Supreme Uprising Chapter 442

Chapter 442 A Feast For Kings

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“The Chaotic Hole may be expanding, but its suctioning power is reducing!” Jinkun said as his eyes flickered with a glimmer of hope.

The Chaotic Hole, which had had a massive suctioning power earlier, nearly engulfed and sucked him, even though he had a mid-Star-Grade cultivation base.

He knew that the Earth Origin Source Law actually did not resist the suctioning power of the Chaotic Hole, which was something that gave him a rising sense of anxiety.

It looked like there was not much of a difference between him and the elites of the Bloody Massacre Path.

While facing Nebula-Grade opponents, Jinkun was actually able to hold his own, even against massive pressure. However, he did not have the power to defend himself against Luo Yunyang, who was at a similar level.

This immense strength was surreal!

After a quick exchange, Jinkun decided to forfeit the battle.

He was helpless. Before he had even flown one kilometer away, the large Chaotic Hole had actually spread out in a spectacular manner.

In the beginning, he had felt an anxious feeling in his heart. However, as the Giant Chaotic Hole approached him, he calmed down.

The power of this hole had already weakened seven times!

Just as he felt that an opportunity had presented itself to him, an unstoppable force pierced his body.

As he panicked, he realized that his body had become riddled with holes. Amid his state of panic, the part of his body that was getting swallowed by the hole crumbled.

In between his unwilling screams, he saw a familiar figure crumbling in the midst of the weakening Chaotic Hole.

Everything within a 5,000-meter radius of the Chaotic Hole crumbled to dust.

Up until the very end, Jinkun did not know what it was that had killed him. However, he knew that everyone else who had indulged in these wild fantasies and come with him had been killed too. An opponent as strong as Luo Yunyang would eventually crush everyone.

Without any plans for a joint attack or any outstanding powerhouses on his side, winning would be impossible, regardless of how many people were on their side. The disparity between their standards was just too high!

As the last Star-Grade martialist finally died thanks to the Chaotic Hole, Luo Yunyang waved his hands and retrieved the Myriad Convergence Ring.

Meanwhile, a group of spectators was watching from afar. Some of them just wanted to watch and see what was going on, while others wanted to see if they could take advantage of the Chaotic Hole to reap some benefits for themselves.

However, the members of the crowd who were supposed to die were already dead. Those who had survived the onslaught were filled with trepidation as they watched closely the young lad who seemed as powerful as a god.

“We aren’t fit to participate in this kind of event. This This is a feast for kings!” a Star-Grade martialist lamented.

Nobody was heading in the direction of the third wormhole anymore. However, the fact that Luo Yunyang had killed over 100 Star-Grade martialists spread everywhere.

The unknown Star-Grade martialist was right.

The fight over the Extreme Mystic Token was a feast for kings!

Now that there were no more obstructions left, Luo Yuyang steered the Blood Crystal Spaceship and crossed the third wormhole.

Although he was not sure whether this was because of the battle at the third wormhole, Luo Yunyang kept moving at the speed of light for a span of five years without facing any form of obstruction. It seemed as if he did not possess the Extreme Mystic Token anymore.

Based on the news from the Bloody Massacre Path, an increasing number of Star-Grade fighters were returning to their training camps. There was also a number of them who chose not to keep fighting.

According to the report of the Bloody Massacre Path, these people seemed to be giving up.

Giving up was normal. This was the message transmitted to Luo Yunyang via the Bloody Massacre Path’s system for Star-Grade martialists.

Luo Yunyang agreed completely with these words!

Regardless of whether it was Ke Linqi or some other talented fighter from another path, the Bloody Massacre Path was unable to acquire any news.

They were definitely not giving up so easily, as they had not returned to their individual bases. Meanwhile, Yang Shang and the others would be following the plan of the Bloody Massacre Path and taking another route towards the Kun Yu Planet. According to the Blood Space Ruler, the Kun Yu Planet would be the location of the real final battle.

“Oh Great Master, a space jump point is 250 kilometers ahead. Once we reach that point, we should be able to enter and jump through space. We will save a total of four years this way.” Badebu, who was once again in his little fiend form, was laughing and joking in front of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled. He did not enjoy always being on the move either.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to carry out Badebu’s plan, several streaks of flashing lights appeared in space. They all seemed to be approaching the spaceship.

Meteors! There were thousands of meteors!

These meteors, which were highly-concentrated, were traveling at different velocities. They seemed like a net that surrounded and captured the spaceship, sealing off any possible exits.

Luo Yunyang realized that this was an ambush as soon as he saw this attack. Although he remained calm and composed in the face of this attack, there was actually some excitement in his heart.

Although the spaceship’s sturdiness should be superior enough to maintain an advantage even in the event of a collision, he was still wary of the consequences of the continuous impacts of the meteors.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang immediately decided to jump out of the Blood Crystal Spaceship before storing the spaceship within his interspatial ring.

As soon as he completed these actions, he immediately felt someone aiming at him from a desolated planet approximately 15 kilometers away.

A bow was targeting him!

The scarlet bow had already been drawn and locked in place. Luo Yunyang sensed that his surroundings had already been pinpointed and covered by that bow.

The moment the bowstring was released, countless vines began to appear in space.

These vines, which looked vividly similar to the heads of large snakes, quickly headed in the direction of the space around Luo Yunyang.

The moment he saw the vines, Luo Yunyang discovered the source of the attack. These were Golden Stem Vines at the Star 9-Grade, something that was difficult to comprehend and also contained some law power.

Golden Stem Vines were used to seal the surroundings of the space around the target and eventually take the life of the target with an arrow.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the user of the Golden Stem Vines from a distance. She was a good-looking woman in her twenties with flowing green hair and brown eyes.

Judging from her appearance, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that she was from the Green Wood Path.

“I am Ji Xiaoran from the Green Wood Path. My respects, Senior Luo.” The lady bowed gracefully upon seeing Luo Yunyang.

However, despite her courtesy, the streaks of Golden Stem Vines did not slow down. On the contrary, their speed seemed to increase.

Ji Xiaoran? Luo Yunyang did recall seeing some information on this girl. She was one of the disciples groomed by the Green Wood Path and was considered ninth in rank among the Star-Grade martialists of that path.

Although he was unable to tell which faction the man using the bow was from, Luo Yunyang was sure that the person firing did not belong to the Green Wood Path.

Fire Meteors, Golden Stem Vines, and Space-Shattering Arrows!

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang drew four different black daggers of the same length and threw them. Thanks to his mind power, the four knives formed a concentrated barrier that surrounded and protected Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang’s blade-lights fended off both the vines and the arrows.

Meanwhile, a humongous man about 10 feet tall came rushing down a meteor from the space above, wielding a giant ax as he approached Luo Yunyang with monstrous strength.

However, as he was about to attack, Luo Yunyang shifted his body slightly and the Myriad Convergence Ring around his arm instantly formed a light screen that headed for the meteor.

Just as the light screen was ready to cover the meteor, a figure seemed to rise out of it. Even though that figure was fast, it still was no faster than the light screen.

In an instant, the figure was enveloped by the light screen and disappeared.

“Teng Ke!” the large man with the massive ax shouted. However, yelling was useless now.

Teng Ke, who ranked seventh among the Star-Grade martialists of the Dark Shadow Path, did not even have sufficient time to use his technique. Instead, he was defeated by Luo Yunyang.

Ji Xiaoran, who had a panicked expression on her face, shouted as she watched the arrows get deflected by Luo Yunyang’s strange knives. “Things are not looking good. Run!”

At her words, the Golden Stem Vines initially rushing towards Luo Yunyang immediately split and carried her into the distance. She managed to travel a great distance in a short time.

As she heaved a sigh of relief, she saw Luo Yunyang move his hands from far away. A whirlpool appeared in his hands, forming a vortex that pulled her in his direction. Her body reluctantly began to fly towards the vortex.

Ji Xiaoran knew that she could not go over to Luo Yunyang. However, even though she tried to rush the Golden Stem Vines, she was just pulled over unwillingly towards Luo Yunyang.

Just before she reached him, she saw the guy with the giant ax get sliced in half by that unknown blade-light.

“Please spare my life, Luo Yunyang!” Ji Xiaoran screamed in horror. “I definitely won’t” Unfortunately, as soon as she said that, several bits of star alloy fragments pierced her body.

As the vortex of the Chaotic Hole spun, she disappeared into it completely.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang had just exited the space jump point, when he was ambushed by the Dark Shadow Path’s fourth in rank assassin. It was a complete rout!

13 days later, 19 fighters from different paths attacked Luo Yunyang and were all killed. Not a single person was spared.

30 days later, 36 powerhouses from the Evergreen Path used a Nebula-Grade move, the Sky-Engulfing Flower, and ended up getting killed by Luo Yunyang

100 days later, Luo Yunyang was just 500,000 kilometers away from the Kun Yu Planet!