Supreme Uprising Chapter 445

Chapter 445 If You Stand In My Path You Will Die

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Lie Qingcheng was dead!

The news spread swiftly thanks to the Meru Realm. The people that watched the fiasco considered Lie Qingchengs death nothing but a part of it. However, the people that intended to kill Luo Yunyang found Lie Qingchengs death to be shocking news.

Many people rushing to participate in the battle had been determined and prepared to die.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang had also caused many deaths during his journey to the Kun Yu Planet. However, Lie Qingcheng was different, not just because of his cultivation base, but also because of his status.

The Galaxy-Grade was bound within a millennium!

This was an evaluation performed by a top-notch individual!

However, Lie Qingcheng, who was considered the leading figure of the Wild Gale Paths youngest generation, had still died. A well-known figure like him had actually died while pursuing Luo Yunyang, during the battle over the Extreme Mystic Token.

It could be foreseen that Lie Qingcheng was not going to be the only elite genius to lose his life for the Extreme Mystic Token.

"Lie Qingcheng is dead!" Ke Linqi looked towards the faraway stars while standing on a meteorite. He remembered his last duel with Lie Qingcheng, when Lie Qingcheng had defeated him.

Lie Qingcheng had always been one of the people Ke Linqi had wanted to defeat. However, he had now fallen because of Luo Yunyang.

The expression on Qin Shuirous elegant face was as calm as ever. However, based on the faint trembling motion of her fingers, Ke Linqi could tell that she must be experiencing an emotional turmoil as well.

Years ago, both Qin Shuirou and Lie Qingcheng had

Although Ke Linqi had heard some rumors before, he wasnt in the mood to confirm if those rumors were true right now. As he was gazing at Qin Shuirou, Ke Linqi said, "Im afraid this is something way tougher than we expected."

"Well still have to do it, even if its tough!" Qin Shuirou sounded resolute.

In the middle of the dense meteorite field was a shadow that even the most alert people would find hard to notice.

The shadow let out a deep sigh before fusing with the seemingly everlasting void.

Luo Yunyang, who had killed Lie Qingcheng, was now moving on hurriedly. He didnt care much about Lie Qingchengs death.

The moment Lie Qingcheng had decided to participate in the battle for the Extreme Mystic Token, he had bet his life on this battle as well.

Lie Qingcheng was just the beginning for Luo Yunyang!

No enemies in sight, no enemies in sight.

His mind power was constantly searching. Even though there were no enemies around, an ominous feeling welled in his heart as he leaped past a meteorite.

This feeling became much clearer when he soared through an expanse of space.

Instinctively, Luo Yunyang blasted a hard punch directly into the void!

The punch, which contained the force of the Great Chaotic Hole Path, collided intensively with a blade-light the moment it was executed.

As blade-lights quavered, a body suddenly appeared after the collision.

This body twisted in a strange manner and disappeared completely before Luo Yunyang could see it, getting 1,500 meters away from Luo Yunyang.

When Luo Yunyangs mind processed this, he became much warier against the person who had attacked him.

Although this was the first time they had met, Luo Yunyang was quite certain about the persons identity.

"Its Mie Po from the Dark Shadow Path!"

This person was the number one elite of the Dark Shadow Paths Shadowless Sky! He was also the most infamous Star-Grade assassin in the entire galaxys Nine Paths.

Based on Luo Yunyangs information, Mie Po had assassinated several high-ranking Nebula-Grade existences.

Wherever there was light, there would be shadow. Even where there wasnt any light, a shadow would still be hidden in the darkness.

Luo Yunyang took his time activating the Myriad Convergence Ring as he thought about the Bloody Massacre Path Masters evaluation of Mie Po. A 100-feet-wide Chaotic Hole appeared immediately around him.

Although the Chaotic Hole wasnt big, Luo Yunyang, who was in the middle of it, was able to control everything within a 100-feet radius.

This basically rendered any assassination attempts useless.

Mie Pos eyes turned cold when he saw the Chaotic Hole. He immediately dashed straight towards Luo Yunyang, who was floating in the middle of it.

As the strongest Star-Grade elite in the Dark Shadow Path, besides being an expert at assassination, Mie Po was also exceptional at attacking.

A single blade gave rise to 1,000 blade-lights, each and every one containing countless shadows.

Actually, these shadows were Mie Pos ultimate technique.

However, when Mie Po made his move, the high-level executives of the Dark Shadow Path watching the situation became furious.

"Mie Po is really disappointing!" said a cold voice with a hint of mockery. "Even though his attacking abilities are exceptional, how can he compare to Lie Qingcheng? How could he succeed, when Lie Qingcheng has already been killed by Luo Yunyang?" asked a ruler.

Although they were in the Meru Realm, the location of the virtual projection controlled by the rulers trace of divine consciousness was still fuzzy.

The other rulers of the Dark Shadow Path didnt speak, yet it was obvious that they agreed with him.

The ruler was right. Luo Yunyang had activated his Myriad Convergence Ring and four Chaotic Holes had already begun advancing towards Mie Po.

Countless shadows were destroyed by the Chaotic Holes until Mie Pos true physical body was eventually revealed in the void.

As the Myriad Convergence Ring expanded, countless Star Alloy Fragments transformed into a vortex that tunneled towards Mie Po.

Luo Yunyang currently looked like a divine being that could annihilate all forms of life.

"Mie Po is in danger!" The same ruler spoke up again. Before he could finish, Mie Po was already shrouded in layers of Star Alloy Fragments that had transformed into hundreds of shadows that dashed in every direction.

During this silent struggle, countless shadows were crushed. Suddenly, a severed arm appeared on the screen.

"It was smart of him to sacrifice his arm to survive!"

Luo Yunyang was slightly disappointed when he saw the severed arm. He considered missing out on killing that assassin a loss.

Although his arm had been severed, Mie Po was a Star-Grade elite who had the support of the Dark Shadow Path. Hence, he wouldnt lose a big part of his combat abilities. However, who knew what would happen in the future?

As he pondered this, Luo Yunyang kept advancing, all the while surrounded by the Chaotic Holes. Although his speed would be slower, the Chaotic Holes would prevent him from being too passive.

70,000 miles, 60,000 miles, 50,000 miles

When Luo Yunyang appeared on the screens of all the people watching in the Nine Paths, he looked like a divine entity on patrol.

"The Great Chaotic Hole Path is indeed overbearing! If he could cultivate up to the Galaxy-Grade, Im afraid no one would be a match for him!" one of the Dark Shadow Paths rulers lamented in the Meru Realm.

No one responded. Even though Luo Yunyang was strong, he wasnt a disciple of the Dark Shadow Path.

The Dark Shadow Path Master suddenly spoke up, breaking the stifling silence. "The Great Chaotic Hole Path is merely an embodiment of an elite Bloody Massacre Path Disciples idea. An embodiment of his refusal to be at the bottom of the whole Nine Paths. The Bloody Massacre Path has paid a heavy price for this embodiment of an idea over the years."

"Countless elite martialists of the Bloody Massacre Path have perished while cultivating the Great Chaotic Hole Path. If Luo Yunyang is lucky enough to manage to enter the Extreme Mysterious Realm, perhaps he might be able to find a solution."

The man then added sardonically, "However, I am afraid that he may not be able to keep that Extreme Mystic Token! The kid from the Fiery Sun Path and Qin Shuirou are waiting for him at the end! Both of them cultivate the finest paths. Therefore, I wonder what will happen when they clash this time!"

The Dark Shadow Path wasnt the only path looking forward to that. All the other paths were also eagerly anticipating this.

One of the Fiery Sun Paths Rulers had even publicly announced in the Meru Realm that, although Luo Yunyangs Great Chaotic Hole Path seemed powerful, it wouldnt stand a chance against the Invincible Ying Yang Path, which was a combination of the Fiery Sun Path and the Autumn Water Paths geniuses.

This delirious statement was met with an approving, enthusiastic response from some of the rulers of the Autumn Water Path, who had a lot of confidence in the Invincible Ying Yang Path. This was possibly the strongest path in all the Nine Paths after all.

The people participating in the battle over the Extreme Mystic Token were also very excited for this match-up.

No matter who the winner was, they would all take advantage of this opportunity. After all, the winner of this battle between two top-ranking cultivation paths would pay a painful price as well.

Back in the Bloody Massacre Paths Meru Realm, the Bloody Massacre Path Master watched as the light spots representing Luo Yunyang, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou got closer. Then, he ordered, "Tell all the Top Blood District Disciples to watch this. This will be the ultimate Star-Grade Level Battle."

The Blood Space Ruler immediately notified the disciples. Actually, even if the Bloody Massacre Path Master had not given this order, the Blood Space Ruler would also have asked their elites to pay special attention to this battle.

This was a battle between two top cultivation paths after all.

The other paths received similar instructions as well. In an instant, countless eyes were staring at the screen by the Meru Realm.

On the screen, Luo Yunyang, who was shrouded by a layer of Primordial Chaotic Holes, radiated a deadly aura. He was like a demon from the Nine Heavens as he surged violently forward.

Meanwhile, Ke Linqi and Qin Shuirou were standing on top of a meteorite like two banished immortals who had descended from the heavens.

Although the battle had yet to begin, their eyes met.

A faint smile appeared on Ke Linqis face as he grabbed hold of Qin Shuirous hands before taking flight and blocking Luo Yunyangs advancement.

"I hope you have been well since our last meeting, Brother Luo!"