Supreme Uprising Chapter 440

Chapter 440 The Nine Path Galaxy Decree

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Nine thrones had been erected in the darkly-lit, grayish expanse of sky. Sitting on them were figures that looked like gods.

Their faces were blurred out by darkness, making it impossible for anyone to make out their expressions.

Although this was the Meru Realm, the depressing atmosphere was enough to make elite martialists crumble.

“The Bloody Massacre Path must hand over the Extreme Mystic Token!” said a figure facing the north. Although his massive body was seated on the throne, his earthshaking aura filled up the entire space.

“Hand it over to you?” the Bloody Massacre Path Master asked provocatively.

Although they had only exchanged two sentences, the situation had already started getting feisty. A spark would be enough to ignite that entire space and blow it apart.

They were all peak Galaxy-Grade existences, so even though they were located in different parts of the galaxy, they had used a trace of their consciousness to enter the Meru Realm. This bit of their consciousness alone was enough to make people tremble in fear.

“I didn’t ask you to hand it over to me. I meant that the Nine Paths should decide collectively on whom this Extreme Mystic Token should belong to.” The massive figure hesitated for a moment before speaking.

His explanation sounded soft, and softness was considered disgraceful!

“Decide collectively?” the Bloody Massacre Master replied coldly. “Alright, why don’t we have a match? Let’s see whether the Deep Earth Path can stand a taste of my Blood Scar Blade. I want to check whether it is getting rusty!”

When the Blood Scar Blade was mentioned, the expressions of the other figures, who had been watching from the sidelines, changed.

They knew what the Blood Scar Blade was. Each of them wielded weapons that could compare to the Blood Scar Blade.

However, when such forbidden weapons were put to use, a fight would become deadly and a massive destructive force would appear in the galaxy.

The massive figure hadn’t thought that his words would agitate the Bloody Massacre Master to such an extent.

He wasn’t exactly afraid of the Bloody Massacre Path Master. If he had been, he wouldn’t have been the first person to speak out. However, it was one thing to be unafraid and another to consider whether something was worth it or not.

He wasn’t willing to gamble by using the Deep Earth Path’s most valuable treasure just to fight things out with the Bloody Massacre Master, regardless of whether he could win or not.

“Bloody Massacre Path Master, Deep Earth Path Master, both of you have let your emotions control your actions!” someone interjected.

The Deep Earth Master exhaled deeply when this person spoke. Although he didn’t know the motives of this person, he felt better now that he didn’t have to confront the Bloody Massacre Path directly.

“Everyone, I know that the Extreme Mystic Token is phenomenal, but are we really going to fight over it?” a straightforward voice asked. “I believe everyone still remembers what happened when the Extreme Mystic Token last appeared!”

That incident was deeply etched in everyone’s memories. How could they have forgotten it?

“More than 20 Galaxy-Grade entities failed, and we lost countless Nebula-Grade entities. That battle made the human race drop more than 13 rankings in the whole universe.”

Although the old man’s voice wasn’t loud, the surrounding atmosphere seemed frozen.

“What do you think?” someone asked solemnly after a long time.

“It’s impossible to make the Bloody Massacre Path hand over that Extreme Mystic Token.” The old man’s voice echoed again. “Our friend from the Bloody Massacre Path is even willing to take out the Blood Scar Blade.”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master didn’t smile. He just sat there in silence.

“However, I’m afraid everyone present wouldn’t want to give it up either,” the old man added. “If we’re not able to control the situation and a big fight ensues again, our position in the entire universe will keep falling. We may even have to face the threat of being wiped out eventually.”

The first person to speak was that massive figure. “According to you, there’s no solution for us, is there?”

“No, of course there is!” the elder said as he stood up. “There’s only one way for us to solve this. We need to set a rule.”

“The Extreme Mystic Token is most useful to Star-Grade martialists. Of course, Nebula-Grade martialists would also find it extremely useful. However, Nebula-Grade entities are considered the human race’s core strength. Thus, they cannot be sacrificed in large numbers over such a small matter.”

“Therefore, only martialists at or below the Star-Grade will participate in this war. That means that Star-Grade martialists can freely compete among themselves.”

“During the war, martialists at or above the Nebula-Grade will absolutely not participate or intervene. Anyone that violates this rule will face the wrath of the Nine Paths.”

“The final location of this Extreme Mystic Token War will be the Kun Yu Planet!”

“When someone enters the Kun Yu Planet with the aid of the Extreme Mystic Token, the war will end. How does that sound?”

No one replied immediately. After a short period of silence, someone said, “So where is the kid who has the Extreme Mystic Token?”

His question did not need to be answered by the crowd, as a star map appeared immediately.

“He is 10 light years away from the Kun Yu Planet!”

10 light years? This meant that he would need at least 10 years to get there, even if he was on a spaceship traveling at the speed of light.

“I agree!” the massive figure replied.

“I agree!”

“I agree!”

Sounds of agreement echoed all around. In the end, everyone present shifted their eyes onto the Bloody Massacre Path Master, who was completely silent.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was mulling this over. However, he knew that he had to make a decision. Everyone’s eyes were on him right now.

“I agree!” the Bloody Massacre Path Master replied eventually.

His attitude caused many people to heave a sigh of relief. The elder who had made this suggestion said, “Alright, since everyone has agreed, let’s issue the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree!”

The Nine-Path Galaxy Decree was the supreme order of the entire Nine Paths. Once it was issued, any violators would be executed by the Nine Paths.

In a palace hall suspended high in the sky, all sorts of orders were being issued. The master of the palace, who was a large, boorish man, was loudly screaming out orders.

“The target is located 10 million miles away from us! This is the Great Flame Palace’s best chance! If we get hold of that Extreme Mystic Token, the Great Flame Palace will be able to soar through the skies and become a force comparable to the Nine Paths!”

“Let’s be clear. Whoever can obtain that Extreme Mystic Token today will”

Just as the boorish man was speaking vehemently, a communication device started ringing again and again. His expression immediately became ugly.

He was the almighty founder of this place. No one had ever dared defy his orders. However, someone had actually defied his order and left his communication device on while he was issuing orders. This was really

The bulky man suddenly realized that his communication device was switched on as well. When he saw the message written on it, his face fell.

What was this Nine-Path Galaxy Decree?

The source of the message had forced everyone’s communication device to turn on. Regardless of location, everyone would have to receive the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree!

The bulky man’s hands trembled as he read the content, which was written in bright red. In the end, he waved his hands and said, “You have all read the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree. Only the Star-Grade entities can proceed. The rest of you need to stand down.”

His previous vehement behavior disappeared in an instant.

“Big Brother, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. If” a skinny middle-aged man said in a disgruntled manner.

The bulky man swung his palms towards the skinny man’s face and said, “The Nine-Path Galaxy Decree has already been issued. Do you want me to die like a dog?”

The skinny guy was too afraid to say anything else.

As the bulky man was reprimanding his subordinate, many elites that had been originally eager to participate in the hunt fell silent. Although many of them refused to accept this decision, they didn’t dare say anything.

The Blood Space Ruler, who also received the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree, couldn’t help but shake his head as he read its contents.

Although he was pissed about this decree, he knew that this was the only solution.

Even if the Bloody Massacre Path Master escorted Luo Yunyang to the Kun Yun Planet while wielding his Blood Scar Blade, getting there would still be an impossible feat.

However, allowing only Star-Grade powerhouses to participate gave Luo Yunyang a bigger hope of succeeding.

As he pondered this, he called Luo Yunyang through his communication device.

“Yuyang, have you read the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree?” Although the Blood Space Ruler knew that Luo Yunyang must have read it, he asked anyway.

Luo Yunyang, who had naturally read the decree, replied, “I’ve read it, Ruler.”

“The Bloody Massacre Path will send Yang Shang and the others to assist you. However, the people you’re going to face are all Star-Grade elites of the galaxy.”

The Blood Space Ruler’s voice became solemn as he added, “You must remember that where there is life, there is hope. If you can’t handle this anymore, just throw the Extreme Mystic Token away. Got it?”

Luo Yunyang, who naturally knew what the Blood Space Ruler meant, replied solemnly, “Got it, Ruler!”

“Make sure to come back alive!” the Blood Space Ruler said before he hung up.

As Luo Yunyang was tossing around the Extreme Mystic Token in his hands, many thoughts filled his head. This was a key to the peak of all elite martialists, However, it also involved immense danger and risk.

Should he give it up?

Luo Yunyang would have given it up if the restrictions of the Nine-Path Galaxy Decree hadn’t been issued. However, how could he do so now?