Supreme Uprising Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Wielding A Sword For 10 Light Years

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In a brilliant galaxy, the strong gathered and ruled, and the weak were treated worse than dogs.

The Bloody Massacre Path Killing Arena, the space bandits whom Luo Yunyang had killed during these two years, as well as everything else in between, would have been for naught if he hadn’t had power.

The only thing that could control one’s own destiny was power.

Before leaving the Da Alliance, Luo Yunyang would probably have chosen to give up all these pursuits.

However, how could Luo Yunyang give up now?

Several decades of seclusion had allowed him to understand the Great Chaotic Hole Path even more thoroughly. The secret manuals describing all sorts of Origin Source Laws left behind by those geniuses had improved his Omnipresent Net Technique greatly over the past few years.

All of these factors made him feel really confident.

Under the circumstances, the only thing he could and wanted to do was stake everything and keep fighting!

When Luo Yunyang touched his interspatial ring gently, four black daggers appeared in his hands.

His Mind Power had also improved a lot during the past few years, which would help him move towards the Kun Yu Planet.

His communication device suddenly rang again. When Luo Yunyang picked up the device, he heard Yang Shang’s voice. “Yunyang, how are things going?”

“Great!” Luo Yunyang knew why Yang Shang had asked this question.

“What do you plan to do?” Yang Shang muttered in a deep voice.

“The Kun Yu Planet is 10 light years away from my position. I will fly over,” Luo Yunyang said.

Yang Shang was silent for a moment before he asked, “Martialists like us should advance boldly. Where can we find you?”

“I’m taking the nearest route,” Luo Yunyang muttered.

“Got it!” Yang Shang hung up.

After stepping onto the Blood Crystal Spaceship, Luo Yunyang sat down in the cockpit. Badebu, who usually loved to bicker with Luo Yunyang, was silent.

He clearly also felt extremely stifled because of this.

The Extreme Mystic Token was an ultimate treasure that countless people wanted like crazy. Right now, it was in Luo Yunyang’s hands.

Although Badebu believed that his master was very powerful, the people Luo Yunyang was going to face were Star-Grade powerhouses from the entire galaxy.

Among these powerhouses were young talented individuals, as well as people who hadn’t been able to break through to the Nebula-Grade despite many years of cultivation.

Although they seemed to have insufficient potential, many people acquired their own unique methods over time.

“Master, you have made a wise choice!” Just as Luo Yunyang was about to instruct Badebu to start the ship, the spaceship started to move.

Badebu’s voice returned.

Luo Yunyang smiled silently. However, his eyes were filled with indifference.

A net had rapidly spread out. Everything about Luo Yunyang was quickly spreading near and far.

Luo Yunyang was the highest in rank blood disciple in the Bloody Massacre Path. He had once been on the same level as the strongest Star-Grade powerhouse of the Fiery Sun Path, Ke Linqi. He was also the blood disciple who had survived the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena

All kinds of news were spreading rapidly. Only half an hour had passed, yet news about Luo Yunyang had already flooded the ears of almost all the martialists in the Milky Way.

Luo Yunyang cultivated the Great Chaotic Hole Path. It had also only taken him 10 years to become the number one blood disciple in the Bloody Massacre Path. These news shocked many people.

However, at the same time, they made people behave more cautiously. They obviously could not fight Luo Yunyang one-on-one, but the Extreme Mystic Token was too important.

Killing Luo Yunyang and obtaining the Extreme Mystic Token would allow them to enter the sacred land of humans and achieve instant success!

This had become the goal of almost every Star-Grade powerhouse. Whoever found Luo Yunyang first might be able to obtain the Extreme Mystic Token.

“Straight on towards the Kun Yu Planet! That’s crazy!” someone reported immediately after locking in on the track of the Blood Crystal Spaceship.

More people were moving rapidly towards the road Luo Yunyang had to take, while some people aimed outside the Kun Yu Planet.

“Have you heard about this? Ke Linqi, who is a practitioner of the Great Unrivaled Sun Path, has made a move!”

“Yesterday, I saw the woman of the Sky Cloud Path. She’s really powerful! She could transform into 36 clones, every single one of them completely real!”

“I heard that the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand, who had stayed hidden for many years, has appeared once again!”

“Hasn’t he broken through to the Nebula-Grade? Back in the day, he killed three of the finest Star-Grade powerhouses of the Deep Earth Path!”

Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to these quick, flashing news on the Sky VIsion. He just adjusted his state of mind to the optimum state.

“Oh Great Master, the third wormhole is right ahead. If we want to reach the Kun Yu Planet, we have to pass through it!” The little fiend’s voice echoed in the airship. “I just detected that there are 10 spaceships tailing us 5,000 meters to our left!”

Luo Yunyang nodded. “Don’t stop, keep moving ahead!”

“Alright. According to the news I just received, there should be many people waiting outside the third wormhole.”

Luo Yunyang stopped speaking, so Badebu tactfully remained quiet.

Several hundred spaceships had already blockaded the entrance to the third wormhole. On board of every spaceship stood thousands of martialists.

These martialists were between the Planet-Grade and the Star-Grade, but most of them were at the Star-Grade Realm.

“Luo Yunyang’s ship, 500,000 meters away!”

“Luo Yunyang’s ship, 150,000 meters away!”

“Luo Yunyang’s ship, 25,000 meters away!

The sounds of all sorts of electronic detection devices were heard repeatedly as some people gripped their knives tightly.

Many of them were feeling nervous. After all, Luo Yunyang was not just the average person. However, they still felt confident in their numbers.

This advantage should make it easier to kill Luo Yunyang and seize the Extreme Mystic Token.

Meanwhile, everyone had their own opinions on how a single Extreme Mystic Token should be distributed.

Most of them understood that, although this battle was dangerous, these benefits were what everyone had been longing for day and night.

“Luo Yunyang’s ship has arrived!” someone shouted the moment they spotted the Blood Crystal Spaceship.

Although spaceships had great combat power in space, they were not very nimble. Unless an airship was top-quality, it would just get thrashed when it faced the attack of a Star-Grade powerhouse.

Hence, once a martialist ascended to the Star-Grade Realm, they would mostly treat airships as hollow tools.

Luo Yunyang could clearly tell what was going on when he saw the blockaded wormhole. The moment he was 5,000 meters away from the wormhole, he flew out of the Blood Crystal Spaceship!

Luo Yunyang put his spaceship in the interspatial ring provided by the Bloody Massacre Path.

The expression of everyone waiting outside the wormhole suddenly changed when they saw what Luo Yunyang had done.

Many of them had prepared what to say. However, they hadn’t expected that this guy, who never played by the rules, would rush out of his ship without saying anything. This scenario was obviously unexpected.

“You all want the Extreme Mystic Token, right?” Luo Yunyang’s voice rang out.

“That’s right, Luo Yunyang! The Black Pole Order belongs to the whole Milky Way. If you hand over the Extreme Mystic Token now, I can” a lofty man holding a crimson pike said loudly.

The man’s cultivation was at the peak Star-Grade, so he was standing atop a huge black spaceship in a majestic fashion.

Luo Yunyang did not wait for the man to finish before he said coldly, “Whoever wants it can come and get it! Otherwise, just get lost!”

The man holding the pike was a powerful chief within his own domain. He was also the liaison of this operation to take out Luo Yunyang.

Thus, his face turned red with embarrassment when Luo Yunyang called him out.

“Let’s go together, everyone! He might be a Bloody Massacre Path Disciple, but he has the same Star-Grade cultivation base we do! Let’s kill him and then split the Extreme Mystic Token!”

The man had just finished speaking when everyone realized that Luo Yunyang had already reached their side. The moment the demon-like Luo Yunyang appeared among the crowd, the Myriad Convergence Ring flew from his wrist.

100,000 star alloy fragments quickly converged into a giant, four-layered Chaotic Hole in the void. The Chaotic Hole’s force of attraction quickly spread in the crowd.

The attractive force that the Four-Layered Chaotic Hole formed was like a powerful vortex, causing many Planet-Grade martialists who had come with their masters to fall toward it uncontrollably without any resistance.

“Retreat! This Great Chaotic Hole Path is too strange! Let’s retreat! Don’t get sucked into his Great Chaotic Hole!”

“This move is very destructive. Although Luo Yunyang is very strong, he can’t keep it up for long. If we each use our most powerful moves together, we can surely break through his Great Chaotic Hole!”

“Retreat! Retreat now!”

All sorts of voices echoed around as most Star-Grade martialists retreated quickly.

However, more than half of them were still drawn into the Great Chaotic Hole. Although they were weak, these people vanished into the Great Chaotic Hole the instant the Great Chaotic Hole spun.

Some people had just come into contact with Luo Yunyang. They did not even have the time to do anything before half their force was already lost.

Even some Star-Grade powerhouses fell.

This power and terror swayed many people’s minds. Luo Yunyang, who was in the center of the Great Chaotic Hole, looked like a crazy massacring devil that struck fear in people’s hearts.

“You’ve already come so far! Don’t go yet!” Luo Yunyang shouted as the Four-Layered Chaotic Hole spread wildly in every direction.