Supreme Uprising Chapter 44

Chapter 44


A single person could act bravely, but when over 100 people did the same, it was a majestic sight.

Although Sun Miaomiao had a rather tall stature, she was currently standing there without saying a word, staring at the young man at the front of the group. There was a ripple in that blank gaze of hers. It seemed as if there was some warmth on her ice-cold face.

When he saw Sun Miaomiao standing there looking pensive, Guan Wanli felt a sour feeling in his heart. He was kind of unhappy.

The woman that he adored seemed to like Luo Yunyang.

“Do you want to join them as well?” Guan Wanli asked her in a hushed voice as he walked up to her.

Sun Miaomiao nodded her head faintly, but didn’t say anything. Even though the guy adored her, she had always treated him coldly.

“To be honest, I also feel like joining them. I actually feel the impulse to entrust Luo Yunyang with my life.”

Guan Wanli shook his head before he added, “However, my common sense is telling me that this impulse is wrong.”

Sun Miaomiao didn’t comment. All logic aside, she seemed to be destined to do something she would fail at.

She still had to do it, though!

Guan Wanli took a deep breath and said, “Challenges are not prohibited amid the elite class, but ganging up and attacking someone is definitely not allowed. Plus, Luo Yunyang and the others are soon going to be humiliated.”

This speculation didn’t sound very pleasing to Sun Miaomiao, who replied without even glancing back at him, “Even if they are humiliated, this is still much more impressive than turning away a challenge!”

Guan Wanli, who felt a little embarrassed, didn’t say anything else.

District 2 had a much denser sixth-factor composition than the rest of the base. The air in that place actually felt kind of moist.

“Stop training and come watch the action, pretty! Ha ha! A bunch of little kids have come to District 2 looking for a gang fight!” a competent, beautiful short-haired woman said.

Her remarks had been offhand. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, across from a woman in black.

The black attire accentuated the woman’s beauty. The woman opened her eyes slowly and huffed.

The competent woman, who was very familiar with her, knew exactly what she meant, but she wasn’t scared.

“Come on, let’s go! You aren’t going to find a husband if you keep cultivating in this frost. You should find some other pleasures in life.”

The competent woman stood up and grabbed her friend’s hands. “I heard that this is the first time a gang fight has ever taken place ever since Base 7 was established.”

“The Ardent Sun Group Their name isn’t bad. I like it!”

“If this little kid emerges victorious, I wouldn’t mind having an explosive affair with him!”

The woman in black seemed unfazed by her short-haired friend’s words. It would have been strange if she hadn’t said that. The woman in black allowed her friend to pull her out of the practise room without a fight.

As the two of them walked out, quite a few other people came out of their respective rooms. Although they were from different places, every single one of them looked tough.

“Zhang Zhongyuan, didn’t you see what Lao Niang is doing?” the short-haired woman shouted when she saw a young man.

The young man couldn’t help shuddering when he heard her. Then, he forced a smile and answered, “Pardon my poor eyesight, great aunt. I didn’t see you there!”

“Act more like a man, will ya?” the short-haired woman said as her tender palms slapped the young man’s shoulders.

Zhang Zhongyuan wasn’t fat. He actually seemed to be very fit. However, the instant he saw her palm descend, he felt the urge to dodge.

In the end, he didn’t. He just needed to coordinate with her!


Zhang Zhongyuan’s face was full of grief as he was dropped to the ground. The short-haired woman snickered. “Ha ha! My apologies. I used too much strength!”

The woman in black didn’t say anything. When Zhang Zhongyuan glanced at her carefully, there was a hint of despair in his eyes.

“Where is Bai Yu?” The short-haired woman’s tone was mischievous.

“He headed over to Cross Street. He always says the atmosphere there is more lively!” Zhang Zhongyuan said with a hint of disdain. “That fella only knows how to bully kids.”

“The Ardent Sun Group is really reckless. They actually dared to come over to District 2 looking for a gang fight! He he!” said a tall, sturdy man who looked like a giant. He glanced at the competent woman before greeting her, “Hi, Sister Xia.”

“You have become even more muscular since the last time I saw you. I’m worried that you won’t be able to find a wife in the future!” The woman’s words made the tall, sturdy man feel like throwing himself straight into a wall.

However, the robust man adapted to the circumstances and kept his mouth shut.

In a few minutes, they reached the second floor ofthe western restaurant, which overlooked Cross Street.

A young man was leaning languidly against a telephone pole. He had a slim face, and there was a toothpick in his mouth.

“This fella looks more and more like a dead fish. Someone will make a stew out of him someday!” The competent woman suddenly looked up and pointed. “I never expected that cultivation fanatic to show up here.”

The cultivation fanatic was a mild, gentle-looking young man with wild eyes. He glanced at the competent woman and looked away.

“Don’t provoke him! You can’t match his power!” The woman in black held back her short-haired friend.

“If I hadn’t been feeling unwell during these past few days, I wouldn’t have lost to him and dropped to third place! Either way, I am going to save some of my dignity next time.”

The woman in black shook her head, but did not say anything else.

“They are here!” someone blurted out.

Suddenly, a mob of over 100 juvenile-looking young martialists came marching over.

Walking at the front was a young man with delicate features.

“Whoa, he sure is my type. Everyone loves this kind of man!” The competent woman giggled as she watched the young man at the front of the group.

She suddenly realized the young man had coincidentally glanced in her direction.

“This bunch of kids is really stubborn!”

“They seem really fun compared to us. How did we not think of the fun methods the Ardent Sun Group employs?”

“It’s not that we didn’t think of them. We just found them too childish.”

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang and the others also noticed the young man leaning against the lamp post. Someone from the group, who had seen Yang Yirui get beaten up, exclaimed, “That’s Bai Yushui!”

“Big Brother Yunyang, that is Bai Yushui!”

Although they knew how formidable Bai Yushui was, there were over 100 of them, so their morale was really high. Some of them were itching for a fight.