all over the galaxy. You are in deep trouble!”

Then, the Blood Space Ruler added, “I’m afraid this matter has not only alerted the other Nine Paths, but other forces as well. Just think of something and leave that place right away. The news has spread all over already. It’s no longer safe to stay there.”

After hanging up and ending their conversation, Luo Yunyang’s expression became graver. Although he was still pretty confident in his own cultivation base, any being at the Blood Space Ruler’s level could exterminate him with a single swipe.

It seemed like he was really in big trouble.

Back in the Nine-Fire Sky, Ke Linqi was engrossed in a secret manual, when his communication device suddenly rang.

He always switched on his communication device’s private mode while he was cultivating so that only a few people were able to reach him. When he saw that the call was from Luochuan, his expression changed.

He disliked being disturbed while training.

“What is it?” Although he disliked this, he knew that Luochuan wouldn’t be looking for him without a reason.

“Boss, I’ll be sending you a video. Take a good look at it!” Luochuan wasn’t affected by Ke Linqi’s expression. He was actually smiling profusely.

He was clearly rejoicing in someone else’s misfortune.

Although Ke Linqi didn’t care about Luochuan’s expression, he understood what Luochuan was smiling about once he watched the video.

Luo Yunyang had actually stumbled upon an Extreme Mystic Token. What a lucky bastard! In a split second, Ke Linqi was already standing up.

The Extreme Mystic Token had enticed him tremendously. If he could obtain it, then all those benefits

“Does the Path Master know about this?” Ke Linqi asked Luochuan.

“How could he not know? A few of the rulers have already made their moves. Ha ha ha! Seems like there’s going to be a big fight!” Luochuan added delightedly. “It’s just unclear who will be the one that kills him!”

While the two of them conversed, their communication devices rang at the same time and their connection was forcefully interrupted by another signal.

“Ke Linqi, Luochuan, gather immediately outside the Sky Book Hall!”

Meanwhile, a woman strolled unhurriedly on a misty land. She had originally been alone, yet with every step she took, her silhouette multiplied. By the time she took her 36th step, there were already 36 silhouettes on that strange land.

“The Senior Sister’s Merciless Mirage Path has impressed little sis! Back when the Senior Sister chose to practice this Mirage Technique, everyone in the path wasn’t optimistic about it.”

A girl in red clapped her hands as she added, “However, the Senior Sister has now become the strongest person among the Sky Cloud Path’s youngest generation. Actually, she should be the strongest person in terms of combat strength among the youngest generation of the entire Nine Paths!”

Even after being praised so excessively, the woman in white, who had produced 36 silhouettes, remained unfazed. She only replied indifferently to the girl fawning over her, “You should know that saying such things is useless to me.”

“Of course! I’m just expressing my thoughts. Why should you care what I think, Senior Sister?”

Then, she added, “Senior Sister, I’m afraid you don’t know this, but an Extreme Mystic Token has appeared. This is the first appearance of an Extreme Mystic Token in 3,000 years!”

When she heard the girl mention the Extreme Mystic Token, the woman’s expression changed drastically. Immediately, all 36 silhouettes converged into one.

“An Extreme Mystic Token? How could this be?” The woman’s voice quivered slightly.

“The Extreme Mystic Token is currently without a doubt in the hands of the Bloody Massacre Path Disciple called Luo Yunyang. Here’s the information.” The woman in white tapped on the video that had appeared, which naturally showed Vermilion White tossing the Extreme Mystic Token at Luo Yunyang.

“I’m going to see Master!” the woman in white said aloud after pondering this for a split second.

The girl in red chuckled. “Yes, of course. I guess Master must be waiting for you as well, Senior Sister. After all, that Extreme Mystic Token could play a very important role in helping you complete your Merciless Mirage Path.”

The woman in white didn’t care about the girl’s sardonic remarks. She took flight right away, transforming into a streak of white light before disappearing completely into the distance.

As the woman in white was looking for her master, the news that Luo Yunyang had obtained the Extreme Mystic Token spread far and wide.

Possessing an Extreme Mystic Token meant instant success!

Becoming a ruler was no longer a dream. If one obtained the Top Mystic Token, one could even split and start one’s own path!

The Extreme Mystic Token was the key to the Extreme Mysterious Realm. The Bloody Massacre Path would be powerless to stop Luo Yunyang if he wanted to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

All sorts of chatter and rumors spread throughout the galaxy. Some people even started to make their own moves upon hearing the news.

A blood-red spaceship from the Bloody Massacre Path traversed through the void at a high speed. The Blood Space Ruler and two other companions in similar garb were sitting quietly in the spaceship.

Although they had calm expressions on their faces, their eyes revealed the turbulence in their hearts.

“The last time an Extreme Mystic Token appeared, Sixth Brother and Third Brother took the fall!” one of the elderly men said eventually.

His voice made the surroundings of the huge spaceship seem extremely depressing.

The Blood Space Ruler didn’t say anything, but the other elder replied calmly, “That’s why we have to act fast this time. We have to secure the Extreme Mystic Token as quickly as possible and use it to enter the Kun Yu Planet!”

“Easier said than done!” said the other elder. “I’m afraid this matter has attracted all the forces of the Nine Paths!”

Suddenly, while the two elders were talking, the Blood Space Ruler stood up and bellowed, “Where are you from? How dare you actually block the Bloody Massacre Path’s way!”

The two elders stood up as well, their bodies radiating a power similar in strength to the Blood Space Ruler’s power.

“Old friend Blood Space? I’m Thoughtless. It’s been a long time. How have you been?” The calm voice sounded a little lofty.

The Blood Space Ruler’s expression changed, not only because of the person that spoke, but also because of the people standing alongside Thoughtless. There were a dozen of them, and they all seemed to be just as strong as the Blood Space Ruler.

“Ha ha ha! You’re a smart person, my old friend Blood Space. You should know perfectly well what the purpose of my visit is. I’m not making any unreasonable requests. I was just hoping to have some nice tea with you, my old friend.”

Although the person who had spoken wasn’t Thoughtless, their aura was much stronger than Wu Nian’s.

The Blood Space Ruler glanced at his companions silently. Although he knew that this matter was serious, he now realized that the situation was worse than he had imagined.

“Let’s wait for our Path Masters’ instructions for now, old friend!” The Thoughtless Ruler’s voice rang out once more.