Supreme Uprising Chapter 443

Chapter 443 No Return To The Meteorite Field

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The Kun Yu Planet was a place of gorgeous, dazzling beauty.

Actually, the Kun Yu Planet was an ordinary planet in the galaxy. The reason it was famous was that it was the entry point to the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

By this point, many people had gathered on the Kun Yu Planet.

Most of them were there to watch what would happen. However, even though they claimed to be mere spectators, many people were waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The Garden of 100 Flowers was the Kun Yun Planets royal garden. In the past, only the royals of the Kun Yu Planet had enjoyed it. However, many of the people gathered there right now had nothing to do with the royal family.

Although the prettiest princess of the Kun Yu Planets royal family was currently in the garden, the princess, who was usually pampered like a darling, was now pouring tea and serving the people there.

Princess Qing Le was tender, beautiful, and also a little coy. She was wearing a green cloak that looked like a hibiscus emerging from the water. As she patiently arranged the cups of tea on the tables, her actions were swift and elegant.

"Zhuo Wantian from the Evergreen Path is dead!" a young man sitting at the front lamented.

This news made everyones mood even gloomier.

"He has been wielding his sword for 10 light years! Luo Yunyang really deserves his name!" someone said, their voice resonating with heartfelt sorrow.

Princess Qing Le knew who they were talking about. She had known everyones purpose as soon as these people had started to gather on the Kun Yu Planet.

Princess Qing Le knew that each one of these people had the ability to destroy the Kun Yu Planet. Actually, the entire Kun Yu Planet was now in the midst of a raging storm.

Princess Qing Le had always admired these people. Her admiration was filled with reverence and respect.

She could sense both their loftiness and self-confidence.

However, as that person got closer, she started to feel the terrifying fear of these people increase.

Indeed, a terrifying fear suddenly welled from the bottom of their hearts.

Luo Yunyang had been wielding his sword in the galaxy for 10 light years without any resistance!

Princess Qing Le didnt know how someone could have managed to go through all this, yet she knew that it must definitely have been very tough.

"Are we going to give up?" Someone broke the silence. It was a man in his twenties who spoke in a rather stiff voice.

Everyone stared at the man, who unknowingly lowered his head under their stares.

"Weve waited for three years. Of course we cant give up!" the handsome man sitting in the front seat said coldly. "However, nobody will be forced to join this mission. If anyone decides to leave, they can leave now."

The man who had spoken first hesitated for a moment, but eventually chose to remain silent.

The people gathered there were elites from various paths who had no chance of acquiring the Extreme Mystic Token alone, yet didnt wish to be the cats paw for their rivals in their respective paths. Hence, they had chosen to gather there.

Their only goal in gathering there was to obtain the Extreme Mystic Token.

There was no time to think about how the Extreme Mystic Token was going to be distributed yet. That problem was still distant, so discussing the issue would only make everyone unhappy.

Obtaining the token and surviving would be very difficult for everyone present.

"Theres a meteorite field outside the Kun Yu Planet that stretches for 80,000 miles. Any spaceships will have a hard time traversing there, as one has to physically cross the entire field," the man sitting in the front seat said coldly. "That meteorite field is our golden opportunity."

Deep inside one of the Kun Yu Planets nameless mountains, Ke Linqi was lost in thought. He was clutching a chess piece and a deadlocked board was before him.

Ke Linqi wasnt really playing chess. He was just waiting for someone.

Time passed by slowly. After half an hour, the person Ke Linqi was waiting for finally arrived. It was an incomparably attractive girl. However, even though the girl looked as delicate as water, there was no trace of warmth in her eyes.

"Youre here!" Ke Linqi said.

"Mm!" The girls reply was short and simple.

As soon as she answered, they both rose into the air and flew towards the void.

Ke Linqi was like a golden ray of the rainbow, while the girl looked like a silver waterfall. The two of them were as incompatible as fire and water, yet the moment they took flight, their energies tangled together seamlessly.

In an instant, their speed increased tenfold.

As Ke Linqi and the girl flew into the void, a figure was standing quietly under the shade of a tree watching them.

"Such brashness Does he really think that they will be invincible by joining forces?"

As he mumbled to himself, a shadow appeared in the void and instantly disappeared without a trace.

This person was flying towards the void as well. However, he had hidden his physical body in Ke Linqi and the girls shadows.

An old man with a wrinkled face that looked like a beggar blinked as the shadow took flight.

"The Dark Shadow Path Seems like he has some ability, but so what?" After muttering to himself, the elder moved forward.

However, after walking for a few hundred feet, a silhouette came dashing not too far away from the old man.

Although the silhouette didnt care about the elder, who looked like he was about to enter his grave, as he shot a glance in the old mans direction, he discovered that his body had frozen and was unable to move even an inch.

"You Youre the Uncle-Master?" the man said dryly.

"Yes, little Cheng Zi. I heard that youve been doing pretty well these past few years. Chaotic Origin Demon Hand What a name" the elder who looked like a beggar said. He sounded as though he was praising the man.

Although the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand wasnt from one of the Nine Paths, after years of cultivation, he had been recognized as one of the strongest Star-Grade martialists.

He was undoubtedly also one of the most able competitors participating in the battle over the Extreme Mystic Token.

"I am still light years away from you, Uncle-Master," the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand complimented the old man.

The beggar-like old man chuckled, but didnt speak. However, the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand, who suddenly sensed something, pointed at the Uncle-Master and said, "Uncle-Master your your cultivation"

"I see that youve discovered it." The elder sounded indifferent.

The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand couldnt believe his senses. How could the Uncle-Master, who was a peak Nebula-Grade martialist, become a Star-Grade entity?

Going from the Nebula-Grade to the Star-Grade was a huge demotion. The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand had dreamed for years of breaking through to the Nebula-Grade, but had yet to achieve it.

His Martial Uncle had unexpectedly acted in the complete opposite way. He had descended from the peak Nebula-Grade to the peak Star-Grade.

"What is this about, Uncle-Master?" Although he knew the answer in his heart, the Chaotic Origin Demon Hands voice still quivered.

"I just self-severed my cultivation, thats all." The old man glanced at the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand as he spoke. "Since we came across each other, lets go together!"

If someone else had asked the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand to accompany them, they would surely have told him to take the lead. However, the Chaotic Origin Demon Hand felt like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered as he said, "I will listen to your instructions, Uncle-Master."

"Alright, lets go!"

The Chaotic Origin Demon Hand felt a trace of bitterness in his heart as he followed the Uncle-Master. He had originally believed that he had been the only one waiting for the perfect opportunity. He had never thought that an even more ruthless person like his Martial Uncle would do the same.

The price of severing ones cultivation was unimaginable. Even the Extreme Mystic Token wasnt necessarily a sure way to regain ones entire previous cultivation.

The impending arrival of Luo Yunyang made the atmosphere on the Kun Yu Planet instantly become depressing. Although many people knew that the real battle would take place in the middle of the gray meteorite field, no one could predict the final outcome of the battle.

Even the Kun Yu Planets King could only kneel in front of his ancestral shrine and ask for his ancestors blessing and protection.

Although he was a king, he would be a weakling in the impending war, and weaklings did not have many choices.

Countless large and small meteorites filled the expanse of the field. These meteorites, which were able to reflect the light of the stars, looked like small lights covering the entire night sky.

"Yunyang, we have been surrounded by someone." Upon nearing the meteorite field, Luo Yunyang received a message from Yang Shang.

"An array formation was deployed by an Array Formation Grandmaster. We unfortunately failed to realize this, so now were trapped in this formation." Yang Shang sounded somewhat anxious. "The meteorite field is very dangerous. Geniuses from the other eight paths are hiding within it, waiting to ambush you!"

"Ive even heard that a Nebula-Grade martialist who self-severed his cultivation has arrived on the Kun Yu Planet."

A Nebula-Grade martialist who had self-severed his cultivation?

Luo Yunyangs squinted unconsciously. He wanted to calm Yang Shang down, yet he understood clearly why Yang Shang was anxious. The meteorite field was the biggest variable in his journey to the Kun Yu Planet.

Ke Linqi, all the finest members of the Nine Paths, independent pathless Star-Grade elites, and Nebula-Grade entities who had self-severed their cultivation were all waiting for him on that meteorite field.

After hanging up, Luo Yunyang took flight, homing in on the meteorite field like a bird.

No enemies, no enemies, no enemies

Luo Yunyangs mind power quickly enveloped the surrounding sky and space. Everything within his range was reflected clearly in his mind.

He saw no enemies despite traveling 150 kilometers.

As Luo Yunyangs speed started accelerating, he saw a figure wielding a black spear on top of a meteorite.

The person caught sight of Luo Yunyang at exactly the same time.

Although he smiled at Luo Yunyang, the spear in his hand instantly began to vibrate.

"Luo Yunyang, I am Lie Qingcheng from the Wild Gale Path. I have been waiting for you!" By the time he finished his sentence, he was already charging at full throttle towards Luo Yunyang.